First Massage at a Nude Beach Ch. 02

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A rather weird event happened on this occasion, but that’s just human biology I guess.

I had spent a restless night despite bringing myself to a rather weak orgasm before trying to sleep. I had debated telling Melanie about my experience, but just said “fine” when she asked how my massage had been. We had gone out to dinner at a really nice restaurant on the main street in the nearby town. We ate quite early by local standards and got a table overlooking the ocean. The cuisine was a mix of French and Caribbean and delicious.

We were just studying the dessert options when who should come in but Ives, my masseur from earlier in the day, with another man whom I guessed to be a few years older. As I looked their way Ives saw me and came over with his friend. Melanie and I stood up and we all shook hands as Ives introduced himself and David (pronounced the French way). I introduced Melanie and asked if they would like to join us. They excused themselves saying they could see we were nearly finished and our table was not really set up to accommodate four chairs.

Melanie commented about how good looking they both were and asked again how my massage had been. “Fine” I said again as this was neither the time nor place to get into a more intimate discussion especially as this was not the kind of conversation we had ever had. The manager brought us a flavoured rum drink with our dessert, which I thought was really special but Melanie said was the normal custom here.

Back at the unit we watched a movie before going to our separate rooms.

I couldn’t get Ives and his friend out of my head even after a tried to satisfy myself. Thoughts of how horny I had become during the massage kept coming back.


After breakfast Melanie suggested we drive to another beach on the Dutch side of the island. I put on a smart bikini under my sundress as I had heard nudity was not allowed over there. We parked the car down a little side road and walked down a path through some tall brush to get to the beach. As soon as we arrived I saw I had been misinformed. There were various sunbathers, both nude and topless, already enjoying the beach.

Melanie chose a spot and put down our beach cag. She stripped off her sundress to reveal not a swimsuit but some very sexy skimpy underwear. I barely (no pun intended) had time to take that in before she had taken it off and was standing in full view rubbing suntan lotion all over her body including the most intimate bits. She handed me the bottle and asked me to finish the parts of her back that she couldn’t see. I obliged, although I was still standing there in my sundress, not to mention my bikini. I stripped off while Melanie spread out a blanket, and then sat down to apply suntan lotion myself.

I didn’t bother with my back as I was going to lie back and tan my front. Once settled we both took out our books and began to read. I had not been reading long when Melanie gave me a nudge. I didn’t think it could be time to turn over so I raised myself on my elbows and looked round to see Ives walking towards us on the beach. He was looking ahead and didn’t see us, but continued kocaeli escort a little further down.

He stopped and reached down and tapped a prone sunbather on the shoulder. The sunbather jumped to his feet and gave Ives a quick discrete kiss while also giving him the obligatory French handshake. Ives put down his stuff and Melanie and I watched discretely as he removed his clothes in a very unrushed manner folding them neatly. Meanwhile David (there I remembered his friend’s name) stood beside him in all his nude glory. Once Ives was naked they headed for the ocean.

“Wow, they are hot!” said Melanie, who was now watching their well-muscled butts disappear into the waves. I nodded, but didn’t really say anything.

After a while they came back to their spot and started to dry themselves. I couldn’t help noticing that Ives seemed a lot more stimulated than he was by massaging me. David was also sporting soft woody. And then the penny dropped. I think Melanie got it too, because after a minute she said “too bad! What a waste of hunk!”

Later, when we left the beach to go to the supermarket before lunch, she again said “Those were the best looking guys I ever seen here. What a waste!”


After doing the necessary shopping we headed back to our place for a quick lunch before heading back to the nude beach.

It was about two thirty when we got there, found a spot at the beginning of the nude section and stripped off. I had just settled to read my book when a man and young woman arrived carrying folded massage tables, which they set up on the sand about four metres apart.

Quite quickly a woman, about my mother’s age, came over to the man and after a brief conversation got onto the massage table. As I watched discretely the man, whom I judged to be in his early thirties, took her towel and laid it over her prone body. I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but I realized there were people of all ages enjoying the freedom of being naked on the beach.

The masseur gently rubbed the towel covering the woman’s body but then he lifted it off and began to rub some sort of massage cream or body lotion into her shoulders. Meanwhile, the young woman masseuse had begun a massage on another younger woman. Both woman lay on their stomachs with only the shelter of the umbrellas by each of the tables to shade them.

I went back to reading my book.

At some point I dozed for when I woke up, Melanie was not beside me. I looked towards the ocean and did not see her. Only when I stood up did I realize that she was now enjoying a plein air massage on the table nearest me.

Melanie was on her back but was mostly covered by her towel as the masseur freed an arm to work on and then a leg.

An older man, perhaps in his late fifties, walked by me. He had a touch of grey in his hair and a good physique. Clearly, he still kept very fit for his abs were quite defined and he was not overweight. I also noticed he had a very nice cock, circumcised and about four inches in its dormant state. Why do I continually focus on these things?

He approached the masseuse, exchanged a few words, kocaeli escort bayan climbed on her table and lay face down. Nice firm butt.

I stopped staring and went for a quick dip in the ocean to cool off.

When I came back Melanie was just coming back to her towel. She promptly lay down and closed her eyes. I picked up my towel and stood looking around as I dried myself.

As the masseur did not have a new customer I headed straight over and asked if I could have a massage. Yesterday I had enjoyed a massage at the nude beach. This afternoon I was going to enjoy one on the nude beach.

I handed the masseur my towel and lay face down on the table. He covered me with the towel and gently massaged my entire back before removing the towel. Using the lotion he massaged my shoulders releasing little knots as he went.

As I was lying with my head to one side I could see the masseuse was working on the legs and glutes of the man on her table. He sat up to turn over and as he lay on his back I smiled to see he had quite an erection. Not particularly large, but it stood straight up. The masseuse lightly laid a hand on it to move it flat against his body, but it was not obliging. She lifted a sheet from her bag and laid it over him but the tent was obvious, so instead she folded the sheet into a little nest around his penis and moved on to massage his arms. Nobody lying on a towel or a lounger would notice his condition, although someone walking by might. I had a perfect view.

Meanwhile, my masseur moved down my spine to my bottom and worked my glutes; then moved to the back of my thighs and down past my knees to my calves. Nothing out of the ordinary but as I’ve said I am easily stimulated and I was pleasantly aware of his attention. My feet in particular seem to send messages to my pleasure pit.

As he moved back up to my shoulders and began the circuit again spending more time in each area. He had warmed the muscles up before and now he worked more deeply.

I was enthralled watching the man on the other table. His erect penis looked like a soldier in a foxhole. Its glistening helmet bobbing up and down and back and forth even though the masseuse was working on his shoulders and neck. And then it happened.

His penis became quite still and a trickle of white oozed from it like an eruption of lava from s volcano. I watched in wonderment as it quickly became a ropey stream of semen. I couldn’t believe it. I felt mixed feelings of excitement and disgust, and yet it just seemed to be a spontaneous release. A natural function of the human body as old as the origins of life on earth.

As the masseuse realised what was happening she grabbed some paper towel and mopped up his flow removing the sheet from him and speaking quietly but sharply to him. She clearly was not pleased with what had happened, but it seemed as though neither she nor he had in any way triggered it. Perhaps, he was just been overstimulated by the whole environment. I knew how easily I was stimulated myself.

I found I was a little shocked but also a little turned on by this unexpected turn of events. I now became izmit escort aware my masseur had moved from my glutes to my feet before working his way up my legs. As he passed my knees he parted my legs and began working the muscles on the inside of my thighs. Just as I had yesterday with Ives, I was getting seriously aroused waiting to see how high he would go. But whereas Ives had stopped inches away from my genitals, this man was continuing until I felt his fingers lightly brush my labia. Almost unconsciously I parted my legs a little wider inviting more. Had it been an accident? He was working the inner thigh again and again. I felt his fingers on my lips. He must have felt my wetness and then his fingers stroked my clitoris and I gave a noiseless gasp.

I ceased to pay any attention to what had happened on the other table. Although I sensed he was apologising and paying her at the same time.

As my masseur went through his routine a couple more times, I parted my legs still more and finally felt one, then two fingers slip inside me as his other hand came around to rub my clit.

And then he stopped. He gave me a second before he motioned me to turn over.

Thank goodness I did not have a penis or it too would have been stiff as a flagpole.

He massaged my arms and hands and then my torso lightly passing his hands over my breasts and nipples. He moved to my feet and massaged them before putting the towel over me as he moved up my legs. I let my legs drift apart as his hands worked the front of my thighs before finding my eager cunt. He repeatedly ran his fingers over my lips spreading them and circling my clitoris. Then his fingers entered me again as I felt an orgasm begin. Three fingers rotated inside me and were moved gently back and forward until I came in a silent shuddering climax and locked my legs over his hand. I understood why he had covered me with the towel. He stroked my clitoris a couple more times as I slowly recovered myself.

After a moment he removed the towel and offered me his hand to get off the massage table. When I paid him, I added a good tip. In return he handed me a business card with his address and phone number. It appeared you could also have massages in the privacy of your own home.


I went for another swim before rejoining Melanie.

“So, you had another massage?” she asked.

“Yes, didn’t you?” I replied, and as she nodded I asked “How was it?”

“Mostly fine, but a little weird. At one point I felt him touch my vagina. It may have been accidental, but I wasn’t quite sure he wasn’t trying to feel me up.”

“Oh, my goodness! What did you do? Did you say something?”

“No, but I kept my legs very firmly together and nothing more happened.”

“How odd!” I said. I definitely was not going to share my experience. Melanie would think I was such a slut. She was probably already wondering why I wanted two massages in two days. I lay back on my lounger and closed my eyes. I pretended to be napping, but all I could think of was what would happen if I could arrange a private massage in our unit. Not likely, as I was Melanie’s guest, but it didn’t stop me fantasizing.


Post script: I found the man’s ejaculation really unsettling. I believe he was genuinely taken aback and very embarrassed, but I wonder what most guys would think of it?

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