Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 29

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** One Monday morning, many months later **

There is nothing better than waking up snuggled up to the backside of your lover; except maybe waking up with her lips wrapped around your cock, humming happily.

“Morning baby,” Britt said as well as you can with a mouth full of hard-on.

“Mornnnn” I stuttered as she took me all the way into her throat and did that swallowing thing. She played with my balls as she sucked happily on her favorite toy. Now about 75% awake, I reached over and found her perfect ass within easy reach and ran my hand over her smooth firmness.

She sighed with her mouth full, an interesting sensation, and threw her right leg over my chest giving me easy access and a spectacular view. Her pussy lips were tight but damp and her rosy pucker stared back at me, winking occasionally. I let me fingers wander, teasing my favorite pussy, painting her lips with the nectar that seeped out from within.

“Mmmm, yes baby,” she whispered, stroking my slick cock as my index finger invaded her sweet pussy. She sucked on the tip of my cock, her tongue teasing the slit, her hand wrapped tight and riding up and down my length. “I love this fucking cock,” she moaned as I slipped a second finger inside and let her feel my thumb slipping down toward her protruding clit. Her body stiffened as she anticipated my touch; you could see her ass cheeks get taut. I paused to watch her juices trickled to her trigger as I worked my digits in and out slowly. “C’mon baby, don’t tease,” she moaned lightly, taking a loving nip at the crown of my cock as it nestled between her kissable lips.

“Okay lover, here…it…comes.” Her hungry pussy sucked my fingers as I pressed lightly on her clit. She gasped, my cock slipping into her mouth as she dropped her head, her orgasm hitting her like the crack of a whip, sharp and fast.

Only my cock at the back of her throat kept her from crying out as the shock ran up her spine. I held my ground, slowly fingering her pussy as she found her breath and lifted her head off my stiff dick. “Shit babe,” her head resting on my thigh, watching her saliva covered hand continue to stroke me; “that happened fast; must have been an after-shock from last night.”

“Un-huh,” was all I could muster as I laid there with my eyes closed.

“Your cock is so perfect,” she whispered. I could feel her breath on my dick as she continued to stroke it slowly, covering its entire length. “So pretty,” she continued; gathering the now constant trickle of pre-cum that percolated from the tip; “And talented too.” Switching to just her thumb and index finger, she snugged up her grip and I shivered at the new feeling; “It knows just where to touch me inside.”

I thought it was cute the way she talked as though I didn’t really have much to do with the whole operation. She continued, the tight ring of her fingers bumping the ridge of my crown and stuck there, too tight to pop over. I immediately thought of how it felt just like her tight ass; how when I managed to coax my cock in, the tip squeezing through, her ass clamps down, not allowing me out until she was done with me. I shivered once again and my cock jerked in her grasp.

“Oh baby,” she said with a sexy moan; “I can feel your cock getting thicker when you’re in my ass and you’re ready to fill me with your hot cum.” She continued with just the two fingers, tighter yet. “Yes baby, I feel you getting bigger inside me, deep inside my ass.”

I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers which now just languished inside her. I felt bad for a second, like I had neglected her, and moved my fingers slightly. Her talented pussy clamped down tight; message received. Britt inched up and I felt the tip of her tongue teasing the very tip of my swelling member. My cock lurched again, swelling till her hold was almost painful; “Oh fuck me George! Fuck my ass… give me your cum. I want all your cum deep in my ass…Fuck me baby…yeah, come on…yeah, yeah…oh fuck baby, I can feel it… your cock is so big in my tiny ass…yeah, yeah yeah…ohhhhhh!”

For all my cock knew, I was balls deep in my lover’s ass. My cock exploded as she continued to fuck me. Britt grunted as each round spewed from deep within and only when one shot landed on my lips and she began to giggle did I snap out of my dream state. She continued to pump my prick like a greedy Texan trying to get the very last drop out of a dry well. I leaned up and grabbed her wrist to bring her ambitious endeavor to a halt and I carefully opened my eyes; I hear that shit burns if you get it in your eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something when I felt the big wad of my own cum on my lips. I’d tasted my stuff before; early on I only thought it was fair as my girls never resisted sharing their own essence. Just as the tip of my tongue reached out, Britt said, “Here, let me help you with that.” She spun, wrenching my fingers out of her relaxed pussy.”

“Ahhh,” I moaned in protest until her lips met mine. Now prone and resting square on me, she squirmed and moaned in our kiss. I felt a sticky wetness, kurtuluş escort realizing that most of my load had been directed onto my belly and her chest and Britt was taking great delight in smearing it all over both of us.

“Hey,” I managed to say as I grabbed her ass with both hands, trying to get her attention.

She stopped long enough to push herself up to look me in the eyes. Her hips stayed in motion and I could feel her wetness at the root of my cock as she rubbed up against me. “What?” she asked with that innocent little girl look; “It’s good for your skin; all kinds of nutrients and stuff.”

“Yeah, whatever,” I said in reply before catching her off guard and rolling her over onto her back. Straddling her hips, I sat up and looked down at her. First thing in the morning, hair disheveled, no make-up, cum drying on her perfect tits, she looked absolutely stunning, beautiful. My dick started to get hard again just looking at her. She smiled as she looked down, feeling the effect she has on me. I returned the smile and scooched back as I took her hands and pulled her upright and wrapped my arms around her.

“I love you so fucking much,” I said with a little hitch in my voice.

Her deep blue eyes glistened as she caught a breath and replied, “God, I love you too!”

Our lips met and parted and our tongues meshed as we shared a deep, loving kiss. I ran my fingers through her beautiful blonde hair as she held my head in both her hands as though we thought the other would break our bond. Only because we began to run out of air and were becoming light headed, we broke the seal and leaning our heads on each other’s shoulders, we fought to catch our breath.

“That was the best hand-job I’ve ever had,” I half panted in her ear; squeezing her a bit tighter.

“Yeah, pretty fuckin’ good, huh?’ she giggled lightly before sticking her tongue in my ear. “Ohh!” she yelped as she felt my cock respond to her aural interaction, only driving her to repeat the process. In self-defense, I leaned over and we tumbled onto our sides, nearly off the edge of the bed.

We just lay there, looking into each other’s eyes and I felt my heart race; I am so helplessly in love with this woman. Britt sighed and said, “I love you more.” She giggled as my eyes must have gotten bigger; “I can so read your mind, mister…and your heart,” running her fingers over my chest.

I just laid there, kind of dumbfounded. I don’t know why; Britt never fails to amaze me and I thank whoever’s in charge, every single day, for bringing us together. “You know,” she said, breaking me from my reverie once more, “I am so glad that you are full time with our business now, cuz I get to wake up with you every morning. I hated it when you had to leave early and I was left all alone in our big ol’ bed,” she said, trying to pout like a little girl; it wasn’t working.

“Yeah, it must have been tough,” I answered sarcastically, “having to go into the next room and slip into bed between your two beautiful friends; their soft, supple, sexy, warm bodies, just waiting there for you to snuggle with. Yeah, that would be terrible.” I couldn’t hold back a big smile as she broke up and started to try and tickle me.

“Smart ass,” she laughed, taking a swat at my bare ass as I vaulted off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Pardon me,” I said over my shoulder as I made it through the door, “I gotta pee.” And I really did. It’s usually the first order of business after waking with my morning wood playing hide and seek between Britt’s butt cheeks. We go to sleep in that position and 99 times out of a 100; we wake up there, not having moved an inch.

I made it there just in time and flipped the lid up and then put my hand on the back wall and braced; not because the force from my big hose was likely to blow me backwards, but because on cue, the love of my life slammed against my back, wrapped her arms around me, latched onto my cock and played fireman. Giggling, she never tires of playing, leaning around to watch the golden stream make patterns in the blue-hued water.

“All done?” she asked when the flow was depleted.

“Yes dear,” I sighed, like I was bored with the whole thing. Britt knew better as she giggled and counted, “1” shake, “2” shake, “3” shake. “There, all done,” she said proudly, my cock still in her hand. She squeezed lightly and tried to get a rise out of me.

I turned and scooped her up in my arms, one under her back the other under her butt. “Come on, little girl, play time’s over. You got this ‘stuff’ all over us, so now we have to take a shower.” I tried to make it sound like it was a real imposition and some kind of dreadful chore, but after sex, it was about the most fun one can have, well, with your clothes off.

“Sorry daddy,” she said in her sexy little girl lilt, just muffling her excited giggle. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I struggled to pull the door open, no easy task with an armload of succulent, naked blonde.

I stood her on her feet and went to the levent escort controls and opted for the regular wall mounted, hand-held shower. I heard Britt’s heavy sigh behind me. The regular shower isn’t nearly as fun as the overhead rain where the water falls from the sky in everything from a gentle mist to a frog-strangling deluge. There is something special about configuring the rain where it really feels like a warm summer shower, gentle with big drops. Add the twinkling of the simulated stars above and it’s about as relaxing and erotic as a shower can be. Across the way is a rock wall that when activated becomes a cascading waterfall that re-circulates a stupid amount of water. Not really the most efficient way to shower, but until you’ve made love under a waterfall, well you just need to try it.

Ninety degrees to that is what I consider a bit of an engineering marvel, if I do say so myself. With more fully adjustable, rotating, pulsing, whatever you can dream of, jets on the wall than you care to count, is the area that the girls have come to call the “Holy Shit” wall. With a little practice and patience, one can program the wall to do about anything your twisted little mind can come up with. If the Bellagio had a suite with this set-up they could name their price and never have it vacant. More than once I have come home to find one of the girls all alone in the shower and watched as they collapsed on the floor after the wall had done its job.

The room is also a wet sauna, but I’ve never been that happy with it because it is just too bloody big to really be that efficient. The happy accident is that you can create a near London-like fog and making love on some cushions in a body-slickening fog is a lot of fun. Anyway, this was just going to be a plain old shower…yeah, right. “C’mere little one,” I said, directing the head, “I’ll do you and then you can do me.” She gave me a mischievous grin and slowly sauntered her way to me.

“Okay daddy,” she said softly. We enjoy this role playing thing and more than once it has led to some mind-blowing sex. Her innocent little girl routine is by far my favorite, but you have to overlook the fact that this little girl is about five-foot seven and I’m guessing about one hundred and thirty pounds.

Her legs are these incredibly sculpted models of perfection; but not too overly muscled. Her butt is spectacular; two perfectly matched hemispheres of firm but supple flesh; the perfect hand-hold. Her tight ass-crack ends at the small of her back, a sweet-spot that has always fascinated me. She also has those two dimples on her lower back that catch your eye when you check out her backside. The rest of her back is somewhat spectacular also, strong but still very feminine.

Flip her over and where those long limbs intersect is my idea of heaven. In an un-excited state, which doesn’t occur often, her girlish pussy is a mere slit in a plump, puffy mound, smooth and soft. Free of hair, it is a tongue’s delight and with each lick, her inner lips react, sneaking out from within. Before long, her sweet nectar begins to percolate to the surface; manna from heaven.

Moving north, her tummy is flat and firm with a cute belly button that just beckons to be licked. Still in licking mode, you sample your way up until you reach a deep valley. On either side are beautifully sculpted breasts topped with nipples that stiffen at the slightest touch. Her long neck loves to be kissed and nibbled at and her lips are soft and sweet.

I’m ripped from my mental inventory as she wraps her arms around me from behind and proceeds to work the body-wash covered cloth over my belly and chest. She drops to her knees and gives my legs the once over, purposely ignoring my burgeoning hard-on, but not missing the opportunity to give each butt check a little nip. Peppering my backside with kisses, she stands behind me again and hugs me tight to her lush body; “Turn,” she whispers in a husky tone.

Obeying, we are now nose to nose, or nearly so, as I have about five or six inches on her. Tilting my head down, my lips seek out hers and we kiss deeply before she resumes. She nibbles at the front as her hands scrub the back. Working downward until she is on her knees once more, she is now eye-ball to cock. She gives her favorite plaything a little peck on the head before leaning in and resting her lips on my hip. My cock slides across her cheek, under her ear and through her wet hair. I shiver as I feel both her soft hands on my ass. She has abandoned the washcloth, her soapy fingers slipping between my cheeks. Nibbling near the base of my cock, her fingers delve deep until she lands a finger on my puckered asshole. I suck in a breath as I feel her probe slightly, my cock throbbing against her face. I nearly loose it as she slips deeper within, working her finger in and out of my ass. Only when I hear a strangled groan do I realize that I have her head in both of my hands, fingers wound in wet, blond locks, holding her tight.

“Okay, that’s enough,” I moaned as I slipped my hands maçka escort under her arms and pulled her upright. Her finger popped out of my ass on the way up and I felt empty for a second. She smiled at me as I pulled her upright. “Now behave and give me the washcloth,” I said, holding out my hand. She smiled again and pointed to where it lay on the floor. I groaned in protest as I bent over to pick up the cloth, knowingly leaving my backside open to one last fondling. Britt didn’t disappoint, sliding her hand down my ass and giving the boys a loving squeeze.

“Alright,” I said, cloth and soap in hand, “Turn,” indicated by my motioning hand. Britt smiled big as she obediently spun till her backside was facing me. I followed her lead and worked my way from top to bottom, pausing to worship at the altar that is her butt as I washed her legs. Back on my feet, I leaned in and pulled her hair aside and nibbled at her ear; “Turn,” I whispered. She turned slowly as I nibbled at her neck, her head thrown back, long blonde hair hanging nearly to her butt. My lips found hers as I ran the soapy fabric over her long back and sides.

Releasing her pouting lips, I worked my way down to my knees, kissing each nipple as I descended. Britt shivered as she felt my hands on her ass cheeks’, knowing what was to come. I planted kisses on her lower belly and hips as I worked my hands deeper into the slick crevasse. My lover audibly purred, her fingers laced through my hair. Her purrs became louder as my wandering digits approached their intended target; her nails grazed my scalp. My middle finger found it’s mark and Britt moaned as I ran my finger tip over her pink pucker. Her ass began to wiggle, hoping to help my finger along. I gripped her butt tighter and slipped my fingertip into her wanting ass. Her grip in my hair loosened slightly in response to my entry and instead of the teasing she gave my cock earlier, with just a passing peck on the head, I opted for the polar opposite. Craning my neck and bowing my back, I locked her pussy between my lips and sucked, drawing her clit out and flicking it with my tongue.

My long middle finger effortlessly slipped deep into her hot ass as another bullet-fast orgasm ripped through her. I wiggled my finger in her ass as I contorted myself further, slipping my tongue inside her sweet pussy and lapped at her creamy goodness. Her body quaked once more as she got another firm hold on my head and rode out the waves that kept coming.

I slowly let my finger be pushed out of her rippling asshole as her body slowly relaxed. Back on firm footing, I eased back up off my aching knees and took her in my arms and held her tight. I kissed the top of her wet head as she rested her head on my chest and caught her breath. Britt mumbled something that sounded like “I’m quitting school,” but that made no sense in the present context.

I ran my fingers through her hair and tilted her head back to look into her deep blue eyes; “What was that?” I asked.

“I’m quitting school,” she repeated, more clearly and I thought I caught the telltale glint in her eye that always forewarned me of a hammer about to fall.

“What…why?” I stammered, pushing her away slightly.

She smiled and then leaned in and hugged me tight; “So I could get this all day, anytime I want it. You don’t know how hard it is for me to go to school knowing that you are here and I could be having this,” wrapping her hand around my flaccid cock, “instead of listening to some boring professor droning on and on.”

“You’re not serious are you?” feeling myself harden in her grasp.

“No, I guess not,” she sighed, giving me one last tug before stepping back and gazing down at my stiff cock. “It’s just hard to leave sometimes,” she giggled, as I flexed my cock, making it jump. She turned and squinted to look at the clock through the foggy shower windows; “Crap, I’ve got to leave soon and I still need to wash my hair and dry it,” she said, turning back with a smile; one that translated to “you need to wash and dry my hair.”

“Alright,” I said, giving her a little slap on the ass, making her jump; “let’s get with it then.”

The hair washing and drying was pretty un-eventful, although she did manage to keep me hard throughout the whole process. “Odd,” I said as I turned off the industrial hairdryer and gave her another loving swat on her bare butt; “We haven’t seen the girls this morning.” I looked at the clock, “They must already have left.”

“Yeah,” Britt said, turning to me and giving me a ‘Thank you’ kiss and a couple more long strokes on my tormented member; “They waved goodbye when you were on your knees kissing my ass,” she giggled. I tried to give her another swat on the butt but she dodged me and ran out of the room naked and laughing.

I walked into the bedroom, still naked and hard as she was pulling on the last of her uncommonly conservative clothes. She sighed as she looked longingly at my hard-on; “I’d love to stay and help you with that babe,” she said, almost sounding sincere, “but I’ve got an advanced econ class that I can’t be late for.” She leaned in, wrapping her soft hand around my cock once more and gave me a deep kiss before stepping back, my cock still in her hand; “I’ll take care of this when I get back,” giving me a couple more long strokes that took me right to the edge once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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