Fantasies of You

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I’ve been working way too long on the computer today… looking at all those tits and asses always makes me want to fuck. Problem is, you’re not here right now, so I can’t. Bummer.

Guess I’ll have to break out Big Blue and Mr. Pink, hmm? I dig through my drawer and find them where I hid them, under all my panties and bras. I find Mr. Pink first, then Big Blue… Mr. Pink is a yummy pink dildo that’s nice and thick and maybe 7 or 7 1/2 inches long. Big Blue is fucking HUGE, clear blue, double-ended and 18 inches in length. I’m feeling frisky today 😉

I lay back on the bed, stripping off my t-shirt first, then laying down and sliding my shorts off. I don’t have a bra on, and my nipples harden in the cool air of my bedroom. Underneath my shorts I have on a green and black net thong panty, and I decide not to take this off right away… sometimes it’s more fun to tease myself, you know?

Laying against my pillows, I close my eyes and imagine you’re here with me. With my eyes closed, my fingers become yours; they pinch my nipples, pulling at them until they’re stretched out, then twirling them between the tips of the fingers. Two hands firmly grasp my breasts, squeezing them and massaging them, first softly then with more pressure. I begin to breathe a little heavily, and a soft moan escapes my lips.

One hand continues fondling my breast, squeezing it and mauling it almost painfully… which etiler otele gelen escort gets me even hotter. Then, almost surprisingly, the other hand is pushing aside the flimsy cloth of my wet panties and gently tracing my slit. My thighs spread of their own accord, opening me up to the fingers now crawling into my panties.

One finger slides into me as my nipple is pinched and roughly yanked. I gasp, this feels so fucking good – then I feel something bigger, cooler, and harder pushing at my pussyhole. Again my nipple is pinched as my pussy begins to slowly be invaded… filled, stretched… I arch my hips up against one thick invader as another meets my lips. I open my mouth for it even as my pussy is being completely filled; it’s shoved so deeply into me I have to moan…

Then, suddenly, I feel somebody yanking the blue dildo from my pussy. I open my eyes in surprise, and drop the pink one from my lips. I look down between my legs and see you…

You bury your face between my legs, lapping the juices I’ve already leaked… lapping the length of my empty hole, then delving your tongue inside me for more. You pause for a moment, and I’m disappointed for a moment – until I realize why.

You rip my panties off me and grab my ass in both of your hands, squeezing my cheeks and lifting my hips off the bed. I claw at the comforter as you start etiler rus escort to nibble on my clit; it’s so sensitive your teeth are shocking. Still I let my thighs drop open even further, opening and baring my entire shaven pussy for your face. You again dip your tongue into me, then rub your face all over the wet hole between my legs. When you look up at me again, your whole face is covered with pussyjuice and the sight makes me squirt a little…

Lowering me back to the bed, you grab a tit with one hand, and squeeze it hard. Then, you take your other hand and slide two fingers into my pussy… deeper… deeper… deeper. I can’t believe how slow you’re going, it’s making me crazy, but you still won’t go any faster. I’m panting hard now, almost hyperventilating and still you thrust inward slowly.

You lean over, fingers pushed inside me, and start to kiss me. You kiss my neck, giving me goosebumps. You kiss my ear, making me whimper. You kiss my mouth, making me hungry. ‘Please,’ I whisper into your mouth.

You ignore me, kissing me more, your tongue dancing with mine and your scent and taste filling me. I spread my legs further and try to arch up into your hand but you won’t allow this. Instead, you pull them out… and slide them into my mouth, making me suck my juices off them. I moan around your fingers, suckling at them, I love to taste myself. Your fingers etiler türbanlı escort are still in my mouth when I feel you sliding down my body again… then they slide out of my mouth and down my chin, down my throat, down my chest, down my belly… leaving a glistening trail of my spit and pussyjuice leading down my body.

I feel your breath against my wetness… nothing filling me now, just your warm breath being blown against my wet hole. My hands find your head, and I try to pull you into me, but you resist, still blowing on me. I shiver, my nipples tighten up anew, and I start to beg you for release.

Finally you relent in your torment, licking at my clit so gently I think it’ll drive me mad. Then you start to suck on me, wiggling your tongue against the sensitive nub. I start to whine and plead, please, pretty please, just a little…?

As your tongue again enters my pussy I feel something start to give, and I start to gush all over… my ass tightens and I fuck your face, hard, I’m cumming so hard I can’t help myself. You start to fuck me with your tongue, it’s HARD, in and out, in and out, a flick here and a lick there… I squirt and shake and cry as I fuck your face, trying to pull you as far into me as I possibly can.

Just before my orgasm relents, you quickly slide the two wet fingers into my ass, and I start convulsing again with a new orgasm, clenching my thighs around your head and driving your fingers deeper into my asshole with every spasm. You pinch my spazzy clit, and I scream, grinding my dripping cunt into your face. You drive your fingers deeper with one final little thrust, and I collapse, spent, against the bed while you finish sucking the cum out of me.

‘Mmm, what’s for dinner?’ you ask.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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