Earning the MMF Pt. 02

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Saturday morning, I awaken around ten, surprised at first, to see Don’s naked form in my bed.

A moment of confusion, quickly replaced by a smile, as the cobwebs fade, the memory of the night before turns the smile to a grin quickly.

Noticing my best friends, beautiful hard cock, brings another flood of memories, as I relive the long make out session we had before sleeping.

Remembering the feeling of his toned body against mine, as we rolled around kissing and moaning for hours.

I grudgingly rise, My morning wood leads me to the bathroom. I have to force my thoughts elsewhere, waiting for my cock to soften enough to piss. After a nice long pee, I return to my bedroom.

Don, says “Hi,” softly, he is standing, looking at his phone. “Did you see this?” he continues turning to me as he speaks.

“Hang on,” he says, while fiddling with his phone. He turns a moment later, showing me the screen.

A video is just starting, A two minute clip of Brandy riding her dildo.

“The vid is titled, cumming to my good boys.” Don exclaims, quite proudly.

I smile as I watch her ride, my hand moves to my rapidly growing cock, as my eyes fasten on Brandy’s huge natural tits. We watch her, both moaning and stroking, until the clip ends much too quickly.

We send back a snapshot of us kissing, our small hard cocks on full display. A text, from Brandy, quickly follows, it reads, see you soon boys.

We debate watching it again.

Don wins the debate by saying, “Let’s just go make out in the shower, and get ready.” After a nice long steamy shower, including lots of kissing practice, we get ready for our big day.

We make a quick stop on the way, arriving at Brandy’s around quarter to twelve. Brandy greets us at her door, smiling when she sees we have flowers, and assorted treats.

We are surprised to see she has company. A lovely, slim asian girl, “Guys this is Melissa, Melissa these are my best friends, Don and Roger.”

“Hi guys, Melissa says,” in a very sweet voice.

I Try not to stare at Melissa as I arrange all of Brandy’s treats. “Chocolate, candy, coffee, some fruit, and trail mix,” Don smiles as he details her haul.

“No wonder, you love these guys, Brandy. Look at all your treats. I should go, I have to meet my girlfriend, nice to meet you boys.” Melissa waves as she finishes her sentence.

Brandy shows Melissa to the door, locking, and bolting it as Melissa’s footsteps fade.

“Mel thinks you are cute Roger.” Brandy smiles as she returns, she gives me a bigger smile as she sees my blush.

“You think she is hot, Roger?” Brandy is still smiling brightly, enjoying my anxiety.

“Look, I know I jerked you guys off, but it’s still okay to think other girls are hot.” Brandy giggles as Don responds.

“She is gorgeous, He blurts out, we all laugh, feeling the tension release a bit.

I nod in agreement, adding a moment later, “Yeah she really is.” Brandy smiles again.

A minute or two later, Brandy says, “Okay guys, some guidelines,” we nod as she continues.”I am in control, boys.”

“We will be exploring my fantasies today, and, if you guys are okay with that, you will each get to lose your virginity, in the very near future.” Brandy smiles as we nod vigorously.

“Yes boys, before you ask, I will take both your virginities, in the same night, but you each get a threesome night.”

We beam as she pauses.

“So if you boys have role play ideas, iron out your details, and we can make them a reality soon.” Brandy’s words have us both hard as steel. She smiles, while admiring our bulges.

“Why don’t you guys get naked and make out for a bit, while I change.” We begin undressing as she walks away.

A minute or two later, between kisses, Don asks, “Are you going to be brave enough to ask Brandy to play your little sister?”

Don’s tone is teasing, his smiles turning to giggles, when I respond. “I will if you are brave enough to ask her to play your Mommy.” We laugh at each other, and go back to kissing.

As we pause for a breath, Don asks me, “Did you ever think you would be so hard from kissing another guy?”

I pause, feeling brave, I reply, “I had thought about kissing you before, but I just.”

Don cuts me off, “I had too Rog, it’s okay.” I pull him close for another kiss as we smile at each other. We continue kissing until a text from Brandy interrupts us.

Don explains. “We are to get her laptop, she has a slideshow cued up, and be stroking, watching it, when she comes in. She says we are role playing as ourselves.”

“Oh she is going to catch us jerking off,” he adds,as he finishes reading. I just nod as Don gets us all set up, texting Brandy when we are ready.

We stroke quietly for a few minutes, the slideshow features pics of Brandy, mostly in big cleavage tops, with a smattering of her ass in yoga pants.

“What the Fuck, guys,” Brandy announces her presence, we turn to see her standing in a bath robe.

“um shit, fuck sorry,” we stammer as we ankara sınırsız escortlar try to cover up our cocks. Brandy walks over as we squirm, grabbing the laptop before continuing.

“I go for a shower, and this is what you guys do, my best friends?”

Brandy shakes her head as she goes on, “seriously, guys, looking at the pics I did for my ex and jerking off, what the fuck?”

We sit quietly acting guilty. Brandy scoffs before continuing, “You don’t have to cover up, I already saw your little dicks.”

Brandy holds up her pinky finger for emphasis. “Two, fucking, grown men with, little tiny dicks.” She scoffs. wiggling both her pinky’s at us, while shaking her head.

We squirm as she stares, reluctantly uncovering ourselves as she laughs.

“Brandy, shit I am so sorry, we just,” I sigh as Don cuts me off.

“Sorry Brandy we will do whatever it takes to make this up to you.” Don’s head is bowed, his eyes on the floor.

She stands quietly for a minute, her features set in anger. “Yeah you will,” Brandy says quite sternly. “Wait here,” she adds, a moment later before walking down the hall.

Don turns to me, mouthing “Wow,” I nod happily, my eyes wide with excitement.

Brandy returns two minutes later, naked except for a strap on. “Look boys I have a cock now too.” Brandy wraps her hand around the dildo pointing it at us while she strokes up and down on the six inch blue toy.

We are staring at her huge gorgeous tits as she says, “Start stroking.” Adding, as we begin. “stroke those tiny dicks boys, nice and slow.”

We do as instructed, watching Brandy closely as she dances for us. A steady stream of taunts ensue, we are called pervs, and ass hats, amongst other things, every insult has a little dick slur attached to it.

“You little cocked boys, are going to make this up to me now!” Brandy’s tone is firm, and her stern look leaves no room for argument. We both nod, with our heads hanging from the guilt.

“Let go of your tiny dicks,” Brandy instructs us a minute or two later. She smiles as we comply, “now boys, reach over and wrap your hands around each other’s little cock.”

We stall, playing our parts, until we hear, “Now boys, do it.”

I feel my friend’s hand move across my thigh as I reach for his cock. I can’t stifle my moan. Overwhelmed by the feeling of his rock hard silky cock in my hand, combined with the feeling of his hand on my small throbbing cock.

Don moans softly, as we begin gently caressing each other.

“Feel good boys?” Brandy says with a giggle, her tone turning stern again as she adds, “Stroke each other’s little cocks.”

We can’t help but moan again as we begin stroking each other. Brandy moves closer, “How does your friend’s little cock feel Roger? Is it throbbing? Do you like playing with cock?”

I just moan softly, as she laughs, twirling away from us, “stroke those little dicks boys,” she instructs us through her laughter.

I cannot believe how good my friend’s hand feels, as he slides it up and down my shaft. Or how good his incredibly hard cock feels in my hand.

We are both moaning, pre cum already flowing as we stare at Brandy. She dances quietly for a few minutes, enjoying our moans of pleasure.

I see a glint of something in her eye, A rye smile crosses her face, as she says, “move over a bit and make some room for me.”

Brandy sits in the middle of the couch, instructing Don to stand. She positions me carefully, adjusting me as she tells Don to get over her knee. She smiles as she positions him, pushing his face into my crotch, as she says, “No sucking.”

Brandy proceeds to spank Don, telling him off for being a perv, asking how he likes his face full of cock. Brandy quickly corrects herself, “Well hardly a face full,” turning to me, with a sardonic smile and a raised pinky.

I blush as she mocks me, understanding I too will soon have a face full of cock. I can’t help but moan as her ever hardening spanks cause Don’s face to slide across my shaft. I can feel his breath on my balls every time he yelps.

After about thirty spanks, she has us switch. Brandy teases Don that his little dick is still hard, as he rises.

I lower my head into my friend’s crotch as I await my spanking. I feel another strong surge through my cock as my friend’s dick touches my cheek.

I have to fight an unexpected strong internal urge to just slide his beautiful little pole into my mouth. My brain is whirring in shock as her hand strikes my ass firmly.

I hear a moan from Don as I yelp. His dick is now pressing against my cheek, so close to my hungry mouth. I take my thirty hard spanks, quite happily.

I am Amazed by my level of arousal, the combination of Brandy’s dominance and Don’s delicious smelling balls filling me with lust.

After teasing me about enjoying my face full, she instructs us to stroke each other’s little cocks some more.

Brandy has us stroke faster and faster, urging us on with her whispers. “Good boys, stroke ankara suriyeli escortlar those tiny dicks, yeah boys make them throb.”

As she sees we are close, she has us slow down, saying, “Do you boys have lots of pre cum?”

Brandy continues as we nod. “I want you to scoop some up, and just tease each other’s little cocks while you taste each other.”

We do as she says, moaning happily, letting our cocks cool for a moment as we savor each other’s juice.

Brandy smiles at us with raised eyebrows, an unspoken question. We nod happily as she smiles brightly.

Brandy has us make out for her, undoing the strapon while watching intently. “Kiss for me while I masturbate, boys, mmm good boys,” she whispers softly as we begin.

“Just tease each other’s little dicks, no stroking just teasing,” Brandy instructs us as she teases her clit. She is sucking the dildo getting it wet while she watches us kiss, her finger circling her clitty as she prepares the dildo.

Brandy carefully sets the dildo on it’s base, lowering herself slowly as we watch, trying to kiss. Our lips still together as we turn our heads to stare.

A loud moan escapes her as she impales herself, pausing for a moment, before slowing riding her dildo.

“Make out,” she instructs us softly as she rides slowly. “I love watching boys kiss.” Brandy moans as she watches, her tight pussy clinging to the toy as she rides it as slowly as she can.

“No stroking, just kissing and teasing each other boys,” Her voice is straining as she increases her pace.

I play with my friend’s tight, full balls, moaning between kisses as his finger runs up and down my shaft. The sound of Brandy’s soaked pussy, sliding up and down on the dildo, is driving me crazy.

I slide my finger up Don’s silky shaft, pausing at his exposed cock head. Eliciting a loud moan as I smear his pre cum all over his twitching shaft.

“You boys are being really, really, good.” Brandy can barely speak as her orgasm nears. She is riding the dildo full force now, slamming her ass into the floor as she descends.

We are both stealing looks between kisses, our little cocks are aching for release. We hear the familiar sounds of Brandy’s imminent orgasm. She uses her finger to beckon us, pointing to her big bouncing tits.

We try to latch on, as Brandy bounces vigorously. Unable to suckle, we compromise, licking and holding her big round tits, until her orgasm subsides.

“I hope you boys are learning from this.” Brandy looks into our eyes as we sit.

I smile before answering, turning to Don, I say, “Anytime we want to make Brandy horny, we should make out in front of her.”

Brandy snorts, and we all enjoy a good laugh. After a brief cool down, and a trip to the ladies room, Brandy continues our lesson.

She has us pick a number between one and ten, I win with seven. Brandy stands, she reattaches her dildo, and begins, reattaching her harness.

Brandy instructs Don to retrieve some coconut oil from her bedroom. When he returns, I am, as instructed by Brandy, laying on a blanket, on the floor my legs spread ass up.

Looking up as Don returns, she says, “Lube up your best friend’s nice tight hole, while I finish up here.” Don kneels down, he begins applying the lube, I moan as his hands tease my crack.

“Finger him a little, get him ready,” Brandy is watching as she instructs him.

“Lift up a bit Roger,” Brandy continues as my friend’s finger causes me to squeal.

Brandy giggles as she instructs me, “stroke your little cock while your best friend fingers you Roger.” I reach down moaning as my hand finds my throbbing cock.

A few minutes later Brandy announces that I am ready. She has Don sit on the couch, positioning me on my knees in front of him.

“Bring that ass to me Roger.” Brandy’s tone is firm again. I wriggle back, stopping as I feel her dildo land on my ass cheek.

Brandy spanks my ass with her toy, lubing it up as she does. “Now lean closer and just lightly lick Don’s little cock Roger, good boy,” she purrs as I obey.

I feel the head of her cock pressing against my virgin rosebud, gently stretching me open. As she enters me I hear, “now take your friends little cock into your mouth like a good boy.”

“Reach down and stroke his little dick, Don.” I moan as my best friend follows her instructions. Brandy begins inching the dildo into me, encouraging me to suck my friend’s cock as she does.

“Get all of his little cock in your mouth, Roger,” Brandy starts to fuck me gently. She adds, “Good boy,” as I take all five and a half hard inches into my mouth.

“I don’t think your little cock can hit the back of his throat hon.” Brandy teases Don as I moan in delight. Hearing my moans she turns her attention back to me.

“Do you like having a cock in your ass Roger?” Brandy giggles her way through her questions. “Or is it the little cock in your mouth making you moan like that?”

Brandy pushes my head back down as I try to answer. “It is ankara türbanlı escortlar very rude to talk with a cock in your mouth, Roger.”

Her laughs drown out our moans as she begins fucking me harder. Holding my head firmly on my best friend’s cock, Brandy begins pounding my ass mercilessly.

“I like watching you squirm Roger, gagging on your friend’s little dick, while I pound your tight ass with my dildo.”

She giggles in delight while I gag and Don moans. I do my best trying to match my rhythm on Don’s cock to the rhythm of Brandy’s fucking.

My own cock is like steel, in Don’s hand as I bob eagerly on his swollen twitchy pole. Brandy just grunts as she fucks me harder and harder.

A few minutes later, much to my relief she switches us, twirling her finger in the air as a signal.

Brandy instructs Don to take my little cock in his mouth. cooing as he begins eagerly bobbing away.

She laughs as she watches, “someone was eager,” she teases lightly. Brandy slowly but surely increases her pace, as she instructs Don on how to be a good boy and suck my little dick.

I am moaning, marveling at how fast a learner my best friend is. His tongue is bathing my cock head with sweet caresses, as Brandy fucks him harder. Don licks up and down my pole as I emit a steady stream of moans.

“Someone likes sucking little dick,” Brandy says teasingly, as she pushes Don’s head onto my cock. I hear him gag as she pounds his ass.

“Take that cock,” she moans wildly, thrusting her hips into him punishing his virgin hole.

I can feel my friend’s anguish as he whimpers on my cock, understanding the pain he is experiencing all too well. Brandy shows no mercy, continuing to stretch him out as she guides his head up and down on my now thrusting cock.

A few minutes later, I hear a sigh, and feel my heart race in fear as she again twirls her fingers. As I kneel Brandy muses.

“This is one of my smallest dildo’s boys, I mean I think the only ones I have smaller are my butt plugs.” She laughs derisively, before continuing, “I still have the biggest cock in the room though, don’t I boys?”

“Yes,” we reply in turn as she glares at our delayed response.

I tremble in anticipation as Brandy toys my hole. “Relax she whispers, suck Don’s cute little dick.” I feel her enter me, gently this time, “Suck his cock Roger,” Brandy encourages me as I begin bobbing.

“Worship that little cock,” Brandy is gently fucking me, allowing me to appreciate the nice small cock I have in front of me.

Don is moaning softly, enjoying my caress, I let my mouth go loose, and just let Brandy’s thrusts do the work.

“Good boy, Roger.” Brandy praises my technique, holding my hips, she slightly increases her pace. Stroking all of the dildo, in and out of me, as her thrusts slide my mouth over my friend’s twitching cock head.

Brandy is gentle this time, long slow thrusts, one of her hands, guiding my head, as she coos in my ear. “Good boy, Roger, Good boy, suck his little dick.”

A minute or two later, we hear a loud moan, followed by Don’s whimpering voice. “I am going to cum,” he can barely get the words out.

Brandy pulls my head off of him, glaring at Don, while twirling her fingers. “No you are not!” “Neither of your little cocks gets to cum until I say so, understood boys?”

“We understand,” we reply meekly, while switching for her. I savor the feeling of my friend’s wet mouth, understanding, we will be getting fucked for a while yet.

“I could do this all day,” Brandy confirms my fears as she enters Don’s tight little ass. Don receives a much harder fucking than I did, a response to his desire to cum so soon. Brandy holds his head on my cock for a few minutes before slowing down again.

I am now fighting my own orgasm as she allows my friend space to bob on my pole. He has mastered matching their rhythms, I watch in amazement, wondering if this is really his first blowjob.

Don is slapping my hard little cock on his cheek, as Brandy just holds him. All of the dildo is inside him, she gently rotates her hips, teasing his prostate, while he moans beside my cock.

“You boys are starting to like sucking cock aren’t you?” I nod in reply, my mouth hanging open, while Don moans his agreement.

Brandy fucks Don long and slow for a few minutes, I am fighting my own orgasm as he suckles my cock head.

I have to pull him off me, explaining I am too close. I hear “good boy, Roger.” I begin to smile, it quickly fades, as Brandy twirls her fingers.

After a few more minutes, and two finger twirls, brought on by our imminent orgasms. Brandy decides we need a break from sucking cock.

She sends us to the bathroom with instructions to clean her toy. Brandy joins us a few minutes later, after we have both managed to piss. She smiles softly, and says, “Time out.”

She rewards Don with a long sweet sensual kiss, before melting into my arms, and delighting me the same way. “I just came again boys,” she offers us each an index finger, allowing us to taste her as she continues.

“That makes four today, I had two small ones when I was fucking you guys.” Brandy beams as our eyes widen. “You guys are being really fucking good,” Brandy is between us her hands lightly caressing our chests as she speaks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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