Finding Their Kinks Ch. 10

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“I love when you come to visit,” Jack said to their friend breaking the silence. “But Michelle is going to be disappointed that she ran for coffee and missed this.”

“I’m back! Come get your coffee guys!” Michelle shouted from downstairs. The threesome couldn’t help but laugh.

Stacy shouted back, “Hey come on up here and bring the coffees!” She then turned to Chris and Jack, “I think after we get some caffeine in us, we should go for another round!”

“What the fuck!?!” Michelle stood in the doorway with their four coffees in a carrier. “You couldn’t wait for me to even get back?”

“Well, we did video it for you,” Chris smiled at his wife.

“Well, okay, in that case,” Michelle giggled as she handed out the coffee to the naked sweaty group on the bed.


“So, what did you guys do while I was gone specifically?” Michelle inquired as the group of four sipped their coffees. Jack and Chris had each put on a pair of shorts while Stacy covered herself in a pink pair of cotton panties and a white tank top. They had also made their way from the bedroom to the kitchen downstairs. They all stood next to the island as they got their morning doses of caffeine down. “I mean – I’ll watch the video later but just the quick summary.”

“Well,” “Stacy began, “I heard you leave since you woke up before the rest of us. I noticed that Jack and Chris each had morning wood so I reached down to my left and to my right and gently woke them up with some soft rubbing. Chris woke up first and took off his boxers for me. Jack did the same shortly after. I just teased each of them for a while.”

Jack cut in, “Yeah it was certainly a nice way to wake up. She got us both worked up pretty quickly. After a couple minutes of the gentle strokes, she ordered us to get closer together and got herself out of the the middle of us. Chris and I scooted next to each other. He wrapped his right leg over my left and Stacy got down between us again and took turns sucking each of us.”

Stacy took back control of the story, “I was sucking them back and forth. Jack was about to cum in my mouth so I pulled off and focused all my attention on Chris for a while. Jack got to watch that for a bit until I felt Chris was about to explode so I stopped sucking him too.”

Chis took his turn at telling the story, “Then Stacy suggested we set up a phone to record the action for us to all watch together later. While I set up the camera, Stacy got on her back on the bed and put Jack to work licking her pussy. Once I got the camera set up, I watched them for a while and stroked my own cock. Jack took a break from his pussy licking and looked back at me.”

“Yep. That’s when I told him to fuck me in the ass,” Jack chimed in. “And he did. He fucked me hard and fast and came in my ass right as Stacy came in my mouth. Then your generous husband sucked my cock and swallowed my load. Then you came home with coffees. Then you came upstairs and saw the aftermath.”

“Damn. You managed to do all that in the twenty minutes or so I was gone getting these coffees? That’s impressive! Fuck – it takes Chris twenty minutes just to loosen me up enough to fuck my ass! Jack – you must be well-trained by now or something!” Michelle teased Jack.

“My ass is ready to be fucked at a moment’s notice these days. Between Stacy’s strap-on collection and our occasional foray into group sex, I’m quite adept at accepting large hard things up my ass,” Jack explained proudly.

“Anyhow,” Jack changed the subject. “I’m so glad your work trip got shortened and you were able to make it up here for a few days.”

“Oh god me too,” Chris laughed.

“Well, I am going to jump in the shower if anyone wants to join me,” Stacy said.

“How about me?” Chris volunteered.

“Sure. That sounds lovely,” Stacy replied. As she and Chris walked away, Stacy turned back to their respective spouses left behind, “If the bathroom door is closed up there, it means stay out.” She winked and the couple climbed the stairs up to the master suite shower.

Jack turned back to Michelle as they had just been left behind by their own life partners, “So, thanks for the coffee?”

“Hah! No problem,” Michelle laughed. “What do you think they’ll do up there?”

“Your guess is as good as mine but my guess is that Chris is about to get his dick sucked. She just had that look in her eyes,” Jack said.

“Well, they shouldn’t get to have all the fun,” Michelle looked up at Jack with a lusty smile. The shower upstairs turned on. Michelle leaned in close to Jack and whispered in his ear, “Let’s go down to the basement and play.”

“Yes, let’s do that,” Jack took the last sip of his coffee and followed Michelle down the steps.

As they reached the basement, Jack followed Michelle as she strolled to the sitting area. She was still wearing the denim shorts, t-shirt, and white sneakers that she had put on to make their morning coffee run.

“Sit on the couch for me,” Michelle casino siteleri directed Jack. He did as he was told and had a seat on the big L-shaped sofa.

Jack looked at Michelle and admired her sexy figure. She was standing about five feet in front of him. It was less than 24 hours since he’d seen her naked but that was already too long. His cock stiffened in his boxers as she unzipped her shorts. She swirled her hips seductively as she pulled her shorts down to her ankles. Michelle slowly stepped out of the shorts leaving her standing there in her white sneakers, gray cotton panties and her white t-shirt.

She took two steps closer to Jack. As she did so she pulled her t-shirt up over her head exposing her perfect 34C breasts still hidden from full view by a simple white cotton bra. “I’m so glad we get to have a little alone time – just you and me, Jack,” Michelle looked down at Jack as she spoke. “By the looks of it, you’re happy too.”

His cock was now at full attention barely hidden behind his boxers. “I’m very happy. Sometimes I don’t like sharing,” Jack shot back.

“Me too. Sometimes I want you to be able to focus on nothing but me,” Michelle reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She reached over with her left hand and pulled the right strap down off her shoulder and down her arm. She did the same on the opposite side and tossed the bra to the floor on her left side. Her breasts were now fully exposed.

Jack couldn’t help it. He reached down with his right hand and softly rubbed his manhood through his shorts. He stared up at Michelle and admired her round firm tanned breasts. Her nipples were already hard. They were dark pink and surrounded by her perfectly smooth and round areola of the same dark pink hue. They were slightly bigger than a silver dollar. They were perfect. He shifted his eyes downward and appreciated her toned flat stomach. His eyes continued further downward to her gray panties. He could already see she was wet as small spots of her sexual desires were already soaking through. She continued her slow walk towards him. He continued to rub his cock through his shorts and she now stood above him.

“Hi there,” Michelle smirked down at him. She straddled him on the couch with her left knee to the side of his right thigh and her right knee on the opposite side. He felt her pussy rub up against his hard throbbing cock but still separated by two layers of cotton underwear. Michelle rocked her hips rubbing herself softly against Jack’s lap. She moaned into his ear. Jack wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close against him. “Mmmmm. I can feel your cock and it feels so fucking good. Take your shorts off.”

With Michelle still on top of him, Jack did as he was told. He managed to slide his boxers off to his feet and kicked them off to the side. Now all that remained was one layer of cotton between his manhood and Michelle’s smooth shaved pussy. Jack wrapped his right hand back around Michelle’s waist and rubbed her softly. He brought his left hand up to her right breast and gently caressed it. He pulled her in closer and slowly circled his tongue around her dark areola and nipple. She moaned louder and Jack felt her rock her hips pushing harder against his cock that was now dripping with pre-cum.

Michelle leaned in and kissed the left side of Jack’s neck. She moaned softly into his ear and bit him softly between kisses. “This is gonna make me cum fast.”

Jack moaned with approval, “Me too.”


Upstairs, Chris and Stacy had already finished their shower. They had washed each other’s bodies and had a heavy make-out session but decided to move the action to the bed.

Chris had worked his way down Stacy’s body and was between her legs putting his oral sex skills to very good use. Stacy moaned loudly as she felt her clit being sucked into Chris’ mouth. The pressure she felt with his sucking and the twirling of his tongue was nearly too much for her to handle. But not quite. She rubbed each of her breasts and pinched and pulled at her large erect nipples. Her own fingers added to her current sexual energy running through her entire body.

Stacy looked down at Chris just as he was looking back up at her. She urged him on. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. You feel so fucking good right now.” At that moment, she felt two of Chris’ fingers slide easily into her soaking wet pussy. His thick fingers curled up and placed just the right amount of pressure on her g-spot. “Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum. Don’t stop. Oh god don’t stop.”

Chris continued to finger fuck Stacy as he sucked and swirled her engorged clit. Stacy’s hips bucked up and down and her orgasm came rushing out of her body. Chris couldn’t hold on with his mouth but reached up with his other hand and continued to rub her clit as her climax persisted. Stacy’s eyes closed tightly from the intensity of pulses shooting through her entire body. Her thighs snapped slot oyna closed as the near overwhelming orgasm continued. She squirted unknowingly all over Chris’ face and chest. She grunted and growled as each new pulse of sexual climax rocked her. But slowly, it came to an end and she opened her eyes. She looked down at Chris.

“Holy fuck – you just squirted all over me while you came,” Chris looked up at Stacy.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”

“No. NO! It was amazing!” Chris replied. “I want to bend you over right now and fuck you so bad.”

“I want you to fuck me too,” Stacy admitted her need for another cock. “But Jack and I agreed we only get to fuck each other.” The thought of Chris bending her over and sliding his stiffened manhood into her battled with her desire to follow the rules. But maybe they could simply not tell Jack or Michelle. No, she needed to fight this desire.

Chris reached down with his right hand and grabbed his hard cock and stroked himself hard and fast. Stacy watched him for a few moments. His broad chest glistened from the orgasmic liquids she had just recently erupted all over him. “Slow down there,” Stacy suggested. “Let me help with that.” The pair switched positions. Stacy wrapped her right hand around Chris’ rock hard cock and slid her mouth around the soft smooth head. She moaned to herself as she slid his cock past her plump lips and used her tongue to add to his pleasure. His soft skin smelled of the manly soap she had just used to wash him clean in the shower.

She wanted him inside her right now. She enjoyed sucking him but the thought of Chris slamming hard into her pussy was all she could think about lately. It was becoming something she needed in real life rather than simply her fantasies. She shook those thoughts and concentrated on her current task at hand.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Chris moaned. Stacy bobbed up and down his cock. She squeezed his balls and tugged down hard knowing how much he, and Jack for that matter, loved it when she did it. “God you suck cock so good. Jack is a lucky man.”

Stacy pulled her mouth away but continued to stroke his manhood with her right hand. “I love sucking your cock. You taste so good,” she looked him dead in the eyes as she spoke. “I want you to cum on my face.”

“Get on your knees on the floor,” Chris took charge to Stacy’s delight. She did as she was told and got off the bed and situated her self on the carpet at the foot of the bed. Chris walked over to her and stood above her. He jacked off aiming his cock directly at her face mere inches away. Stacy reached up and rubbed her breasts.

“Cum for me. Cum all over me,” Stacy moaned in pleasure at her own touches but also the view of Chris’ cock and the anticipation that it was about to explode all over her. She looked up at him and he glared down at her. She felt so slutty at this moment. All she wanted was to be covered in his sticky load. She saw his eyes close. His orgasm was close and she was eager. “Do it. Fucking cum all over me.” She was already incredibly turned on again. If she couldn’t feel his warm load fill her womanhood, she wanted it to cover her face.

Chris heeded the instructions and his cock shot it’s first rope of sticky white. Stacy felt the warm cum smack against her lips and nose. She opened her mouth and the second and third shots landed on her tongue. She savored the warm salty sticky thick liquid. One last shot fell just below her left eye. Chris placed his left hand on the back of her head. He pulled her closer and rubbed his cock against her left cheek. She felt more cum ooze out of his slightly softening member. She reached up with her left hand and took the place of Jack’s hand. She opened her mouth and sucked in the head of his cock. She milked the remaining load out and pulled away. The smell of his semen was all she could focus on. It made her burn even hotter inside. She looked up at Chris and smiled.

“You taste so good,” Stacy told her partner as she swallowed him down. She stood up from her knees and kissed Chris softly. “I’ll be right back. I need to wash up.” She licked his lips before she walked away to the bathroom. All she could think about was needing that cock inside her. She wanted to fuck him and feel that massive load in her pussy. She needed to have a serious conversation with Jack.


Michelle was now soaking wet and Jack felt her sexual juices soaking through her gray panties making his own cock slick with her wetness.

She bit the left side of his neck again and licked upwards to his ear. She bit his earlobe softly and moaned. He felt her reach down between her legs and shifted her panties out of the way exposing her smooth wet pussy to his very erect and ready cock.

Michelle purred into Jack’s left ear. She was now all but fucking him. She rubbed her wet lips up and down his very happy cock. Jack gripped her hips and helped her slide up and down his cock working on his own orgasm. It took all the willpower canlı casino siteleri he could muster not to slide himself inside her perfectly wet warm lips.

“Ohhhhh Jack. I’m cumming!” Michelle’s body clenched. Her pussy pushed hard against Jack’s cock. In her ecstasy, she sucked hard on his neck and bit down. Jack felt a shock of pleasurable pain. She continued to rock her hips and fleshed out the remaining pulses of her orgasm. Soon enough, her thrusts began to slow. She looked down at Jack and after she caught her breath, she whispered, “I love your cock.”

“You’re so fucking hot,” Jack replied back. It was all he could think. His cock was throbbing. He was ready to explode too. He reached down and grabbed himself and stroked himself hard and fast. He stared into Michelle’s eyes. She stared right back.

“Cum for me. I want to watch you cum all over yourself,” Michelle gave out orders and Jack didn’t care. It’s what he wanted to do anyhow. He pumped hard up and down. He was wet with Michelle’s natural lubricant. He squeezed the head of his cock and focused his attention on that one spot for a bit. Then he came.

“Awwww! Fuck yeah! Mmmmmmmmmm,” Jack shouted as his orgasm pumped from deep inside out the head of his cock. He shot rope after rope up his chest and onto his stomach. In the middle of his orgasm, Michelle leaned over and kissed him deeply and she moaned into his mouth. He was nearly overwhelmed with his pulsing cock and the deep kiss. His climax faded but they continued their passionate kiss. He enjoyed the warm wetness of her tongue against his. He could still taste the vanilla latte that lingered from her morning coffee. The room itself smelled of sex. Finally but still too soon, she pulled away.

“I’ll get you a towel.” She stood up from his lap and adjusted her panties so they were sadly once again covering up her smooth womanhood. Jack admired her body as she walked off to fetch him the towel she had promised.


Stacy was in the master bathroom alone. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was still covered in Chris’ cum from the facial she had taken moments before. The taste of his manhood and semen lingered on her tongue. She grabbed a towel and wiped the sticky white streaks off her cheeks and away from her eyes. “That one rule, damnit,” she thought to herself. She loved Jack’s cock and he knew how to use it very well. Their new experiences with other men and women were fantastic. But she wanted more now. She wanted to break their only rule. She needed another man to fuck her pussy. She didn’t even care if that meant Jack fucking other women.

She knew she needed to bring this up gently with Jack. What would happen if the one sexual thing they kept for themselves was suddenly shared with other people? But, she had to experience more than only Jack. She grabbed the cum soaked towel and held it up to her nose and inhaled Chris’ scent. She needed more cock and the thought of his dick sliding in and out of her was too much. She reached between her legs and masturbated as she thought of Chris fucking her alone with no Jack nearby. No Michelle. Just her and Chris making love in some strange hotel room. She brought herself to a quick and silent but satisfying orgasm. She watched her own face in the mirror as she came. When it came to its end, she was immediately saddened by the guilt she was feeling for this desire that she so badly wanted to experience. She didn’t know what to do.


It had been six weeks since Michelle and Chris had visited. It was late October and the weather was starting to change. The leaves on the trees had all turned their wonderful autumn tones of reds, oranges, and yellows. Jack and Stacy had been doing what a married couple normally does. They decorated their home with festive Halloween decorations. They worked. They went out to dinners at nice restaurants. They went out for cocktails at their favorite bars. They visited their local breweries and went out with friends from time to time. And they had sex. They had been having a lot of sex these past six weeks. Neither brought it up to the other but they both noticed they were each insatiable lately.

It was the Saturday morning before Halloween. Stacy was walking back from the gym. She had just gotten in a good cardio session along with an arm workout. Her tight black workout pants kept her warm from the brisk morning air. The sweat that remained on her exposed arms and neck, however, sent a shiver through her when the wind blew. Her phone was strapped to her right upper arm and her ear pods pumped her workout playlist into her head as she made the half mile walk home. Suddenly, she heard and felt her phone buzz with an incoming text. She grabbed her phone from its holster. The text was from Jack, “Good morning, sweetie! Did you make it to the gym as planned? How was it?”

She smiled as she read her husband’s message. He had been away since Wednesday on business but was scheduled to return home tomorrow. She typed back, “Good morning! Walking home now. Gonna be sore tomorrow. I crushed that biceps workout today! ;-)”

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