Finding Himself in Her Ch. 01

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This is the first chapter in a story about Jaime, a young man who falls in love with and is feminized by a female neighbor. This is the first time I’ve written something like this so feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

He picked up a heavy box from the back of the U-Haul truck and started walking trough the late august sun to his new apartment on the second floor of a big apartment complex uptown. He had carried boxes for an hour and ascending the stairs felt like an eternity. Jaime and his dad had gotten the keys the week before and had the bigger furnishings; the bed, couch and a few tables, bookcases and shelves delivered and mounted then. His father was supposed to help him move in this Saturday as well but had been called away for work last minute. This meant that Jaime had to do everything himself as none of his few friends had time to travel the two hour journey from his hometown on such short notice, and they really weren’t close friends anyway.

Jaime finally reached the top of the stairs, opened his door and carried the heaviest box yet into his new living room, cursing himself for packing a box to the brim with books. His legs and arms felt like concrete before that box and now it felt like they would fall of. After sitting down on the couch in the living room/bedroom of his new 440 square foot apartment for a while he stood up with a sigh, reluctantly ready to tackle the dreaded stairs once again.

Jaime had lived at home through college, getting his masters in graphical design while freelancing a bit. This meant that he had a nice nest egg for when he left home, the freelancing also got him some attention from a firm in the city. This was why he was moving, he was starting his first day in a week.

After descending the stairs with heavy steps Jaime bent down to grab the next box, just as he started lifting he heard a smoky female voice say, “Hi, need a hand with that?”

Jaime jerked in surprise but quickly collected himself, relishing any excuse for a break. He turned around and came face to face with a pair of generously proportioned tits! He quickly jerked his eyes upward and even had to crane his neck to gaze into the stranger’s eyes. His quick-take and slightly startled expression was met with a bemused smile and a hand thrust out for him to shake, “I saw that you were moving in by yourself and figured I should welcome you to the neighbourhood and offer my help.”

The tall dark woman said as she shook Jaime’s small hand in her larger hand. Jaime, still a bit shocked by the woman’s height, she must have been 6’2″ at least, and how breathtakingly gorgeous she was. He was also overwhelmed by her scent, it was the most incredible thing ever and he felt his mind go foggy. He was embarrassed by his own reaction, staring with a dumb smile, and answered as sweetly as he could,

“Oh, Thank you so much! I’m Jaime by the way. This is so nice, I mean, this move didn’t go nearly as smooth as planned and here you are, my knight in shining armour!” Jaime cursed himself as soon as the words left his mouth, he blamed it on all the fantasy he read, all that chivalry must have skewed his mind.

“Ha Ha, Well, I don’t know about knight but when I see a cute boy in distress I just can’t help myself. I’m Kara, by the way.”

Jaime blushed at the compliment and also noticed how Kara’s eyes roamed his body before settling on his face again with a strange glint that he had never experienced from anyone before. Jaime felt flattered and a bit intimidated but he just smiled back. He felt an erection building and quickly lifted a box from the back of the truck and held it in front of his crotch. Kara smiled back and, to Jaime’s amazement, placed two of the heavier boxes on top of one another and without much apparent effort lifted them and headed for the door. Jaime closed the back of the truck and followed Kara up the stairs, giving directions from behind to his door.

Kara had been sitting outside her favourite coffee shop sipping her cappuccino when she saw Jaime pull up in a rental van and start to unload it. As she watched as the lonely little figure carry box after box trough the door, she tried to determine if it was male or female. Kara wasn’t picky, and there was just something about this person that called to her, so she polished off the coffee and made her way over. It wasn’t until she heard Jaime’s voice that she knew he was a he.

As they made their way to his new apartment Jaime couldn’t help but stare at this giant of a woman. Kara was more then a head taller then him, with an athletic and curvy build, well defined but not bulky, womanly but imposing. He especially couldn’t take his eyes of her wonderfully round and perky ass that moved enticingly as she ascended the stairs. She was wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt that showed just a hint of cleavage. Jaime had a hard time seeing of what decent his new neighbour was, she looked mostly African as she had caramel casino siteleri colored skin, lush, pillowy lips, prominent cheekbones and golden brown eyes, but some of the features on her beautiful and exotic face seemed Asian. She had big, slanted, almond-shaped eyes, long, jet black straight hair, and a heart shaped face making her look quite a lot like Naomi Campbell.

Jaime himself was of French-Canadian descent but his parents had moved to the U.S when he was five. Jaime had a pale complexion, was 5’4″ with green-blue eyes and long auburn hair in a grungy mane. He had very soft and feminine features with full lips and big doe eyes with long lashes and had more than once been mistaken for a girl. He was slim around the shoulders and over all his body was very slender and lightly muscled, he was secretly proud and a bit embarrassed by his wide hips and shapely ass, a bit on the big side but perfectly round and firm, it would have been very well suited on a girl but looked a bit out of place on him. To counter this Jaime often wore loose fitting jeans, as he did today, along with an old t-shirt that he didn’t mind ruining during the move.

When they entered the apartment Jaime led Kara into the main room where two large windows facing an apartment across a narrow alley.

“Wow, what a coincidence! That’s my apartment right there!” Kara exclaimed as she put the boxes down and pointed over at the apartment just 6′ across the narrow alley.

“Oh, Great! It will be nice to know someone so close by,” Jaime responded with a shy, dimpled smile.

As they continued moving Jaime in to his first apartment he found himself opening up to this virtual stranger like he’d never had to anyone, she just felt so warm, understanding and safe that she broke through his shyness. He told her about high school and how he had been such an outcast, being a nerd in a class full of jocks, occasionally bullied but mostly ignored, how he spent his days quietly studying and his nights reading, painting and playing with Photoshop. He told her about how his father owned the gym and pool right next to their house and how he spent several hours each week swimming laps but never seemed to build any muscles. He even told her about his one relationship in college and how she destroyed his last bit of confidence before dumping him for a jock, leaving him still a virgin, even now at 23. Lastly he told the story of how his mother, a brilliant psychiatrist and a bit of a hippie, died from cancer just a few years ago. She was his best and closest friend and as he was much closer to her than his father her death very nearly destroyed him.

Kara was very understanding and even seemed a bit excited at his inexperience. She shed a few tears at the story of his mother’s death. Kara felt touched that Jaime so readily opened up to her that she gladly shared her own story. Kara grew up in a mixed race home with two younger sisters, her mother was first generation Japanese and a high school teacher and her father an engineer of Afro-American descent. They lived in a mostly white upper middle class neighborhood and the color of her skin, along with developing earlier than all the girls and being taller than all the boys in her class made her stand out like a sore thumb, but instead of hiding like Jaime she reveled and blossomed in the attention, used it to her advantage, she didn’t take any shit from those who saw it as a weakness to be different. It also helped that she carried the women’s basketball team to state champions each year she was on the team. Kara was in fact so good that she got a full ride to Stanford where she studied mechanical engineering, wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps. She focused much more on her studies than the basketball and graduated among the top of her class, turning down offers from WNBA-teams in favor of starting her career. Kara told Jaime that she now, at 29, worked as a project manager in a firm downtown.

“Oh wow, this is like fate or something! The design firm I’m starting at is in the same building!” Jaime exclaimed with delight when he heard the name of the firm. He thought ‘This is so strange, the first person I meet in the city is living and working right where I work, is incredibly easy to talk to, seems to really care and listen, and is incredibly beautiful as well. Please, oh God, please, don’t let me blow this!’

“So your starting at Hart Design? I’m good friends with the woman who runs it. We can maybe all have lunch or something. By the way, these were the last boxes so why don’t we leave unpacking them ’til tomorrow and you come over to my place for dinner?”

“God, I didn’t realise we were working so fast, thank you so much for all your help! Now that you mention it, I’m kinda starving, but I wouldn’t want to impose.” Jaime silently kicked himself for declining the offer but didn’t have to feel sorry for long.

“Nonsense. Come on, we’ll go over to my place, order in and watch a movie.”

“OK, slot oyna great, thank you.”

Jaime felt grateful that Kara insisted and tailed along to her apartment. The house was built in a U-shape around the alley and getting to Kara’s apartment was just a matter of navigating a few corridors.

Kara’s apartment was much larger than Jaime’s and had a cozy, lived in feel with subtle feminine touches. Kara led Jaime to the kitchen where a stack of take-out menus lay next to the phone. After a short discussion they decided on Chinese and Kara placed the order. While they waited for the delivery they set the table and opened a bottle of wine.

The food came quickly and as they ate they continued talking. Jaime felt a bit liberated by the wine and ease of conversation, so when they had finished eating he gathered his courage and asked, “Kara, are you seeing anyone at the moment?”

“I broke up with my old girlfriend, Jenny, three months ago and I haven’t dated since.”

Jaime felt brokenhearted, here was this incredible woman who he already was starting to have feelings for and who seemed interested in him, and now she’s a lesbian?! Kara must have seen the distraught look on his face because she quickly explained, “Jaime, I realised long ago that I’m bisexual and you don’t have to worry one bit, I like you a lot and I think you are very attractive and cute.”

Jaime felt a rush of relief flood through him while at the same time he felt self-conscious and a bit embarrassed at being called cute but even more so at the blush spreading across his cheeks. When Jaime didn’t respond Kara reached over the table and placed a finger under his chin to get him to meet her eyes and continued, “I’ve seen the way you have looked at me and the way you have talked to me and it shows me that you like me too. Now, I’m telling you this because I want you to know there is no pressure for you to put on an act or anything, I just want you to be you, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll try my best, but it’s so hard to believe that someone as beautiful as you could be interested in someone like me.”

“Jaime, I like being the strong one in a relationship and I’m not looking for a macho man, and your inexperience is actually a plus in my book, it means I can mould you to my perfect lover without fighting any preconceived notions. Now, c’mere and let me show you I’m not lying.”

With that Kara gently pulled Jaime closer by the neck, gently placed her lips on his and kissed him. After a while of soft kisses Kara started getting more aggressive, her tongue working his mouth open before plunging in possessively. When she finally pulled back Jaime sat with his eyes closed and panted slightly as he caught his breath. Jaime had only kissed a few times before but it had never even come close to what this felt like, the taste of her and the scent filling his nose elevated it even more. After a while he felt Kara caress his cheek again and he slowly opened his eyes again to be met with a warm inviting smile. Before he could lean in for another kiss Kara stopped him, saying,

“I’d like nothing more than to continue what I started, cutie, but we have just eaten and we really should allow our food to settle before we move on to more strenuous activities, so why don’t we move over to the couch and watch a movie?”

Jaime agreed and they headed to the living room where Kara picked out the movie. After Kara put Love, Actually in the DVD she put her arm around his shoulders and sat down in the far corner of the couch. She pulled Jaime with her and had him cuddle up against her while she draped an arm around his neck and chest. When he felt the side of his face rest against her substantial bosom he jerked away, afraid that he had overstepped some boundary, but she let out a soft chuckle and pulled him gently back into her embrace and whispered softly in his ear for him to relax.

Jaime was in a state of relaxation and arousal through the film as Kara let her fingers roam his body. She started by caressing his neck and play with his long hair, she was surprised that she didn’t feel much of an Adam’s apple when she let her fingers trace his throat. As the movie progressed she snaked a hand down the front of his tee shirt and ran her fingers over his hairless chest, soon focusing on his nipples. Jaime had never entertained the idea of playing with his own nipples but when Kara did it, it definitely felt good, so good in fact that Jaime couldn’t hold back an involuntary moan as his body stiffened. He felt a little embarrassed at his reaction and the thought hit him that this is how a girl would act, and his embarrassment deepened, but he didn’t push Kara’s strong hand away. Then he remembered something his mother had talked to him about at length, human sexuality, and how different each person was, how even in normal relationships there were constant acts of submission and domination and that some people were prone to strong submissive canlı casino siteleri urges and wouldn’t feel fulfilled unless they gave up control. Jaime started to realise that his mother, after all a brilliant psychiatrist, had seen these traits in her son and was just trying help him along the way to happiness, because he was definitely finding happiness in letting go of control now. With this realisation and his mother’s blessing from the grave Jaime felt his embarrassment lessen and he relaxed into Kara’s loving embrace once again.

Kara smiled and sighed with relief as she felt Jaime relax again, she knew it was a risky move to play with his nipples so soon but she just couldn’t help herself, he was just so cute! His nipples were surprisingly large for a boy and seemed very sensitive as she rolled one between her thumb and forefinger. She loved how submissive he was but also how intelligent he seemed and the way he had been so respectful the entire day and how eager he was to please her. She had also seen his ass when he walked up the stairs in front her, and she definitely had plans for that lovely posterior. In most of her previous relationships, mostly with femme girls, Kara had taken the dominant role, so she had immediately recognised the signs of submissiveness in Jaime. What turned her on even more was that he was completely inexperienced so she could make him her perfect lover without having to break any old habits. Kara wanted this to be about more than sex though, so she felt a bit reluctant to push too hard, too fast. Jaime just seemed so sad, kind, shy, thoughtful, sincere and deliciously innocent that Kara couldn’t help liking him and wanting to protect him.

The end credits suddenly rolled and they both realised they had been too caught up in their own thoughts and emotions to follow the plot. Kara decided it was time for action and pulled Jaime up into her lap so that he sat sideways facing her, his face level with hers. Kara leaned in for a slow kiss, just gently caressing his surprisingly soft lips with hers.

Jaime found himself in a tight embrace as Kara’s lips sought out his own, and the way she so easily lifted his body as she pulled him into her lap increased his feelings of submission. When their lips met all thoughts left his mind as he focused on her soft pillowy lips against his and the taste of her mouth. As Jaime clutched his hands behind Kara’s neck the kiss turned more passionate. Kara teased her tongue against his lips until he opened up and then started to explore his mouth. Jaime had never felt anything close to the feelings and sensations he felt while kissing this tall and wonderfully exotic woman and he would happily sit on her lap and kiss her forever.

Jaime closed his lips around Kara’s probing tongue and sucked while he used his own tongue to caress hers. When Kara pulled her tongue back Jaime’s followed it into her mouth where he started his own exploration. As their tongues wrestled Kara was pleasantly surprised to realise how incredibly long and nimble Jaime’s tongue was and she felt a rush of wetness down below at the thought of him using it to bring her pleasure. Kara had one arm around his neck and while they kissed she let her other hand explore. It first pulled the young man’s t-shirt from his jeans and then snaked up over his flat, soft and smooth abdomen to find his nipples once again. As she teased and lightly pinched first one and then the other the little brunette moaned into her mouth and the kisses took on a new level of intensity.

After about five minutes Kara let her hand slide down along Jaime’s side, tickling his small love handles before moving down to possessively cup his ass. She marveled at how round, juicy and firm it felt and she could hardly wait to see it in all it’s naked glory. Kara shifted her hand to his crotch and was surprised to find a big bulge, Jaime’s cock seemed to be pretty long and seriously thick. As Jaime moaned into her mouth the dark woman removed her hand, he was a virgin after all and she didn’t want him to blow his load before they were naked in bed.

Kara pulled away and started kissing her way along his smooth jaw to his ear. After sucking his earlobe and tickling his ear with her tongue she whispered breathily in his ear,

“Why don’t we move this to the bedroom?”

Kara felt Jaime nodding against her cheek and after she kissed him down his neck, eliciting a few more moans, she helped him stand up. As she stood up herself she caught his t-shirt and pulled upwards. As she reached his armpits he obediently raised his arms and was soon naked from the waist up. Kara embraced her young lover from behind and looked down his front, noting how soft and feminine he looked with his narrow chest, slim waist and wide hips. It also helped that his body was almost completely hairless, there was just some peach-fuzz below his bellybutton and on his lower arms.

Kara steered Jaime slowly towards the bedroom, still hugging him from behind as she whispered into his ear, “I know this will be your first time and I understand that you are nervous. I want you to let me take care of everything, you just follow my lead and everything will be all right.”

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