First Holiday

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The first time I ever went on holiday on my own was back in the summer of 1978 when I had just turned 18. My friend Trudy and I talked our parents into letting us have a week away in Torquay.

It was a first taste of freedom for us and we had a great time. Of course quite a few boys tried to chat us up and we enjoyed a bit of mild flirting, but we were rather strait-laced and sex wasn’t an essential part of the holiday for either of us.

We were both still virgins. The furthest I had ever gone was to let a couple of boys get their hands inside my knickers, but that was only after we had been going out for several weeks – the rest got no further than my boobs!

On the Thursday we went out for an evening walk on the seafront and two lads, who introduced themselves as Tony and Dave, came up and started chatting to us. We weren’t going to let ourselves be picked up just like that, so we refused their offer of a drink, and despite their protestations we moved on.

So I was a bit surprised when I walked into the hotel lobby on Friday evening and found Trudy talking to the same two lads. She explained that it turned out that they were staying at the same hotel as us and did we want to join them for a drink in the hotel bar. The way she looked enquiringly at me told me that she was up for it, so I agreed.

After we had been sat down for a couple of minutes I realized why Trudy had been so keen. She had obviously clicked with Tony, who was the better looking of the two. In the past I had always got the better looking boy, so for once the tables were turned.

I rather felt that I’d been dumped with Dave, but actually he wasn’t bad looking and was reasonably amusing. He asked me what I thought of the hotel and I pulled a face and said they’d messed us around. In what way he asked. I explained that we’d booked a twin room, but they’d given us two single rooms. Isn’t that better he said. Well at least they’re connecting I said, but they’re poky little rooms stuck right up on the top floor.

We had one drink in the hotel bar and then Tony suggested a walk down the road to another place. Tony and Trudy led the way with their arms round each other, and Dave and I followed. We chatted, but to Dave’s disappointment I kept my distance.

After a couple of drinks kocaeli escort there it was closing time so we headed back for a nightcap at the hotel bar. By now I’d mellowed a bit (probably because of the drink) and I let Dave put his arm round me.

Trudy and Tony were in front again and they soon stopped and started to kiss. “Look at them,” I said to Dave. His only reply was to pull me to him and kiss me. I didn’t resist and in fact after a minute I started to respond, but some people were approaching, so I stopped and we continued back to the hotel.

We had another drink in the hotel bar and Trudy was deep in conversation with Tony. She was smiling and laughing and obviously very taken with him. Then she leaned across and said that Tony wanted to see these rooms we’d been grumbling about. But laughingly she said that she didn’t trust him and would only go up there if I came along for protection.

I shrugged and said yes, so we all went upstairs. The lads looked at the rooms and said they were OK and not as bad as we had made out. Then Tony took Trudy by the hand and said he wanted another look at her room. He took her through and shut the connecting door.

Dave sat on my bed and pulled me towards him. Rather reluctantly I sat down and of course he began to kiss me. His hands soon slid upwards and started to stroke my breasts. I let him do that and it was actually very nice. Then he caught me out by quickly undoing two buttons on my blouse and slipping his hand inside. I protested, but it did feel nice, so I didn’t really try to stop him.

The next, rather predictable, step was a hand placed on my knee and then starting to slide up my leg. I had no intention of letting him do that, so I grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled his hand away. But he was persistent and kept trying to get his hand up my skirt. I got tired of the wrestling match that was developing and said it was time for me to get Trudy. They’re busy said Dave, leave them alone, and he proceeded to maul me some more.

I pushed him away and got up. I opened the connecting door and stopped dumbstruck. Trudy was laid on the bed her eyes shut tight and her mouth open in a perfect O. Her knickers were round one ankle and Tony was between her thighs, his backside rising and falling as he thrust into her.

Dave kocaeli escort bayan came up behind me and quietly shut the door. He brought me back to the bed and pulled me down onto it. I was so shocked at what I had just seen, that I only half registered that Dave had pushed my skirt up and was removing my knickers. Then he was between my legs and the feel of something very hard and warm butting at my crotch brought me to my senses and made me realise that he was trying to fuck me. I just had time to say no please don’t and then his prick found the entrance to my fanny and he began to push into me. I groaned as his big hard cock stretched my pussy. It was hurting a bit so I gasped for him to be careful as I was a virgin.

He said nothing, but did go more gently now that his cock was right inside me. He began to fuck me with slow, deep strokes and as his prick slid in and out of my cunt I started to respond and my love juices began to flow. However it wasn’t long before he said he was sorry, but he was going to come. He groaned and pushed deep into me and for the first time I felt a mans prick jerk inside me and the lovely warm feeling as he fired his load into me.

We lay there for a while then I let Dave remove my blouse. Next he unfastened my bra and released my breasts. His head went down and he licked and sucked greedily at my nipples. He travelled further down and removed my skirt, then he put his head between my legs and licked my cunt. It was embarrassingly intimate, but also very exciting, so when he asked me to return the favour I took his cock in my mouth and gave him what must have been a rather amateurish blowjob.

As soon as he was really hard again we got in bed and made love properly. This time it wasn’t a quickie. Dave was clearly more experienced than I was. He took me from behind while playing with my clit, which made me come. Then he pinned me down in the missionary position and thrust roughly into me. As he thrust into me he began to squeeze my bum, then he took some of my cunt juices and rubbed them round my asshole. It shows you how inexperienced I was because I was puzzled as to why he was doing that. So when he stuck a finger up my bum the sexual shock was massive and I climaxed immediately. That took him over the edge and he fired a second load izmit escort of sperm into my cunt.

After that we were both exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke with a start at 8 am and sat bolt upright. Fortunately Dave had gone; it was a bit of a relief that he’d had the discretion to leave earlier. I could almost believe that the events of the night had been a dream, but the wetness between my legs and the stains on the sheets told a different story. I was too tired to worry about breakfast and I lay back and fell asleep again.

I woke an hour or so later and lay staring at the wall for a minute, then I felt the bed move. I turned and saw that Tony was sat on the end of the bed! There was a faint smile on his lips, which was probably caused by the fact that the bedclothes had slipped down so my breasts were exposed to him.

I pulled a sheet over me, which made Tony laugh. He grabbed the other end of the sheet, yanked it back towards him and threw himself at me. His mouth clamped onto one of my breasts and as I tried to push him away his hand went between my legs. I gasped as he pushed into me and began to finger fuck me. Then he was kissing me and I was responding and pushing back against him as he probed at my wetness. Next his tongue ran down between my breasts and he went down on me.

He licked, sucked and played with my clit quite beautifully, so that I came with a very powerful orgasm. Then it was my turn to go down on him. He laid on the bed and I knelt between his legs and took his prick end into my mouth. He ran his fingers through my hair as I took his prick right into the back of my throat.

I was busy with his prick when I thought I heard something. I went to lift my head, but Tony pushed it back down and told me not to stop.

However I did stop when Dave suddenly asked me to push my bum up in the air a bit! I froze with no idea what to do, but Dave decided things for me. I must have been wet through because his prick went deep into me with one thrust.

A few hours ago I had been a virgin, now I had one guys prick in my mouth while another fucked me from behind. It obviously turned them on because Tony was gasping at me not to stop as he was going to come. Dave started to go faster in an attempt to come at the same time and I was caught between them. Then Tony erupted into my mouth whilst Dave pumped his spunk into my cunt.

It was a bad moment for Trudy to step through the connecting door and be greeted by the sight of me taking it at both ends!

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