Escort Ch. 03

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I’m not sure if I will ever top my first two times with escorts as they were so good. Sacha was the best fuck I had ever had. But that was not going to put me off trying.

I loved the number of different types of people that were escorts on the site I had signed up to. I had added a load of them to my hot list and planned to meet as many as possible.

The next one that caught my eye was advertising as an ex Page 3 glamour model aged 36 (My oldest so far). A Page 3 girl was a model that posed topless in the UK tabloids until the 2000s or so.

Her profile name was Sexy Holly and had brilliant reviews. There were a few pictures but the didn’t give too much away. She had a Private Gallery you could pay a few pounds to access that had face and full nude pictures. I paid the £3 as I wanted to see more as well as trying to see if I recognized her.

I was overjoyed to discover that it was a Page 3 girl that I recognized and one that I had had many a wank over as well. When she was 22 (so it said in the mags anyway) I was about 16. I used to have a porn mag that she was in and had many fantises about fucking her.

Now her prices were a bit higher than I had paid previously but I didn’t care. It was £150 for 30 minutes but to be honest that was a bargain to fuck someone you had fantasized about for years.

I sent her a message asking for a 30-minute meeting, to cum a few times and to ask when she was free. I received a reply an hour or so later telling me she was free tomorrow and to call a number to book. I phoned her straight away. Her voice was unreal. She sounded like some kind of sex angel and I had a semi pretty quick. She was so nice and we quickly arranged the meeting. I completed a booking form, and she sent me her address. We were meeting at 10:30 the next day.

That night dragged, and I struggled to get to sleep that night for the excitement. Holly messaged me around 9am to see if I was still coming. I replied and got ready to go. Again it was a bit of a drive, so I took some water and left a bit early in case of traffic. bakırköy escort Again I had a raging hard on all the way through. I parked up and sent a message to say I had arrived. Holly told me to come up.

Man my heart was beating fast and felt like it was going to burst out my chest. I gently knocked the door and it opened. She was behind the door and closed it behind me when I was in. The hallway was nice and light, I was blown away by how she looked (although I was maybe bias by my memories of her). She was wearing a white see through basque type thing and suspenders. She smelled unreal, the smell reminded me of a nice sweet caramel or something. She came and gave me a really nice deep kiss. This seemed to make my nerves vanish and my cock stiffen even more.

She said to me “Shall we” as she led me to the bedroom by the hand. It was a very posh and modern looking apartment. We chatted for a bit to ease the nerves even more. She could tell that I was a fanboy of hers because I think I was staring at her with a big stupid grin on my face and I told her that I loved her pictures when I was younger.

This really seemed to turn her on as she really wanted to know what I would do looking at her pictures. We chatted about that for a bit and I asked if I could hop into the shower. She led me to the bathroom and I had a quick shower after my 30-minute drive.

I returned to the bedroom to find she was sitting on the end of the bed playing with a toy with her pants pulled to the side and getting really excited. She asked me if I wanted to help. I was over in a flash and on my knees. I removed her pants to get a better look (and access) to her perfect pussy. It was just like it was in the pictures all those years ago only a hundred times better, and right in front of me. She was fully shaven with a perfectly neat pussy, the kind I like because of her pictures from the porn mags.

I spread her outer lips slightly, so I could get to work on her clit while she used the toy. She tasted amazing and was so warm. God, she beşiktaş escort was tight when she put the toy down, and I plunged two fingers in. I was in heaven playing with her and along with her moans of encouragement I could have spent the full time doing this.

After she said she came, she pushed me off and undone her bra to reveal those perfect unreal breasts that were plastered across the UK’s tabloids. I was transported right back to 16-year-old me, looking at these amazing tits, horny as fuck, cock as hard as could be. she invited me to come and play with them. They felt every bit as amazing as I had ever imagined, gently squeezing them, kissing them all over to gentle moans from Holly.

Holly pushed me up and grabbed my backside pulling me in close. She started rubbing my cock in between her tits, my god I don’t know how I didn’t cum straight away.

After a few minutes she stopped and started slowly swirling her tongue over the head of my twitching cock, down gently kissing, sucking and licking each ball. Holly stopped, looked up at me and said “Lets really get this party started” she took me slowly, inch by inch into her oven hot mouth all the while looking me in the eye. It took all my stamina not to just explode down her throat.

She started bobbing up and down on my solid cock, changing from fast to slow and sensual. I think she could tell I was really enjoying when she was going slow with a powerful suck as she kept that up for a short time. My cock really started twitching as I struggled not to cum.

Holly stopped and said to me “I know what you want” and really started sucking me at decent pace, I was moaning away in ecstasy when she pulled me out of her mouth and rammed me between her tits, slowly wanking me with them. I told her I was going to cum and she finished me off by hand and I absolutely exploded all over her breasts. I’m not kidding, I was shocked by the amount and Holly was surprised as well. I had fantasized about cumming over her tits for years and my fantasy came true, I was spent.

We beylikdüzü escort cuddled up and chatted. Well I was mainly asking about her and loved hearing about her stories if sex, drugs and rock and roll. Holly started to kiss me again, and before I knew Holly was gently playing with my balls and stroking my ever hardening cock.

I just loved caressing her top-notch body all over, breasts and pussy to die for and both were very responsive. She crawled down my body and presented her pussy to me for some wonderful 69. Again this just felt unreal to be actually be with someone you had emptied your sack over endless times.

Holly jumped off me and then mounted me. I didn’t even notice her putting the condom on. Man was her pussy tight, and I could feel every bit of her. She started bucking back and forth to a steady pace. She asked if I would like to fuck her and of course I said yes. In the blink of a eye she was on all fours.

What a sight I had before me. I eased into her slowly and she was grinding into me, I reached over to play with her tits while slowly fucking her, I moved one hand down to play with her clit while I fucked her. This really got her going and she came hard.

I wanted on top now so Holly lay on her back and spread her legs for me. I teased up and down the full length of her slit before slowly inserting just the tip. This felt amazing, so I entered balls deep and just kissed her while we were grinding together. I started to fuck her faster and faster, Holly broke away our kiss to tell me “I want you to finish over me again”.

I want sure if she knew I was about to cum when she said that or if that sent me over the edge, but I pulled out, she removed the condom, a few quick sucks then boom, emptied all over her face and tits. I just flopped back onto the bed absolutely done.

Holly cleaned us both up and closed in for a cuddle. We chatted for a few minutes when I realized I had been there almost 45 minutes. I apologized but Holly said they it was no problem, and she enjoyed our fun together, or she would have said when the 30 minutes were up. That really made me smile. I went for a quick shower, had one last quick kiss and said goodbye. An actual fantasy that came true. I couldn’t believe my luck. The Best 30 minutes I have (still to this day) ever had.

Onto meeting number 4

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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