Eric and Jessica

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Hi, my name is Eric, I’m 18 years old. I live in the country with my mom, my step dad Jeff and my 19 year old stepsister, Jessica. We moved here 12 years ago, when mom and Jeff got married. Our house is very isolated from the neighbours and from the road, and as far as I can remember; the whole family has been hanging around the house and swimming nude in our pool. It is more practical to be nude all the time anyways, since we spend so much time in the pool (being nude allows you to dry in seconds).

I guess nobody cared when Jessica and I were toddlers. But when Jessica turned 10 or 11 and her first pubic hair appeared, our parents decided to make us wear swimsuits when we are both at home. If one of us is not there, it’s ok for the other to swim naked and to be nude around the house. Mom and Jeff are naked most of the time, this is somewhat frustrating. Approximately one year ago, on a hot day after school, I was alone at home and was swimming when Jessica showed up, naked, on the deck. She didn’t know I was there. When my stepsister saw that I was in the pool, she clumsily tried to cover herself. It had been maybe 4 or 5 years since we had seen each other nude (our parents prevented that from happening).

I told her she should not worry about being nude since I already had seen her and that I was naked too. I was by the edge of the pool so she couldn’t see all of me and she insisted that I proved to her that I was nude. I turned my back to her and moved away from the edge. After seeing that I was telling the truth about being nude, she said ”OK” and jumped in the pool. The first few minutes were awkward but soon we started wrestling together and dunking one another like we always do, except this time we were both naked. With our naked bodies rubbing up against the other, my penis got harder than it had ever been. Through the wrestling I unavoidably touched my stepsister with my penis a few times and she noticed right away that I had an erection. She laughed at first and asked me if she was the cause of such an erection, she was intrigued by the swelling of my dick. She lightly silivri escort squeezed my penis with her hand and said she was surprised that it could get so hard; then, she asked me how it felt when it got to that size. I told her that it felt great. I touched and grabbed her breasts. They were also much firmer than I had expected, her nipples were especially hard. We stopped wrestling after that.

We swam for a little while but my dick stayed hard the entire time I was in the pool. I got out of the water with my hard penis sticking out in front of me and sat there to dry, Jessica couldn’t help but stare. I went to my room to dress, closed the door and started jacking off. Since we had been nude together most of the afternoon, Jessica didn’t bother knocking and walked into my room and caught me in the act. I was very embarrassed she had seen that. Jessica apologized for barging in and asked me a few questions about what she’d just seen. It was very embarrassing but I gave her honest answers. She said she would like to watch me masturbate. I was a little bit shy about letting her watch but the thought turned me on too much for me to say no, so I resumed stroking my penis.

She opened her robe and started playing with her breasts and soon she lay on my bed next to me and was playing with her pussy. Jessica turned on her side and we started making out. I reached down between her legs and started fingering her. She was breathing fast and started caressing my balls. I came much faster than I usually do. Jessica said that she liked doing this and said we should do it again. I told her I had fun too then I told her we should get dressed before one of our parents got home and found us like this. We have masturbated each other and made out many times after this and we also give each other oral pleasure but we have never fucked.

A few weeks later, mom was in the kitchen and I was heading for the pool, naked. I did not know (didn’t care) if my stepsister was home. When mom saw me, she told me to get dressed since Jessica was in şirinevler escort the pool. Mom and I were starting to discuss the reasons for this rule when Jessica came inside the house with a towel wrapped around her. I was still standing there naked, talking with mom, when she insisted that I get dressed right away. Mom couldn’t believe her eyes when Jessica said that she didn’t mind me being nude with her and “accidentally” dropped her towel and then she said nothing would happen if we swam nude together, like we used to. Naked in front of me and Mom she told Mom that it was unfair that Jeff and Mom could be nude all the time and that Jessica and I had to wear swimsuits, that we didn’t like to wear them and that it was stressful to always worry about whether the other one was home or not. Mom shook her head and declared that if we both agreed to only be nude together when there was either one of the parents at home she thought it would be alright, but would have to talk it over with Jeff.

After mom talked to him, Jeff called a meeting with Jessica and me. He wanted to know when we started swimming nude together again. I told him we hadn’t been doing it since they forbid it, and I added that Jessica and I were bound to run into each other naked sooner or later and that I would like not to have to worry about it, just like we used to. He argued that he had instructed us to stop doing this when our bodies began to change and hair started growing in new places. Jessica complained that after getting used to swimming nude for several years, swimming with bathing suits was very uncomfortable and as a joke she added that her “hair” isn’t a problem since she shaves it all off( Jeff didn’t laugh ). She then told her dad, that she couldn’t understand why it was ok to for her to be nude when he was around but not when I was in the house, and the same rule applied to me with mom.

I was always naked at home if Jessica wasn’t around. Mom and I saw each other nude and swam together nude very often and the same with Jessica and her dad. şişli escort Pretty much the same speech Jessica gave to Mom. It seemed to hit Jeff in the face like a brick. He thought about it for a minute or so and told us we were right and he didn’t think it could cause any harm if Jessica and I were nude together but he insisted that we couldn’t be naked when other people are at home. So from then on, we were naked all the time except if there were other people.

We played water polo or wrestled in the pool or did our regular things around the house, naked. We got caught by Cynthia, one of Jessica’s friends. Cynthia had showed up unannounced and saw me nude in the pool talking with my stepsister also nude lying in the sun on the deck. At the time, she was shocked and asked us what was going on. We told her we are nudists, and that we enjoy being nude. She finally sat on a lounge chair and stayed with us. After some time she realized that other than us being naked everything was normal.

So she jumped in the pool with her bikini on but she soon remarked on how much at ease Jessica and me are about being nude together and added that just thinking about getting naked herself was an incredible rush. Jessica told her to find out for herself what its like. Cynthia hesitated for a few seconds and then stripped off her bikini. She swims nude with Jessica and me all the time now. We’re careful Jeff and Mom don’t find out. We also don’t talk about it at school.

I still get erections from time to time but not as often as I use to. Mom even saw me mowing the backyard with an erection. She asked if Jessica had seen me aroused, I said no. She then said I should avoid walking around when I am aroused and that I should make sure Jessica never sees me with an erection. Jeff doesn’t know about this. Overall, he was right; the thrill of being naked together went away and Jessica and I have stopped masturbating each other after some time (thank God Jeff and Mom don’t know about this!).

Nothing ever happened between Cynthia and me even though she has a great body. We’re just good friends who enjoy swimming nude together She has seen me aroused many times now but I explained to her that erections are natural, uncontrollable and that they’re not some kind of perversion and they happen at any time. She is no longer shocked when I get aroused. Cynthia admitted that she also gets aroused once in a while; it’s just not as obvious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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