Felicia and Bo

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Felicia and Bo. Bo and Felicia. This story began so many years ago and still it continued. Here they were, having dinner as friends. Something that wasn’t possible a few years before. The truth is, neither of them were even sure it were possible tonight. Bo still had feelings for Felicia and Felicia was uneasy around Bo. She wasn’t sure if it were because she was still emotionally connected to him or if it were because she wasn’t honest with her husband about where she was and who she was with.

Felicia’s husband had been away on business for the past four months. And he’d be there for six months more. She had only seen him twice, hardly enough to curb her sexual cravings. Part of her being with Bo tonight was because she needed male companionship. Some conversation, some flirting, nothing more. Her vibrator would do the rest later.

Bo’s girlfriend was out of town with friends. He hadn’t settled down yet. Felicia wasn’t surprised. He had become increasingly careful with whom he gave his heart to, after Felicia. And the women he chose got increasingly younger. Never under 18, never over 25.

The place they had chosen for dinner was a regular spot. They sat in their same booth. In the past, they used to come with massive amounts of friends. It was a bar/lounge with loud music and dark atmosphere.

“This place hasn’t changed a bit,” Bo awed.

Felicia agreed. She stared at the space. They still had the wooden bar, the backyard, and the book shelves as wall dividers.

“That’s halkalı escort what you love about this city, isn’t it? You could leave for ten years and come back and some things will remain the exact same way you left it,” Felicia said.

Bo looked at Felicia. And she was the same way he had left her. Her eyes were still bright and shining, taking in everything around her. Her caramel skin still soft and supple. Her full lips were– Bo couldn’t resist. He leaned in closer to Felicia and placed his palm on her cheek. She turned to him surprised. Bo guided her face towards his and their lips locked.

Instantly, Felicia felt her body get hot. Her heart was beating so fast it drowned out the music. She was lost, for a moment, in the warmth of Bo’s lips. Her lips are still perfect, Bo thought. Just like pillows. Felicia pulled away slowly, her eyes never looking at Bo. Instead she reached for her freshly refilled glass of wine and drank it down.

“Whoa! Slow down,” Bo said.

Felicia proceeded to take deep breathes. Her heart was still beating against her chest. And, to her surprised, her panties were drenched. She rested her elbows on the table and placed her head in the palm of her hands. Bo watched, unsure of what to say or do. Felicia picked her head up and looked at Bo.

“You were my best friend. I miss you.”

“I miss you, too,” Bo replied.

“In more ways than one,” said Felicia.

And Bo understood. He slipped his left arm around her harbiye escort waist and pulled her closer to him. Felicia didn’t resist. She rested her head on his shoulder and buried her nose into his neck to smell him. He smelled so good, like cookies and cucumbers. Her hands gingerly grabbed his inner thigh as they allowed their lips to meet again.

Their tongues gently caressed one another’s. Bo, pulling Felicia closer, let his free hand feel its way up her dress. He squeezed her thick thigh and lifted it up to rest it on his knees. Felicia’s heart beat faster. Bo lightly touched the lining of her panties and could feel the dampness. He laughed. Felicia giggled.

“Some things don’t change,” Bo whispered.

“You have that effect on me,” Felicia whispered back, then feeling the bulge in his pants. “And, apparently, I have the same effect on you.”

Bo laughed and Felicia kissed him again. With two fingers Bo pushed Felicia panties aside and began to rub her throbbing clit. He could feel Felicia hold her breathe every time he put pressure on it. It was like the heart of her nervous system, pumping boiling blood to every nerve ending. Felicia wanted Bo inside her, and her pussy told him so. Bo placed both fingers inside her sopping wet pussy while allowing his thumb to still massage her clit. Felicia gasped for air.

She tried to pull herself away, but Bo held her tighter. The air was thick and Felicia struggled to breath normally without alerting surrounding ikitelli escort patrons of what was happening in their booth. Bo kissed her neck. He knew that was the most sensitive area on her body. He watched as Felicia bit down on her bottom lip and was delighted when her pussy creamed for him. Bo kissed her neck again, this time allowing his tongue to lick her lightly. Still biting on her bottom lip, Felicia’s face turned red and her pussy creamed even more.

Felicia knew what he was up to. It was a game he liked to play. Bo was testing her limits and she knew what was next. Before he could go the extra step, Felicia kissed him deeply. She whispered in his ear.

“Get the check and meet me in the bathroom.”

Bo was reluctant to remove his fingers from between Felicia’s legs. He shoved his fingers into her one last time. He felt her muscles contract, trying to hold back the inevitable. But her pussy creamed, as it always did. As it always would. He removed his fingers and tasted them. Felicia made her way to the bathroom.

Felicia turned the light on as she walked into the bathroom. She made her way to the mirror to retouch her makeup. Her body was still hot and her thoughts landed on her husband. She loved him, but she needed Bo. Her husband treated their marriage like a business. She knew he loved her, but he didn’t have the same passion that Bo had. What Bo could do with just his fingers, her husband couldn’t do with his whole body. Whatever guilt she may have felt, she let slip away. There was a light knock at the door. Felicia opened it and Bo entered, locking the door behind him.


This is the first “erotic” story, I’ve ever written. I would absolutely love all feedback, good or bad. And not to worry, there’s more to this story, coming soon.

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