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They were a typical family. Married, kids, pets, mortgage and other bills. Charles worked as an over the road truck driver, home most nights but having to overnight from time to time. Samantha wore many hats working at a bank. Her hours varied as did her job. She was demure and innocent to the outside world.

Chuck was the typical trucker. He would constantly tell to his buddies how good he’s got it, great wife, family, good job. He was also the bragging kind, telling them about the things he does with Samantha.

She would always act disgusted, but secretly Sam liked knowing that their exploits aroused his friends. Not that she would ever do anything with any of them, but the thought of having two guys at one time did cross her mind from time to time.

They had made arrangements for the family to have a family portrait taken by a recommended photographer. When the day came, they made the short drive to the designated location. An outdoor setting, at a beautiful park with a large pond and trees everywhere. The fall colors making a perfect backdrop for their portrait.

Everyone had a good time, goofing around, smiling and laughing. The photo shoot looked so very natural that even the sometimes moody photographer was laughing and having fun. Chuck noticed that the he had been paying special attention to Samantha. A thought popped into his head, but now was not the time to talk about it.

He watched Samantha and could tell she liked him too by the way she smiled and flipped her long brown hair. He also knew she was savvy and figured she was going to work on getting an extra photo thrown in for free. Chuck was okay with that.

When all was said and done, the photographer excused himself and his assistant took over. She was an attractive blonde woman, shorter than his wife, average size breasts, nice legs and ass. Samantha watched as Chuck was looking her over. A thought popped in her head, but it would have to wait for later.

The pretty blonde went over details of pricing options. She showed Chuck a catalog with various packages. One included a video, but the woman turned the page quickly skipping over that option. Chuck was intrigued but let it go.

On the drive home the kids fell sleep and Chuck and Sam talked about the session. He mentioned his surprise that the woman skipped over the package that offered a video. Sam hadn’t noticed that and thought Chuck was mistaken. They had joked around before about videoing themselves but always heard the videos are boring because the camera was either two far away or unflattering.

By time they got home the subject had turned to lunch and what needed to be done around the house, chores for the kids and later on, something to relax. Sex between the two was almost nightly, and Samantha was never one to turn him down.

Chuck was always a very attentive lover, and got as much excitement watching Sam cum multiple times as he did cumming himself. She was unlike any woman he had ever known. She was tall. Taller than he by a good two inches, but that didn’t bother him. Long brown hair, a long oval face, bluish-grey eyes, kissable lips and a mouth made for sucking cock.

She had extremely large breasts, and while she wasn’t heavy, she wasn’t a thin woman either. Her six foot two frame came from having very long, sexy legs. Chuck was a solid six foot, and when he was a younger man, he was clean cut, clean shaved. Now at the age of forty, he wore his hair just above the shoulder. He let his full beard grow, which showed streaks of grey. Sam thought he never looked sexier.

After the long day at the park and then doing chores on their farm, Sam was ready for some action. All afternoon she kept thinking about the conversation she and Chuck had in the car about making a video of themselves. She thought that maybe if someone would operate the camera for them, maybe a professional, but no, Chuck would never go for it. She was still horny though and she rubbed up against him on the couch.

The next morning, Chuck was preparing for work. Sam dutifully got up with him at 4am to see him off. While she had her usual five orgasm minimum the night before, she was still horny. After he left, she got out her favorite vibrator and again thought about having a video of her with Chuck. She came five more times before she went back to bed.

A couple of weeks had gone by before the photographer’s office called to let them know their photo’s were ready to be picked up. Sam let Chuck know since he was going to be in that area during the day anyway. No need for her to take her lunch hour for that. Especially as he had a rare early day.

By time Sam had gotten home, Chuck was waiting for her. The kids were gone, at their Grandma’s for the weekend. A surprise planned by Chuck.

“Got the photo’s, they’re on the table”.

Next to the packet was a brochure. The same brochure they looked at when they were with the photographer. Chuck had a devilish grin on his face as she picked it up.

“What’s şirinevler escort this?”, she asked.

“Remember our ride home and we discussed doing a video?”, he replied before continuing.

“I just thought it might be fun to do the nasty and have a video of it”.

Sam felt a rush of excitement flow through her entire body. She didn’t know if she should be mad or excited. She quickly knew she wasn’t mad, but she needed to play this right. Chuck was never one to ‘show off’ as it were. He always said; “I’m a grower not a shower”. So why the sudden change in him?

“Really? You want to do this?”, she asked.

“Yah. Why not?”.

“I suppose you’re going to tell your buddies and want to show them!”.

It was a statement and not a question. Sam stood there, her hands on her hips not looking happy, but secretly excited beyond anything she’d ever felt before. The thought of performing for someone had always intrigued her.

She had only recently started dancing provocatively for Chuck. Stripping for him, leaning on him, rubbing her ass against his crotch. She would pretend to be a stripper that you’d see at a night club, and he liked it. She would even collect dollars that he’d hold between his teeth with her breasts, rubbing them in his face as she took his money.

Chuck just stared back at her, waiting for her to say yes. The stare down continued, the silence almost unbearable until finally Sam said,

“Ok, Let’s do this”, she said matter of factly.

Chucks smile on his face wasn’t the only thing growing. They spent the rest of the evening naked in each others arms. Sam focused on Chuck but secretly told herself that she was rehearsing for their big movie. She came more than usual that night, and the ‘aftershocks’ as her muscles tightened, sent shivers down her thighs.

A couple of days went by, then a week, then three months. Chuck made no mention of the video shoot. Sam was getting anxious. Did he really mean it or was he just joking. Her sweet innocent self that she portrayed at all times outside her home was being pushed aside by this animalistic nature she kept hidden. Tension grew between the two.

She found herself more and more masturbating after Chuck would leave for work. She imagined herself on stage dancing, performing for her audience. She’d think about being tied up spread eagle on a bed, bound, gagged and blindfolded. Exposed for the use of whoever wanted her. She also imagined what it must feel like to have two cocks inside her.

She and Chuck had never had anal sex, but she found herself thinking about it more and more. She was thinking about a lot of sexual things lately. Chuck was none the wiser, which suited Sam just fine. They began to argue more frequently and Sam was tired of it. She quit arguing and started putting herself first.

She lost twenty pounds and started feeling more confident about herself. She became less and less conscious about her six foot two frame, started opening herself up to other people and found that others thought her to be attractive which only boosted her confidence more. Never one for social media, she avoided the twitter, snapchat and instagram options but found herself playing an app that offered private chat.

While she never intended to be unfaithful, her attention was drawn to the massive number of males on the site. It allowed them an opportunity to post a picture of themselves, or whatever they chose and once Sam put her photo on the site, she was almost bombarded with requests to play.

She ignored most of them, instead choosing to play very selective people. Those that tried to hard she would block, those that chose not to chat at all, she deemed boring and ignored future requests to play. Then there was one who intrigued her. He looked familiar but couldn’t place the face. He looked tall, had thick wavy hair, dark, almost black. Broad shoulders and a somewhat thin build. Handsome, she told herself, even with his sun glasses. She wondered what type of man was behind them.

She accepted his request to play the word game and things started off casually. The normal pleasantries, brief introductions, compliments on good word play. She was at the point where she was going to finish the game and ignore when he commented on her own photo. While complimentary, it hinted at seduction. Or at least that’s what Sam had read into it;

“You have a photogenic face.” is what it read.

“Thank you”, she replied.

Their game continued and Sam decided to change the photo on the game app. She laid down on her bed, her hair splayed out and her head tilted slightly. She made her best attempt to look seductive herself. Satisfied with the picture, she posted it to see what kind of reaction she would get.

At first nothing. She wondered if it was a mistake. She waited and waited some more. Still no comments. She decided to change back, thinking to herself she had made a mistake, when the game app flashed that she şişli escort had a message waiting for her to read.

“Love the new pic.”

Sam felt flushed. She took it in hopes it looked sexy. But she wasn’t sure if he was just being nice or sincere. She typed her reply.

“Thank you. Do you like my hair?”

It was a silly question and she new it, but she hit send anyway. She was surprised by the immediate surprise.

“Yes. If you’ll pardon me for saying it, but you have that come fuck me look to it”.

Sam felt another rush of excitement course through her body. She felt the animal in her trying to get out. It was all she could do to keep herself in check.

“LOL. Well, I was trying to look sexy.”

She hit send again and as soon as she did, she felt a familiar sensation between her legs. Her had dropped down to her panties. The reply was instantaneous.

“Sexy? That pic goes way beyond. You take that yourself?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“I’m a photographer. I like taking photos and like to work with photogenic people.”

Sam let the reply sit there as she thought about things. She thought about her and Chuck and their recent arguments. She thought about what it might be like to be with another man. She then thought about what it would be like to be with Chuck while another man watches, or have participate. She felt her panties and they were very wet.

“My husband and I have talked about videoing ourselves, but I hear that most people aren’t too happy about how it looks. Unflattering or not the right angels.”

She sent the message but received no reply. It didn’t matter. Her mind was already in full on animal mode. She grabbed her favorite vibrator and let it do it’s thing. First one, then another and another orgasm. Her mind hyper focused, she came two more times before she felt satisfied. She showered and went in to work late.

Later that evening, after the kids were fed, washed up and ready for bed and Chuck having gone to sleep, she picked up her cell phone and opened the game app. Amongst her normal opponents, there were a half dozen more requests to play. She declined most. Then she saw that she had a message from the photographer. She quickly opened the message.

“I’d love to shoot video of a couple sometime. I agree, homemade video just doesn’t give the close ups that we all want. The angles are bad or the video is too dark. Where do you live?”

And there it was. The opportunity to have someone offer to shoot video or her and Chuck. Or maybe just her. She might like that. No she’d love that! She decided that might have to be another time. She wasn’t sure if she was ready yet. She played the game with all her opponents and ignored the text. Just before she went to sleep, she re-read the text. She deleted the message and closed her eyes.

At 2:37 in the morning, she woke up, her heart was pounding, her head spinning and pussy soaking wet. The dream seemed so real. She quickly slid her fingers across her vagina and had one of the fastest orgasms of her life. She couldn’t control her spasms and it woke Chuck up. He asked her what was going on, but she didn’t reply, she simply reached over and stroked his cock as she continued to rub her clit brining herself to yet another orgasm. Chuck and Sam continued the sexual activity until Sam had cum seven more times before he climbed on top of her and came himself.

Feeling satisfied, they both went back to sleep. The next few days came and went as usual. Sam would get up and see Chuck off to work. She’d stay up and make kids lunches before showering and preparing herself for work. She would wait for the bus to pick up the kids for school and then shuttle off to work herself. She maintained the professional, demure and innocent personality she always portrayed.

Only this day, her dream kept returning to her mind. She would sit at her desk and imagine what might happen if they had someone video them. Sam began to squirm in her seat. Her loins begging for attention which she was reluctant to do in her office setting. She needed a distraction so she picked up her phone and returned to the game app. She vowed she would behave herself.

There it was. Another message. She tried to ignore it, but she knew she couldn’t. She looked around the office. ‘Good! no ones looking her direction’ she told herself. She got up to close the office door, which usually meant she was with a customer, however, this time it meant she wanted to be alone.

“Damn” she said aloud as she opened the text message.

“I was thinking that you would make a perfect model for my next shoot. I see you naked, leaning against an open door jam. Your left arm hanging down with your hand strategically placed hiding your naked pussy while your right arm is folded across your chest covering your nipples. Your right hand holding onto your left arm.”

‘Damn, damn’. She thought.

“How does he know exactly what I want?” she mumbled taksim escort aloud once more.

She looked up suddenly as there was a knock on her office door. She quickly put her phone away and primped to make sure she was presentable. She stood and opened the door. It was a customer of the bank who needed some guidance on their loan. Sam, put her mind to her work for the remainder of the day.

When she got home she opened up the app once more. There were no more texts, but the thought was firmly planted in her mind. She went through the usual routine, dinner, dishes, putting kids to bed. Chuck was always an early to bed man as his days started at four in the morning, so Sam was left to her own whims in the evenings.

She typed her reply.

“That is so hot. You seem to know exactly how my mind works too.”

She sent her text feeling more and more comfortable with the good looking stranger. She spent much of the night discussing her sexual prowess, her likes and wants. She even mentioned how she’s fantasized of having two cocks at one time and how she’d like to try being tied up sometime.

“Maybe we can do a shoot together. You and your hubby.”

“I’ll mention it to him, but maybe just me too.” she replied.

The remainder of the evening was spent discussing proper setting and locations. She relented and finally told him where they lived. While it wasn’t close, it wasn’t too far either. So they both set a date on their calendar. A Saturday afternoon.

When the day came, Sam and Chuck drove to the studio. Chuck seemed agitated, but Sam was used to that by now. She tried to make him relax by being playfully sexy for him. Showing him a flash of skin every so often. This seemed to lighten his mood enough as he became more relaxed and began to encourage her for more. The more relaxed he became the more playful she was.

By the time Sam and Chuck arrived at the studio, Sam had already had two orgasms and was only getting started. They parked in the ofrfice parking lot

“You ready for this?” Chuck asked.

“Uh-huh! Babe, I’m so horny, I’m gonna fuck you like an wild animal.”

They walked up the sidewalk, hand in hand. She gave his had a tight squeeze just before entering the plain looking office building. There were many names on the door, Dr. So and So’s office, Atty, Such and Such, and some other homespun start up business that no one had ever heard of. As they entered, they saw the sign above the door.

‘Something Extra Photography’

They knew they were in the right place. Upon entering, they were met by a seductive looking woman. Her long dark, almost black hair which had a shine to it. Straight and luxurious thought Sam. She wasn’t all that tall, maybe five foot four thought Sam. Nearly a foot shorter than herself.

She wore a black Chic Me Sexy Long Sleeve Deep V Neck Criss Cross Blouse with white pants. She was not wearing a bra and Chuck’s eyes were all over her. She came around from behind her desk and introduced her self as Stella and said that photographer would be out soon as he was finishing up another shoot.

“Would you like something to drink?” Stella asked.

Just then the phone buzzed and Stella answered. Paused and then said “Okay”, before escorting Sam and Chuck to a room in the back. She told them to relax, have fun, and just let themselves go.

There was small amount of paperwork. Legal stuff about ownership of the subject matter and that the studio was only serving as a tool and that they controlled all rights. The cost was explained and a form of payment was taken.

“Satisfaction guaranteed” it said on the form.

Sam didn’t think it would be so clinical and she started to have doubts.

“Is there something to drink after all? I’m a little dry.”

“Sure, we have wine, liquor and a small selection of beer.”

“Wine would be nice. White if you have it please?”

Chuck asked for a beer. Stella returned shortly and handed them each their drink. She then turned on some soft music, but left the lights on. She explained the lights were especially bright for better cinematography. Sam drank her wine and relaxed a little. A video screen came on and Stella’s voice could be heard over the soft music.

“Hi again. The session is ready to start. If you’d like, the touch screen gives you multiple options. You can choose from live action, to animation. You have the option to have background noise, such as heavy breathing, moaning and other sounds of delight. You can have close ups of any area you choose. You can even watch porn while your active yourselves.”

She continued,

“The console on your left will have accessories that you may wish to use. Everything is sanitized or brand new. I can make recommendations if you wish. The photographer will be in control of the video camera’s throughout the room. Don’t be alarmed if there’s an occasional flash of light. That’s just our photographer taking still photo’s for your viewing experience.”

Stella watched on her monitor and saw the couple were nervous. Clearly not what they expected, so she gave them a little push.

“Oh, and one more thing. If you feel like you need someone to guide you, just say the word and I’ll be right in.”

Chuck took a swig of beer and looked at Sam.

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