Do You Want Me?

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I’m so lonely and yet upset. Life threw a double whammy at me this year. Not only was my marriage crumbling, but I had also lost a baby. Two months ago, I had given birth to a daughter I named Christina Alicia. She was beautiful when I held her in my arms. But then five months and a half later, I lost her. She had a fatal birth defect. After that, I was told I couldn’t have any more children. That really devastated me. Next thing you know, my husband hasn’t touched me, having being so busy with his real estate job and going on frequent business trips. I sat at home, all alone. Then, my best friend Nick came over to see me.

He looked at my tear-stained face and kindly asked, “What’s wrong?”

I said, “Nick, I’m so lonely. I had lost my baby and my husband isn’t interested in me anymore.”

I cried loudly in his arms and tears were rushing down my face as he gave me a big hug.

Then, he whispered, “Shhhh, it will be okay.” He yelled, “I just can’t believe he lost interest in you. Where is that jerk?”

I said, “He’s away on a business trip.”

He wipes my tears and said “Let me make it all better for you. Let me comfort you. Let me be your baby.” as he kissed my lips.

He continued to kiss me as he carried me to the bedroom.

He slowly laid me down on my bed. I watched as his hands were stroking my legs and he kissed my knee. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair as he laid on top of me and kissed my lips again.

He looks at my body, seductively smiled “For one-time new mom, your body is very sexy.”

I smiled back. I felt his hands cupping my large breasts under my lacy camisole. Then, he gently lifted my cami over my head, exposing my breasts. When he slowly sucked the nipples on one of them, I felt the warmth of his mouth, giving me shivers all over. It made me think of my baby when I began breastfeeding her. The sucking made me hot and a little horny at the same time. I let out a moan when Nick was doing that to both of them. I became even hotter when he was squeezing and caressing my breasts with his hands and milk was coming out. He licked it off my body. His lips came up to my neck, softly licking and kissing me there. While he was doing that, I pulled the shirt off his amazing body. His hands were on my back, moving up and down. But his lips were moving all over my stomach. I was tickled yet turned when he kissed and licked me there and circling my belly button with tongue. He even sucked me there. I took off his pants, leaving him in his boxers. I laid him down and kissed and licked his body and tattoos. I kissed his neck and throat and licked his lips. Nick got up and pulled back the covers of my bed.

I laid myself down on the bed then he joined me. I feel his hands up and down my body as he slowly removed my panties. Under the covers, I feel his fingers in my hot, wet female center. I’ve gotten so hot and wet from when he played with my boobs. He comes up to my face and kisses my lips. While we kissed, my hand felt his hard member through his boxers. He pulled himself away and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. At a slow pace, he removed my lacy panties from my hips. Then, he went inside me deep and slow. He kissed my breasts and held my hips while doing that. Nick slid under the covers. I felt his tongue in my hot, wet, female center. My hands were on his shoulders, holding on to him. I moaned and groaned as his hands were touching my whole body.

Then, he moves up to my face, looks into my eyes and said “I love having sex with you. I can’t believe your husband has been ignoring you since you had and lost your baby daughter.”

I smiled and said, “I know. I love your kisses and your touch. I’ve been wanting you, Nick. Whenever I would finish breastfeeding Christina, I would make myself hot just thinking of you.”

He said, “I’ve been wanting you too ever since I came up here to see you.”

Nick came up to my face and kissed my lips, long and passionate. I sat up in my bed as he was kissing my neck down to my spine.

His hands were on my breasts, gently squeezing and touching them. I sat back on my zeytinburnu escort pillows as Nick was in front of me. He softly sucks the milk from my sore breasts. I was getting hot by the minute and then I fingered myself as he kept sucking and kissing them. He loves me a lot better than my husband.

Nick looked at me and said “Listen, why we don’t we take a shower and I can give you a massage and we’ll make love again?”

“I love to.” I said to him as we headed for the bathroom.

I was in the bathroom, taking a shower. Nick opened the shower door.

He looked at my wet, naked body, seductively smiled, and whispered “Wow, I see that pregnancy has done you good.”

He stepped in the shower and deeply kissed my lips. The warm spray of water wet us both. Our bodies rubbed against each other. Then, he stood behind me and started rubbing body wash with a sponge, rubbing me all over. I could feel his hands touching as we kissed and kissed. I rubbed soap all over his body. I pulled him close to me. As we kissed, my hands softly touched his butt.

After our steamy shower, Nick gets a towel and began drying my body in slow, circular motions. We returned to my bedroom, where I lay on my stomach so Nick could massage me. He came in with a bottle of body lotion in his hand. He applied the lotion on my back and with both hands he rubbed it on me. His hands felt so good on my skin and body.

Then, I laid on my back on the bed. I could feel his hands massaging the lotion all over my body, making my skin soft. As he was massaging me, I felt his lips kissing softly on my neck. His hands were massaging and cupping my breasts. His lips moved down to them. He started to suck one of them and licked one of its nipples. While he was doing that, it was making me so wet that I had put two fingers deep inside me. I kept doing that as he did the same thing to my other breast. Then, I touched his whole body as I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear. I made a trail of kisses down his body and began licking his member. His moaning was turning me on.

While I was licking him, I heard him moaning and whispering, “Mmmm, I want you. I want you so much. You’re better off without that jerk husband of yours.”

I got up off him and said “OMG! Nick, you want me?”

He looks at me with a smile, “Yes, I want you. I love everything about you. I would get so hard, seeing you in the shower or when you feed your baby your breast milk, especially since I live next door to you. Do you want me?” he replied.

I said “I do want you, Nick. I would fantasize about you whenever I see you.”

He happily gave me a hug. I love how his arms are wrapped around me. Then, I crawled on his back and licked up and down his spine and plant little kisses on his round, firm ass. I was tickling him.

Then, I start to lick his neck. That was his weak spot. I could hear Nick giggling when I licked him there. I got up as he turned over to look at me and smiled as he touched my face and his fingers run through my hair and traced my lips. I slowly laid on top of his body as he wrapped his arms around me. I felt so safe in his embrace. Then, the phone rang. It was my husband Bryan. I left the bedroom and gave Nick a kiss. I started yelling at him over the phone for how he treated me and told I’m sending him divorce papers. After that, I go back to the bedroom and in Nick’s arms, telling him it’s over between my husband and me. Nick was so happy about it; he gave me a long kiss while his arms were around me.

After the hug and kiss, Nick began looking at my body while I was in his arms. I could his hand, slowly rubbing my stomach up and down. I could feel him kissing my neck. Nick and I decided to go to the kitchen for a little something to eat. I got out the fruit and cheese platter from a party my husband and I had. I sat on the kitchen counter as Nick began feeding me some strawberries and I was feeding him some grapes. I got out the whipped cream, spread it on his chest, got a strawberry and ate it. Then I licked the cream off his body.

While I was aksaray escort eating some fruit and cheese, Nick began spreading the whipped cream on my breasts and stomach with his fingers. I watched as he started licking the cream off of me. I feel his lips, kissing and sucking my breasts. I was getting more turned on every time he plays with them. His lips went down to my stomach where I can feel his tongue around my bellybutton and licking my stomach. He picks me up and carried me to my bedroom where the phone was ringing. I unplugged it.

I just love feeling Nick’s skin upon mine. I love how he would touch me and feeling soft, hot kisses all over my body.

He looks at my body and said “Mmmm, you look so hot in your underwear, but even hotter when you’re naked.”

I blushed and said, “Well, yeah. When I was pregnant, I would get horny and hot and have a lot of sex dreams, some with you in it. Right now, few of them have came true, here in my bedroom.”

Then, I laid on my stomach. I feel his hand, stroking my back and ass and his other hand touching my thighs. I felt his soft kisses and slow licks up and down my backside and kisses on the back of my neck.

While he was doing that, I could feel his lips kissing my shoulders as well as neck and back. His hands were cupping my breasts. The way he was licking and kissing my backside sent shockwaves all over my body as I softly moaned and groaned. He rolled me on my back.

He got out a silk scarf and covered my eyes with it.

I asked, “Why is this scarf covering my eyes?”

He said, “I just want you to feel me.”

First, he slowly and deeply kisses my lips with his tongue in his mouth.

Then, I feel Nick’s lips kissing all over my face and his tongue was kissing and licking down to my neck as his body was on top of mine. My hands were placed on his back while his hands were on my shoulders where his lips were. I felt his hands on my breasts, massaging and caressing them as his tongue was licking my nipples and softly kissing and sucking my breasts. I let out a long, quiet moan. His hands were softly caressing my entire body.

I moaned as Nick was kissing and licking my stomach, all while his tongue was circling my belly button. His hands were touching both of my thighs and knees. I felt him licking my thighs and his fingers deep inside my hot female center.

I heard Nick whisper “You’re hot and wet, like silk.”

I was beginning to climax when was doing that. Then, he replaced his fingers with mouth, sucking and licking me down there. I felt as though I was going to burst .He came back up to my mouth and kissed me deeply.

I heard him whisper, “Mmmmm mommy, you taste so good.”

He pulls me up and kisses me again.

When it came to kissing, Nick’s really good at it. While he was still kissing my lips, my hands were stroking his back up and down and started feeling his round bubble butt.

Then, I whispered, “Baby, I just love feeling your ass. It feels so full in my hands.”

He just smiled at me and said he just loves touching me and kissing every inch of me. I could feel his lips kissing and licking next to my ear as he was whispering sweet nothings in it.

I lick my lips as I began licking the tattoos on his chest and arm. He was so ticklish when I did that to him. Then, I ran my fingers through his blonde hair as I gently licked and sucked his neck. I could hear him softly moan as I was kissing him there. Nick’s hands were rubbing my back as I was laying on his side. This is way better than sleeping alone for the past six weeks. I continue to enjoy Nick’s company. I’m in his arms. He continues to fondle my body. My hand went down was going up and down his well-built upper body. I began whispering sweet nothings in his ear while licking his neck and my other hand rubbing his 8 and a half-inch member His baby blue eyes began eyeing my body as he looks at my face. I just love the feel of his hand touching my naked body. He was rubbing my stomach as he just about to kiss my lips.

I could hear Nick whisper “Whenever ataköy escort I saw you feed your baby, I would imagine my mouth on your breast and I would get hard when you got yourself hot.”

Then I said,”Whenever I was done feeding my Christina, I would finger myself and squeeze my breasts until I would have an orgasm.

“He smiled, looked at me and said, “I’m really sorry about what you have gone through and all, but yet I am so glad I’m enjoying you. Your husband has absolutely no idea what he is missing”.

Then, he kissed me so gently and yet so warm. I love it when Nick kisses my lips like this.

I asked, “Nick, can you show how much you love me?”

He smiled at me and continued kissing my lips. His lips were so soft and so warm. I feel his hands gently caressing my skin and all over my body. I could feel his lips planting light; feather soft kisses on my face. Slowly, his lips slid down to my neck. I pressed his body on mine as my hands were squeezing and kneading his bubble butt. As he was kissing my neck, I feel his hands squeezing and kneading my milk less yet still-big breasts. I began moaning in his ear. I got turned on when he was doing that.

Then, his lips went down to my breasts. I closed my eyes and just feel his warm mouth, kissing and sucking them. As he was doing that to me, I had a loud orgasm. His hands slid down to my stomach and then my hips. I licked the tattoos on his shoulders, chest and then I licked across his lips. While Nick was kissing and caressing me, I heard the front door open. My husband Bryan walked in on us. He was hurt and very sad when he saw me in bed with Nick. He was on his knees, begging, pleading, and crying, asking me to give him another chance. I told him how upset I was for not having any children and how depressed I was when he wouldn’t touch or have sex with me after having and then losing my baby and the fact that he wasn’t there for my birthday.

My husband said, “I know, honey. I know. But please don’t leave me just because of what happened.”

I angrily said to him “Why should I give you another chance? I’ve gone through so much tragedy. Ever since I lost Christina, you didn’t touch me, kiss me, or even try to make me feel better because you were caught up in work. I was already depressed. I told my family and they were there for me when I lost her. My parents were sad. I’m not going through this anymore.”

Then, he said, “Honey, I’m sorry for leaving for my business trip instead of not comforting you. Please give me another chance.”

I angrily said, “It’s a little too late to apologize to me. This marriage between me and you will be over since I’m divorcing you.”

Nick came up to Bryan and said, “I’m in love with her, even if she can’t have any kids. She’s lovely, sweet, beautiful, sexy, and you just ignore her. That’s low.”

As he was talking, Nick pulled me close to him and hugged me. Then, he said “I hate to see her lonely. You were so caught up in work; you didn’t even take time to make her feel better. When I came over, she was crying. She doesn’t deserve to treated like this.”

My husband then said to me “I’ve always loved you.”

I said with tears welling up my eyes “When? The only time we ever had sex was on our honeymoon and the only time you said ‘I love you’ was on our anniversary. I tried seducing you and everything, yet nothing seems to work. You were away so much, even when I was in the hospital. You were just disappointed and upset when my doctor told me that I wasn’t going to have any more children. It’s bad enough that I lost a baby and I can’t bear any more children. It’s a good thing I’m going back to my job of planning weddings because I don’t need this.”

I added as I sat close to Nick “I’m glad Nick came over. At least he’s keeping me company while you were gone. I like how he makes me feel.”

Nick turned and gave me a light kiss on the lips.

As my husband was about to leave, he said “I’m going to stay with David for a few days to clear my head.”

David’s his best friend from work. When he walked out of the room, my best friend Amy came to the door.

I put on my bathrobe; Nick put his clothes back on, kissed my lips, smiled and said, “I’ll be right next door if you need me”. Nick went back to his house. The thing I love about Nick was he was always there for me. Who knows where will these leads to.


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