Enema Transformations

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As a recent college grad in a time of new social norms, I wanted to create a new definition of how to live and what “normal” was. And so I moved far from home, to the city, and lived in a “co-op,” where I rethought who I was. As a millennial I avoided stereotypes and labels. “I am going to explore!” Well, I had never been successful with women, so it was easy to toss off any pretense of being macho or pushy, and so I took on the mantle of the sensitive, soft hearted do-gooder. I grew my hair, became a vegetarian and thought that I had transcended gender norms – I so wanted to tell people I was bisexual, but was too shy to do so. I also got a job with a well-known non-profit, going door to door raising money and consciousness about global warming.

At the end of one particularly tiring day of fundraising I came to a quiet home in an affluent neighborhood.

“Come on in.” the voice from the intercom said with a warm and casual air, as the security system buzzed me in.

As I pushed my way through the door something made me hesitate but I entered anyway. Once through the first gate I entered a courtyard that was a world unto itself – it was eccentric and beautiful. There were stone paths and it was overgrown with plants and curious statues. There was a vaguely religious feel to the space but with a hippie vibe – It was quiet and meditative but at the same time purposely dark and a bit unsettling. Then through french doors on the left came a beautiful woman dressed in a long skirt and a filmy shirt. She wore silver jewelry and her blonde hair was cut in bangs, she introduced herself to me as Samantha Simon and looked to be in her late forties. I thought to myself that she might have once been a model or a groupie of a jet setting rock band.

Samantha led me through the garden and the pots and hanging plants to an area in the middle, with wrought iron chairs. Through one set of doors I could see a generous exercise or yoga space. It was large and well appointed with retractable walls that could divide the room, mirrors, and equipment that included a gymnastics horse.

Samantha sat across from me, her lean tanned legs were crossed and she grinned and played with her hair as she asked me some questions about my fund raising. She asked me about my tan, and why I’d let my hair grow long and I gave a vague answer to avoid sounding to indecisive. I tried to tell her about global warming but soon we were talking about things totally unrelated to what I was supposed to be doing there. I enjoyed chatting with this beautiful woman and didn’t object when she brought me a glass of wine.

Samantha was into all sorts of interesting things, like yoga, herbal medicine and essential oils. Then, she asked me if I had ever had an enema and I admitted that I hadn’t. Had I thought about güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it? Wouldn’t I like to feel clean and purified?

Before I knew what I was doing I blurted out, “Yes.”

Samantha seemed to know how hypnotized I was by her and took me by the hand down into exercise room. There was a nook to one side with a curious, expensive looking medical chair – well, she seems to take this seriously, I thought. She pulled the sliding wall to this exam space and shut us in. There was a toilet to one side, with a shower stall next to it. There were rings on the walls and a sink with rubber bags with tubes attached to them also a second padded sawhorse. There was even a computer with a screen showing different views of the house. I realized that Samantha had actually seen me before buzzing me in.

She told me to unbutton my shorts and before I could protest she lay me face down on the medical chair. Her voice was soothing and she rubbed my shoulders as she talked about the healing power of enemas, and then she pushed on a lever and the supports under my legs adjusted downward so that my legs were bent at the waist and the knee, and I was now in a doggy position. Then Samantha moved another lever and my head lowered several inches leaving my ass lightly higher than the rest of my body. She asked me questions about my digestion and eating habits and when I told her I was a vegetarian she complimented me.

She then took scissors and cut my pants off of me and pulled the material away

“Now wait a minute!” I said. “What are you doing?”

“You won’t need these and they don’t do you justice anyway” Tabitha replied as she cut off one side of my cutoff jeans. She started on the other side and soon pulled them off. My shirt top came off next, and then she pulled several wide velcro belts over my waste and arms.

“Don’t be scared, I’m going to take good care of you,” replied Samantha.

“What are you going to do to me!?” I stammered as I looked around to see Samantha fill one of the rubber bags with water and hang it up over me. She put some lubricant on the end of a large bulbous nozzle and then spread my cheeks with her hands. The next thing I could feel was the nozzle probing its way through my anal sphincter and into my butt.

“Ahhhhh” I sighed. Then Samantha let the water run. It was as if all of my worries were evaporated in mist. I felt kinky and free and looked around to see Samantha, as she slowly pushed the nozzle in and out of my ass and began to massage my dick and balls.

“So are you going to be Samantha’s slave?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said, and I believed it. Samantha filled me with two quarts of water over the next 20 minutes and got me to confess that I fantasized about having sex with men and kept güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a dildo. She also got me to promise to be her sex slave before she gave me permission to use the toilet at the side of the room. She loosened the belts and let me crap in the toilet – I felt humiliated and embarrassed as my bowels emptied in front of her, but there was nothing I could do and nowhere to run. She made me wash myself off using the shower nozzle.

Again she had me lie on the table and again Samantha filled me with warm water – “Soon we’re going back to your place to get your things.”

“What do you mean, get my things?” I asked, squatting naked in front of Tabitha, who was still fully dressed.

“You’re moving in slave.” she said, and I nodded obediently.

She gave me a kimono to wear that was obviously made for a woman and made me step into woman’s panties as well. I had never worn women’s clothes before, and felt terribly shy as we got in Samantha’s Mercedes and drove over to the house where I rented a room. No one else was there at the time, so Samantha had me pack all my things into my backpack and leave a note saying I was moving out. She was especially interested in my large black vibrator. She put the vibrator in her purse saying that she would use it later.

She took my checkbook and ID as well and with them we drove back to her house where she took me back to her “game” room. The room was dark now that Samantha had pulled the divider to a fully shut position. There was a peep door in the wall and a cot set up along the side. Samantha left me there and looked one last time at me from the peep door. She told me to drink from the pitcher of clear liquid that she’d left beside the cot and I did – I fell asleep shortly afterward.

How many hours had I been here? I wasn’t sure. It felt as if it was getting close to evening, so maybe it was time to end this silly game. I wondered what would happen to me if this wasn’t a game and I was now Samantha’s sex slave.

Samantha opened the door and came in. She wore shorts and tank top now and was carrying a bulging rubber magenta colored enema bag. It had a hose with a clamp connected to it that ended in a big penis shaped nozzle.

“Again?” I exclaimed.

“You should love getting your enema, slave.” replied Samantha in a sweet, matter of fact manner as she hooked the enema bag to a ring in the wall. “Look who’s chained up.”

Indeed I was the one that was chained up. Samantha put on some rubber gloves and began to work my butt with lubricant, slipping her fingers slowly in and out. Then she slipped the nozzle in and released the clamp. I screamed this time as I felt the water distend my colon. Suddenly I realized that the room was sound proof! Samantha told me that I was güvenilir bahis şirketleri being very naughty and smacked my butt as the water continued to fill it.

Soon I felt all full and hot and kinky and quieted down.

She made me squat at the toilet, but this time the water was mostly clear. She told me that her boyfriend was coming over that evening, and that he was going to want to do kinky things to my bottom and that I had to be prepared.

The light came on again later. A man came in. He was huge and muscular with long brown hair and a beard. He slipped his cock up my stretched and lubed ass. I thought that this must be Samantha’s boyfriend and was glad to give him my ass. Later on Samantha gave me another creamy enema.

Later, after I awoke, I discovered that I could stand in the corner on tiptoe and look out the window into the garden. What I saw was Samantha wearing a beautiful black thong and entertaining a cute lithe black haired woman wearing a tan thong. Soon the two women walked off to the other side of the courtyard and several minutes later I could hear a surprised sounding cry. What had Samantha done to that beautiful girl?

I found out a few minutes later when they both returned and I could see that her bottom, now bare and red from taking an enema. Soon Samantha bound the woman, put a ball gag on her mouth and then she took an exotic looking probe to insert into her clean and lubricated asshole. It had a bulb at the tip and a long rubber flexible probe that she used to slip deep into the woman’s butt – when she pulled it almost all the way out, so that the bulb pushed against her anal sphincter, the woman began to grunt and squirm. Then Samantha began to lick her clitoris and my cock was rock hard as I watched her frig her. They went at it for quite a while.

That evening, Samantha made me soup. She wore a lime green terry cloth jumper that had draw strings to control how high on the hips it would wear. She had obviously pulled the sides up as high as possible to show off her shapely hips. Samantha fed me soup and stroked me with her hands, playing with my penis and testicles. She told me that another one of her boyfriends would be taking my bottom that evening, and that I would be filmed. I told her that I wanted her to control my bowels.

“Yes, your bowels need to be controlled.” she said. She left the room returning with a large syringe and told me that it was an exotic oil enema, that I was to hold in. She slipped the probe up my butt and squeezed the bulb letting the fluid up my ass. It was warm and oily.

She left me tied up in the cell and turned off the light. I lay chained up with the oil up my butt. Later that night, another man came in and slipped his cock up my ass, as I leaned on the gymnastics horse. At first he was gentle and slow as he entered me but then he pushed his full weight against me and forced his long and thick cock as far into me as possible, lifting me up off my feet. He pounded into me like that until exploding cum filled me. I gave the man the best fuck I could and felt proud to be of service to Samantha.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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