Field Trip Ch. 01

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Her heart begins pounding and her hands have a slight quiver as she parks her car. She is more nervous today than she had been on their first encounter. She just couldn’t believe how nervous she was. The last time went so well. What did she have to worry about? Then it struck her; last time there was a certain boundary. The time frame was fixed and she felt she had more control. This time they had all day. This time he was in control. “Meet me at 11. I have a surprise.” She could see those words in her mind as clearly as when she read them in the email he sent.

With a big breath in and out she releases the steering wheel, opens the door and gets out. Again, a deep breath before heading to the restaurant door. She has her composure and is certain she can exude that confidence when she walks in.

The moment her hand touches the door she can feel the heat in her cheeks radiating down her neck. Yet she is calm and walks in with the same stride as with any other meeting. She turns on her “just one of the guys” mentality and goes through the door.

“Oh shit, he’s already here.” She thinks to herself as she sees him sitting in the same chair she had been. Her body immediately responds to his presence. Images of when they first met flash through her mind. She can already feel his hands, his mouth, and the heat of his body close to hers.

“You ok?” he asks with genuine concern.

His words startle her; bringing her back to reality. “Oh yeah, fine, just been through some crazy traffic.” She lies trying not to let on.

“So, would you like something here, or are you ready to go?”

“Go? şişhane escort Go where?” She questions.

“To your surprise.” He says with a wink.

“Oh, well I guess we can go.” She responds, somewhat shocked. She had assumed that whatever the surprise was she would find out here.

A bit reluctant she follows him back out the door. This is so strange for her. She is going to go with a man she barely knows to an unknown destination.

“This is crazy,” She repeats in her mind. Yet she can’t so no. Again the memories from before hit her like a wave and she is powerless to stop whatever is about to happen.

She accompanies him to his car and gets in. All nervousness ceases making way for pure excitement. Every interaction with him whether via email or in life has been an exhilarating one. She can’t wait to see what will come next.

As they pull away she turns again and asks, “Where are we going?”

“Like I said, it is a surprise. Trust me, you’ll love it!”

“I do love surprises. I also love games.” She says as she leans over and puts her hand on his right leg.

“How about we play a little game? I’ll ask you questions about where we might be going. You don’t have to answer with words. I’ll just see if I can figure it out.” She offers as she starts running her fingers along his thigh.

“Ok.” He agrees smiling.

She opens up his pants and slides her hands inside of his boxer briefs. Once finding what she wants she brings it out to allow for full access.

“Let’s see, where might we be going?”

She begins by slowly stroking şişli anal yapan escort him with her fingers randomly putting her hands deeper within his boxer briefs to gently massage.

She brings herself closer to him, kisses him on the cheek, subtly lays her head on his shoulder and continues to stimulate him with her right hand.

“Well it is a beautiful day,” she starts. “We could be going to a park. We’ll find a secluded area to put the car. We’ll stay inside and just push your seat back. I’ll straddle myself on top of your hard cock. Of course I’d take off my shirt so you could have easy access. Then I’d fuck your brains out. “

Noting him becoming erect she bends over to kiss. She starts by kissing from base to tip and runs her tongue around the head. Then she places her hand around him stroking slowly to keep him aroused, but not too excited. Content she sits back up and places her head back on his shoulder.

“Or maybe we’re going to a train station. I have often fantasized about being on a train. The power and motion is a huge turn-on. Plus the idea of getting caught always makes for a thrill. Honestly, I’ve never even been on a train. Where would we do it? Find an abandoned box car? Or we could go romantic and get one of the bedroom suits. What a novel idea, sex on a bed.” She gives him a gentle bump with her shoulder and kisses him on his neck just under his ear.

“Oooh I know. You have the house to yourself for the next two days don’t you?” She notes her inquiry gets a slight response as he lets out a slight chuckle and shakes his head. şişli bdsm escort

“Yeah, you could take me home with you and give me a personal, one on one culinary lesson. Of course finishing up with me as your desert, complete with dulce de leche. Mmmmm, I would be a very good pupil. This idea has promise. We could get each other all dirty then you could show me that shower that you told me so much about. I would find great pleasure in washing you.”

Her excitement is apparent as the rhythm in which she is stroking him has become faster and more intent. “Am I getting warm?”

“Well, let me check.” He answers; sliding her skirt up on one side and placing his hand within her panties.

“Looks like.” He starts to massage her clit slowly then slips a finger inside to feel the heat and wetness within.

She leans back and closes her eyes. His every touch whether sensual or playful excites her.

He brings his finger back out and continues to rub her hard clit, noticing her nipples also responding through her shirt.

Although distracted by him she continues to stroke him following the rhythm he is using on her. At this point she is once again his toy for play. She doesn’t care if the world can see him touching her through the windows, just as long as he doesn’t stop.

He continues to play with her, manipulating her clit with his fingers and occasionally penetrating her. He catches glances of her licking her lips and touching her own nipples.

“Mmmmm,” She moans, “I’m so close.”

Her body is hot all over, her cheeks flushed. “Yes, Yes!” she calls. She grabs his hand slowing his rhythm. He can feel the pulsing of her orgasm beneath his hands.

“How can you just do that?” she asks. Once again amazed by the ease at which he can tantalize her.

“My pleasure.” He says. “By the way, we’re there.”

She opens her eyes and sits up. “Wow!” She exclaims, genuinely surprised.

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