Dinner at Home

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She was standing at the stove just finishing the last of the preparation for the stir fry when she heard the front door. She turned off the burner and set down her knife just in time to turn to him as he greeted her with his sweeping hug. She leaned into his chest as his kiss covered her mouth.

He swept one hand up her back and into her flaxen hair, pulling her mouth to his. His other hand circled her waist, thrilling to the feel of her womanly hips. Just seeing her every day aroused him to heights unimaginable.

He had promised her a kiss every morning and every night — and she held him to it. Not just a peck on the cheek, but a completely engaged, passionate kiss. Sometimes — hell, most of the time — it was hard to stop once they got started. She very quickly learned to prepare meals just to the point of a final stir fry or to turn down the heat on whatever was cooking to be sure that when she got — distracted — the meal didn’t suffer for it. They had spent too many years apart to waste any opportunity that arose.

He hated to let her go, but he thought she’d be vexed if dinner got ruined. Squeezing her bottom he hugged her tightly and gave her another peck on the lips — those soft, heavenly lips. She smirked a little as she turned back to the stove and he sat at the table to sort throught the daily mail. Two bills, a flyer for an oil change — the usual stuff. She swayed her hips a bit to and fro, knowing he was still watching. She pretended to busy with the cooking, but was just moving things about a bit while she waited for his return. She knew he was simmering pretty close to high today — as she was herself.

He looked up and watched her move at the stove. She was as graceful as an angel — but her body inspired devilish thoughts. He admired the swell of her hips, accented by the jeans she wore. He felt the deep stirring that she always engendered in him ever since the first time he saw her 34 years ago … a hunger that had never abated.

He had never felt like this about anyone else. Just watching her move was an absolute delight. He took a deep breath, trying to relax the aching tightness he felt in his chest and throat — the same feeling he always got when looking at her. It didn’t matter if she was cooking, reading the paper or walking down the street. He loved her so much that it hurt.

Dinner be damned, he thought, as he moved up behind her once more, wrapping his arms around her middle. Moving his lips along her neck, he reached up and roughly felt her magnificent breasts through her shirt. Ahh, how he wanted otele gelen escort her: now and every day — every moment.

She squirmed back against him, her nipples hardening under his tormenting hands. She gasped audibly as he nipped her velveteen neck and ran his lips up to her ear lobe. She tried to turn in his arms to kiss his eager lips, but he held her tight in his embrace, grinding his hips against her most enticing ass.

She relaxed back against him, moving with him, enjoying his arousal …. anticipating. He was kissing her neck, just at the spot he knew she loved. She purred her pleasure reaching up with one hand to caress his cheek. Stealing her hand back again, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she let her head fall back against his shoulder ensuring him a full view of her breasts as she exposed them to his delicious touch. She was so hot — she had been imagining his warm kisses all day, and her desire for him had already mounted to an almost fevered pitch.

Seeing her awesome breasts exposed drove him ever more wild with intense desire. He pulled a pliant nipple between his thumb and finger and pinched gently, gradually increasing the pressure. She mewled, throwing her head back, arching her back. He pulled that rubbery nipple out, away from her body — teasing and tormenting her mercilessly. But despite his uncanny ability to tortore her so sweetly, she was determined this time that he was the one that would beg for release. Reaching back, she slid her hands around his thighs, lifting and pulling his cheeks toward her. Grinding against his erection, she sought his mouth with hers. Lifting his lips from her neck, he kissed her mouth again.

She finally managed to turn in his arms as he was occupied simultaneously with her kiss and her torture. She used the opportunity to free his straining cock from the fabric of his clothing and firmly gripped the velvet rod. She concentrated again on his kiss, which was creating an electric fire between her mouth and her tortured breast and sending shock waves to her center. Leaving his mouth and scooting downward just as he opened the hand holding her breast, she kissed her way down his chest, opening buttons as she went, pausing to bite a nipple and nip and lick along his rib cage. She settled on her knees in front of him, his cock still in her hand. As she moved her mouth to the nodding head, she reached behind him with the other hand to turn the kitchen chair and firmly pushed him down onto it.

As she licked and massaged and kissed his pendik escort engorged member alternating with hot streaks of her tongue up his inner thighs, she removed his socks, shoes and trousers and tossed them all aside. He sat in the chair, head back, relaxed, buttocks at the edge with his cock now properly at attention. She stood and seemed to slide out of the remainder of her own clothing in one single, smooth motion. She straddled him in his chair and plunged onto his cock, engulfing him with her steamy, hot warmth and making him gasp as he reached for her breasts once again.

As usual they were driving each other to peaks of ecstatic pleasure. They fit together so well — mentally and physically. He chewed on her succulent lower lip — reaching both hands up to her heaving bosom, clutching them in unleashed passion. Her ass, which always pushed him over the edge, felt heavenly mashing against his thighs.

She loved this position. Leaning toward him, she supported some of her weight on his hands as he continued to caress and massage her breasts. Hands on his shoulders, she ground against him, rubbing her clit against the base of his rock-hard cock. But more than that, his cock fit so perfectly inside of her that in this position, the head of his cock stimulated her G-spot as well. The intensity of the pleasure was making her heart pound and her breath short. Her eyes rolled back as she tossed her hair out of his way. He watched her pleasure mounting — feeling his own but fascinated by hers as well. He let her guide the pace and the placement and felt his erection responding both to the physical stimulation but even more to the joy they both took from indulging themselves in their lust for each other so spontaneously. Two spots of color appeared high on her cheekbones, letting him know just how much she was enjoying herself and him.

She slowed her pace a little and opened her eyes to look into his. She kissed him — long and slow and delicious, hips moving in a sultry dance that continued to intensify every sensation. At last she pulled back to gaze at him again, then slid forward to whisper softly, “How about a little appetizer before dinner?” She stood, tracing the delicate underside of his cock with a slightly ticklish fingernail. Then, concentrating on his gaze, she stepped back to place her bottom on the quilt-covered table. As she lifted her feet from the floor to raise her knees for his access, she dropped back onto her elbows and asked, “Coffee, tea …. or me?”

He stood and moved to enter her again, rus escort but she pushed back from the edge of the table — just out of his reach. “Not yet,” she whispered. “I’ve been wishing today… wishing for something you taught me…” He looked into her smiling eyes and understood. He moved his mouth to her breast, moaning his desire. He suckled and nipped, then kissed his way down her belly. He pulled the chair back toward him and settled in it, her legs over his shoulders. She bit down on the end of her tongue as she watched him and felt his fingers gently opening her, heard him inhaling her scent. Her heart was pounding ever harder as she waited for his warm mouth to descend.

Parting her lips, he pushed his tongue into her molten slit, lapping avidly. Using a soft sucking motion he drew part of her wet softness into his mouth — pushing a finger into her pussy.

She gasped excitedly — moaning.

He stopped and looked up, “Is this what you were hoping for?”

“Yes, oh, yes… oh, please, yes.”

Smiling his triumph — he loved to hear her beg for his attentions — he set about her pleasure with both skill and creativity. The sensation of his mouth, warm and soft over her clitoris, was rewarded with a breathy, “Oh, God, yes!” He teased and touched her with mouth and hands in ways she could not begin to describe — other than as heavenly and intense and — ooohhh. Her hips rocked gently in time with his movements. And just when she thought she could stand no more of this exquisite pleasure, her peak overwhelmed her, washjng over her in wave after wave of tingling warmth.

As he heard and felt her release, his hunger rose beyond measure. Feasting his eyes on her splayed legs, he could barely control himself. He pushed back his chair as he stood and mounted her in one quick thrust — pounding against her with wanton lust, chewing on her neck, panting in her ear. Over and over he told her how much he wanted to have her — how much he loved her.

His cock filling her so soon after her orgasm almost immediately brought another. Joyous laughter bubbled from her chest as she held her lover within her and shared pleasure and warmth and wonder at their love for each other. They moved against each other until he called her name and she knew that he would soon cum inside her. She wondered again at the sensation she experienced as he came and filled her with the essence of his love — pumping hot seed into her — adding to the fulfillment and happiness she felt with him until she thought she would simply burst with delight.

Kissing him and holding him with her ankles locked around his waist and her arms around his neck, she nuzzled and purred as his thrusting slowed and then stopped. Then they simply held each other, allowing their passions to cool at little at last. “So –,” she whispered finally. “Are you hungry?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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