Dura Lex Sed Lex Ch. 02

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Usual Disclaimer: These characters refer to each other as sisters. If that disturbs you, you have two options:

1.Leave. Duh.

2.Read the first chapter. It explains why you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

In fact, I recommend everyone reads the first chapter…well…first. Again, duh. But, if you’ve read the first chapter, and you’re down with the premise, then here you are.


I started that morning as I would any: with what seemed like an hour’s worth of preparation in the bathroom. Worth it? I should say so. I began brushing my hair before my shower, letting the knots and tangles which sleep cursed me with fall out on each stroke.

I heard the padding of bare feet behind me coming from the hall. “Who’s that sexy girl in the mirror, sis,” Tiffany asked me, coming up behind me as I brushed my hair.

I put the brush down, and began preparing for my shower. “Feeling vain this morning, eh Tiff?”

“No, silly, I was talking about you,” she responded while assisting me with my bra’s rear-clasp. I felt her hands, still cool from the night’s chilly breeze, shifting down my sides and hook into my panties.

“I can do that myself, thank you.”

“I know; I just love seeing it. I don’t think I could ever get enough of your cute little ass, Jess.” I made no attempts to stop her as the cool silk rippled and gathered as it traveled over my full ass. I shivered a little as the chills spread throughout my body.

“Goodness, you’re shivering,” Tiff teased, raking her nails lightly up my back. “You could use this shower then, huh? Just don’t take too long. I need one too,” Tiffany said, as she walked out of the room.

I stepped into the shower and started the water. As the hot water cascaded through my hair, I let my mind wander. It seemed like only a day ago, Tiffany and I were making our first awkward attempts at lovemaking; still at home, at that. Now, here we were at college, in a dorm room together, and away from prying eyes.

When we first moved in, it was awkward not having to be cautious about when we fooled around. Admittedly, avoiding our dad, Patrick “the eye” Langley, was part of the thrill of our earliest encounters, but now that we were on our own, we were free to try more intimate instances.

I’ll never forget the first night we slept in the dorm. I was turned on my side, facing the wall, when I felt a soft hand on my bare shoulder. It was Tiffany. “What is it, Tiff,” I asked her, wiping the drowsiness from my eyes.

“It’s…an küçükçekmece escort unfamiliar ceiling. It feels weird being here, you know. It’s not anything like home. Do you think I could…”

“Sure thing,” I said, anticipating her request. “Hop in.”

Tiffany mounted the bed and stole away under the sheets with me. It was only then that I realized she was naked. “Tiff, forget to do something tonight? Put on some panties maybe?”

“Intentional, I assure you. Come on, off with yours too,” she answered, already trying to pull mine down. I didn’t protest. As the last of my pajamas came off, I felt the warmth radiating from Tiff’s legs…from between her legs.

I wasn’t aware, when I was in my pajamas, of how chilly the sheets were, so Tiffany and I huddled closely for warmth. At first I was on my side with Tiffany spooning me from behind. Her breasts pushed into my back, feeling like warm soft pillows while her nipples tickled my back where they rubbed.

Tiffany and I lay still for some time, and I was about to fall into sleep when Tiff threw her leg over my body, turning me on my back and letting her rest half on top of me. Her pussy was rubbing high on the inside of my thigh, and the warmth was amazing. I thought the wet heat I was feeling drip onto me would burn me, as she started to grind up against me.

“Jessica,” she said, “I’m sorry about this. I really need to get off now. I’ve needed to cum for the whole day.”

I let her continue rubbing, grinding her clit into my thigh, and my leg got wetter and slicker, letting her move even faster. “It’s okay, Tiff,” I told her, “I need to as well. Hold on a sec.”

I shifted my hips down the bed, and began grinding back against Tiff, joining us together in our most intimate of places. From this position, we continued grinding our clits against each others, propped up on our elbows, looking at the lust in each other’s eyes.

I asked Tiff in between my panting, “are you going to cum soon?”

“Mmm, not yet. Want this to last…a bit longer.”

“How does it feel, Tiff? Does it feel good, rubbing against this pussy,” I teased her. “You get so horny thinking about your sister’s little kitty?”

“God, Jess…you make me so wet when you talk like that…Put your finger in there, please!”

I lifted off of my one hand, and pushed my fore and middle fingers in between our hips (no easy task, mind you, we had a death grip on each levent escort other!) and began wagging it back and forth, stimulating our inner lips.

Suddenly, I felt Tiff go stiff and rigid as a steel bar, and she grabbed my fingers. She shoved them deep inside of her, and I felt her juices gush around my fingers, running out and into my palm. I moved my body down the bed, and licked my fingers clean of Tiff’s juices. They tasted different, but still reminded me of my own.

I came face to face with Tiffany, who began lapping at my palm. “I can taste you in there too,” she said. Even just the feel of her tongue on my hand had me excited, as I hadn’t gotten my release yet. I slipped my tongue into Tiff’s mouth, and drew our lips together. For a while she just let me have my way with her mouth. I licked around the inside of her mouth, all over her tongue, stealing back the juices she had gotten from my hand.

Eventually, I felt her tongue come to life. The sensations overwhelmed me, even from the simple kiss. I heard the metaphoric control room in my head go nuts, overloaded with this surge of emotion:


“The tongue has activated itself,” one of my abstract personifications said.

“Impossible,” my facetious ‘mind’s commander’ said. “The entry plug wasn’t inserted.”

“Pleasure readings are approaching the absolute border line.”

“It can’t be helped. I’m going down to the cage. The tongue’s most likely heading that way. Take care of things here,” the Commander said to his stern looking vice-commander before boarding an elevator.


“Sir, the tongue has diverted course. Nipples are raised for intercept.”


My clever visual metaphor was right. Tiffany’s tongue left my mouth, leaving a trail down my neck, and to my breasts. She lingered there, alternating between licking around the nubs, and sucking them into her mouth.

“Please, Tiff. I need it…down there.”

“What…what do you need? Go on and tell me.”

“I need you to lick me.”

“Where, Jess?”

“Please lick my pussy, Jess. I need to cum so badly.”

She obliged, moving down between my legs, stretching them open for an unobstructed view into my stretched open lips. I was wide open, and Tiffany inserted two fingers, testing my wetness. I was surprised when I felt her fingers go even deeper, and lost myself in the feeling as she went deeper inside me than she ever had. She curled kurtköy escort up her index finger, stretching me farther, while her middle finger reached the untouched space deep inside me.

I was disappointed as Tiff withdrew her fingers, but was quickly consoled as she replaced them with her tongue. She soothed with her slick tongue, sliding all around the inner walls, and dipping her tongue around the floor of my tunnel, collecting the juices which pooled there.

Tiff removed her tongue for only a moment. She swallowed the juices, and quickly put her tongue on the tip of my engorged clit. She kept her tongue pressed there, while she began thrusting her fingers in and out of my tunnel, sounds of my wetness evident in each stroke of her fingers.

She thrust her fingers up to the knuckles, and stroked deep inside me with her fingertips, driving me wild, as she ran her tongue around my button. I clenched down on her fingers, and as I came, Tiff closed her lips around my clit, sucking it into her mouth, and prolonging my spasms.

I remained tightly clamped on Tiffany’s fingers, and as she pulled her fingers out, I tensed up further, and her knuckles cracked. We were both exhausted, and all we could do was laugh. We fell asleep like that, and I’m not sure who drifted off first. I do know, though, that I woke up first. I stretched out my arms with a contented groan, and stood from the bed. In an instant, I tried to cover myself, realizing I was still nude, but quickly remembered that Tiffany was asleep. And, besides which, we had made love the night before: if I was still trying to be modest around her, I was pretending.

Even when we were still living at home, I was the modest one, I suppose. If Tiffany was changing, she’d tease me if I turned around, or went into the bathroom to change. “You’re about as modest as Mussorgsky, sis,” she’d say as I left for the bathroom (If you don’t get the joke, ask a music major).

She always told me that I had no reason to be modest, that my body was worth flaunting. Still, for the longest time, the only kind of bathing suit I would wear looked like a school-issue suit. Tiffany would tease me; she expected one day she’d find a white rectangle on the chest with my name across it.

But now, being with Tiffany, I finally feel like I can be myself; not cover myself up. I suppose I have her to thank for this sense of self-love. I remembered what someone much wiser than me once said.

“You mustn’t hate yourself. You must learn to love yourself. For, if you can love yourself, you can take care of yourself.”


That’s it for this chapter. If you’d like to see more from this series, I’d love to continue it. I’d probably just OVA the hell out of it, so let me know, and please vote. Thanks!

Your humble raconteur,

–Kyoketsu Shoge

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