Exchange Ch. 08

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Elaine and Maria met the girls outside the house. They ordered Melissa and Rose to unstrap Michael and bring him inside. Michael tried to object when the girls hauled him up from inside the pram. He found it annoying, too intimate and intrusive, that Melissa and Rose were allowed to handle him. They were in his opinion far too young and therefore not authorized being in charge.

But how he squirmed in the enclosing sack he could neither make them understand, nor manage to avoid their eager arms. They grabbed him enthusiastically, and in spite his effort to prevent them, they carried him inside and placed him on the carpet in Elaine’s living room.

Michael felt tiny lying on the floor looking up at the four women standing around him. Elaine and Maria wore identical white tight V-neck sweaters exposing their unbelievably deep cleavages. Their gigantic bulging bosoms swayed over him, peacefully but also watchful. They kneeled beside him: “Welcome home, dear”, Elaine said, “Did you have a good time together with the girls?”. Michael didn’t know whether to reply yes or no, but decided yes was the most intelligent answer in this situation and as he couldn’t talk he gave her a moderate nod.

“Good, while they loved walking with you. You see, it is such good exercise for Melissa and Rose to mingle with you, having you under their spell, experiencing being in command. It’s also great for you to practice humiliation in not having the slightest chance to get away… controlled by the young girls. It’s a useful experience regarding their education in power exchange. It brings great self-esteem and builds up their desire to dominate and rule… right now over you, but as I told you before, in the future for to master all their coming men. And now is time for dinner”, she ended “And you are to get rid of the troublesome sack, little Mike.”

She unzipped the restraining bag and soon Michael illegal bahis lay on the carpet in his heavy pink mohair overall, still gagged though and pretty helpless in the thick all enclosing suit. But at least he could move his limbs.

Although, the soft pink knitted held him tight, whispered softly to him about things like “there is nooo way out from me…” It kind of sucked the power out of him.

“Come on, my little boy”, Maria said as she kneeled and took him in her big arms. He would have liked being allowed to walk on his own but he was given no opportunity to discuss his desire. And when in Maria’s arms there was no way to argue, she was too strong for that. With his head leaning on her shoulder he was carried away.

The dining room was very spacious furnished. Nice colourful paintings on the walls and a huge rectangular dining table in the middle, surrounded by four solid chairs; four, not five, Michael reflected. The table top was of pure wood and there were two strange holes in the middle and a strange bowl-shaped hollow. There were also lots of straps attached along the center line. He sensed danger and tried to make Maria aware of that fact by squirming in her arms, but he got nowhere and she didn’t seem to take notice to his objection.

Instead she let him down on his back on the table top. Melissa and Rose watched as Maria together with Elaine swiftly and surprisingly pushed his arms down the two holes, which showed to be openings to long cylindrical tubes attached underneath the table. In the narrow tubes his arms became absorbed and immobilized. While Michael processed the rapid and unexpectedly immobilization, his upper body and legs was, in seconds, by the four women, fastened with the sixteen elastic straps; from shoulders, chest, hips, legs… down to his ankles. The legs became tightly squeezed together… and in addition… his feet were sealed in a separate bag with a drawstring, illegal bahis siteleri and… as well as the rest of his body thoroughly strapped to the table, which made it impossible to move them at all.

Finally his head was squeezed down the hollow and a wide firm strap over his forehead finished the restraining. The action as a whole was surprising, he was not quite aware of what really had happened until too late… until he realized that he was tied up like a sacrificial lamb on the dining table, outstretched and totally incapable of anything.

Elaine removed his teat gag and allowed him to breathe freely, but only for a short while. Anchored beside his head was a last strap with a spider gag which she put in place and shortly Michael’s mouth was forced wide open. Of course without him being able to talk, but able to make a new kind of sound, like: “Aaaagggghh”.

With his arms clasped in the narrow tubes and his body helplessly pinned to the table top he could do nothing but lie there and stare up the ceiling.

“Please, Michael”, Elaine said, “This restraining system is a brand new invention, I would like you to make a serious effort to free yourself, darling” And he tried, but the funny thing was that he couldn’t move at all. How he tried he wasn’t able to move any of his limbs; head, arms, upper body, legs, feet were all just stuck.

“Lovely”, Elaine commented, “That’s exactly how it is supposed to be. Have you reflected over the fact Michael that we have kept you in quite a helpless state so far? Have you really understood that you have no chance at all, never… ever, to escape your destiny? And your destiny Michael… it’s us.”

Yes, he had reflected over that, but as he couldn’t move his head he spoke straight up in the air: “Aaaagg… hhhhh”. Though it was difficult to recognize exactly what he meant.

“You also must understand”, she continued, canlı bahis siteleri “We are doing this because we love you. You must be kept very safe and completely helpless… in order to drain your mind… to suck all your power out… get you completely in our hands. We will squeeze your mind until total transformation… until you become our kitten which doesn’t find anything better in life than lie on our laps purring by satisfaction. It will take some time but we will manage. You are lost Michael… entirely lost already, although you don’t dare to admit it to yourself. You see, we will successively turn you outside in… and it will be wonderful.”

Melissa and Rose brought plates, glasses and cutlery and freshly cooked stew of some kind to the table. The four women were sitting around him, enjoying their dinner, talking over him as he was lying there in the middle not able to do anything but feel embarrassment and vulnerability. Melissa and Rose touched him; stroke their hands over his overpowered soft body as if they wanted to get assure he was there… and maybe also wished that he would be their belonging too?

Michael seriously began to understand that he was not to get anywhere; he felt like his spirit was on its way to evaporate. There were not just Elaine and Maria now; he suspected… and feared… that the two girls in the long run also might become a factor of added female power. No, that must not happen… Whatever the future might bring, he must stand up against the girls… keep them away from him, yes he must.

“Aunt Elaine”, Rose suddenly asked, “May I play with Michael in my room? I will be very careful and not let him anywhere.”

“No Rose, you may not”, Elaine replied, “You are still far too young to play with him and you have your workout to do. You mustn’t miss your judo class tonight.”

Elaine turned to Michael: “And you darling, you will get your supper soon. Supper suitable for the little baby you are.”

In his mind, he could see Maria the way she had treated him earlier this day. The hunger in her eyes… her giant nipples growing… bulging under her fuzzy sweater, and he understood what was to come.

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