Dreams of Mike

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Slowly lowering herself into the bubbling water, Jeannie closed her eyes and tried to erase the thoughts running through her mind. Bad day at work, fight with her boss, clients that weren’t cooperating made her head hurt and she was glad to finally be alone.

About a year ago, she had splurged on this outdoor paradise, the whirlpool tub, surrounded by tropical foliage, hanging baskets overflowing with flowers. This was HER spot, no one else’s.

Drifting in and out of sleep, Jeannie’s head resting on the edge of the tub, hot water foaming around her, covering her breasts, her mind begins to wander (as well as her hands) and imagines that her dream man is there with her, caressing her breasts, then moving lower to that hot spot between her legs. Suddenly being jolted out of her fantasy, Jeannie’s eyes sprang open and come face to face with a man.

“Hello there.. I didn’t mean to startle you.. But I just bought the house next door and well, I thought I’d come over to introduce myself.” Seeing the shocked look on the beautiful woman, he felt a tightness in ataşehir escort his groin that seems to have a mind of its own. ” I’m Mike, and I’d like to say I’m sorry for disturbing you, but I don’t think I am.”

Jeannie, now fully submerged in the water, knew her face must have been about ten shades of red, took her hand out of the water and introduced herself. Leaning over the whirlpool, Mike took her hand, and drew it to his lips, kissing the top, then placed it near his nose. “Mmmmm you smell wonderful.” Then taking a finger in his mouth, “you taste wonderful too.”

“Mmmmm..” Jeannie couldn’t believe the jolt of passion that had erupted in her. “I normally don’t allow anyone in here, but I’d love it if you’d join me.”

Not wasting any time, Mike strips down and lowers his full frame into the whirlpool, and within seconds, pulls Jeannie into his arms and begins to kiss her, their tongues meeting, hands discovering. Arching back, Jeannie feels Mike’s mouth meet her breast, taking her aroused nipple in his mouth and sucking intently. avcılar escort Cupping her other breast, he continues with the wonderful sucking, bringing Jeannie to the verge of insanity. “Oh god, Mike.. I…”

“Mmmmm.. You’ve what?” Mike asks, while only stopping the assault on her breasts to stare into her blazingly blue eyes.

Feeling very hot, very needing, Jeannie sighs.. “mmmm.. I need you…”

Pulling her close to him, kissing her, turning her around so her backside is against his chest, running his tongue along her neck as he begins to bend her over the side of the whirlpool. Feeling the jets of the whirlpool, he positions her just right. ” mmmmm.. Jeannie, lean in just a little bit, I want you to feel this…” As Jeannie’s clit approaches the pulsing jet, Mike’s fingers find her pussy and enters her.. Feeling her juices flowing, her muscles tightening up around them. “Ok honey, are you ready for the ride of your life?”

” OH, god yes!” Jeannie whimpers, loving the feel of his fingers assaulting her pussy. Pushing avrupa yakası escort up against her, Mikes throbbing cock resting in between her beautiful ass cheeks, he puts his hands on her waist and moves her pussy right next to the jets of the whirlpool.. “Mmmmm.. Oh my god that feels so good..”

“Not near as good as it’s going to baby.” Mike suddenly enters her pussy, taking her close to the edge almost instantly. “You are so tight, so hot, how does my cock feel?”

Breathing heavily, the steam swirling around them, Jeannie has never felt anything this hot before in her life. ” mmmmm…. Oh god, I love the way you fuck me, don’t stop…”

Pushing her right on top of the jets, he pounds into her pussy, feeling every muscle inside her tighten with the oncoming orgasm..

“Mmmm oh my god…. “

” Oh yea baby.. I want to feel you cum with my cock buried in you”

Pushing deeper, riding her faster, knowing that he was close to exploding, grabbing her hips. ” Oh shit, oh fuck, oh my god yes…I’m cumming!!!”

Feeling him exploding inside of her pussy, the jets pulsing on her clit, takes her over the edge and her orgasm rakes through her body, leaving her spent, exhausted, and so relaxed.

Opening up her eyes, hand still in between her legs, she looks around, and sees no one.

“Mmmmmm what a dream….”

To be continued…

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