First Time Swingers

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We met this couple, Steve and Demi in a restaurant nearby, it was a warm night and we both were anxious for our first time. We met this couple via an app for swingers and people curious to explore sex with more than 2. Steve and me have been chatting during the week to set this up, and the girls seemed to be excited too.

She was fashionably late, but he was already there and had ordered a beer. He was a tall guy with strong hands. We said hello and started chitchatting. This was the first couple we met doing ‘the lifestyle’ and they had some interesting stories to share. She arrived some 20 minutes late, a sexy curvy girl with a nice smile. After a bite and a drink the verdict was to go to our place…

The tension was building up in us and perhaps in them as well, but we felt the newbies and they were the experienced. I poured another drink and we chatted along, until I saw Demi was getting a bit bored. It was time for some action. I got the blindfold and some of the ropes from the closet, held it behind my back and walked swiftly past her. “It is time for a little game,” I tried to say in the most relaxed way I could.

Demi was surprised and asked in a bit of a shy tone, “What kind of game?”

Demi didn’t know that Steve and I had been chatting about this evening, and after I had told him I was into bondage, he made told me his wish about what would happen that night, as in their (open) relationship she was the dominant one and he had submissive tendencies.

Ruby, my girlfriend, was holding on to Steve with a girlish smile on her face to see what was going to happen.

I took the blindfold and place it on Demi’s face, after which I took her arms and place them behind her. She was sitting on a bar stool, and wore a dress, perfect for the occasion.

I tied her arms up and stroke my hands along her sides. She was getting quite anxious as my hands went over her body now; I felt her panties, they were already wet. kocaeli escort “It didn’t take much for this girl to get excited,” I thought.

I continued tying her up… her feet to the legs of the bar stool after removing her panties, her knees so that she couldn’t close them anymore. Steve was especially interested in the roping techniques and stood close by, while his groin was massaged by Ruby.

Demi began squealing after a little while, “my legs do not need to be tied up. I can hold my legs open.”

“You need it for what I am planning with you,” I replied with a low voice, softly, close to her ear.

I could feel her cringing. She obviously wasn’t used to the submissive role, and felt very out of control. I put the earphones of my phone inside her ears and started to play some music. Her world consisted now immobility, darkness and music, not being able to hear our sounds.

I stood behind Demi and looked to both our partners who were groping each other and exchanging a french kiss. I asked Demi a bit louder so she could hear me, “Do you want to know what the others are doing?”

She just said: “What? Tell me!” after which I remained silent. My hands felt her boobs and in one swift motion I bared them for the others to see. I could feel Demi holding her breath. I pinched her nipples softly. She had nice small erect nipples, and I took one of the wooden clothing pins and put it on her breast. Immediately she started shouting “off, off”, so I did.

“Was it really that painful? Or are you just making fuss?” I asked and put it back, but now on her other breast.. She kept on squealing and I put another one on the first breast. Slowly I took off the first one and the second one. She was now on top of her senses.

With a light tease i touched her from the top of her neck, over her breast, underneath, and went via her back downwards. Demi was getting a bit anxious about of her uncontrollable situation and started kocaeli escort bayan moving but the ropes held tight and restricted her movement. I lifted her skirt and slapped her pussy.

A high pitch shriek from her and a low pitch “don’t move” from me and she slipped back in her submissiveness. She didn’t see that coming [pun intended].

Time for more playing. I touched her pussy and clit and noticed the warmth; she was really enjoying this. I reached for the ice bucket and took one of the cubes between my fingers. I held it against her right nipple and another shriek followed. I traced the ice cube over both her tits and suddenly held it against her pussy.

“Pffffff,” she said. I told her I would put it in her pussy but instead i just entered her with my cold finger. She screamed and told me to take the cube out of her… mind fucking is a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile Ruby and Steve were getting almost undressed and they were giving away quite some show. Time for a second spectator! I removed Demi’s blindfold and she could see her partner already involved with another woman which was not the first time for her as an experienced and bisexual swinger, but a new, and beautiful girl must have an effect.

She stared smilingly to them, but I knew she wanted control back… I teased Demi a bit and started to rub her pussy… immediately she was growling of joy, still her hands tried to be free.

I took another ice cube and showed it to her. She was still fully under the impression that the first one has been an ice cube in her pussy so she started protesting heavily. Needless to say… it didn’t really help. This time I put it in her pussy and she noted the difference. A mix of pleasure and over the top senses made her scream and moan at the same time. I commanded Ruby to get on her knees and warm up Demi’s pussy.

Half confused of my order she fell to her knees and hesitated a bit, kocaeli escort as if she had not licked any pussy before. With my hand to the back of her head I encouraged her to take it all and not before long she was comforting this girl in distress.

I started slowly to free Demi from her ropes… first her legs, with Ruby still between them, then her body and finally her hands. Beautiful rope marks were visible and my touch must have felt ticklish to her. Steve took Ruby to the bed and layed her down softly, ready to go down on Ruby, who was awaiting his tongue already. We exchanged glances and found each others horniness in our eyes and approval to go on.

Demi followed me to the bed and I layed her next to Ruby… my turn to kiss and caress Demi’s body and slowly find my way to her pussy. Meanwhile she reached for my now hard cock and pull it closer. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking me slowly, but very sensual and hot.

After a while I turned around and lifted her legs and put myself between them. At the same time watching Ruby still getting her pussy sucked, I teased her pussy entrance with my cock, and she moaned quietly, ready to receive me. I thrusted in her and felt her hands grabbing my arms. Slowly pumping and both feeling everything, we slipped into sexiness.

Increasing the tempo now, and I see her eyes moving upwards, she is on a way to orgasm. I place my hands around her neck, which gives her a feeling of being dominated, and start to fuck her hard. Ruby is also being fucked now, with Steve on top of her, and she is gazing at me fucking Demi, making me even more horny.

I turn Demi around and fuck her doggy style. She moans harder and louder, while I pull her hair backwards. She rides me back with skill. I turn her around again, pull up her legs and keep fucking her. Then she explodes into an orgasm and her eyes turn away completely. Ruby is now sitting on top of Steve and she is ready to come, as is Steve. She comes first and he does just moments later. I keep on fucking Demi until I have enough… I will come later while fucking Ruby because I enjoyed her sluttiness so much.

After a short drink we kiss goodbye and promise to meet again. Who knows…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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