Elizabeth and Lucille Ch. 02

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This story is a complete fantasy. There is no underage sex or cruelty.


It had reached the stage in my own house where things were very much under my own control and it was really satisfactory. Derek was still unable to speak to me frankly about what I was doing to him, as it embarrassed him. Nevertheless he was constantly grateful to me and I had certainly rid our marriage of the ‘all lights out’ nonsense.

Whenever I chose to masturbate him, I did. It always seemed more exciting to me to do it when he had been reading his Bible. I didn’t really understand why this should be the case but it was. I always told Elizabeth each time I did it to him and she found it amusing when the Bible was involved.

She really laughed out loud when I told her on one occasion, Derek had actually spilled his seed over the leather bound cover of the Holy Book. It was even more exciting when I took my panties off and made him clean it up.

She was really lovely to me and I had suggested on a few occasions that I had been a naughty little girl. What I was asking for was very obvious and she teased me from time to time that I would have my bottom smacked. I could only wish for it. I knew she would do it when she was ready.

Elizabeth was a very honest person and she had explained that her husband William knew everything that had happened. She also instructed me to make sure that Derek was also told. She explained to me “Both William and I are very anxious that we don’t take liberties with you Lucille without his knowledge and that before we go too far it is important that both you and Derek want these things to happen.”

I knew she had been concerned on this issue and by now I had told Derek everything. I was confident that Derek wouldn’t cause any problems and I was right. Gradually I came to understand that Derek became aroused as I told him the naughty things. He was ashamed of it and tried to hide his excitement, but I knew. I was very happy to tell her that his trousers always tented up.

She shocked me when she told me that she had a similar sort of arrangement with her daughter in law Claire.

I did express some surprise and asked her very respectfully if her son John knew. She just told me that it wasn’t necessary for John to know as he was away most of the time and it was unreasonable for a young woman like Claire to be left without some sort of personal satisfaction. In a way I understood Claire’s situation. I myself had been kept in much the same situation but for a different reason.

Mrs Kent seemed to have rescued us both. Actually, I discovered later on that Claire’s arrangement with her mother in law was quite different to mine. Claire was a lovely girl but was more forceful than me. She had a very strong personality and liked to be in charge.

I was sitting in the kitchen one morning having a cup of tea with Derek and the phone rang. In one way I had been expecting a call of sorts so I was on tenterhooks.

When Derek answered I could tell it was William next door and the two men exchanged some information regarding some clients. I wondered if anything else would be said.

Then I heard Derek murmur compliantly “I understand William. Yes I will do as you say. I will tell her now.” I guessed that something personal had been said.

Then Derek half whispered “Will I be allowed to come with her Mr Kent?” He sounded a little pathetic.

Obviously the answer disappointed him as he looked very down and answered “Yes I understand Mr Kent. Thank you very much.”

When he came off the phone I looked at him expectantly. He was very quiet and then told me that Mr and Mrs Kent wanted to see me straight away. It had never happened like this before and I simply asked “Do they want to see us both about something Derek?”

She looked serious “No, Lucille. Only you, and he said that I may be allowed on another occasion if I was a good boy.” I felt elated but sorry for him and gave him a sympathetic smile.

He said quietly “They want you in a short skirt.”

I nodded. It looked as if things were going to move on. Derek simply told me “You had better go and change into something shorter, Lucille.”

I nodded. I knew the sort of clothes that were required. I had already worn them for Mrs Kent but this was the first time Mr Kent would be present. I asked him “Did he say anything about my underclothes?”

He blushed but muttered “Yes, he said that he assumed you would wear your little white knickers.”

“My cotton ones?” He nodded.

I had put on my cotton panties that morning as I had hoped I would be sent for and I explained “I am already wearing those Derek.”

He didn’t say anything for a moment then asked “What about your skirt, Lucille?” He seemed to be questioning me to make sure I was suitable to see our neighbours.

I told him “I can roll the waist up under my belt as high as I like, Derek. Do you think this is short enough?” As I spoke I rolled it up so that the bottom of my skirt was half way up my thighs.

Derek canlı bahis şirketleri looked at me carefully and then said “If they want it shorter then he can always tell you. He should be able to see them when you sit down.”

“Do you mean my panties?”

He looked at his feet in embarrassment but also trying to sneak a look up my skirt. I had realized after talking to Mrs Kent that Derek had a fetish about women’s panties.

She had explained that many men not only liked seeing them but also smelling them and quite often wearing them. She told me it was very empowering for women. Panties could be used to control men.

It had made me feel empowered but she had told me “Leave it for now Lucille. We will sort him out later on when we are all ready.”

She was right. For now all I wanted was to make sure I was dressed suitably for our neighbours. I knew Derek wanted to help. I sat down directly in front of him. My skirt waist was rolled up. I asked him “Can you see them?”

He panted “Partly, but it is a bit dark.”

“Do you think it would be better if I opened my legs?” He nodded. I opened my legs but also raised my right foot up onto the chair. I knew I was displaying my white panty gusset.

He muttered “He will like that Lucille. He will be able to see everything.”

I knew that things were becoming more explicit between my husband and me but that expression shook me. I muttered “Do yuu really mean everything Derek?”

He was panting “Well almost everything.”

I needed to know “Will he see all my crotch?”

“Yes Lucille he will be able to see all your panties and your crotch.”

“Can you see my pussy through my panties, Derek?”

I think that question shook my husband “No Lucille. Do you think he will want to see your pussy?”

We were both being frank and I told him “I am not sure Derek. All I know is that Mrs Kent wants me to help him and be very willing.”

Derek looked at his feet again before saying “You had better go now Lucille. You can’t keep them waiting.”

I stood up and kissed my husband on the forehead before leaving. Our neighbours had expressed the desire that they didn’t want to take advantage of me.

I had also made it clear that I wanted to be willing to help. Now it was very evident that my husband Derek also wanted me to be willing. I wondered if he wanted to be willing as well.

When I knocked their door, Mrs Kent opened it with a big welcoming smile and led me into their beautiful lounge.

She smiled at her husband who was reading the newspaper saying “There we are William, the lovely little girl from next door has come to see us.”

In one way it was ridiculous. I was after all 39 years of age. However all these little twists made it more exciting? Also, I suppose my short black skirt helped the fantasy situation of me being a little girl for them.

She sat me on a nice chair directly in front of her husband and joked “Cross your legs Love, as otherwise he will see your panties.”

I sat down and smiled at them both. Mrs Kent had some nice cakes and a cup of tea ready so it was lovely and homely. We chatted about a few things. I can’t even remember what we said as obviously things were going forward.

Elizabeth casually remarked “How does Derek feel about us sending for you Lucille.”

I answered truthfully “He was nervous but pleased for me. He wanted to know if he could come with me.”

She chuckled “I thought so. You can reassure him, his turn will come. Does he know that sometimes you are a naughty girl Lucy?” I panted. This expression had been used before but it had never gone further.

I wanted it so much and I said “I told him that if I was naughty and you may chastise me.”

Mr Kent nodded and spoke to his wife “If she has been naughty Elizabeth it is time she had her bottom smacked.”

Elizabeth said “I think you are right William. She has told me she is a very willing girl.”

William spoke to me directly “Is that right, Lucille. You are quite a big girl. Tell me, are you a big willing girl.”

I was panting now and didn’t want any hiccups “Yes Mr Kent. I am a big willing girl. I have spoken to my husband and he wants me to be willing as well.”

She said “I did ask your husband about your underwear Lucille?”

I panted. It was getting closer. “He did tell me Mrs Kent. I have my white cotton panties on.”

Mr Kent groaned. He obviously liked that. His wife laughed “They must be like the ones you used to wear when you were in school, Lucy?”

It was exciting to realise what he liked. I liked encouraging him and murmured “Yes Mrs Kent, I have my white school knickers on.”

William groaned and clutched his groin and murmured urgently to his wife “Are you going to smack her bottom?”

She laughed and beckoned me over her knee.

As she pulled my skirt up to my waist I was aware that with my full cut panties my bottom must have looked quite substantial.

Apart from my white panties on, I had also canlı kaçak iddaa put on some matching knee length socks so I must have presented a sort of big 39 year old schoolgirl image.

I smiled to myself when I heard him groan again and then heard Elizabeth tease him by saying “She really is a nice big girl for you William.”

He was panting “She seems nice and juicy, Elizabeth.”

She laughed “She is William. I think she can be a nice Juicy Lucy for you.”

As she spoke, she squeezed both my bum cheeks. I think she was enjoying fondling my bum. I certainly was and from his groans I knew Mr Kent liked watching.

Mr Kent and I were almost bystanders with Mrs Kent taking all the actions and issuing any instructions.

As she was squeezing me I heard him asking her “Are you going to pull her knickers down, Elizabeth?”

We both knew that was what he wanted and she chuckled as she started to ease my panties down over the chubby curves of my bottom.

She was teasing him a bit as when my panties were halfway over by bottom she paused and asked


“Yes Dear?”

“Do you want me to take her panties right off or pull them down to her ankles or anything else?”

He had moved really close to us now and I could feel his hot breath as he muttered “Don’t take them right off for the moment. Just pull them down below her bottom cheeks so that I can take a few photographs.”

I felt my panties being pulled down a bit more until they were really half way down my thighs. I heard a camera shutter being clicked.

She asked me “I hope you don’t mind him talking a few pictures Lucille?”

I felt lovely and mumbled my assurances that I wanted to be a willing girl for them.

She patted my bare bottom and whispered “We will open your legs later Lucille so that he can have some pictures right up.”

He took a few more pictures and then it went very quiet until I heard Elizabeth say quietly “William, you can pull it out if you want to.”

He muttered “Thank you Dear.” And heard I the sound of a zip being drawn open and movement of clothes. Then a sort of steady movement accompanied by very heavy breathing.

I guessed what he was doing but wasn’t sure. Then I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror. My guess had been correct. He was looking at my bare bum and masturbating.

Mrs Kent must have noticed me looking in the mirror and whispered “You don’t mind him wanking. Do you Lucille?”

I immediately responded by saying “No, Mrs Kent. I want to be willing for you.”

She sounded pleased as she whispered back “Thank you so much Lucy. This is a wonderful help for me and such a treat for William. I know he likes your bum”

“He can see it whenever he wants to Mrs Kent.”

“Will Derek, object, Lucille?”

At this stage I knew that I wouldn’t have any problem with my husband and told her so. I knew that he wanted to accompany me. So with my panties down and me over Mrs Kent’s lap, and her husband masturbating I thought that now was an opportune time to ask.

“Could I bring Derek, next time, Mrs Kent? He won’t be any bother and I will tell him not to interfere.”

“Of course you can, Love. Actually Claire said that Derek looked a nice man. She suggested that he may like us to play with him.”

I could hear Mr Kent still huffing and puffing but now it was my turn to gasp with surprise. Mrs Kent hadn’t spoken about Claire very much but it looked as if she had been involved quite closely in helping her father in law.

I wasn’t sure whether to simply thank her or ask a few more questions.

All these actions and naughty thoughts were making me feel so juicy. I was having little throbbies and flushies myself. I hoped Mrs Kent was as well. I knew that Mr Kent was from all the grunting. I guessed he must be near.

Then I felt something touch my buttocks. It was so warm, almost hot. I realised it was his penis. Then he grunted really loudly and I felt hot stuff spill over onto my bottom. I wanted to giggle. I realised that Mr Kent had cum over my bum.

Mrs Kent laughed as well saying “Good job I have this handkerchief ready, William, otherwise it would make her panties wet.”

I felt her use the handkerchief to clean me. She also gave it to him saying, “You had better go to the bathroom, William and make yourself respectable.”

She had already seen to me, and there was no mess so I just stayed over her lap for a few minutes more.

It was very comfortable but she helped me to my feet saying “You had better pull your knickers up Lucille. He will be back in a minute. We can have another cup of tea then.”

My panties were down around my knees and I put my hand on a small table for support as I pulled them up and then eased my skirt down.

I was a little self-conscious as I was standing directly in front of Elizabeth.

She joked “Just imagine, Lucille, what people would say if they knew that William and I had your drawers down around your ankles.”

I laughed. canlı kaçak bahis She had a wonderful knack of being able to make me laugh.

Just then William came back into the room. The tea and cakes were all ready and we sat down and enjoyed them. They were so easy to chat to.

William handed over a sheet of paper to me with about 10 names on it. I recognized some as being quite influential people in our village.

The local Head Master and the Council Chief Executive together with the Vicar and a few senior people from a local factory were on it.

William told me “Tell Derek to expect telephone calls from these friends of mine asking him to look after their accounts and businesses.

I gasped. This was the sort of clients that Derek had wanted for years. It was even better when William said “Derek will be able to get double his normal fees from them. They are not concerned about money. They really need a good Accountant and I have recommended him.”

I knew that Derek would be over the moon and said “Oh William that is so wonderful. I know Derek will be grateful.”

Elizabeth laughed “There is no need for him to be grateful, Lucille. Derek is a first class Accountant. William has spoken to several people about him. They have been full of his praises. He has done some work for some of our friends already and has saved them a lot of money.”

I knew people were impressed with Derek’s work but the people on this list were in a different league to his old clientele.

William spoke seriously “Elizabeth is right Lucille. Derek really is a fine Accountant but even more importantly he is a fine young man. I have been very impressed with him.”

We chatted a little more and then William yawned and said “I feel a little weary now. I think I will have a little nap. I hope you don’t mind Love?”

Elizabeth smiled “Of course not Love. I will chat to Lucille for a little longer.”

After he had left I had to say “I do enjoy talking to you Mrs Kent. I hope I am not making a nuisance of myself.”

We were both sitting on the comfortable settee and she laughed “Of course not Love. You don’t realise how much William and I like the thought of living next door to such a lovely young couple.” As she spoke she put her arm around me in a sort of cuddle. It was so lovely I snuggled into her. She seemed so protective and made me feel safe.

With her arm still around me we carried on talking about all sorts of things. She told me “You must believe William when he said how much we admire both you and Derek. You both are really a lovely couple and we wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.”

Her words made me feel so safe and I snuggled in closer. I didn’t mean to, but my face was gently pushing into her large breast which was covered by her lovely blouse. It wasn’t deliberate but her right arm around my shoulders dropped a little to cup my right breast. It was quite innocent as we were both fully dressed.

She laughed “I know William and I sometimes refer to you as our little girl. Lucy but in reality you are quite a big girl.” As she spoke she fully cupped my breast and gave it a nice squeeze.” This was deliberate.

I laughed “To be honest Elizabeth, when you do that I feel like a big girl. But I must confess I like you doing that.”

She left her hand fully enclosing my breast saying “The main thing Lucy is that neither of us must do anything that offends the other and we should be completely honest with one another.”

This was exactly the sort of thing I hoped she would say as it gave me the opportunity to explain what I liked. I told her “I feel so nice when I tell you all my secret thoughts and about the things that I now know about Derek and although I never swear I like using the naughty words when we talk.”

She laughed “That’s lovely Lucy. I enjoy telling you about the naughty things I like as well. Tell me about the words you like best.”

I felt so free to say whatever I liked. “I like the word cuckold a lot and I like you talking about my Tits and pulling down my panties. They made me feel so juicy.”

She was breathing heavily now and squeezed my Nipple between her finger and thumb saying “They are nice words Lucille and to be honest I like playing with your Tit like this. I know William and I tease you about being our little girl but we both really like your big Tits.”

I muttered “I am glad you like them Mrs Kent.” She laughed. It was almost automatic sometimes as I reverted to calling her Mrs Kent.

“I think that cuckold is a nice word as well, Lucille. Do you think you would like Derek to be a cuckold? And more importantly do you think he would like to be your cuckold?”

Actually the answer to both questions were a resounding ‘Yes’ and I went on to elaborate by explaining that I had seen all of Derek’s fantasies on the computer and I knew he was fascinated with my underwear.”

I had already told her most of these things before so they weren’t a surprise. She said “I know he likes to smell your panties Lucy. Do you think he would like to wear them?” I had seen a picture of him in my knickers on his computer and told her. We both laughed.

She asked me “Do you think he would like to wear your bra as well Lucy?”

I smiled. I had already thought that.

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