Eric’s Adventure

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Eric sighed as he made his way through the convention center. He hated these trade shows. It was nothing but the same bunch of assholes year after year. No one was interested in buying their product; they just wanted money to promote it. This year surely wasn’t going to be any different. It was going to be a long three days.

Eric arrived at the booth location and went to work getting things arranged. He was just finishing up as the doors opened and the flood of people poured in. “Well, here we go,” Eric murmured as he took a deep breath and turned on his fake smile. “Let get this shit over with!”

Scores of people wandered by the booth. “At least he got us a good spot this year,” he mumbled under his breath. The booth was positioned two spaces from the end of the row, near the main entrance. The only restrooms in the facility were directly at the end of their row as well. Nearly everyone who attended would eventually walk by them.

Eric stayed busy exchanging pleasantries with a handful of people he had met at past shows and greeting potential customers. Some time had passed before he finally got a chance to take a break. Eric took a minute to grab a drink of water. He glanced at his watch. Noon. “So that’s why the action slowed,” he thought to himself. A fair amount of the show attendees were now storming the food court for lunch. Eric took advantage of the slow time to recover the display. He knelt to retrieve a few more catalogues from under the table to replenish the depleted supply. As he fumbled through the boxes, he caught a whiff of an intoxicating perfume. He managed to catch a quick glimpse of the source as it disappeared around the corner. “Fuck,” he thought, “that might have had potential!” He quickly stepped away from the booth to peer around the corner in hopes of seeing what he hoped wasn’t a mirage brought on by the boredom of the show…but it was gone.

Eric returned to the booth to finish what he was doing. There it was again – that smell! He quickly stood up hoping to catch more than just a glimpse this time. Luckily for Eric, she had stopped a few booths down the aisle. Eric slyly moved into the aisle to get a better look before she disappeared again. Much to his delight, Eric noticed she appeared to be wearing the clothing that was on display at the booth. “Must be a model from the convention center,” Eric murmured. He tried not to be too obvious with his staring as he tried to get a better look. Fortunately, because of his booth position, it wouldn’t look too out of the norm for him to be standing in the aisle looking her direction.

She was an attractive looking young lady. She appeared to be in her early twenty’s. Her platinum blonde hair fell to just above her shoulders. She had the front pulled back and held into place with a barrette. She was wearing a skin tight, baby blue tennis shirt and a short white tennis skirt. Her legs seemed to go on forever, accentuated by the platform strappy sandals she was wearing. Eric felt a stirring in his pants. “I’d love to have those legs wrapped around me,” he thought as his eyes made their way back up her slim body.


Eric jumped and quickly snapped back from his fantasy world. He quickly recognized the voice. It was Max, his favorite bartender.

“Max! How the fuck are you, you old son of a bitch!” he exclaimed has he gave his old friend a hug.

“I’m doing well. How’s that lovely wife of yours? Just as fiery as ever I assume?” Max said with a chuckle.

“Tess is well, thanks. Wow, it’s been a couple years!”

“It has. I was beginning to think you dropped off the plant!”

“No,” Eric laughed, “I just needed a break from this shit for a while. But I guess I drew the short straw this time, so here I am!”

As Eric and Max chatted, his nostrils were once again filled with the intoxicating scent of the blonde down the aisle. He nonchalantly turned to see where she was – she had to be close. Close she was. She was right beside him. Their eyes locked as she strolled by. She had the most beautiful brown eyes. Her smoky eye shadow and long mascara covered lashes really set them off. Eric blushed as she flashed him a smile. Busted! He quickly turned back to the conversation with Max, trying to keep an eye on her as she walked down the remainder of the aisle, her tiny skirt bouncing as she strolled away. She turned at the end of the aisle and as she did, she cast a look Eric’s direction. She again smiled when she noticed him peering around Max. “Damn it,” Eric thought “that’s twice!”

Eric and Max took some time to catch up. Max had quit bartending, retired really, and decided to follow his passion for the outdoors. He was working as a guide on a local stream, and was at the expo looking for new gadgets to try.

It was good to see his old friend. He had missed their “counseling sessions”. After making plans to get together for a bite to eat after the show, Max went on his way. As he disappeared around the corner, Eric again focused his attention the other şişli grup yapan escort direction. He hadn’t seen the young blonde return, but there she was, greeting people as they walked by, trying to draw them into the booth. She was attracting a lot of attention, but it was mostly men, both young and old, who were stopping for pictures. “Assholes,” Eric mumbled.

His attention was quickly shifted back to what he was there for as traffic by the booth again started to pick up. It was the after lunch rush.

The afternoon went by quickly and the expo closed for the night. Eric tried to keep an eye on his “neighbor” down the row, but she was quickly lost in the crowd of people heading for the exit.

Eric sighed. Hopefully she would return tomorrow. The second day was typically slower than the first and would surely drag on without something to keep him occupied. Eric secured the display and headed for the main entrance to catch a cab.

The cab ride was long and excruciatingly painful. Traffic leaving the convention center was a nightmare. He looked at his watch. It was already 6:00 p.m. There was no way he was going to make his dinner meeting with Max. He called Max to tell him he would be late and that instead of meeting at the hotel, as planned, he would have the cab driver drop him off at the restaurant. Knowing it was surely going to be a long night with Max, he decided it would be best to call Tess and fill her in on his plans. Tess’s phone went to voice mail. “Must still be in her meeting,” Eric thought as he hung up.

His phone buzzed. It was a text from Tess – “Can’t talk now. Head out to dinner with Sam :-)”

“Ok,” he replied. “Going to have a late nite with Max. Call u tomorrow”

“Behave! :-)” Tess replied.

“Always do, LOL. U still ok with our agreement?” he typed back.

Their “agreement”. There was no immediate response. Eric heart raced and he swallowed hard in anticipation. He couldn’t believe he had actually brought up the “agreement”. Their “agreement” hadn’t crossed his mind in many months, but he couldn’t help himself. It had been some time since their first encounter with Samantha, but it opened a new door for them. It was not uncommon for the three of them to spend the night together. The sexual energy between them was phenomenal.

Eric and Tess had multiple discussions about their love life. At that time, Eric had been traveling a lot and rarely had time to spend with his wife. With the addition of Samantha into their lives, Eric knew Tess was well cared for while he was gone. He loved hearing of their escapades while he was out of town. But for Tess, something was missing. She wanted to make sure Eric himself was taken care of while he was away. She didn’t feel right having Samantha to take care of her while Eric was left to suffer while he was on the road. She knew he had needs and it turned her on to think of him with another woman. She had some of her best orgasms fingering herself as she watched him fuck Samantha. But she wanted him to have more.

That yearning for Eric to enjoy himself eventually led to their “agreement”. Tess wanted Eric to enjoy himself, but only as long as he had her approval beforehand, which would require Eric to send her a picture of his fling. Eric was always shy and awkward around women. He still wasn’t sure how he had landed his wife, but it was exactly that which reeled her in. To Eric, the whole process of the “agreement” seemed to be more trouble than what it was worth, so he never actually acted on it, although there were plenty of times he had thought about it.

Eric’s mind wondered and he fidgeted in the back of the cab. Had Tess forgotten about the “agreement”?

“That will be $45, sir,” the cabbie said snapping him back to reality as they pulled up to the restaurant where he was meeting Max.

“Here you go, keep the change,” Eric said as the handed the driver a fifty dollar bill. He quickly exited the cab and went in search of Max, whom he easily found at the bar.

“Better hurry, you’re falling behind!” Max said with a laugh as the bartender placed a beer and two shots in front of Eric.

“Damn it Max, you know I have to go back there tomorrow,” Eric protested as he threw back the first shot of whisky. “I don’t need to be doing that shit hungover!”

Max laughed as he gave his old friend a pat on the back. “You’ll be fine! Now drink up!”

Eric was feeling pretty good by the end of dinner. The alcohol was flowing freely and he had forgotten about the hassle of working the expo. He had also forgotten about his last text to Tess. That is until his phone buzzed. Max quickly distracted him with another round of shots before he could read the response and soon it was forgotten.

How Eric made it back to the hotel was a mystery to him. His head throbbed as he shut off the alarm on his phone. “Fucking Max,” he thought as he fumbled around in his travel bag on the nightstand in search of pain reliever. He şişli masöz escort popped a couple and stumbled to the shower to get ready for the day. The shower felt good. He didn’t want to get out and head for the expo, but suddenly he remembered what had awaited him, or so he hoped. He also remembered the text from the night before that he hadn’t read. Eric quickly finished his shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and went to retrieve his phone. Two messages. The first was a simple “;-)”. The second was a selfie of Tess and Sam, dressed in his favorite lingerie. Eric smiled. “I guess that’s a yes on the agreement” he typed back before finishing getting ready for the day.

The cab ride to the expo was quick. There was little traffic heading in to the convention center since the show didn’t open for another hour. He quickly made his way to the booth hoping the young blonde would be there already. Much to his disappointment, she was nowhere to be seen. “This is going to be a long day,” he mumbled under his breath as he got things straightened around and ready for the day.

Eric had his back to the aisle, busily working when he was suddenly knocked off balance.

“Hey man, thought you could use a hand!”

It was his business partner, Jon, the one who was supposed to be at the show, but came up with some lame excuse to get out of it.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Eric asked puzzled as he picked himself up off the floor.

“Plans changed…and I know how much you love…” Jon stopped mid-sentence. “Get a load of that sweet piece of ass! I’m going to have to get me some of that!” he said as he started down the aisle.

“Fucker!” Eric grumbled as he watched Jon approach the young blonde he had been watching. She was wearing the same outfit as the day before, her heels making her already long slender legs look longer than humanly possible. Annoyed with the situation, Eric returned to what he was doing to get his mind off of it.

After about twenty minutes of flirting, Jon returned with a smile and a piece of paper. “Got her number bud!” he said as he playfully shoved Eric. “You may as well take off. I’ve got it covered. And I’m sure your wife misses you,” he said with a laugh.

“I’m good. Think I’ll stick it out,” Eric replied as a potential new dealer walked up to the booth. Eric took charge of explaining the product as Jon fumbled with this phone, presumable trying to text the blonde down the aisle. “No wonder shit doesn’t get done,” Eric thought as he worked the new dealer.

It took some time, but Eric was finally able to seal the deal and placed the order for the new dealer. It was a fairly sizable order and the potential for repeat business was great. It was exactly what the business needed and it was the exact reason they were there. To boost business, not pick up women.

The morning dragged on. The increased attendance kept them busy enough that Eric lost track of time. It wasn’t until he pulled his phone out to check his messages that he noticed the time. Ten to twelve. He stole his first glance down the aisle since Jon had gotten there and the expo opened for the day. He immediately locked eyes with the young blonde. She was the one who blushed this time. She quickly turned away giving him a great view of her tight little behind. Eric tried not to stare as she picked up her bag and headed down the aisle and round the corner in the direction of the food court, but he couldn’t help himself. There was something about this one. Something that called him to her.

“I’ll be back,” he said to Jon as he left the booth. “Going to grab a quick lunch today since you are here.”

“No problem man, got it covered.”

Eric didn’t waste any time heading for the food court. Much to his delight, he managed to get directly behind his “neighbor” in line. His heart raced. He knew she didn’t know he was there. He inhaled deeply. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating. Every nerve in his body was on fire with excitement. The line moved and she placed her order.

“That will be $15.27,” the cashier said staring at her impatiently.

Eric watched as she fumbled through her purse. “Damn it,” he heard her mumble. “I’m sorry, I think I forgot my wallet.”

“I got it,” Eric said as he stepped up. “Give me the same thing she ordered,” he said as he turned and flashed her a smile. “My apologies for my business partner,” he said smiling at her again.

She tried to protest, but Eric insisted, on the condition that she joins him for lunch. She hesitated for a second, but agreed.

Eric and his new friend made their way to a table. “I’m Eric, by the way” he said as they sat down.

“Caitlyn” she said shyly, her cheeks flushing slightly. Eric was surprised at her shyness considering what her job was at the expo.

“Again, I apologize for my business partner.”

Caitlyn looked up and grinned. “It’s ok, I gave him the wrong number any way!”

They both had a good laugh şişli otele gelen escort and settled in to their lunch.

Caitlyn was a quiet girl. Eric did most of the talking, a majority of which was small talk about the show. He was, however, able to find out a little about Caitlyn. She was from the area and was working for a local modeling agency. As much as she hated working at these expos, it paid the bills.

Time passed quickly and soon both realized they had to be heading back to their booths.

“It was nice talking with you Caitlyn,” Eric said with a smile as he placed is hand on top of hers and gave it a light squeeze.

“You too,” she said as she rose from her seat. She paused for a moment and she rummaged through her purse. Caitlyn removed a small scrap of paper and a pen and scribbled down some digits. “Here is my real number,” she said sticking the small scrap of paper in Eric’s shirt pocket. She bent down and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Call me later,” she whispered in his ear before heading back towards the booths.

Eric sat there for a moment her scent lingered in his nostrils. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. After a few minutes he regained his composure. He collected his thoughts before heading back to relieve Jon. He made it a point to walk down their isle a few rows from their booth so he could walk by Caitlyn.

“Hello,” she said with a wide, inviting smile as he walked by her.

Eric only smiled and nodded.

“What the fuck man? You get lost? I’m hungry too.” Jon snarled as he returned to the booth.

“Sorry about that. I guess I dosed off there for a minute after I sat down. I had a late night last night with an old friend. You going to grab something? Looks like it is still a little slow,” Eric asked.

“Nah, I’ll live. But I gotta go find out what’s going on with blondie down there. I’ve been texting her since she gave me her number and I can’t get any response,” Jon said with an annoyed look on his face.

“She’s working you moron! She probably has her phone turned off. I doubt they are paying her to text you all day!”

“Still man, I gotta find out,” Jon said slapping Eric on the back as he headed towards Caitlyn.

Eric watched as Jon again turned on the charm. Caitlyn appeared to be humoring him, laughing at what Eric was sure were Jon same old corny pickup lines.

It wasn’t long before one of the company representatives took notice of Jon occupying their main draw and quickly stepped in to break it up. Jon appeared to act interested in what they were selling, most likely to get a few more moments with Caitlyn, before heading back to the booth.

“Damn! Cock blocked by the boss!” Jon said with a laugh.

“So what’s the scoop? Was her phone off?” Eric asked, knowing the real reason she wasn’t responding.

“Yep. Assholes won’t allow her to have it on. Can you believe that shit?!”

“See, what did I tell you?” Eric replied nudging Jon. “She’s in to you man!”

“How can she not be?” Jon replied arrogantly.

Eric glanced down the aisle. Caitlyn was staring at him, or at least in his general direction. Eric tried to scan the aisle and look as naturally as possible. He didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that he was giving Caitlyn any attention or Jon wouldn’t let him hear the end of it.

“Hey man, hold the down fort for a minute. I gotta go hit the pisser,” Jon said as he took off around the corner.

“Sure thing,” Eric said as he causally turned toward Caitlyn. She was again turned his direction staring, presumably, at him. This time, Eric didn’t turn away. Caitlyn moved in his direction and crouched down to retrieve her purse from under the table that was beside her. As she did, her already short skirt rose even higher. Eric was able to be a good view of her long legs, her outfit not leaving much to the imagination. His cock stirred as she pulled a tube of lip gloss from her purse and applied it, all the while staring at him. Her legs parted ever so slightly. Eric’s cock stirred even more, a small bulge started to form in his pants. His mind raced with images of her glossy wet lips wrapped around his cock. She smiled, gave him a wink, and returned her purse to its spot under the table before going back to greeting people.

Eric turned to face the booth, hoping to hide the bulge in his pants from other expo goers. He took out his phone and pulled slip of paper with Caitlyn’s number on it from his pocket. Eric looked around to make sure Jon wasn’t anywhere near and quickly punched the numbers in his phone to send a new text message.

“Your phone on? :-)” he typed. He took a deep breath before hitting send. His heart began to race with both excitement and nervousness. He immediately looked up towards Caitlyn. He watched as she pulled her shirt up slightly in the back and retrieved her phone from the waist band of her tennis skirt. He could see her tap something on the screen before quickly replacing the phone back in her waistband.

Eric’s phone buzzed.

“For you? Yes! XOXOXO,” the message read.

Eric laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

Eric jumped at the sound of Jon’s voice behind him.

“Um, nothing,” he stammered. “Just something in a text Tess sent me. Shouldn’t you be doing something?” he asked, quickly changing the subject.

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