Fire and Ice

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Daemon jolted up from his nap and was greeted to the sight of the empty seat across from him, the soft rumble of the metal wheels over train tracks had soothed him into sleep he now realized. He looked down at his suit jacket and dusted it off then ran a hand through his short, silver hair.

“Good grief” he thought to himself, he was at his stop.

“Last call for passengers exiting to Erikine valley, last call” the conductor called over the Intercom, Daemon quickly grabbed his luggage And departed. He was immediately greeted by a few beggars and ignored them, Erikine valley was a war torn country so homeless families were a common occurrence, daemon wasn’t concerned with them. He glanced over at the boarding times and saw what he was looking for, the next train was not too far behind.

“Just gotta get the brat through her tour…” He thought to himself before shoving past another dweller to the restroom to freshen up.

Upon exiting he made his way to the platform to await his assignment.

After thirty minutes roughly had passed, he watched the next train pull into station, he stood up, having been sitting on his luggage to keep it away from the vulturous people that waited around the platform, he gripped the handle and watched as people left out of the train until at last, there she was.

He watched beşiktaş escort as petite woman stepped off the train with her luggage and let his eyes wander her, she had a curvy body with wide hips, golden blonde hair and pail skin with just a hint of freckles around the bridge of her nose. And her eyes were grey, and they met with his. Daemon motioned her over.

She noticeably took a second to look him over before starting towards him but she was stopped by a few fans of hers, she smiled and greeted them, he’d have to break them up if he wanted to get anywhere fast.

“Alright, back up everyone we have an appointment to make and we cannot be late.” *He spoke up and took the woman’s luggage, turning to go.

“Hey, wait up!” She chased after but he didn’t stop, she made pace with him.

“That was kinda rude you know.” Daemon kept walking.

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” She finally shouted, running in front of him and forcing him to stop.

“I am aware Jamie. But we have a schedule to keep up, and because of complications little Miss Colette, I have to book us a hotel room.” Jamie was taken aback by the tone he used.

“Food first, you can book it while we eat.” She said as she walked towards the exit. Daemon growled softly as he watched her.

“What did you…” beylikdüzü escort He began but was cut off.

“If you have a problem with that, i do have so many fans that would love to chat.” and with that she started for the nearest taxi. Daemon watched her, looking her over. He looked down, she purposely left him her bag to carry too.

“Oh you’re gonna regret that.” He thought to himself before smirking and following with their things. Upon exiting he found the armoured limo that had been ordered ahead of time, he checked it over for traps while Jamie’s fans practically swarmed her with questions, she was lucky she was in the relatively good part of town, she didn’t know how painful this part of the world could be.

“We’re clear Miss Colette. Get in.” He told her, she was busy giggling and talking to her fans, he sighed and spoke up, telling her again. Her fans gave her room, albeit reluctantly, to move. He closed the door behind her, her belongings in the trunk and got in the front. The engine roared with strength as he twisted the key, and used the built in GPS to find them a place he liked. Patriko’s Pizza, a classic.

“Ew, no not there!” She shouted, somehow giggling the demand at him.

“Let’s go to the parmesan palace, I could go for Italian.” She smiled beyoğlu escort at him through the rear view mirror.

“Patriko’s Pizza is a great place to eat. We’re eating there.” Daemon denied her and started towards his destination.

“So why are you coming to a place like this? Surely any other place in the world would appreciate your presence.” There was only silence.

“Are you going to speak to me?” He asked, a little annoyed by the silence.

“Miss Colette..” he started but then finally looked at her in the rear view, she had her arms Crossed with a pout on her lips. He rolled his eyes.

“Are you serious?” He growled, she just looked out the window.

“You’re a grown woman. You can’t act like that.” He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, she hadn’t changed her expression. With a sigh and because he didn’t desire silence if he was going to be stuck on this assignment, he put Parmesan Palace in the GPS. It came to life and announced their destination, he watched as her face lit up.

“I came here because these people could use some light in their life, they’re so scared everyday to come outside that they forget what joy is. I don’t want that to be the way the world is.” She said, almost too nobly for his tastes. Daemon rolled his eyes to himself.

“Not bad. I hope you already know what you want. We’re in a hurry as is.” He sighed and before he knew it, they were at the Parmesan Palace.


Hey y’all it’s the author speaking, feel free to leave me some feedback, whether you liked it or not and just feel free to critique this little passion project of mine, and their will be more soon ^-^

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