Etienne and Monique Ch. 02

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[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. This is not a “Wham!-Bam!-thank-you-ma’am!” story and as such it takes a short while to pick up to speed so to speak. Please bear with it, the nookie will come. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental.]


Chapter 2: Alabaster


“Pffft!” Monique tried desperately to stifle her giggles, but Etienne’s reaction of lowering her head stopped her dead.

“You’re serious aren’t you?” Monique said with genuine sympathy, concerned that her laughing may have upset her sister.

“Yes, very serious. When you’re asleep and I see your dirty magazines,”

“Hey!” Monique interrupted,

“I keep them very clean.”

“Not all of them, that arty contortionist one with all the tattoos has half the pages wrinkled with juice!”

“Oh god don’t sis’, I’m getting wet just thinking about that one.”

Etienne scowled and began again, this time emphasising each word.

“When I see your magazines, they do little for me.” She drew a deep breath.

“All those girls playing with themselves in various states of undress and I get nothing.”

This was obviously a big revelation for Monique.

“I looked at some rude pictures online of guys and again I felt nothing. It wasn’t until I found this site with this lovely tall domme tying up her victims using knots and leather straps that I felt any kind of excitement. Oh there was one thing involving a horse, but I’m not going down that route ever.”

“I should think not!” Monique added with a start. Monique apologised for interrupting then prompted her sister to continue.

“It was quite sexy though,” Etienne added wistfully.

“A horse’s penis is really quite a sight, I wouldn’t mind at least trying it once.” Etienne added with a dream-like look in her eyes.

Monique blinked, held her mouth open wide and could not quite figure out what to say to her sister next. These were all quite big revelations.

“HAHA, the look on your face!” Etienne said finally, but she spluttered and giggled revealing that she was only winding her sister up.

“I don’t know why I’m wired this way, but I do know what excites me now and I have learnt a lot about the psychology of it and the art of it.”

“C’mon, we’d better get back in before daddy sends a search party.”

Monique tugged at her sister’s arm. The girls began walking toward the door and Monique turned to Etienne, guiding her face to hers with the soft touch of her fingers.

“It looks like we may find a common ground after all sis’. If you can’t find happiness in what excites me, then maybe we’ll do what we always do.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Etienne tilted her head with an expression of considered curiosity.

“We’ll compromise, I’ll learn your way but you’ll need to teach me.”

With that Etienne’s expression lifted to an excited glow. All this time she was worried that she would freak her sister out with this little secret; she should have known that Monique, naiive though she was sometimes, would be considerate and understanding. More than that, she should have known that her sister would figure out some way of getting her own way.

“Always stronger together.” They said in unison, turning the door handle and rejoining the throng in the hall.

A few moments passed by as Julian, concerned by their absence and confused by the possible reasons behind it, was placated by the girls who explained that it was nothing that he should worry about and that the problem had been dealt with. Julian was confused but he doted on the girls and was easy to convince.

By now the guests were mingling and the noise level had reached a clamour of chatter that meant anyone more than two feet away from each other could not be heard above the din. The girls were stood on their own, something that they were used to.

Unseen by them, the pretty waitress ogled them from a distance. Her genuine sorrow at her instinctive reaction caused her stomach to sink, but she passed through her mind what Etienne had said and the unexpected excitement brought on a familiar warm tingling between her thighs. She took in a deep breath, checked and adjusted her cleavage and strode toward them with a platter of two flutes of champagne.

Apart from close family, few guests knew how to approach the sisters. They knew that there would always be some social stigma about their appearance. They had learned to deal with it. Those few who took time out to make small talk with them, were always the more tried and trusted friendships.

Etienne prodded her sister in the side as the waitress approached with a silver platter sporting glasses of vintage Bollinger.

“Un verre de champagne pour la maîtresse.” The little waitress said, holding the platter steadily.

The yakacık escort waitress’s demeanour had changed, she was now calm and efficient in her role.

“In English please.” Etienne demanded.

“Oui…yes mademoiselle…er…miss,” The waitress tripped nervously over her words.

“A glass champagne for mistress.” The words rolled off the waitress’s tongue with her thick Parisian accent again, which had a profound effect on Etienne the moment the ‘m’ word was spoken.

Monique clutched the glass and felt a tingling sensation in their shared genitals, her head snapped sideways to look at her sister and with an exchange of glances she understood what had triggered Etienne’s sudden arousal.

“What is your name?” Etienne asked the waitress calmly.

“Moi? Errr, I am called Veronique mistress, err miss.”

“Well Veronique, please undo another button, my sister is not getting a good enough view, and if you could please stick to mistress, miss is far too patronising.”

“Oui mistress.” The petite girl said, deftly balancing the silver tray she uncoupled another button.

The word ‘mistress’ caused a beautifully squidgy sensation between the twins’ thighs that grew more intense from Monique’s perspective as the waitress undid her blouse.

“How much are you getting paid for this evening?” Etienne quizzed the girl.

“I am paid quite well mistress, two ‘undred euros for ze evening.” Her accent was delightfully heavy as she forced the words out in English.

“Oh I think not!” Etienne said shaking her head. The girl looked quite annoyed for a moment and made a move to do up her buttons, turn tail and walk, but Etienne stopped her by brushing her hand to regain her attention.

“If you do well and keep this up we’ll double your pay, you are going a long way to redeeming yourself Veronique.”

Veronique’s eyes widened and her mouth opened, it was obvious she was mulling this all over as quite a lot had happened in just a few minutes. It was enough to set anyone’s head spinning, but the proposition had other implications.

“I am no prostitute mistress.” She said with hushed tones.

“Prostitutes do it because they can find no other way of making money, get a kick out of it or they don’t have a choice.” Etienne said matter-of-factly.

“You’ll get four hundred euros for serving and whatever you decide to do when the guests have left is purely up to you, do you understand?”

“Oui mistress.” Veronique said with a bright, beaming smile.

“Now there may be other little requests, you cannot refuse or the deal shall be broken, do you understand?” Etienne said with authority.

“Oui mistress.” Came Veronique’s prompt response.

“For now, I would like you to rub our bottom as you leave, please grasp the left cheek firmly, it’s my sister’s, I can sort of feel it, but she has control of it.”

This was unexpected for Veronique, she blushed and hesitated.

“Send the maitre d over to us now please.” Etienne said finally.

“Oui mistress.” Veronique said with enthusiasm, her eyes had lit up at the new prospect, as she felt she had found herself in a win-win situation. Although there were complications to this unusual agreement, at this time she could see no negative aspects to it. After all, the sisters were quite stunning.

Veronique decided to approach Etienne’s request with enthusiasm. So what if the girls were a little bit unusual, she had done worse jobs. Getting home after long hours with a bruised backside from all the lecherous old men pinching it. At least the girls were pretty, even if they were attached to each other and it was not as though she had not slept with other women.

Monique had kept quiet during this conversation, not because she had nothing to say, but because every time she leaned forward to add a comment her eyes were distracted by Veronique’s ample bust which was one popper away from introducing itself to the rest of the room.

Monique tried not to stare, but her eyes were scanning the taut material trying desperately to find where Veronique’s nipples were. Nipple position was very important to Monique, who became increasingly excited when she discovered that they jutted up and seemed to be quite proud already.

Following Etienne’s instruction the serving girl walked around the girls and playfully grasped their left buttock. The waitress was enthusiastic and with a quick and intuitive shift of her hand, she pressed a finger into the cleft, lightly pressing into the girls’ shared anus.

The action was received with a purring sound from Monique who then leaned toward the girl and said “Thank you.” Softly in her ear.

The girls waited for a minute or two after Veronique left before Monique spoke up.

“Wow sis’ what did you just do?” Monique could not disguise the huge grin she had on her face.

The combined excitement of the two of them, for differing reasons, caused them both to become extremely excited.

“I think we might be getting laid tonight zeytinburnu escort sister dearest, but we need to work on her a little more. She unbuttoned the first button without question, that showed that she was not only open-minded, but also willing to take orders.” Monique nodded attentively to what Etienne was saying, whilst watching the little serving girl’s hips sway as she crossed the room toward the kitchen door. Her partial state of undress was not noticed by most of the guests she passed. Monique was not unaffected by events and both girls could feel the buzz in their loins as well as the slight tingle of juice gathering between the soft folds of flesh.

Etienne continued “The second button proved that she is a little bit rebellious, and may be both extrovert or an exhibitionist and open to suggestion. Certainly it shows that she is a very sexual person, which is why I added the bribe and the risk of it being lost should she disobey.”

Monique murmured in delighted understanding.

“She’s already yours sister. She just doesn’t know it yet.” Etienne said finally, to which Monique practically creamed herself.

“Oh god!” Monique blurted nervously.

“What if I’m lousy in bed? What if I can’t satisfy her? What if she’s only doing it for the money?” Monique exclaimed.

“Calm down sis’,” Etienne demanded with hushed tones.

Etienne drew a deep breath, concerned that her next words would inflate her sister’s ego beyond measurable proportions.

“You don’t need to worry sister, you at least have magic fingers and have never failed to excite me.”

Monique’s spirit lifted at those words. Her sister had never explicitly stated how good her technique was before. This was truly an evening of revelations.

“For now I am getting my excitement from this part sister, manipulating and driving someone beyond their comfort zone, that is where I am going to get my kicks.”

“Her nipples were hard sis’.” Monique added.

“Oh? Looking that closely were you?” Etienne jibed.

The smirk and reddening of Monique’s cheeks gave away that she had hit the right note. The two of them giggled, but toned it down as the maître d approached.

“En chante Mesdemoiselles ‘ow can Jacques be of service to you this fine evening?”

The maître d was a rotund gentleman with a finely trimmed black beard strikingly well groomed. He smelled of lavender and cinnamon and took great pride in his work. The girls knew him well as they often dined at the restaurant where he usually worked. He was a lovely man, that outside of social events they affectionately called ‘Uncle J’.

Etienne motioned for Monique to leave the talking to her. Monique understood, it was this part that was all hers.

“The young girl called Veronique is on a special mission, a little bit of fun for the evening you could say.” Etienne began.

“Oh? ‘Ow delightful, Jacques enjoys a good game, so ‘ow can moi assist?”

“She has a couple of her buttons undone.”

“Merdre! I shall stop zat tute suite.”

“No, no, no!” Etienne cried hurriedly.

“That is a part of the game Jacques and why we asked to speak with you.” At this point Monique was curious as to how Etienne was going to convince the worldly wise maître d to allow one of his staff to remain inappropriately dressed.

“It is an experiment in psychology, we are curious as to how quickly the guests will make a complaint. If someone complains we shall own up to the little game and the winner gets a prize. But your staff cannot say a thing, not to Veronique, not to the guests and certainly not to my parents.” With this Jacques face scrunched up and his eyes flicked from side to side as he cogutated this unusual request.

“There may be other things she will need to do, but none of the staff can comment, or stop her. For this little game here is some incentive to spread between the troops.” Etienne opened up her purse which had been secreted in the cruck of the twins’ dress and handed over six hundred euros.

Uncle J considered this bizarre request for a few moments before finally saying “It is confusing, but I shall do as you ask. Jacques De Manne is nothing if not a lover of a good game.”

Jacques turned on his heels with balletic ease and strolled back toward the kitchen, gesturing to the waiting staff and explaining to each in turn as he went, dolling out the money to each in turn. Etienne knew that they would not query it, the staff were always well paid at her father’s soirées. Money has quite an effect to persuade serving staff who are generally poorly salaried and the bonus would assist greatly.

“So what’s next sis’?” Monique asked her sister, her eyes bright with the thrill.

“Next you get her to do lots of little things. Once she’s comfortable with saying ‘yes’ and has said ‘yes’ all evening she’ll not be able to say ‘no’. Get her to feed you grapes, that should do for a start.”

The evening continued with idle banter, a few introductions and the occasional mishap with aksaray escort glasses or food. Nothing unexpected. Etienne was right in thinking that no-one would complain about the inappropriately dressed serving girl, who stayed at Monique’s side all evening.

On one occasion Monique asked Veronique to fix her stocking clasp and ensure that the stocking was smooth all the way up her leg. Even Etienne had to bite her lip as Veronique put quite a lot of effort into ensuring everything was evenly spaced and sleek. The girl’s petite hands were barely three quarters the size of the twins’, but they were attentive and firm. As she finally clipped the clasp she lightly brushed their crotch with the back of her hand as she retracted.

“Not too fast little one.” Etienne said calmly, secretly dwelling on the beautiful sensation.

“Pardon et moi Mistress.” Veronique replied coyly.

As the night wore on, guests began to leave. Engagements elsewhere, planes to catch, long journeys to complete.

The girls had kissed their parents goodnight and saw off the last of the guests, including a rather drunk English engineer from their father’s company who kept insisting he would drive, right up until his son bundled him into his Ferrari. The old coot was so excited to be in such a car that he completely abandoned his misplaced bravado and stupidity. Eventually the only people left were Etienne, Monique, Veronique and the maître d. The twins’ parents bade them a goodnight and each kissed the girls on the forehead satisfied that the celebrations had gone well.

Etienne dismissed Jacques with a fifty euro note tucked into his top pocket. He left, acknowledging their humorous but unfathomable little game as having been a success. Veronique had proven herself very obedient and more than eager to please.

The three girls transferred to the drawing room where Etienne asked Veronique to pour them a glass of cognac each, including herself. The sisters sat on a specially designed armchair. A middle arm dropped down from the back of the chair once they had sat down that allowed both of them to rest their arms whilst sitting in the same seat.

Opposite them, the petite waitress, whose bust-line was like a fleshy sunrise so eager to come up, sat back on a chair and supped nervously on her drink.

“You’ve earned your six hundred euros, you can go now if you really want to.” Etienne said to her nonchalantly. Monique’s heart sank, convinced that the girl would leave.

“B..but mademoiselle said four ‘undred euro, not soix.”

“If you have not enjoyed this evening than you can leave with four hundred.” Etienne responded.

At this point Monique was confused. She did not understand that her sister was well versed in psychological manipulation, this act caused the girl to doubt herself, the doubt gave Etienne more power to influence the young waitress.

“Mes non mistress. I ‘ave enjoyed ze evening. I never enjoy serving, I do it because I ‘ave to.” Her voice was sincere. In the girl’s eyes the two albino sisters could see that she was slightly uncomfortable, but the reason was not obvious.

“I was really…’ow you say… inconsidéré.”

“Inconsiderate, it’s not that different in English.” Monique butted in.

“Oui. You are lovely, sexy girls, but now I do not know what you want from me. I ‘ave being in ze company of uzzer women before, but not when zey are mon superior. Now I am confused, zere are two of you and I am not sure I am ‘appy about being wiz two women. Eet is confusing to moi.”

“Well we can’t very well separate now can we?” Etienne teased.

“No, no of course not. I ‘ave been bad and I ‘ope you see ‘ow sorry I am.”

“Just understand we don’t want pity, we don’t accept it.” Etienne said forcibly, scanning up and down the young girl’s frame as she shivered nervously.

“If you are happy to continue, let us know now.”

Etienne beckoned Veronique to them. Rising from her seat the last popper finally gave out on Veronique’s uniform, showing the soft curves of her bust beneath as well as the slightest hint of lacy bra fabric. But she did not rush to cover herself, instead she paced towards the sisters removing and dropping the jacket on the floor. Monique gasped in approval and leaned forward to accept Veronique who, in turn, leaned forward and kissed Monique with her eyes closed. The sisters had their answer. Etienne took the opportunity for her own moment of enjoyment by slapping the unsuspecting girl square across her backside. Veronique flinched and made to withdraw, but Monique wrapped her hands around her waist and increased the enthusiasm behind the kiss which was met with equal intensity. The semi-naked waitress now stood bent forward over the girls, her lips locked with Monique whose kiss muffled the occasional whimper as Etienne spanked the girl twice more.

Veronique surprised herself; she felt the familiar sensations of sexual excitement. The slight light-headedness of prolonged kissing, the delightful warmth in the stomach and the tell-tale tingling.

“We should go upstairs. Veronique?” Etienne said, hoping that her actions had not crossed the boundary yet.

“Oui mistress?”

“Draw us a bath please, second door on the right at the top of the stairs. We shall be there in ten minutes. Add plenty of bubbles.” Etienne commanded.

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