Favorite Game

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I told him I’d suck his soul out through his cock, but he’d only arched a dark brow in skepticism.

“I’ve never even cum from a blowjob, but you’re welcome to try,” he replied, as my hands slid down the planes of his chest and my nails raked his hips.

The invitation read a whole lot like a challenge and I could never pass one up. Especially not one I would relish with such decadence. I let the hunger in my eyes speak where my words failed me. I only smiled as my fingertips skimmed the waistband of his jeans and dipped beneath it, hooking to give a little tension to my intention when I pulled down just slightly. I held his gaze, the want in my eyes dimming only enough to make room for the question.

Can I? my eyes asked.

I want to play, they practically screamed.

A husky laugh rumbled in his chest, felt as much as heard, as his fingers lifted my chin so I couldn’t break eye contact.

“Would my little kitten like to suck my cock?” He asked, the filth and affection in his tone both danced delicately with his smug certainty of the answer. I wouldn’t begrudge him that, even my contrary nature was no match for my need to taste him. It was a selfish need as much as a desire to please. I wanted to bring this broad, powerful man entirely under my spell. There was so much power in this kind of service and I delighted in it.

While one hand still held my chin, my gaze captured by his, the other roamed into my hair, his fingertips lightly massaging my scalp as they moved through the strands gently. I relaxed into the caress, my eyes closing as I briefly let go of where I was and what I was in the tremor of pleasure at the affectionate touch.

There was little warning as his fingers closed into a fist at the nape of my neck, a sharp tug snapped my eyes open and brought my gaze to his once more. My senses flooded back to me in that moment: me kneeling at his feet, chin tipped back to look up- way, way up- at him. The outline of his cock inches from my mouth. The heat and amusement in his eyes.

The air of dominance he always exuded became an intoxicating fog when it wrapped around the words he spoke next, “I asked you a question, kitten.”

I recognized the words as my only warning. I would need to answer if I wanted to be rewarded. If I wanted to taste him, I needed to find my words. I cleared my throat and licked my lips. My lashes lowered but my gaze did not. Submissive deference colored my posture, my expression and my voice when I found my words.

“Yes, Sir. I want to suck your cock, please,” my reply was eager and earnest, a heady mix that heated his gaze and relaxed his body… well, most of his body. I didn’t miss the twitch of his cock at my declaration.

His hands drew back from my hair and my chin but I did not change my posture as he moved to unbuckle his belt. The soft hiss of metal tapping and then releasing made my mouth water, and it took all of my restraint to hold still in the wake of the anticipatory shiver that ran up my spine. I tracked the belt as it fell open, and his hands as they deftly opened the button and undid the zip on his jeans. They fell open, revealing the dark fabric that was now the sole barrier between me and what I wanted. My fingers flexed with the urge to reach for him.

But still I waited. I had not been given permission, and until it was granted, my request remained just that.

He pushed his jeans and boxers down over his hips, and his cock sprang free. Velvet soft and hard as steel, the tip already glistened with his pleasure şişli üniversiteli escort at this game. I licked my lips, and he laughed.

“See something you want?” His tone was commanding but his voice had taken on a roughness that belied his desire. Perhaps it would have been a giveaway if I hadn’t alread caught the need in the set of his shoulders or the want in his eyes. Perhaps if I didn’t know better, it would appear he was playing hard to get.

He held all the power, but on my knees like this, I was in control. Or I would be, very soon.

My lips parted and I nodded my head, eyes pleading and playful as they met the hot depth of his.

“Then take it, kitten.”

With permission granted, I wasted no time. My tongue darted between my lips as I leaned forward, pressing against the head of his cock with wet urgency that had him groaning before my lips closed around him.

The tease started slow. This game of mine was just as much for me as it was for him so I took my time tracing the underside of his shaft. My lips created suction, my mouth offered heat and my tongue made art from both against him. I made note of every throb, ridge, and smooth millimeter of his cock as it slid into my mouth. I lost track of time as I tasted him in exquisite detail, trying to commit every note of his salt and spice to memory. Every sound, every shudder, I wanted them all burned into my mind. With one hand, I anchored him where I wanted him, my hand a light grip that occasionally twisted in time with the swirl of my tongue.

I retreated just a bit, sucking my cheeks in around the tip as I looked up at him. He was already watching me intently, dark eyes focused on my lips, stretched taut around his cock. His grin was lopsided, that too a reflection of the want in every line of his body. Tension, relaxation, calm and urgent need all warred for dominance in his body language but all I cared about was the twitch of his cock in my mouth and the feel of his eyes on mine.

I held his gaze a moment longer as I released my suction and pressed a tender kiss to the underside of his cock before opening my mouth and, without warning, taking all of him right into the back of my throat.

My hands gripped his thighs, his jeans having fallen sometime in the flexing and relaxing of his muscles at my touch and leaving them bare for my enjoyment. The heat of his skin and the corded strength in his body only fueled my desire to make him weak. And by the feel of it, I was succeeding. As rapidly as I’d come down on him, I moved up in perfect opposition. The slow drag of suction pulled my lips up his length with precision and when my nails dug into the backs of his thighs, I felt them shiver.

I pulled back, lips wet and swollen and eyes glazed as I met his half lidded stare of confusion.

“Sit down, please,” I nodded to the chair a few paces away as I rocked back on my knees just enough so he could pass.

I stared as he walked. His cock shiny with my saliva and bobbing with every step had me even more eager to resume my game and I followed him eagerly toward the seating area.

He sat, barely getting the chance to lean back in the chair before I was on him. He’d moved to rest his head against the wall, and though I think he meant to do it gently, I was on him once more and the relaxed motion became a jerk as he surrendered to the wet heat of my mouth closing over him. My gaze snapped up at the dull thud as his head went back more forcefully than planned, but he taksim anal yapan escort shook his head- don’t stop.

I enthusiastically let him know the message was received as I relaxed my throat and took him all once more. His gasp was sharp, and his hips angled toward my mouth with involuntary rhythm as he moved with me. He sucked in a ragged breath that had my body responding. My nipples hardened and a rush of heat told me that if he touched me now, he’d find me more than ready for him however he wanted to make use of me.

Enough time had been spent playing. Much as I enjoyed the tease of a torturously slow blowjob, I had a point to prove and I intended to do so with memorable clarity. I continued to slide my lips over his shaft at a steady pace as my hands came to my hair and gathered the mass of curls. With one hand, I gripped my own hair. With the other, I found his hand white knuckling his own thigh against the sensation I was lavishing on his cock. I closed my fingers around his, bringing his hand up until it covered mine in my hair, and then I let go.

With a deliberate glance as I came up his shaft, I tried to tell him what I wanted without words.

Take charge. Set the pace. Fuck my face.


He got the message. A string of swears fell from his lips in a ragged whisper as he gripped my hair and began to rock his hips. At first, a slow rhythm that slid his cock from base to tip between my lips. I moaned at the slow, sweet torture of him stripping my control. At the delight of being used for his pleasure, and the way it only amplified mine. This was exactly what I wanted.

I closed my eyes, surrendering to the sensation of his touch, his pace, his desire, and I moaned around him. His hips stuttered, pace faltering as he dragged in a sharp breath.

“Fuck, kitten,” his words were a hiss as his grip tightened and he pulled me up so I could meet his eyes, “Fuck, that feels good.”

I flushed with pride but said nothing. To speak would have meant stopping and that was very much not on my list of desires. Instead I pressed my head back into his hand, and he pushed me down onto his cock once more.

It seemed that playtime was well and truly over now, and his grip tightened on my hair. His pace picked up and his cock tapped the back of my throat with more force as his thrusts became an even drive toward something more.

I exhaled through my nose, dragging in air as best I could but only vaguely aware of my need for oxygen, or really of anything other than my need for his cum. I needed to taste him. I wanted to be rewarded.

He led, the frenzied intensity increasing by the roll of his hips and the tug of his fist in my hair. The slide of his cock over my tongue, my lips, my throat was the only input I was aware of as my own desire built. My pleasure in that moment was tied to his release, and though this began with the intention to prove a point, I’d spent enough time playing that I’d almost forgotten why I was so determined in the first place.

But I wanted him to cum, and the ragged draw of his breath and the shiver of his thighs told me I wouldn’t have to wait long.

The tension in his body bunched his muscles and drew his breath into shallow gasps, peppering the exhales with soft “fuck”s as he worked my throat. I suppressed the smile at the inevitability and savored every thrust.

I wanted to look up at him. I wanted to watch his face. I wanted to coax him with my words to cum for me, to give me taksim bdsm escort my reward.

But I did nothing to alter the pace he had set as the urgency in his hips grew and my name joined the flurry of exalted exhales. Moments later, the words stopped briefly before a sharp gasp.

“I’m going to cum,” he sounded equal parts surprised and desperate, and my body responded to every cue he gave me.

I wanted him to cum, right now, down my throat, more than I’d wanted anything as long as I could remember. The world fell away until it was nothing but the taste of him, the feel of him, the scent of him…

And then it was so much more as his cock swelled and pulsed in my mouth and hot cum shot the back of my throat hard enough to widen my eyes.

He cried out, my name a prayer and a curse that proceeded a series of groans. Each sound was painted with relief of the same force he’d just painted his claim into my mouth with his release. I kept working, slower and more carefully as he came, and I coaxed every drop from him.

It felt like a small, perfect eternity passed before he stopped pulsing over my tongue and down my throat. I slid my lips up his shaft, moving slowly as he shuddered under my tongue but diligently licking him clean as I went. The pop of suction release came at the same moment I met his eyes, my grin as wide open as the look of astonishment on his face.

“You’re delicious,” I told him.

He said nothing, staring at me with open shock as I gazed at his cock, ensuring I’d not missed a drop.

“Do or do not,” I told him with a grin, “there is no try.”

He was too dazed to do more than smile at my lame Yoda quote.

His hands ran through my hair gently, and I looked up at him with open delight. I wanted him to see just how happy this had made me.

“You made me cum,” he said, his voice touched with wonder.

“I did,” I affirmed as I crawled up his body until I was in his lap. I pulled him to me, my arms going around his shoulders until his head rested on my chest. I stroked his hair softly as he relaxed into my touch, and we sat like that in silence for a long while until his breathing slowed. I held him, this strong broad massive man of mine, against my chest in a tender moment that lasted both an eternity and not nearly long enough, as I whispered against his hair, “I’ve got you.”

Time passed like that, curled up together, before the stirrings of mischief began to blossom once more. Playing was fun for me, yes, but it’d left me a desperate mess and my body now demanded attention.

I rolled my hips slightly against him, hoping for a reaction. He didn’t keep me waiting, I felt the curve of his smile even as his breath fanned across my bare chest.

“You didn’t have to do that, you know,” he murmured against my skin, small kisses interspersed between the words.

“Maybe not, but I wanted to. Did it seem like I wanted otherwise?”

“No,” he conceded with a sated grin, “it seems when there’s a cock in your mouth, oxygen is optional.”

I pulled back and he looked up at me, eyes meeting mine long enough to catch the embers of my own desire still glowing there just moments before I turned and dropped my body back between his knees.

My hands trailed up the inside of his thighs until I reached the apex of them and my proud grin turned mischievous.

“Cock is just as life sustaining,” I whispered, my breath a precursor to my touch before I licked his once more.

He laughed, a surprised and lyrical sound, even as he pulled back. His gaze went from soft and tender to playfully in charge almost as fast as mischief had lit mine.

His voice dropped a register as he used my hair to pull me back into his lap before he spoke, “You had your fun, kitten, it’s my turn now.”

My breath hitched, and my heart raced.

Two, it seemed, could play at this game.

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