Educating Caesar Ch. 05

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Roxanna stood outside the Temple of Venus, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight. She had left her offering and said her prayers as she had done every market interval since her arrival in the city. She was dressed in a deep blue chiton. A strophium of the same material and color was tied beneath her breasts and a matching belt emphasized her narrow waist. Her arms and head were covered by a matching palla, which she had draped to cover her lower face as well. Roxanna did not like attracting attention in public and found this disguise perfect for her needs.

She was attended by Felicity, who was also dressed modestly, and guarded by the ever-faithful Ajax and two other former gladiators. Roxanna insisted upon making this trip by foot and Ajax had given up trying to talk her out of doing so long ago. The men followed well behind, since anyone so well guarded was prone to attention and gossip.

It was late morning and the day was glorious, the stifling heat of summer had finally broken and the sky was the deep azure blue that marks the coming of fall. Roxanna was in no hurry. She and Felicity wandered among the stalls lining the forum, which was on their way home. Roxanna’s favorite vendor was there and she purchased his specialty, braised sausage and vegetables stuffed inside freshly baked bread. She treated everyone in her entourage, though one of the men would come in to collect theirs after the ladies left the stall, their own goodies tucked neatly into the small basket Felicity carried.

Roxanna and Felicity stood outside, exchanging gossip about those who passed by. A group of senators stood nearby, talking amongst themselves. Now that the worst of the summer heat had dissipated, the rich families were returning from their seaside and country estates. A great many of the rich men were senators, and Roxanna knew their reappearance in Rome would be a definite boon for her business.

Ajax caught her eye and nodded; she and Felicity could wander at will. Roxanna was reviewing her mental to-do list for any other tasks she might complete before returning home when she felt the odd sensation that she was being watched. She lowered her head and began scanning the thronged forum through her lashes. It didn’t take her long to locate the source. He stood at the fringe of the group of senators, the oak-leaf chaplet atop his thick blonde hair, his dark eyes dancing in a secret smile meant only for her. How had he recognized her with her head covered and her face veiled, among so many others?

His last visit to her had been three weeks ago; three weeks that had felt more like three months. He had sent her a message that his late-night wanderings were causing tongues to wag and that he would return as soon as the talk stopped. Roxanna had her own spies in the forum, none beylikdüzü escort of whom had mentioned his name, despite her repeated prodding to ‘tell her everything, even the dullest gossip.’ She had come to the conclusion that the wagging tongues worrying Caesar were likely those of his wife and mother.

The memory of his last visit flooded Roxanna’s mind and she was glad for the veil that hid her blush. Her mind’s eye flashed the image of him standing naked over her in her bath. She felt the thud of desire firing through her veins, making her entire body tingle. She wondered if he was thinking similar thoughts about her.

Another senator clapped him on the back, stepping close to confide something before laughing heartily before turning his eyes to Roxanna. He proffered a slight inclination of his head; Roxanna acknowledged him in turn. Caesar’s smile was briefly apologetic before Crassus led him away.

“That’s strange,” Felicity noted, looking at the skies. “I did not know Marcus Crassus ever laughed unless a building he does not already own is on fire, yet there’s not a puff of smoke to be seen.”

Both women were laughing as they started home.

Roxanna, still draped in her palla, though she had pushed it off her head, was in her study, perusing her well-kept accounting ledgers as she finished the meal she had picked up in the forum. She looked up when Felicity entered.

“The senator is here to see you, Mistress.”

Roxanna required no further information; she had made it plain to the few members of her household who knew of his visits that his name was never to be mentioned. He had never come unannounced, most certainly not in the middle of the day. “Show him in,” she instructed as she returned the ledgers to the basket beside her chair.

She rose to greet him as he entered, “What a pleasant surprise, please come in. May I offer you some wine, something to eat, perhaps?”

His smile was strained and he was distracted. “No. Thank you.”

Roxanna dismissed Felicity with an upward nod, indicating her desire for privacy. Felicity pulled the heavy drape over the door before retreating.

Roxanna turned back to her guest and found that he had closed the distance between them and was standing directly in front of her. The strained smile had been replaced with a look that was pure desire. Caesar ran his hands up her arms, reached behind her and pulled the palla back over her head, and then kissed her with a passion that drove the rest of the world out of her mind.

His hands were rough and greedy as he stroked and squeezed her through the fabric. Roxanna was relieved to find she was not the only one strained beyond endurance after three weeks apart. She melted into his hands and against his lips.

Caesar beyoğlu escort backed her against the desk and lifted her onto it as if she were weightless. He found one edge of the palla and parted it, then grabbed the long skirt and began pulling up the front of her chiton. Roxanna tugged the uppermost layer of toga resting on his left shoulder; when she finally reached the weighted free-end, the toga fell open. Caesar’s hands parted her thighs and he stepped between them.

Roxanna’s left hand was spread on the desk behind her for support; her right hand held tight to the back of his neck. Caesar’s left hand held the front of her skirt against her belly. He lifted his tunic with his right hand, breaking the kiss so he could see to navigate past the layers of bunched clothing. He shuffled his feet, moving still closer to her. Roxanna pressed her lips together tightly when she felt him against her. He wrapped his left arm around her, pressing his hand against her lower back to pull her forward, onto him.

Running his right hand farther up her skirts to grasp her hip, he looked into her eyes. His voice was a coarse whisper, “Veil your face.”

Roxanna released his neck and quickly located the edge of the palla, draping it below her eyes, which were locked on his. She snaked her hand back behind his neck.

Caesar nodded and smiled, “Just like you were in the forum,” he whispered and then he plunged into her.

Neither spoke another word. There was no need; the situation spoke for itself: The senator standing with his open toga dragging the floor, his tunic lifted, the veiled woman who was not his wife, sitting before him on the desk, her skirts pushed up, her legs spread around his hips as he took her with the midday sun shining through the high window in a room that did not even have a door. Everything about this set of circumstances was forbidden.

They struggled to keep quiet as they thrashed madly against each other. Roxanna closed her eyes and threw her head back, lost in a sea of sensation. Caesar watched her with glazed eyes. She leveled and shook her head suddenly, her eyes widening in warning before they fluttered closed, only to open even wider. He heard her teeth chatter beneath the veil and pulled her closer to the edge of the desk so he would be able to maintain the strength and depth of his thrusts without holding her hip. He got her situated and clapped his free hand over her veiled mouth just in time to muffle what would surely have been a loud cry of pleasure. Her hands squeezed his shoulders as she unleashed her pent-up passion on him.

Roxanna nodded at him as she returned to her senses. Caesar removed his hand from her mouth and returned it to her hip, thrusting harder and faster as he felt his own climax building. bomonti escort He focused on Roxanna. Everything about her was unbearably erotic: The way she devoured him with her green cat’s eyes, the gentle bounce of her breasts as he thrust into her, the way the muscles of her arms and legs moved beneath her skin as she met each of his movements with her own, the sound of her heavy breathing, the way she squeezed his cock over and over with her tight, hot little cunt. There was one thing Caesar loved above all these things, though, and that was her response to him- her visibly hardened nipples straining against the front of her gown and her sweet, slippery wetness. She was so WET.

Caesar clenched his jaw so tight Roxanna heard his teeth grind together. He locked into position, as deep inside her as possible. She felt him coming and held her breath to keep silent as a second orgasm overtook her suddenly.

They held the embrace as their hearts stopped pounding and their breathing returned to nearly normal. Caesar stepped back and unwrapped the palla that had obscured her nose and mouth. He held her face in his hands and smiled apologetically at her. “When I saw your guard in the forum, I looked for you, your fair skin and your fiery hair. I had decided you were not there when I saw him nod to someone. Had you not been facing me, I would not have recognized you. I’ve never seen you so… covered, but all I could think about was how you look wearing nothing at all. I wanted you, then and there and just as you were.” He took a deep breath and his smile broadened. “It is lucky that Crassus saw me leering at you and reminded me we were in the forum.”

Roxanna could not resist his smile. She suddenly leaned forward and planted a single kiss upon it before drawing back just as quickly. “How did you escape from him?”

“I told him there was an urgent bit of business I must see to immediately,” he answered.

Roxanna, re-draping his toga, laughed. “Very subtle.”

Caesar considered the situation and chuckled. “In retrospect, it was a poor excuse but, at the time, I was… highly distracted.”

She straightened his chaplet and then let her hands rest on his shoulders as she gave him a sexy smile. “Do you feel better now?” Her voice was low and her tone seductive.

“Oh, most definitely, but if I remain in your presence one more minute, you will have me distracted again,” he smiled as he turned toward the door.

“I don’t know if I would have you DISTRACTED, but I definitely would HAVE you again,” she purred.

He pushed aside the drape covering the door and turned in the corridor toward the rear door before he risked looking at her. His smile had not dimmed in the least. “Yes, you would. I shall see you tomorrow evening.”

“Then I shall have to… CONSOLE myself… by thinking of you until then…” she said, suggestively.

Caesar shook his head and laughed softly. “I will take my leave of you now, though, with THAT image in my mind, I doubt it will be possible for me to think clearly.”

Roxanna’s sweet, sexy laugh was the perfect send off.

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