Drawing His Attention

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She knew her husband liked to visit and lurk on online sex sites, often reading the random postings on the bulletin boards there and he knew she did the same. It’s both titillating and nerve wracking, as she always wondered what kinds of trouble her man might go looking for, but she did her best to be well-adjusted about it and understanding, even accepting of his interest in webcam sites. She has her little bit of strange she’s into, so why shouldn’t he? That didn’t mean she didn’t think about what she would do if she caught him doing more than he would ever be comfortable with her doing… The thought of him entering a private chat or video chat with another woman made her blood boil, and when her blood boiled, she looked for the most efficient outlet for the steam…

That’s where the fantasy comes into play. She thinks about if she ever caught him exchanging more personal information, getting a little one-on-one time with a chic, how she would find ways to punish him with her body that would leave him never wanting to fuck around anywhere else in any way. She fantasizes about waking up late at night, finding him hunched over both computer and phone, one open to email and the other to text, pictures, and messages from other girls, and his dick visibly hard. She would grab him by the hair at the base of his neck, pull his head back, and demand to know what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Walking around to the front of the chair, still using his hair as a handle, she forces him to look at her while she shoves his computer out of his lap and his phone to the floor. She sleeps naked, so he would be forced to face her, him clothed and her not, while the accusation as to what those webcam girls have that she doesn’t hangs in the air between them. Again, using his hair as handle, she makes him eye every inch of her well-curved, naked body.

His wide eyed stare takes in her round 32D breasts, no longer pushed up by a bra, but sitting tantalizing ripe and full, no restraint. His eyes slide down along the smooth indentation of her waist, lingering where the swell of her hips began, then continue to mark the slight growth of hair at her pussy, just barely grown back from the last Brazilian. His gaze wanders down her legs before his eyes shift back to her pussy and her tits. She growls, “That’s right. Get your fill, motherfucker. I’m about to fuck any other bitch’s body and words out of your head.”

Grabbing his hand, she drags him back innovia escort to the bedroom, pushes him down on the bed, him stammering out apologies, explanations, anything to try to keep her from doing anything too rash. Once on the bed, she slowly crawls her way up his body, hands positioned just outside the line of his body, nipples dragging slowly up his legs, his torso, his chest, until they are positioned just above his lips and almost eye-level. She feels his cock stir again and harden against the length of her body as she hovers, wanting to suffocate him with her tits. Before giving in to that desire, she crawls the rest of the way up his body, straddles his face, the tops of her feet pressing down on his chest as she uses her knees to keep his head focused up the length of her body. “Any last words before I ride your face and obliterate your dirty fucking mind?” He shakes his head as much as her knees and thighs allow and then she smothers him with her pussy.

She can feel his lips hungrily working at her clit, and she angles her ass back some to give him greater access. She grinds her hips in a circle eight, clit catching just the edge of his teeth as he opens his mouth to begin licking at her now swollen lips. Using the headboard as leverage, she gyrates against his mouth, sliding up to his nose, circling it with her clit and dipping it just a bit into her pussy, before sliding back down the lower part of his face, rubbing against the scruff of his chin. The friction is amazing and she can tell that he’s forgetting this is a form of punishment.

His hands release their grip on the sheets to steady her hips. He aims for a better position for himself and his enjoyment, but this isn’t about what he wants. She forces his hands off her hips, repositions herself at the best angle for her release, and rides his face until he is soaked with her pussy juice and panting from the punishing rhythm she’s keeping. He begins to groan, which she knows means he’s so hard it’s almost painful, but she’s a long way from easing that pain. He continues to groan, licking and sucking on her clit and pussy lips like his life depends on it (which, in some ways, it kind of does at this point), and she begins to feel that building momentum and heat. She slides down again to the scruff on his chin, taking a moment to revel in the friction that’s building. He realizes that she’s close to coming, works his hands free, and grabs istanbul escort her hips to angle her pussy right on his mouth as he tongues her until she cums. Clawing at the headboard to keep herself mostly upright, her breathing is ragged, but she’s nowhere near satisfied.

She glances over her shoulder toward his cock, and she sees it is fully curved forward, straining its length across his belly. She wants to torture it with tongue and mouth, keeping him on the brink, dick so hard he can’t even think straight until he is begging for her to finish him. Considering the best way to do this, she shifts off of his face, sits by his right side, and faces the length of his body. Without straddling him again (she doesn’t want to get too distracted), she grabs the base of his cock with her left hand and smoothly and fully slides her mouth down the length of him, lips sealed around him until they meet her hand. She balances herself with her other hand and begins to pull her way gently up his cock, savoring just how fucking hard he is. She begins with a slow rhythm. Her hand pulls up on his shaft while her mouth slides down it. She keeps this slow pace until her hand is dripping with saliva because he is so hard it’s literally drooling.

Carefully, she draws her lips back a little, letting her teeth graze his dick. She catches the base of his head a little as she comes up, circles it with her tongue, then slides her mouth back down his length, teeth grazing the whole way down. Holding her hair with her left hand, she turns her body until he can clearly see what she’s doing. Giving him this view, she begins to slide more quickly up and down his cock, teeth still lightly grazing, but toward the base, she seals her lips around his dick and shoves him as far into her mouth and throat as she can. She feels her eyes water as he touches her throat, and she swallows. She revels in the feel of him so hard in her mouth, her throat trying to close around and swallow up his dick. Exhaling heavily, she slides back up to his head. He is so hard it’s purple and so slick from her mouth. She meets his eyes, and they’re wide, so wide, and his breathing is hitched and catching; hard exhales and long, breathy inhales.

Sliding her mouth down the length of his dick one last time, she shifts her body again, this time facing her ass toward him and straddling his waist. She drops his dick from her mouth and it bounces against his belly. kadıköy escort She inches her hips and ass down his waist, catching his dick in one hand while bracing myself on his right leg with the other. Hovering for a moment, she looks over her shoulder at him before shoving herself onto him, hard. She feels his dick hit the end of her, and she begins to ride him. She forces herself to keep a punishing rhythm, up and down, hard, hard, hard, feeling his balls tighten up and hit her clit. She adjusts her hips so her ass is back a little farther and his hands come up and grab her hips. He’s trying to push them back straighter so he can get a deeper angle, but she keeps with the angle she’s got. She wants to feel as much of his balls against her clit as she can for as long as she can take it. The pressure is beginning to build again and she wants him to cum when she does, so she let his hands adjust her hips. By now he is practically sitting up, shoving her down on his cock, while she braces herself with her hands, down around his legs. His hips are lifting as he forces his way further and further into her body.

At the last minute, she decides to change poses, and slides off him. He makes a noise like, “Whaaa?” wondering what she’s doing, but he sees that she’s going for one of her favorite positions — doggy style: face down, ass up. He immediately gets to his knees, fits himself behind her, and slams his way into her tight pussy. From this position he hits all the right spots and she’s certain that if he keeps it up, she’s going to cum harder than ever. He slams into her, harder and harder. So hard that she’s whimpering, moaning, begging him to fuck her, fuck her so hard that she cums screaming.

His rhythm is speeding up, shifting, as he gets a little ragged around the edges. Just as she thinks he’s going to beat her to it, he rams into her one more time and she’s over the edge. She feels her pussy squeezing him as he pumps into her, once, twice, and then she can’t control it anymore. She feels that extra wetness rising and his balls and thighs get soaked by her juices. As he realizes what happens, he slams into her one last time, and it keeps her orgasm going. Her legs are shaking, but she doesn’t care. She can barely keep her ass in the air anymore, but the bed is now soaked. She feels him muster up one more pump, and they both topple over onto the bed, not giving a fuck how messy it’s become.

He wraps his arms around her, pulling her back against the length of his chest. Kissing her, he tells her how much he loves her, how he’s sorry for crossing a line, but that he might just have to do it more if it means she’ll fuck him like she just did. She isn’t quite sure how to feel about that… but the sex was awfully good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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