Dominated by the Ticklish Dom

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I shyly unlock Nick’s cuffs.

He guides my legs so that they wrap around his hips, and we silently roll. I let Nick pull my arms up above my head. I can’t look at him as his eyes ravish me. My cheeks burn and I can’t hide anywhere. Nonetheless, I try to bury my face behind my upstretched arms. Nick chuckles a knowing chuckle.

I moan with embarrassment and self-pity. It’s a jarring feeling of being alarmingly vulnerable and a sense of complete belonging. It feels right to be squirming in humiliation beneath Nick before he’s even touched me. How could I think to try and play the dom? How could I pretend to be in control when all the while I was longing to be utterly broken?

Nick’s fingers wiggle above my erect nipples. His grin is unbearable.

“You ready for revenge, Pearl?”

I whimper.

“You wanna tell me where you’re most ticklish, or should I just experiment?”

Nick twirls his fingertips over my breasts, teasing the skin around my nipples but never touching them. I moan and grind into him. He’s still deep inside me. I feel so full, it’s so delicious. I squeeze him and try to pull him in further with my legs. It turns out to be a mistake.

“I can’t concentrate.” Nick grunts and withdraws.

“No!” I cry. Nick laughs, eyes glinting, he drags his thumb along my lower lip.

“Shh, once I’m done with you, I promise.” He winks again and I moan as I feel my face turn to fire.

“Fuck you.” I breathe. Nick caresses my inner thighs, moving down my legs.

“Oh, I plan to!” Nick chuckles as he skims the tops of my feet and toes with feather-light touches. I mewl softly and screw my eyes shut against the feeling.

I look up at Nick pleadingly and spread myself shamelessly wide. Nick’s gaze burns into me as he slowly takes me in, touching me with his eyes. I bite my lip, relishing how hot he’s making me with just a look. I writhe against the bed, moaning in frustration, begging to be touched. Nick’s nostrils flare as he watches me.

“You keep biting that lip, it is so fucking sexy.” He growls as he covers me, capturing my lips with his. His mouth travels down my neck and I turn to give him better access. His beard tickles in the most sensual way. Part of me wants to hunch my shoulders away from it but I force myself not to and goosebumps break out where his lips and facial hair trail over the sensitive skin. He suckles and nibbles at the point between neck and shoulder. It’s a particularly sensitive spot for me and somehow he seems to know.

“Oh,” I exclaim, somewhere between a growl and a moan, “Nick-fuck-” he sinks his teeth into me and the sharp pain is ecstasy. I push my whole body up into him, wanting to make contact with as much bare skin as possible. I try to grind into him but his back is arched purposefully away from me. His dick throbs against my legs but our heights don’t match up. I groan at the denial.

Suddenly, Nick begins prodding my ribs. It isn’t particularly tickly but it does make me feel the intense vulnerability of my hyper-ticklish armpits and hips. I wriggle desperately beneath Nick, begging with my body to be tortured in the right places in the right way, dread and desire flushing through my body in waves. Nick begins to move his fingers up and down my torso in a repetitive motion, inching closer to the danger spots each time. All the while he’s still nibbling and licking my neck and ear, not letting the goosebumps subside and increasing the tickling sensation tenfold.

Up and down. Up and down. Closer and closer. My breath hitches in my throat as his rough fingertips scratch the sides of my stomach. I tense and force myself not to flinch as they cross the line between ‘sides’ and ‘armpits’ then trail back down. It’s made all the worse by my inability to see his fingers.

Suddenly he switches it up and drags his nails over my skin canlı bahis instead. That’s the ticket. I start writhing in earnest desperation. I pant and huff and moan in an effort to bear the stimulation. Nick whispers against my neck. Even that tickles.

“Do you like that?”

“It’s torture.” I gasp weakly. Nick chuckles by my ear. I’ve never been so turned on by a man’s laugh- and I’m the one with the tickle fetish!

“Yeeess… but do you like it?”

“Yes,” I whisper in embarrassment, and then, “more.”

“Gladly, you little minx.”

Nick sits up and immediately spiders all over my belly; over my sides, right up beneath my breasts and back. I jerk tellingly every time he hits that sweet spot on my stomach, just above the hips. He goes back to it again and again, sweeping over it maddeningly. Then he leans forward again and drags his nails up and down my arms, the way I had done to him earlier.

“This was torture,” he grins menacingly, “my armpits are unbearably ticklish.”

“OooOoh, I shall remember that!” I strain against the cuffs.

“How about you, Pearl?”

Nick spiders my upper arms, just above the pits.

“Ngh, ohoho,” I buck against the bed, “ffffuck.”

“Are you very ticklish in your bare, stretched, exposed armpits?” Nick teases me expertly. He’s so much better at this than I am.

“Please, please.”

“There’s no use begging me to stop.”

“Wasn’t, oh, wasn’t going to say mm-stop!”

Nick’s eyes widen as it dawns on him exactly what this is, what he’s doing to me. I don’t think he fully understood the word ‘fetish’ before. But now, as I squirm in ticklish desperation, begging to be tickled more, I think he finally gets it.

“This really gets you going, doesn’t it?”

“Driving me crazy, Nick,” I huff, “I’ve never, mmf, never been tickled this much, never been so intense!”

“You’ve never been tied up and tickled before?” Nick stops stroking my arms and lowers himself to place kisses over my forehead and cheeks. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Too embarrassed.” I flush, hiding behind my arm again.

“Should I ease up on you?” he asks, suddenly concerned.

“Oh god, no, please, I want to feel this so badly! I want you to tickle me until I scream, and beg, and I can’t help myself anymore. Please Nick, torture me,” I blush furiously and whisper, “deny me until I’m fit to burst.”

Nick’s nostrils are flaring again and he swallows rigidly. He clears his throat and takes a deep breath.

“Are you sure?” his voice comes out a little croaky. I nod my head vigorously.

“My safe word is ‘requiem’,” I flash him a confident smile, “and I tickled your adorable ass silly; you squealed.”

“Ohoho alright young lady, you’re going to get exactly what you asked for!”

I squeal as he attacks my armpits ruthlessly.

“Nick!” I scream and buck wildly into him. He doesn’t let up, and starts making circles around the pits and then dipping in every now and again.

“You really are ticklish there, aren’t you?” he laughs, genuinely fascinated, “How about here?”

Nick moves to my breasts, tickling the skin with his fingertips and flicking my nipples with his tongue. I cry out, half laughing and half moaning.

“You’re still not laughing as much as I’d like. You must have a truly awful place I can tickle to make you lose it?”

Nick shifts way down the bed, sitting on one leg and grabbing my other ankle. He drags his nails up the sole of my left foot. I’ve never found my feet to be exceptionally ticklish but I’m over-stimulated from my orgasm and all the upper body tickling. He plays with my toes and I rock desperately.

“Oh-no, no, no!”

“Where is worse, here?”

Nick scratches lightly over the heel of my foot as I gnaw on my lip.

“Or here…?”

He pulls my toes back gently and wiggles bahis siteleri over my stretched arches. I swear and toss my head from side to side.

“Or how about…”

Nick scratches over the very top of my sole and the undersides of my toes.

“No, no noho, fuck, no, Nick! Not there!”

“Hmm, right here you mean?” he wiggles my toes one by one. It’s maddening.

“Ack! Stop, don’t do that!” I tug urgently at the cuffs.

“Oooh, you mean here?” Nick scratches my upper sole again. He traces quick little circles and skitters quickly left to right. Ticklish jolts streak up my legs and I jerk away. But Nick holds me firm and continues.

“There we go, that’s where you like it, isn’t it?” he teases me.

“Ahno, I cahan’t stand it! It’s too much, toohoo muhuch!”

“And what about your other tickwish widdwe footsie?”

“Oh! Oh don’t!” I pant, pulling my right foot away before he can capture it. Nick laughs animatedly.

“No mercy, Pearl!”

He squeezes above my knee. I yelp and go weak. Nick grabs my ankle and immediately spirals over the sensitive spot. He adds sporadic nail drags down the sole for good measure.

“You look really cute,” Nick grins at me as he pauses to allow me to breathe, “I could get into this.”

“You, huff, are, huff, into this,” I gasp, “you were, phew, rock hard for it whilst, huff, I tickled your sensitive buttocks.”

“And what happens if I tickle your sensitive buttocks?” Nick raises a challenging eyebrow. His face lights up when my eyes widen with dread.

“Aaah, so that’s the spot, is it?” Nick kneels between my legs. He manoeuvres me so my legs are hooked over his and my ass is lifted from the bed. Cold air whooshes over the bare skin and I sink my teeth into my lip again. I screw my eyes shut, overcome with… embarrassment? Excitement?

“You ready for this, Pearl?”

I can’t look. I’m about to absolutely lose my shit and I know it. I don’t know how Nick is going to react. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hold out or if I’ll scream the safe word immediately. Nick doesn’t touch me for what seems like an age. I imagine his fingertips over my skin, over my round buttocks, the hyper-sensitive top of my crack and all along the crack, right by my wet lips… I arch my hips up against my will. Nick chuckles.

“Tsk, naughty girl.” He mutters approvingly. Nick places a single finger on the curve of my buttock. I reactively flinch upwards. My lip is sore but I bite into it again anyway, grunting with the effort to hold myself still. I’m so unbelievably sensitive there and it tickles so badly already. Nick takes advantage of the better access to start spiralling over my lower butt cheeks with his fingertips. It’s the lightest of touches and it feels wonderful. Maddeningly, torturously wonderful.

“Shihihit, oh no! Aiee! Nick, Nick! Oh gawhawd, sta-stahap!”

I don’t want him to stop. Nick knows it and begins moving his fingers. Up and down and out and in, all over my butt but always coming back to that craze-inducing spot, right before ass becomes pussy. He trails up and down the valley of my cheeks, spiralling into the very top when he realises it’s extra sensitive. I squeal and tug at the handcuffs. It’s becoming too much.

“I cahan’t, I cahahan’t- please!”

I beg and I scream.

“It-it’s toohoo muhuch, oh gawd, ihit tihickles so bad! Aiee!”

My eyes are streaming.

“Fuhuck, please, pleehease,” I whimper, “I cahan’t take it, it’s toohoo muhuch!”

My face is on fire. My crotch is on fire. I’m starting to lose my patience. I’ve been tickled before; I’ve been tickled there before but never in such a vulnerable way. I can’t move away from it. I’m entirely in Nick’s hands; at his mercy. Trouble is, Nick isn’t a particularly merciful guy. And I did ask for it…

Nick moves all ten fingers to the very bahis şirketleri line twixt my sex and my traitorously erogenous ass.

“Fuck!” I buck uncontrollably, trying everything to squirm out of the way of those incessant wiggling digits. I don’t know any more if I’m trying to move away or into it. All I know if that I’m rapidly losing control. Nick moves to grab my legs and turn me over. He sits on my thighs and uses his nails now, zeroing in on that electric spot.

I screech and I wail. I scream and I shriek and I blubber through my high-pitched laughter.

Nick stops suddenly but as quickly as I breathe a sigh of disappointed relief, I begin squealing again. Nick squeezes his broad hands over my hips. His thumbs tickle my upper bottom whilst his fingers prod my pelvis. I am stretched perfectly taut over the bed, with Nick’s hefty weight on my legs, completely immobilising me.

“Aieeee! Nick, no!” I fidget frantically. But Nick just snickers and moves up my torso. He wriggles his fingers into the sides of my belly, and up my ribs. It somehow tickles so much more lying on my front.

“That’s not the safe word, is it Pearl?”

“I cahan’t-eeek!” Nick cuts my off by aggressively spidering into my pits. It’s light, skittering scratches that have me screaming and writhing. All the while I’m trying to squirm away; I’m shamelessly grinding into the bedsheets that have gathered between my legs. Nick notices and stops tickling.

“Naughty,” he tuts, “what was it you said? Fit to burst, right?”

I groan and bury my head in the pillow. Nick just laughs and slaps my already pink butt cheeks. I’m still writhing when he positions himself between my legs, pushing himself between them and lifting me from the bed. His cock throbs rhythmically with the urgent pulsing of my pussy. He pushes me onto my knees and teases my opening with his head. A white hot need burns inside me. He doesn’t touch my aching clitoris.

“I’ll bet you’re even more ticklish round here, hmm?” Nick muses. His voice is hoarse with desire. I take some small comfort from the fact that he’s not going to last much longer either.

Nick pulls his cock away and begins massaging my buttocks. He doesn’t mean to but even that tickles. I arch into him, my ass pressing against his stomach. Nick moves his hands under to run his fingers softly over my mound.

“Ah!” I gasp sharply, grinding against them. It tickles but in a way that purely turns me on. My whole pussy tingles, electric sparks fizzling over my skin. Then he decides to torment me.

Nick spreads his legs, pushing mine further apart. He trails his nails over the very outer line of crotch and thigh. It’s one of my favourite places to be tickled.

“Eeeeee-ah!” I grit my teeth and try not to break.

“I’ll make you a deal, Pearl,” Nick leans forward and begins kissing my back. He drags his nails down my inner thighs and a rogue laugh escapes, “if you can withstand the next five minutes of tickling without laughing then I will fuck you breathless from behind.”

Nick begins to flutter his fingertips over my mound and back again with his nails to that ultra-sensitive crease.

“Ah-oh-fuck!” I squeal and pant and bite my tongue hard.

“And I will give that poor neglected love button of yours all the attention it deserves.” He promises, and whispers across the skin either side of it for good measure. I jerk and grind into the air. He continues rubbing my lips, firm enough to stimulate me and soft enough to keep me on edge.

“But if you laugh, well,” he pauses and flicks his tongue over the small of my back, “then I will take my sweet time tickling your naughty cunt,” Nick’s voice is dangerously soft and even, “I’ll take you to the edge… and then I’ll let you calm down. And I will keep doing that until you are a screaming, sobbing mess.”

I can’t find the strength to reply so I settle for a whimper. I feel utterly dominated. I knew Nick liked to tease but I didn’t know he could be like this. It was… breath-taking.

“You asked for this.” He whispers, and begins the torture.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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