Fallen Ch. 08

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The tower room has already changed. It is still red and dim, the candles are still there, and the incense. But it no longer smells of blood. Some of the windows are thrown open and fresh air sweeps through making it smell clean and fresh. There is a hint of lilac from the trees beneath.

The bed is mounded with pillows and cushions in black and red silks and velvet. There are silver trays sitting on the cupboards bearing delicate long stemmed glasses and blood red wine in cut glass decanters.

I like the changes. The whole room seems lighter, fresher. I take off my clothes and stand before the open window, closing my eyes as a warm breeze brushes my skin. I raise my arms and enjoy the gentle caress.

The steps on the stairs are almost silent, padding softly on the thick carpet. I turn from the window as Chancey precedes Ara and Taz who are escorting a resisting Mario.

As soon as he sees me he spits. “What do you want with me? I though you were a nice man. I thought we were…” He falters. “I told you about my hopes, my dreams. I thought… I thought…” Then his eyes snap up, full of fire. “How dare you do this to me? What have you done to me?” A stream of fluent Spanish pours from his lips which strangely excites me.

“Be still. No one here will hurt you. I have not stolen your hopes and dreams, merely redirected them. We have need of a doctor here, and you my friend are now it.”

He stops and stares at me. “I’m not a doctor, not yet.”

“You are the closest we have. Chancey has done a wonderful job but he has other things on his mind and he never received any training at all, especially in modern medicine. Things were different when he learned what he did.”

“What do you mean?”

“Chancey learned what he knows in the 1940’s.”

Mario stares at Chancey who shrugs and smirks. “That’s impossible.” Mario says flatly.

“Really? Are you completely sure about that?”

He looks around uneasily. No one is laughing; no one is doubting. “I… Maybe you believe that…”

“Not believe Mario… know.”

“And who the hell do you think you are, calling me Mario. That is not my name.”

“It is now.”


“I think you will find that it is. Everyone is given a new name when they come here. It makes them feel more a part of the family, and this is your family now Mario, the only family you will ever know.”

“No. Please. I have to… don’t keep me here. Let me go.”

He struggles again even though he knows it’s hopeless. Ara and Taz grip his shoulders firmly and he has no chance. I am mildly surprised that Ara is so strong. He seems too small and fragile. I smile to myself. Sometimes a small frame can be deceptive of what lies within.

I close the distance and rest my hand on the side of Mario’s face. “You are part of our family now Mario, whether you want to be or not. We will never let you go but soon you will realise that it is not a bad thing. You will be cared for and have a lot of freedom within the house and grounds. Little will be expected of you other than some light tasks and service to me.”

“What kind of service?” He looks highly nervous. He is unaware of the fact that he has been unconscious for 24 hours receiving my blood and that it now flows through his veins. Once I have fed from him the absorption of my blood and the effects of my venom will begin to make the changes felt.

“What do you think I am Mario? Do you think that I am some pervert who steals and abuses pretty young men?” I laugh at the irony. “I suppose you are right. But I am so much more than that and what you might think of as abuse comes with considerable benefits.” As I speak I allow my fangs to descend and he shrinks back.

“No.” He whispers, his eyes enormous.

“I won’t hurt you, Mario. I will never hurt you. In fact I will show you pleasure the like of which you have never known. I will give you food and shelter, comfort and care, good company, good food and the run of a house that is equipped with many wonders. You have the use of the grounds, the pool, the horses; whatever you want, with minor exceptions, on the whole estate. In return all I ask is your blood and your body.”

His eyes are like saucers. “No… no you… you can’t…”

“I can Mario, and I will. The only question is whether it will be a pleasant or an unpleasant experience for you.”

“I… I’ll run away.”

“There is nowhere to run, Mario. You are not a prisoner in the house and may roam where you will but I don’t think you will, not when you get used to the rhythm of life here. You cannot leave the grounds because there is nothing beyond the grounds. This house does not exist in the reality that you knew. There is nothing outside the gates or on the other side of the wall so try as you might, and I will not stop you trying, you cannot leave.”

“I… I won’t give in easily. I won’t let you take me without a fight.”

“Are you sure of that? Are you really sure? And what makes you bahis firmaları think that it is going to be a bad thing? Look around you Mario. No one else is complaining.”

He glances at the others with frightened eyes. They all smile at him kindly while holding him tightly. “Relax now, Mario, I don’t think you are going to put up much of a fight, not once you realise exactly what it is I am offering and what it is like when I take.” As I speak I walk around him and he tries to follow me with his eyes.

I stand close behind him, my erection pressing against his buttocks and brush the hair away from one side of his neck. Ara and Taz are holding his shoulders firmly and Chancey is standing in front of him. All of them are excited and eager. Mario is terrified.

“Please. Please don’t do this to me. Don’t…” I silence him by stroking my fingers across his throat and treating him to a quick release of venom into his blood. He cries out in shock and relaxes against me.

“That’s right, relax now Mario. You are not going to fight me, you can’t. Relax and enjoy the experience to come.” Resting his head on my shoulder I put my arms around him and stroke his tight abs. Ara and Taz draw his arms out from his sides and Chancey knees and spreads his legs. Mario trembles and turns his head towards me, whimpering.

“Hush. It’s alright. You will be alright. Everything will be alright.”

“No… no please don’t. Please I…” Chancey takes him into his mouth and he chokes on his words. “No…no…no… don’t do that to me don’t… Aah…ah no…no…”

Ara and Taz are licking his wrists. They have neither venom nor fangs but they know how to stimulate sensitive areas. I stretch my arms along his and touch the inside of his elbows with a light touch that sends shivers through his body and venom through his veins. As Chancey sucks harder he groans and relaxes even more.

In minutes he is shaking and moaning as Chancey, the little minx keeps him perched on the edge as the rest of us explore his body and take their own pleasure of his lips, his arms, his throat, his nipples. I end up massaging his entrance. He is feverish by now, over stimulated and frantic.

“Do you still want me to stop Mario? Do you still want me to let you go?” He murmurs something incoherent. “Do you want it to stop?”

“No.” He gasps. “No don’t…stop.”

“Good boy. And it’s only just beginning.”

I move away from him and the others gently draw him backwards until he is falling onto the bed. He cries out as he feels himself fall but then they are all on him. They lick and suck and kiss him until he is fighting his own body, throwing himself around in fevered frustration.

“Please… please…” He gasps. My venom has worn off now and everything he feels, he feels clean, and he feels strong. Chancey draws back from his groin and joins Ara who is sucking on one of his nipples while Taz kisses him deeply. When I touch his belly he jumps and squirms but he can’t lift his head. His skin is hot and slick with sweat.

I use his own sweat and precum to lubricate him and as I do it he shudders and tenses, his body straining and his mind screaming. When I enter him he screams with pleasure and bucks, slamming his hips into me with unleashed passion. I motion to the others to step back so it is just him and me. He claws at me like a wild cat, raising himself from the bed to pull me harder and deeper. He is no virgin either.

In times past I would have ended his passion, holding my body inviolate but, since Aqua the passion and the pain excites me and so I allow him to rake me with his nails and grab my buttocks in his hands, desperation for more. I have always held back in my lovemaking. Most humans are fragile and easily hurt but this one… this one is an unexpected animal and I am loving it.

I give him what he wants, harder and faster, harder and faster until he is roaring and thrusting with me. I regularly release small doses of my venom to keep his own body apace with mine and when I feel my climax close I thrust my face into his damp curls and lick the salt from his skin.

The sinking of my fangs into his vein and the miniscule amounts of venom involuntarily released send him into a screaming orgasm closely followed by my own as the taste of hot spicy sex flows into my mouth.

At the end I leave him conscious and raise my eyes to find that the others have not been idle but are keeping each other warm so to speak. Ara and Chancey are kissing while Taz is stimulating both of them with his hands while his tongue flicks randomly across first one and then the other. They are being careful not to go too far. It would not do to climax when their sex is required elsewhere.

Mario is exhausted, shivering and gasping; he’ll be okay after a rest. Better give it to him. Not too long though, don’t want him to start thinking. Softly I come up behind Taz who jumps, so absorbed in what he is doing that he had lost track of what I am doing. When he realises kaçak iddaa it’s me he relaxes back against me with a sigh, abandoning his previous pursuit. Chancey and Ara barely notice, they are lost in each other.

Taz turns his head to kiss me and I comply while stroking his chest and tweaking his nipples. I love Taz’ nipples, they are incredibly sensitive and I can send him into a state of ecstasy just by stimulating them. Today is no exception and he gasps, his kiss losing focus a little. Playfully I tweak harder and he bucks slamming his shoulders back against me.

Taz likes to be kissed and so I turn him around and continue my kiss, probing harder. He has the most beautiful hair; it reaches almost to his waist and is a glossy sheet of raven black, contrasting sharply with his fair skin. He is stunning. He is very good at what he does too. He is one of the very few aristocrats I have taken who is passionate and who has taken to this life with enthusiasm. I think that Ara is the only other. Taz was taken in unusual circumstances too but I don’t have time to think of that right now.

I slide my hand into his hair and run it through my fingers. Taz shivers. He likes this too. He is one of the tallest of my boys, almost as tall as I am and he was older when I took him, in his early twenties. He still looks young and sweet but there is something primal about him that makes him exciting to me. He reminds me of someone I once knew, someone I loved. I’m not in love with him but Hel I love to fuck him.

Softly I call to Chancey and Ara and, even in the throes of passion they hear and obey. Taz looks around in surprise; first that I have called them and second that I have broken the kiss. He is even more surprised when I turn his face and breathe into him causing him to collapse backwards onto the bed.

Giggling and with no prompting from me Chancey and Ara pounce him and I watch with a fond smile as one kisses and the other sucks him. They are already working as a team and are really cute together. I make a mental note to take just the two of them together as soon as I can.

Taz moans, still dazed and woozy. His legs are dangling over the edge of the bed and Chancey is kneeling on the floor. Ara is on the bed bent forward to kiss him, and Mario is stirring and starting to take an interest in what is going on.

I gently nudge Ara out of the way so that I can guide Mario in to kiss Taz, something which is not as tame and gentle as you might think, Taz is an animal especially now that Ara has moved on to his nipples causing an extreme and violent reaction. If Taz likes kissing and having his hair touched, he likes having his nipples excited a hundred times more and it literally drives him wild.

Mario is startled and uncertain, especially when he stops kissing Taz and is rewarded with a snarl and a hand like steel dragging him back down. Taz raises his head and ravishes Mario’s mouth. I reassure him with a hand on the small of his back, gently massaging but am surprised that I don’t really need to as Mario is responding to Taz’s violence with some serious passion of his own.

It is a rare boy who can take my seed and still be resistant to my whim and way of life. So rare in fact that they don’t exist… didn’t exist. Astaria on the other hand still resists even now, after many lifetimes… but only when it suits her. This is why I stick to boys – that and the fact that I have promised her never to take another woman.

No, Mario is mine now, any resistance he may have had swept away on a tide of explosive sex and the venom from my feeding. This means that sex is now as natural and necessary to him as water.

Watching Taz with real fondness I run my hands over Mario’s tight buttocks which he wiggles beautifully. He is larger than most of my boys who are typically slender and fey. He is both taller and more muscular. I am appreciating the difference. I slip my fingers between his buttocks and tease his entrance. He moans and thrusts back into them and so I oblige.

While I slide my finger in and out of Mario I bend my head to nuzzle Taz’s neck and his thrashing becomes less frantic. Still, he arches his back, panting hard, his beautiful eyes wide but flickering. My loins burn. Hel I desire him.

I gently tip Mario onto his back and guide Ara to his cock making sure that he is kneeling with his legs positioned to spread his buttocks apart. Raising Chancey to his feet he needs vey little prompting to kneel behind Ara eagerly going to work on his hole with his tongue. Ara gives a deep moan and spreads himself wider while never missing a stroke on Mario. I have entirely underestimated this boy.

Giving brief and soft instructions to Chancey which make him bloom I sweep Taz into my arms and carry him to the other side of the room where I lay him on a low day bed. He looks up at me with dazzled eyes and a feral smile on his face. Hel he’s sexy, that look in his eyes smoulders like hot coals. I run my hands over his nipples kaçak bahis which are hard and rouged from the attention they have already received. He gasps and closes his eyes, shivering.

Before I go to town on them in earnest I get onto the bed, straddling him and relax him with a kiss. To excite him too much straight is downright dangerous. Even now, drugged as he is, when I inflict intense stimulation to his most sensitive places with my lips, tongue and teeth he writhes and thrashes almost to the extent of flinging me off the bed. If it had not been for the effect of my breath he would have.

I am by no means gentle myself and, grunting like an animal he throws himself about, gripping me hard around the waist with his legs which are incredibly strong. He has been with me for over 40 years and had not lost a single spark from the wildfire. Normally he is sweet and gentle, a good friend to all the others. He is strong and tireless and always first to offer help. But in bed…

I am possessed of a lust born not of love but a burning desire that would consume someone like Bridge for instance, but not Taz. He looks pale and slender but Hel is he strong and wild. His hair is tangled and untamed behind his head and he is biting into his lip in a way that makes me want to bite him. But I’m waiting for that. Of all my boys Taz’s blood is unique. It burns me in a way that could easily become addictive if I allowed it and so I generally abstain. Not today, but first…

It is not easy to sit up with Taz’s legs wrapped around my waist and he is too far gone to take the hint. I have to drive my thumbs into his hip joints and force him to release me but only because his legs suddenly become too weak to sustain the grip. He is so wild he actually snarls at me for that and I laugh at his glory.

I have the feeling that if I took Taz too often we would kill each other. I have often felt that he is something more than human but if that is so he is completely ignorant of it and I cannot think what it might be.

Repositioning myself I enter him hard and fast with no preparation. He throws back his head and screams but not with pain. With Taz I can satisfy my base lust. There is no gentleness in him: not here; not now, and there is no holding back. There is just hard, fast, animalistic fucking.

Apart from Aqua he is the only one I have permitted to bite me, because by the time we get to this stage I know he has no conscious thoughts in his head but is consumed by the animal in him and could no more restrain himself than I would want him to. All he wants to do is to fuck and fuck hard.

This is why he had to give up taking the other boys; he had a tendency to break them. Apart from me there is only one who can handle him; Serif the seventh member of our happy little band… and he is a different matter altogether.

Taz grabs my waist with hands like vices and pulls me down hard. He bites my shoulder and drives me crazy. I bite him more than once before my fangs descend and I sink them into his neck. Unlike others who are cowed by my feeding it merely pushes him to another level of frenzy. I don’t bring Taz to climax while I drink, it is simply not safe. The one occasion on which I did it almost literally blew my head off. It’s almost as if he has his own venom to release.

As I feed he thrusts up against me, wrapping his legs around me again, pulling me in harder, deeper. Reaching between us Taz grabs my nipple HARD. I yelp and pull out of his neck. Instantly he drags my head into a kiss and bites my lip so hard it bleeds, sucking on it eagerly. Shivering I put both hands on his chest and push away. Blood is dripping from my lip onto his chest and his eyes flash with a passion that borders on madness.

Taking me by surprise he heaves up off the bed and would have thrown me off if it had not been for his legs which hold me in a vice like grip. At the same time those legs convulsively tighten, pulling me in, to thrust into him more deeply than I have ever penetrated any man. The cumulative sensations throw me into a screaming orgasm as intense as any I have ever experienced

Lost in sensation I lose control completely which I never, ever allow myself to do. This is why I don’t fuck Taz very often, he brings out the best and the worst in me and he makes me forget to be careful. Most humans are fragile and I have to be very careful not to use my full strength with them. Taz is anything but fragile and I relax my guard with him and allow myself to be fully myself. However, there are still parts of me that should have been kept under strict control and weren’t.

I never, ever allow my body to succumb to its natural desire to flood my semen with venom. It is something that I have to consciously avoid and carefully control, as an overdose of my venom is very, very bad news for humans… deadly in fact. This time all restraint is gone and once he makes that fateful thrust there is nothing I can do. I am so lost in the explosion that I can’t hold back even if wanted to. It is something that has never happened before; never, and the instant it is done I come plunging down off my high cursing myself and him for it ever having happened at all.

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