Entry Management

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Larry learnt about the bridge lessons from an old friend. He had always liked cards and hadn’t seen much of his friend in the last year so it seemed like a good idea. He met John at the advertised location and the lessons began. His friend, John, always had to race off to his Saturday afternoon job after the lessons which left Larry at a loose end.

Inge had seen the lessons advertised in the local paper and thought it might be good to take up an indoor hobby. She arrived at the first lesson on her own and sat where the teacher sent her. To her it just seemed like another card game and she couldn’t really see what the big deal was. You don’t have euchre lessons or cribbage lessons, so why bridge?

The class teacher had prepared some special hands for the class on declarer play. The dummy was encouraged to stand behind the declarer to see how they played the hand and to make it easier to discuss afterwards.

Larry was very pleased to be paired with the buxom Inge for the class on declarer play. The first hand was played by the opposition. The play gave him an opportunity to secretly study her ample assets. On the second hand Inge was declarer and Larry stood behind her, looking over her shoulder. He had been looking forward to this because he thought that under cover of studying her hand he could give closer study down the front of her blouse.

Because Inge had to play the cards from dummy she was constantly reaching across the table and then leaning back in her chair. Each movement meant that the tops of her breasts jiggled in a most pleasing manner. After drawing trumps she leaned back and looked up at Larry “Should I play Diamonds now”? Leaning back almost forced Larry’s gaze straight down her blouse. There was no doubting that her bra was black and made of a delicate lace.

Larry leaned forward to touch the Clubs in her hand “Do you think this suit might be better”? He had no idea what he was talking about but he got to brush his arm against her soft blonde hair and look across inside her blouse. He was trying to spot if any nipple was visible but didn’t succeed.

Larry played the next hand and Inge stood behind him to watch his play. Larry could feel that Inge was standing closer behind him than seemed necessary. Was she intently looking at the cards or was she giving him a different kind of signal? Pretending to think, Larry leant back in his chair. When he reached back with his left hand to rub the back of his head as though he was thinking he hit the jackpot. His fingers “accidently” brushed against her breast. Hmmm, that was when Inge leant forward to touch his Clubs which had the effect of pressing her breast quite firmly into his hand “Do you think you should take a finesse in those?”

Larry was totally fixated on the feeling of Inge pressing her breast against his hand. He looked up at her “What’s a finesse again? That was last week’s lesson wasn’t it”? Tilting his head meant that the backs of his finger rubbed over her breast. In fact, he distinctly felt her hard nipple making itself known. Concerned about being too obvious Larry brought his hand down and sat forward a little to break the contact.

After the class, John raced off to his job as always and Larry noticed that Inge was talking to the teacher. Larry took his time collecting his book and notes and waited outside, trying to look innocent. When Inge came out on her own she saw Larry and came over to him. “I was right”, she chirped happily, “the teacher said the Club finesse was the right thing on that hand”.

“I’d forgotten how to do that. Hey, do you have time for a coffee and maybe go over last week’s lesson with me?” he boldly blurted before giving himself time to get nervous and tongue tied.

“Sounds good to me, I might get something to eat as well. I skipped breakfast.”

Finding a quiet coffee shop they sat down next to each other and started going over the notes from the previous week. Larry had carefully positioned himself so that he could steal glances through the opening in her blouse. It seemed easier than he had thought it would be to get a good view of her large, ripe breast nestled in her delicate bra. In fact, he realised that another button was undone. “Did that happen by accident or has she done that on purpose?” Larry wondered.

“I wish we could do that exercise with some real cards rather than on paper.” Larry was trying to show that he was paying attention to the repeat lesson and not just imagining the fun he could have with those luscious titties.

“This actually seems a bit weird now but I didn’t know if we had to supply our own cards or not so I put a pack in my handbag before the first class. They’re still in her somewhere.” Inge rummaged and produced a pack of cards like magic.

As Inge started setting up the hand she said, “Move to the other side of the table so you can play the hand and I can be dummy”.

“Damn, damn, damn” thought Larry “why did I suggest playing with cards? I was enjoying the view şişli elit escort where I was”.

As he moved his chair Larry wondered if the pressing of the breast against his hand, the hard nipple, the eagerness for coffee and the extra button undone all added up to something.

Larry played the hand and worked out how to make the finesse. “You’re a good teacher”, he said. “Was that too cheesy? Don’t blow it” he thought.

“My turn” said Inge as she gathered up the cards and started to set up for the next hand. Playing as declarer she leaned back in her chair as if she was in thought, contemplating the cards. Larry decided that he had received enough signals and he was going to try his luck. Only wearing flip flops it was easy to rub his bare foot against her ankle.

“I wonder how I should proceed” Inge mused out loud. Spreading her legs slightly told Larry that she wasn’t just talking about the cards. He hooked his foot around the silky skin of her calf and ran his toes up the back of her leg. Looking from above the table anyone would think that Inge was studying the cards before her with great concentration. In reality she wasn’t even seeing the cards but was concentrating on how to ‘play’ the guy sitting opposite her.

Reaching the underside of the chair Larry slid his foot around to the inside of her knee and further up to her silky thigh. “How far is this going to go?” was all he could think.

As Inge played a card from her hand she said, “Do you think I should play low or rise as high as possible?” Larry decided she was not talking about cards.

As he moved his toes to the top of her thigh he said “I think going high would be best. Do you have an entry available?”

Inge stared straight into his eyes as Larry’s toes felt the fabric of her panties. It felt smooth to the touch and maybe a little warm. Inge leant back further and pressed her hot pussy onto his toes though the thin fabric of her panties. “The finesse is quite a delicate play” she said “I quite like it delicate”

Bringing his mind back above the table Larry fished for words “I think delicate play might take a bit of practice. Have you got time to go into this more deeply?”

“Yes” said Inge with a wink. “Same coffee shop next week?”

“Oh, OK. If you like.” , spluttered Larry. His cock felt the disappointment.

The next week Inge greeted Larry with a bright “Coffee after class?” to which Larry readily agreed. This week Larry was at the same table as Inge but not her partner. There was no chance to stand behind her and perv down her blouse. Inge played a hand but had to call the teacher when she failed to make her contract. She couldn’t get to dummy to take the winning tricks. The teacher said that Inge had not managed her entries properly but that this was an advanced topic that wouldn’t be covered in the lessons.

In the coffee shop after class Inge sent Larry to the seat opposite her as she dealt out the cards. The hand was the one from the class that Inge had failed at. She made Larry the declarer and said, “See if you can work out how to enter me”. Larry’s instant erection nearly banged on the underside of the table.

Studying the cards they both suggested various ways to play the hand. Larry’s mind was on other things. Once again he found her ankle with his bare toes. Slowly he ran his foot up her calf, the same as last week. Reaching her soft inner thigh he paused to play a card, hoping he was playing all his cards right. Inge leaned back in the chair. Larry’s goal was now in reach but he was trying to play it cool. Inge looked him in the eye and said, “Where is the entry that you are supposed to find?”

Taking the plunge Larry slid his foot further up her thigh aiming for the warmth within her panties. His eyes opened wide as his toes did not encounter silky panties but rather a warm pussy. Inge wiggled her hips slightly so that Larry’s toes were positioned just where she wanted them. His big toe pressed firmly on the shaft of her clitoris while the ball of his foot covered her wet pussy lips.

“I think that’s where the entry is”, a wicked leer on her face. Now Larry moved his big toe from side to side rubbing her hidden clitoris.

“I read somewhere that entries are precious and should only be used when necessary.”

“Yes, using entries is a very delicate operation”, Inge’s shortness of breath encouraged Larry.

She slid a little further down in the chair so that she could tilt her hips up slightly. Larry took the hint and combined the sideways motion of his toe with downwards movement. His toe was now gently brushing over her clit which had peeped out from its hiding place.

“Maybe you should pause and consider the long term plan before using the only entry that you have” was Inge’s helpful advice. Larry’s preferred option was to circle one finger around and around a clitoris. A toe is not agile enough to make his preferred circular motion so he continued the şişli escort delicate side to side brushing which seemed to be having the desired effect.

“If you delay much longer the hand will be over before you have used your entry” whispered Inge. Larry took the hint and pressed the pad of his toe gently on her clit to be sure he had the right spot and slowly dragged it downwards. Inge’s pussy lips were aroused, wet and open. Larry’s toe slid down the inviting pathway and paused at the entry to her garden.

Inge looked alarmed when he stopped and whispered “Yes, almost there, take me”. Larry’s big toe pressed gently between her lips and entered her hot, wet cunt. “Oh yes!” she moaned, “You sure know how to make an entry!” Larry changed his side to side motion to an easier up and down exploration of her entrance. His toe dived in and then slowly flicked out again. Down the length of her pussy lips past the entrance and pressed on her perineum. Keeping a slight pressure, he moved his toe back upwards and felt it pop into her. Inge gasped. Suddenly she realised where she was and how easy an observer could have worked out what they were doing. She sat up and snapped her legs shut.

Larry said, “I think I was getting the hang of that entry management but I probably need some more practice.”

With a wicked smile Inge analysed the situation “Strike while the iron is hot. I don’t think you are quite as good as you think you are. You are going to need a lot more practice. My house is around the corner, do you have time for part two of the lesson?”

Inge managed to unlock her front door despite Larry’s fumbling hands inside her bra trying to get a handful of her tits. Bursting into the apartment, Inge twisted around which forced Larry’s hands off her hard nipple. She dropped to her knees and undid his trousers, pushing them and his boxers to the ground. She allowed his cock to smack her in the face and grabbed hold of it as she stood up. Larry reached down, grabbed her light cotton dress and pulled it up over her head. Pluses and minuses — she had to let go of his cock but he saw her beautiful pussy for the first time. He pulled her towards him, reached around and undid her bra. He flung that obstruction to a corner of the room and Inge pulled his t-shirt over his head.

They each took a step back, holding hands, and looked up and down the totally naked form opposite them. Larry’s cock pointed to the ceiling and pre-cum gave the tip a glossy appearance. Inge’s swollen pussy lips and obviously hard nipples showed she was just as aroused as he was. Suddenly, they both started laughing and collapsed into each other’s arms.

“What are we doing?” they both said at the same time.

Larry laughed “I think we are lusting. Do you think we are lusting?”

Inge stepped back again and stared, obviously, at his cock and said “Yes, I am lusting, and I am pretty sure you are lusting as well.” The laughter was now bouncing between them.

Inge contained herself and asked, “Do you want to take a glass of wine to bed and get to know each other horizontally?”

“No wine for me yet. I just want to get my entry right. Right now!”

Inge stopped laughing and stared seriously into his eyes “On one condition…”

“Uh, oh”, said Larry, “what’s the condition? You don’t have some kinky fetish that I need to know about, do you?”

“No. Just stop with the cheesy bridge jokes”.

“Deal” said Larry.

They both paused as the word dropped to the floor. Larry started to apologise and Inge started to laugh again. “It’s all right”, she said as she turned her back on him, reached around to grab his cock and lead him to the bedroom.

Inge swung him around and pushed him down onto the bed. She quickly straddled him, grabbed his cock and guided it to the entrance of her waiting pussy. Larry’s hips twitched and the head of his cock penetrated her wet pussy lips slightly. “Not too fast buddy. I’ve got all afternoon if you do”. Larry said yes by drawing his cock back slightly. Inge let go of his cock which twanged against his abdomen. Now Inge was in charge she lowered herself so that her pussy lips lay along the length of his cock. Rubbing up and down she whispered “You guys never look after your skin properly. I’m going to make sure you get properly moisturised.”

Inge’s clit had just lightly grazed his cock about halfway up. Slowly she raised herself, dragging, ever so gently, her clit up his cock until it stopped right on the head. Larry’s uncontrollable twitching provided rhythmic pulsing pleasure to her sensitive clit. Rotating her hips downward she raised her clit off the head and slid her pussy lips down either side of his hot cock. Now she continued sliding upwards, a trail of pussy juice moisturising his shaft. Stopping with the entrance to her cunt over the head of his cock she pressed down slightly. Her lips were pushed a little further apart. Larry groaned. She pushed harder and they both felt the şişli eve gelen escort faint pop as the head of his cock pushed inside her. She pulled back a little to release him and then let him enter her again. A regular motion of entering and releasing had them both forgetting that there was an outside world.

The constant sensation of the head of his cock piercing her pussy caused Larry to lose control and he thrust his hips upwards in a motion which sunk his entire shaft deep inside her breaking the rhythm. Sinking back down to the bed Inge followed him, keeping his cock buried to the hilt deep inside her. She grimaced a little and pulled back slightly as the tip of his cock felt like it would burst up through her.

Inge leant back and brought her feet forward, one foot either side of him, flat on the bed. Now she was squatting on him. They had no contact except the head of his cock teasing and being teased by her hot pussy lips. She raised her hands and placed them behind her head. Thrusting her breasts forward but never disturbing the cock quivering at her entrance she said “What do you think so far? Do you like what you see?”

Larry laughed out loud and his cock popped out of her as the tension which had built was dissipated. “I’ve got a raging boner being massaged by a slippery hot pussy while the greatest tits in the world dance above me for my pleasure. Yeah, I like what I see.”

Inge pouted. She grabbed his cock and put it firmly back inside herself. “What about my brain? I’m not just a sex machine you know.” The smile playing about her lips reassured him that she was just teasing.

“And I’m not just an erection on legs, you know”, he countered. “You know as much about me as I know about you. Do you like what you see?”

“Sure do”, she said as she slowly engulfed all his cock deep inside her. “Just thought I would check that everything was OK. We can get to the deep and meaningful stuff after we get the animal urges out of the way.”

“Flip me over and fuck me.”

“Happy to oblige, ma’am.” On her back with legs spread wide his cock entered her smoothly. His first stroke was slow and finished with him pressing all his weight through his pubic bone onto her protected clitoris. His feet lifted off the bed as he rotated his hips to massage her clit.

Drawing back but not leaving her he slid in again. Out and in, more firmly this time. Now he had found the place and rhythmically slid in and out of her. Each time the tip of his cock came close to leaving and each time his pubic bone bounced off her clit. Fucking, fucking, they were both lost in the rhythm. He forced his eyes to stay open so he could watch the hypnotic bouncing of her breasts as he plunged into her.

Larry could feel his tension mounting and pulled out all the way. Inge’s eyes snapped open as the loss of his cock broke her away from her pleasure zone. “Ohhh…”, she gasped.

Larry slid down her body until his face was directly over her mound. “Ohhh, do you do that?” she gasped in an expectant tone.

“May I?” he asked but didn’t wait for an answer. His tongue reached out to gently touch her outer lips. His tongue moved more delicately over her than his toe or cock could. The tip of his tongue gently introduced itself between her pussy lips. He needed to move his whole head to make the long stroke from pussy entrance up the frenulum, over the clitoris and finishing on her clitoral shaft. Finding the taste more than satisfactory her repeated the long stroke.

Again, and again.

Then he used a little more pressure to penetrate and spread her lips. There it was! The different, slightly metallic taste of juices seeping from deep inside her cunt. A feint hint of coriander that men know but women are unaware of. Her lips parted either side of his tongue as it swept up toward her clit. Over the little button and coming to rest on the shaft above. He flattened his tongue to spread the pressure wide as he pressed down at the end of the stroke.

Each stroke he made a little shorter. Starting a little higher and finishing a little lower. Gradually his tongue zeroed in on her clit. Now each stroke started from the underside of her clit and slid up and over the red-hot button. Only gentle pressure was possible now, she couldn’t take anymore than that. Her hips started to move, guiding him to find the correct speed and pressure. Moans escaped her lips. “Oh, yes. Just there.”

Larry settled into his rhythm. Inge climbed her pleasure mountain. The climax was in sight. The rhythm and pressure inched her ever higher. Her body stiffened and her legs clamped his head tight. Larry used all his concentration to keep the rhythm going. Inge’s orgasm ripped outward from her clit. Pleasure waves spread out and over her body. She trembled and shook. She screamed and moaned. She begged him to stop but also pressed her pussy back at him. Her cunt muscles spasmed as wave after wave of pleasure ripped her from the world and sealed her off in an orgasmic paradise.

Whimpering with pleasure she reached down and pulled him by the ears off her pussy. He shimmied up beside her and snuggled in closely. She flinched as his hand reached down between her legs. He cupped her entire pussy in his hand and held it gently, protecting it from excess stimulation.

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