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We got to Bodega bay at about 11:30, and it was a sleepy little place, just as John had said. It smelled like the ocean, and I liked that. Fresh and clean. The morning fog was just burning off, and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.

John asked if I would like to go over to the state park and walk on the beach, and I said what I really wanted was to be kissed. He laughed and said that it was early, but we might be able to check into the motel. I think he wants to kiss me as much as I want to be kissed. It’s wonderful that we want the same things. Each other.

The motel was the ‘Inn at the Tides.’ It looked really nice, much better than anything I had ever stayed at with my parents. While John went into the office to register, I sat in the car and decided I should try to look like either John’s wife or daughter. It was hard to do both at the same time, and I don’t think I managed to look like either one.

I may not really be either one, but I’m sure it’s probably more believable to act like I’m his daughter rather than his wife. At least in public. When we’re alone, I’m going to act like someone who loves him and wants him to do all kinds of great sex things to me. I sure don’t feel anything like John’s daughter, but at least I’m about the right age. Dad is only a couple of years older than John. I really feel more like John’s wife, but I’m not even close to being the right age for that. Well, maybe if he married someone really young. I can sure act like a wife when we’re alone, though, except I don’t know really know a wife is supposed to act. Mom and Dad don’t act anything like John and I do. Darn it, why couldn’t I have been born ten years earlier?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, girl. What you have is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you, and you’re complaining. This is your fairy tale, remember? Well, live it!

John came out of the motel office smiling and said we could have our room now, and that the motel was mostly empty. The weekenders had all checked out earlier that morning. He parked the car in front of our room, and he said ‘Let’s go see what it’s like.’ We just left everything in the car and went to the room we were going to share.

John unlocked the door and held it for me. When we were both inside, he closed the door. The room was very nice, with a big king size bed and couch and chair. We looked at each other, we looked at the bed, and John went over and closed the drapes.

We met by the bed and I got a much-needed kiss. John put his hands on the lapels of my jacket, and the next thing I knew we were both trying to get me out of it while maintaining our kiss. The jacket went onto the floor, and I helped him out of his windbreaker. When that was done, I started unbuttoning his shirt, and he pulled my sweater up. We still had our kiss going as he unsnapped and unzipped my pants. By that time I had his shirt unbuttoned and managed to get it off of him without losing mouth contact or buttons. John had my sweater up over my breasts and under my arms, and we both started laughing, so kissing was impossible.

John said, ‘Is this some sort of emergency, Sweetie.’

I giggled and replied, ‘It sure feels like one. Let me get these clothes off, and we’ll find out.’

He sat me down on the bed, and I got out fulya escort of my boots while John removed his shoes and sox. We were frantically undressing. We both stood up to get out of our pants, and while I got my pantyhose and panties off, John took off his boxers and pulled the covers down on the bed.

Then we were on the bed, naked, bodies together, legs intertwined, holding each other tight, and kissing very passionately. I don’t know what happened, but I have never needed anything so much as I need him to fuck me, RIGHT NOW. I hissed, ‘Oh, Darling, please don’t wait. I can’t wait. Fuck meeeeeeeeee now, nowwwwwww!’

Herman was big and warm between us, and I reached down and took him in my hand. I have only been fucked once in my entire life, but I want it again NOW. I’m sure glad he put that Vaseline in me this morning,

John must have felt the need as urgently as I did, because he got between my legs, and I spread them wide and pulled my knees high, making my pussy easily available for him. A little while ago I was sore and hurting inside, now all I can think about is getting big, warm Herman back in there. I don’t care if he hurts me more and makes me sorer. Yes, I want him to hurt me, fuck me hard! NOW!

I could feel the tip of Herman searching for my entrance, and John told me to guide him into me. I reached down, took him in my hand, and moved the tip up and down between my lips to part them. That also gave my clitoris a nice massage. Then I put him right at the entrance to my vagina. I can still hardly believe all that can actually fit inside me. I can’t even get my hand all the way around it, but I can make room for it inside my pussy.

John pushed forward, and I could feel myself open for him as Herman slid between my fingers and into my vagina. Unlike the night before, John didn’t wait at all, he just slowly, very slowly kept pushing until the entire length of Herman was buried inside me. He held Herman, throbbing and jerking, deep inside me, and I was suddinly having a climax. My dam didn’t exactly burst, but feeling him stretching me and moving my insides around caused something to happen that was unmistakably an orgasm. Not the ringing in ears, seeing flashes kind, but a sweet, gentle, and less intense climax. I could hear myself say, MMmmmmmm Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

John held Herman deep inside me until I finished. I opened my eyes, looked up at him, and whispered that I thought I had just come. He said he wasn’t far from it himself. He lowered himself to his elbows and I put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down to me for a long, passionate kiss. As we kissed, I could feel Herman impatiently throbbing way up inside me, and the combination was wonderful.

He started moving back and forth inside my vagina, Herman sliding along my swollen button with every stroke. I’m going to do it again if he keeps that up. I hope he does. I love my orgasms, climaxes, comes, going over. Whatever they’re called, they’re all wonderful. If he doesn’t stop pretty soon, I’m going to go over again, and it isn’t going to be a gentle one this time. Oh, My God, I feel like the top of my head is about to blow off!

John said something through gritted teeth, but I was too wrapped up in what was happening to me to understand it. He gebze escort pulled all the way out and then plunged really hard and deep back into me. It hurt!

It stretched me as I had never been stretched, and it put the tip of Herman where nothing had ever been before. It also blew my dam to pieces!

I completely lost control, and I guess John did, too, because he started driving Herman with long, fast, hard strokes from my entrance clear to what felt like my tonsils. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, I scratched at him, my ears roared, I saw the yellow and red flashes inside my eyes, and I heard myself yell something that wasn’t a word, then a long, loud moan.

I could faintly hear John’s exclamations and I knew he was having his own orgasm. Herman just pounded into me, shoving my insides around, which made me come all the harder, and I could imagine him gushing semen way up inside me, and that sexy thought made me come harder still. My climax seemed to go on and on, until I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was breathing in gasps, and my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. My face and shoulders felt very hot, and I knew I was blushing furiously, but not from embarrassment. Finally, as I was coming down, I could feel Herman start to soften and shrink a little inside my pussy.

As John lowered himself to kiss me, Herman popped out. This was kind of like pulling a stopper, because I immediately felt a stream of warm semen start to flow out of me, down the crack of my bottom, and start a puddle on the sheet under me.

Wow. Wow. Wow. I thought it couldn’t get any more intense that it did last night. If this wasn’t so wonderful, it would be kind of scary. Can I possibly have a stronger orgasm than I just did? What will I do if that happens? I’ll probably pass out or lose my mind. John will have to take me to the hospital. Imagine what the Emergency Room doctor will think when he finds out that an orgasm made me into a raving maniac. It can’t kill me, can it? I don’t think so.

That didn’t last as long as it did last night, but we both seemed to need it very urgently. No doubt about it, that was an ’emergency.’ Maybe it was best that it didn’t last very long, since I was sore. I’m not sore now, though. I think I’ve gone through sore and out the other side.

I need to be held and for John to tell me he loves me. I may not have much experience with orgasms, but it didn’t take me long to learn how to have them! I wonder if I’ll learn how to control how big they are and how long they last. I kind of doubt it. I’ll have to have more experience before I can tell about that. I think one of the wonderful things about about an orgasm is that I have absolutely no control at all, I’m totally out of control with pleasure. Hmmmmmmmm It’s sure going to be fun finding out about all these things.

I unwrapped my arms and legs from around John, and he lay beside me. I noticed that I was still wearing my lovely new cashmere turtleneck sweater, and that it was all bunched up around my neck and in my armpits. That was all I was wearing, and I had forgotten I even had it on. I had enough strength to giggle and pull it out from under my arms and down over my breasts, but that’s all.

John pulled the covers up over us and took me into gültepe escort his arms, then he told me he loved me. I felt so wonderful that I actually started to cry, but I buried my face in his shoulder until I got myself under control. John didn’t seem to notice.

I told him I loved him, and just lay there in his arms feeling that beautiful afterglow that I was learning comes only after making love totally and completely. We had our orgasms together this time. Another first. I loved feeling him coming inside me last night, but going over at the same time is even better. I had my first little come by myself, but I shared my huge orgasm with my lover. I wonder if the woman always has more climaxes than the man. I sure do. I hope there isn’t something wrong with me. I guess John would know.

I whispered, ‘John, Darling, we’re lovers now, aren’t we?’

He said two people who love each other and make love together are lovers, and we seem to fit that definition perfectly. I told him I loved him and loved being his lover, and loved having him as my lover, and could I call him ‘lover’ sometimes? He said he would like that. I asked if people made love in the daytime much, and he said the time of day had nothing to do with it. I asked if that meant we could do it anytime of the day or night, and he said we could do it anytime the urge struck us. Some people called what we had just done ‘afternoon delight.’ Well, it’s afternoon and it was sure delightful. In fact it was a whole lot better than just delightful. I don’t think there are any words to describe it. I sure can’t think of any, and maybe it’s too good to be described. Just experienced.

He asked if he had hurt me, and I said that he hadn’t a bit. In fact, I wasn’t even sore anymore. The part about not hurting me wasn’t exactly true, becuse of when he suddenly plunged really hard and deep and set me off when he had started to come. I didn’t want him to know that had hurt me, though, because I was afraid he might not do it again like that. That’s what had really sent me over, and I loved it. I really wasn’t at all sore anymore. I guess I just needed a good fu… lovemaking to work that soreness out.

I whispered, ‘John, Darling, is there something wrong with me? The way I ………. well ……….. the way I go ever so often and so easily. Is that abnormal?’

John laughed and said, ‘Sweetie, you are the most wholesomely female and passionate woman I’ve ever known. There are lots of women who never experience an orgasm in their entire lives, and many wait years for their first one. You seem to be just naturally sexy and willing to give yourself completely to your pleasures. Believe me, if there’s anything abnormal about you it’s that your extra sensuous. I think you should consider yourself lucky to be that way and enjoy it. I love your passion. You’re just a tiny blonde bundle of sexuality, and I’m sure glad you picked me to share it with. I love you, Baby.’

I could feel myself blush, but I was glad they’re wasn’t anything wrong with me and very pleased that John liked the way I was. I decided that I really was lucky to be that way and to have such a wonderful lover to bring all that out in me. I told John what I was thinking and that I loved him. He pulled me on top of him and we had a lovely long kiss.

What a wonderful ’emergency’ that was. Can anything in life possibly be better than what I’m feeling right now? I wonder what ‘sensuous’ means.

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