Eternally Bound Pt. 04

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“I’d like you to meet Chris Monroe, my fiance.” Mom said.

Mom and I decided to use my real name when introducing me to her colleagues and just pass it off as coincidence that we had the same surname. Shannon and our premarital counselors thought it would be fine since none of them knew Mom had a 20-year-old son.

I met several of the partners at the firm where Mom worked that evening. We were attending a fundraiser for the mayor of San Diego. This was our first night out as an official couple. Mom wore a jaw-dropping silver strapless gown along with Grandma’s diamond earrings and the Swarovski necklace I’d bought for her. As before, the bluish jewel dangled seductively close to the mouthwatering cleavage that just so happened to be on full display.

I stood in awe of her radiant beauty. I was so damned proud to have her as my date for the event. We bought a black tuxedo for me the day before; it would come in handy since Mom went to a lot of these black-tie events around town.

The evening started with nerves and doubt, but as the night wore on the fear was soon replaced by the thrill of our budding romance and living out our wicked secret in public. When the DJ came on and the slow-tempo music started, I offered my hand to Mom for a slow dance. She gratefully accepted. I took her left hand and held her lower back with my other hand, savoring the buxom frame of my woman as we danced together for the first time in public.

“I could get used to this,” Mom whispered with a telling smile.

“We’ll need some dance lessons before the next fundraiser.”

Mom beamed with that smile I so loved.

“Maybe,” she replied. “Kiss me.”

No fear or doubt; our lips came together.

“God, that’s nice,” she said, resting her head on my chest.

I sighed heavily, closing my eyes in utter gratitude. No more words were necessary. We danced to the slow beat of the music, living in the moment. As the song ended Mom and I leaned back, gazing into the other’s eyes knowingly. She excused herself to go to the bathroom as I made my way to the open bar. No sooner had I drunk the first two gulps of my rum and coke when Mom was back, tugging at my arm for another dance.

“Make this old lady happy,” she teased playfully as we ran to the dance floor.

The song was an 80’s tune, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight,” as we hit the floor at full power. Mom downed the rest of my rum and coke with one swig as she bounced around, happy and free. I eagerly went along, taking off my tuxedo jacket for the next song.

“God Mom loved this song!” Mom yelled, doing a hybrid of samba and tango.

She spun around, flinging her hair around like a 60s swag dancer. I loved watching her sexy ass jiggle and turn, all in the sweet realization that I had possessed that ass earlier that day and would probably tap it again before the night was over. And just as she did when we made love, Mom’s hair became sweaty and pressed to her forehead. A thin sheet of perspiration glazed her shoulders and neck, giving her golden skin a sexy dark tone under the red and blue lights of the dance floor. I came up from behind her to do my best dirty dancing moves. The crowd quickly cheered for us as my hands ran up and down her wide hips, gyrating against her as she held my face to her over her shoulder.

“Yeah, take him!” yelled a woman.

Mom grinned, wiggling her ass against me. Other middle-aged ladies soon joined in the cheering.

“If you don’t fuck his brains out, I will!” yelled another.

Mom turned to her, waving her finger “No no,” as if to taunt her.

“He’s all mine, bitch!” Mom shouted blissfully.

The ladies all laughed as they ogled me. I shied away, keeping hold of Mom’s hips.

“How the hell did she bag that hunk?” I heard one woman say.

“God damn look at that, he’s going to fuck the living shit out of Beth.”

I didn’t shy away from that comment as I looked right at her, nodding twice with a smile. The small group of ladies all cheered for us.

Mom whirled around, winding her body into my arms as our mouths brushed together. The song suddenly switched into a slower love song: “Eternal Flame.” Mom and I pressed our faces together, knowing full well the next dance was ours for the taking. Mom slowly hung her arms about my shoulders, drawing in for a deep French kiss.

“Jesus, I didn’t know Beth was even dating!” someone commented.

“That is so hot,” I heard another woman say.

As I sucked on Mom’s tongue, my hands instinctively found her big wide hips yet again. Mom tilted her head for a deeper kiss. I lovingly complied, clutching the back of her head with my right hand, holding her so that our kiss could not break. With each passing second the gasps and cheers from our “audience” grew and I savored the sweet, sinful taste of my mother’s lust.

Mom traced my jaw with her left hand, pausing our kiss briefly to whisper, “God, if they only knew.”

That only magnified our arousal; she hoisted her right thigh up, wrapping her thick tan leg around my back. sultangazi escort My fingernails dug into that ripe thigh with determination.

Both of us were undoubtedly aroused by our wicked parade. Electrified by our wicked secret, I ran my fingers up along Mom’s caramel thigh until my palm had a handful of ass. I loved how reckless we were and how exposed Mom’s backside was. Feeling my fingernails in her flesh, Mom pirouetted out from me with sensual elegance, mouthing the words to the song: “I don’t want to lose this feeling.”

A surreal awareness swept over me. Nothing else mattered. My entire world was my mother, and here she was in front of me, guiding me to paradise. Turning around, Mom arched her back slightly, looking back at me over her shoulder with a look I’ll never forget. Longing, salaciousness, greed. My eyes glanced down to the rounded slopes of her ass cheeks, cloaked in the sheer silver material that shimmered under the multicolored dance floor lights. I drank in the long sweeping flare of those glorious hips, commanding myself to worship those curves later when we were alone.

She and I stepped toward each other as she draped her arms over my shoulders. Her lower lip hung dangerously low, implying something deliciously risque.

“Mother,” I whispered.

Mom trembled at the sound of her magic word.

“Let’s get out of here.”

I couldn’t have left soon enough. I fumbled my way back to the valet, who brought the car over. As I drove us back home, our blistering make out session picked right back up where we left off. The damned stop lights were cock blocks, but Mom made up for it by unzipping my pants to cool my sweltering cock. At each stoplight, Mom and I would furiously suck each other’s lips and tongues. But it was when we got on the freeway that Mom steered me onto her own fast lane… It took me a second to figure out what she was doing when she lowered her head, but when it hit me the fear of crashing and cumming all at once rolled over me like an angry ocean wave.

I had never gotten a blowjob while driving before. Blinding fear, searing ecstasy, all of it overcame me as I felt her soft wet lips suck on my shaft. I quickly steered the car to the paved shoulder to fully savor my first blowjob in a car. My arms went weak as I cried out in breathtaking ecstasy. Her hot tongue grazed side to side, up and down, summoning my seed as only a mother knew how to do.

“Mother, Mother, fuck!” I roared, trying to hang onto the wheel.

Cars flew by us, rocking our own as I stared down to see the back of my mother’s head and her soft, lush blonde hair. I could hear her soft suckling slurps and moans complimenting the unforgettable swabs and swipes of her tongue. I wanted nothing more than to cum right there and then. Each of my cries for her invigorated her sucking, each dab of her tongue and lick of her lips was better than the last. My trembling hands cradled the back of her head as all of my senses were flooded in lush decadence. This was my mother doing this to me, and I could not have been more grateful than at that moment. But I didn’t want to cum just yet. I motioned Mom off of me as I asked if we could pick this back up at home. With a kiss full of longing, Mother agreed.

The garage door scraped open as I covered her mouth with mine. Mom fell back as I grabbed her jaw with my left hand, holding open her mouth. Our teeth met as I savored each precious drop of my mother’s saliva. Her arms held me to her while she nibbled on my lower lip. Frantic, but certain, Mom’s hands clasped my face as the garage door was finally opened. I took my foot off the gas but hit her mountain bike as I turned off the car and hurried us inside.

Barely three steps into the hallway, I had Mom up against the wall with my mouth pressed to the nape of her neck. I tugged the strapless dress down to free those large breasts I had so dearly loved since puberty.

“Oh dear God, Mother.” I sighed in appreciation for what I saw.

“Fuck yeah,” she moaned back. “I could listen to that all day!”

With that, I dropped my face into the cleavage I had lusted after all night. Mom knew how much I wanted them, and she bellowed out her sinful gratitude as I filled my mouth with the large, heavy breasts of my dear mother. Her hardened nipple plunged into my mouth as my tongue gently glazed its underside. I loved how much she got off on how slow and gentle I was when I sucked her tits. I saw what Shannon meant all along by putting my needs aside for the sake of my mother’s. It made sense now: My love for my mother was my ultimate priority, and I adored seeing Mom get lost in the throes of romantic incest.

The low light from the kitchen nearby cast a nice deep shadow over Mom’s breasts. I stood back to admire of the seemingly bottomless cleavage that had made my heart skip countless beats over the years. This was my mother’s sacred chest that I had gazed at ever since I could remember. Mom leaned her head back against the wall with a long sigh, moistening her dry lips with her tongue. I traced the swell taksim escort of her breasts where shadow met light, admiring their fullness. It was then I remembered Mother tempting me with her big juicy ass back at the fundraiser.

I deliberately dropped to my knees, extending my hands out to her sides as I pulled the dress from her body. After that, all that remained was the black thong that accentuated the full flare of her breathtaking hips. I closed my eyes, letting the awe and wonder fill my soul to the brim. Looking up into my eyes, Mom knew exactly what I wanted and why. With my fingertips grazing the widest part of her hips, I gradually motioned her around to gaze at the ass I so wanted. Just as the shadows flattered her breasts, they gave prominence to the vast swells of her deep, luscious buttocks. Keeping my fingertips on them, I traced their inviting flare.

“God almighty,” I whispered. “So big.”

I heard Mom groan in approval.

“And all for you,” she whispered.

My obsession was, at long last, rewarded. The missing pieces now completed my half-buried memory fragments. There it was, that perfect ass: two succulent spheres, flawlessly painted with a sun-kissed glaze, jutting out like a sacred offering to Bacchus. I sighed, intoxicated by the king-sized feast that was before me. My fingertips outlined the slim material of Mother’s black thong before hooking the fabric under my fingers to pull it down. I intentionally took my time in dragging the thong downward and over Mom’s cheeks, memorizing every moment of the “great reveal.” I watched as the fabric left an impression on the tanned skin of her ass, my mind replaying all the years I’d spent stealing glances at her backside. A lifetime’s worth of lust swept over me as I leaned in to plant an open-mouthed kiss on her right globe. I pressed my lips to the flesh, sliding my tongue out flat. The act was so simple, and perhaps silly to some, but deeply profound for me.

With the thong now on the floor by my mother’s ankles, I leaned back to gaze at the circles of my saliva that my tongue had left on her ass. Still on my knees, I glanced upward to see Mom looking back at me over her shoulder. Her mouth agape, she looked hesitant but deeply aroused as my hands clung to her precious spheres. Her breathing, ragged and shallow, gave me every reassurance to carry on. With my eyes locked on hers, I planted another wet kiss on her left ass cheek, this time inserting as much flesh as I could into my mouth. And just as I did with her breast, I savored its bronzed skin with the zeal of a madman.

My hunch was that this was Mom’s first time having her ass fully worshipped. Tremors of arousal washed over her body time and time again as my hot breath warmed her crack. I wanted to taste as much of her ass as I could before my cock took the place of my tongue.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I suggested.

I stood to kiss Mom as her tongue roamed all over my lips and mouth. Her freshly exposed zest for ass worship was clear, and I wasted no time picking back up where I left off. Whisking her into my arms, I carried Mother up the stairs as if some director had just yelled “Action!” on an epic romance film. Mom’s arms hung around my shoulders as I studied her dazed expression. I wondered what she was feeling at being swept off her feet by her own son.

I set Mom on our neatly made bed and lit two of the bedside candles we loved using whenever we made love. The orange glow of the candlelight gave a sensual aura to our room and made Mom’s body shine in all its erotic grandeur. Propped up face-down on two pillows, my mother jutted out that golden-brown ass of hers-the ass she knew I had wanted since puberty. I circled our bed like a jaguar about to pounce on its prey, gazing at the flawless curves that begged for a loving tongue. My hard, solid cock pointed straight and true.

“God, I love your ass,” I moaned. “So long I’ve wanted this.”

Mom’s eyes rolled back in her head; she bit down on her fist in a fit of passion.

“Shannon said you love it,” she whispered.

“I do,” I replied, crawling behind her on the bed. “More than anything.”

“I want to watch you do it,” she added. “Watch you taste my big ass.”

“I will,” I pledged. “Taste it, suckle it… so good.”

I lunged at her back, kissing my way down the arched spine, savoring as much skin as possible. Closing my eyes, I heard her gasp, hoping that she was teetering in anticipation as to what would come next. My hope was realized when I saw mother look across her shoulder at me. That unsure, but hopeful look in her eyes permanently singed itself in my consciousness. I had never seen my sweet mother so vulnerable before.

I stared at the darkened slice that cleaved her perfect ass, thinking back to the mouthwatering thongs mom wore those years before. The rush of excitement roused me as I lowered my lips to her right ass cheek, kissing the ass before dragging my tongue flat across its silky surface. I memorized the texture and taste as I glazed the bronzed ass flesh in slow swabs motions topkapı escort of my tongue.

I saw mother’s hands clinch the corners of her pillow. So much anticipation was felt in each breath we took.

The candlelight glowed across her moistened skin. My fingertips carefully pressed each thick pumpkin of ass… and with gentle finesse, they unfurled the plump cheeks. I closed my eyes, immersing my face between those nourishing mounds. I knew that a priceless treasure lay tucked between those tan ass cheeks. It just had to.

The fragrance of her backside filled my nostrils as I extended my tongue, devouring the inner cheeks. Crooking my jaw wide, I inhaled as much ass flesh as possible into my famished mouth. My God, this was really happening.

I began playing back all the moments in my mind where mom had arched her back or bent over. It was time for her to grasp the impact she had made on me. My fingertips gently skimmed the surface of each supple globe before sinking deep into the curviness.

My tongue now centered its deft, circular movements on her exposed asshole. Slipping my tongue inside my mouth for extra saliva, I eased it back out, pressing against her tepid cavity. That first mouthwatering tongue-to-asshole contact electrified her, as if a subconscious valve had gone off inside her. Her head sprung up, drawing in a loud husky gasp for air. All of her muscles contracted as I splayed my tongue flat to her asshole.

She glanced back to see my hands resting upon each cheek, fingers pressed deep in the ass flesh. The wonderment in her eyes melted away to sheer disbelief seeing my face burrowed between her trembling cheeks. I tepidly circled her asshole, French-kissing it as eagerly and as lovingly as I did her mouth so many times before. I could tell she loved that. To my surprise, she reached back to clasp her hand with mine. The sound of her raucous, shivering gasps stoked the incessant flames of hunger for her ass even more.

“Ooooh sweet Jesus, you’re face looks so good in my ass.” mother softly whimpered. “So good.”

My hot prying tongue slipped inside her sacred shrine. I watched as her eyes fluttered helplessly closed, surrendering to the untold bliss of total anal ecstasy.

I felt her muscles relax, allowing my tongue past the sphincter ring. Her face burrowed in the pillow as she slammed her fists into the mattress. I silently prayed that I could somehow go deeper. I heard her muffled cries as she turned her head for fresh air. The jumbled moans/cries resonated throughout our room. Each lustful sigh and groan only made me want her scrumptious ass even more.

Mother’s hips began to quake as I tightened my grip, stabbing her even deeper with my tongue. I watched countless ripples of frenzied delight wash across her backside. With two gentle pats upon both cheeks, my tongue slathered the inner walls of her bowels.

“Jesus Christ that’s so deep,” she snarled in a half cough/moan. “My ass. Gawww, my ass.”

I loved the astonishing tone to her voice. I had never heard mom quite like this; so completely reckless and raw. I felt her sphincter milk my tongue, and with a final surge, I thrust my tongue in as deep as I could. I would have pushed my head, my entire body inside her ass if I could have. Now was the time for something much larger to take the place of my tongue.

My right hand clutched the rock-solid base of my cock. I fell atop Mom’s back, kissing her from behind, across her shoulder. My hard cock rested in the slippery ass crack I had just relished with my tongue.

Mom groaned as I glossed her lips and chin with my eager mouth. I felt brave, slipping my right arm under her neck and resting her throat in the crook of my arm. I tightened my arm around her throat, careful not to choke her but letting my thick bicep press against her face. My mouth drifted back to her ear while my slick cock provocatively slid up and down her ass crack… back and forth, slow and sure.

“Wanna be inside your ass, Mother,” I grunted.

She let out a slight whimper as my words pierced her soul.

“Deep inside,” I continued, letting my tongue and cock punctuate my reckless prose. “Inside the ass I’ve wanted all these years.”

I glanced down to study her reaction and wasn’t disappointed. Her mouth was agape and eyes clamped shut, her eyebrows wrinkled in ecstasy at the very thought of what I’d said. I took it a step further.

“So deep,” I went on. “Deep in your big ass.”

“Hooo,” Mom uttered faintly. “Fuck…”

With that, I spit into my left hand and used it to lube the tip of my cock. My shallow breath fell upon Mom’s ear when I rested the wide head of my cock against the opening of her asshole. I suckled mother’s tongue, then kissed her with full-on commitment. I knew that the “speed and power” approach was not an option, and I wanted every kiss to reassure her of that.

“God, I adore you,” I murmured.

Mom’s body went limp with a feeble moan that was muffled by my lips. I eased my cock forward, sensing the years of resistance and fear ebbing away. We both shuddered as I renewed my hold, and I clutched the base of my shaft in anticipation of my grand entrance. Mom’s body tensed up as our kiss ended in a flurry of “I love you’s”. I knew she was teetering on the brink of pain and fear and wanted to back off. But, Jesus, that ass. That big sweet ass.

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