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The large door beside Rebecca’s desk suddenly opened, startling her.

“Hello Mr. Davidson.”

“Hi Rebecca. Could you phone up the florist for me please? Tell them I need a dozen roses sent to Miss Williams. Have the card read: I had a great time…”

“Last night. You’re a beautiful woman and I hope we can get together soon. Love, Jack” Rebecca interrupted her boss, easily finishing his sentence. He laughed and offered her a heart-melting smile.

“Since you can handle the florists do you think you can order me some Chinese? I think I’ll be working pretty late tonight.”

Rebecca reached for her phone.

“The duck right?”

He grinned again.

“Of course. You know me too well ‘Becca”

Still grinning he sat behind his deck and turned on his computer. Rebecca worked at her desk until the delivery boy came then she began re-filing things at the filing cabinets. She could watch Mr. Davidson better from there. He was so handsome she could barely keep her eyes off of him. He was fairly young, 32 or so. He had light brown hair that occasionally feel across his forehead, making him look younger. His dark brown eyes and tan, muscular body was probably his most attractive features though. He looked somewhat like George Clooney, without the salt and pepper hair she thought. Rebecca had worked for Mr. Davidson for almost three years now. And for three years he seemed to be the only man she fantasized about. But she was drawn from her thoughts by the door to the office opening and a beautiful blonde woman walking in. Rebecca said hello and watched the woman go into Mr. Davidson’s office. The woman lightly closed the door. But not all the way. Rebecca stood by the cabinets, not knowing what to do. She could see and hear everything. Mr. Davidson looked up and smiled.

“Hello Katie.”

“Hi Jack.”

The woman slowly crossed the room and stood between Mr. Davidson and his desk.

“I got your flowers. They were lovely. I had to come and thank you personally.”

She slid up the desk. The short business skirt she wore moving up her legs. She slowly unbuttoned the blouse she wore, dropping it silently on the floor. Rebecca stood stunned outside the office door. She knew Mr. Davidson would be angry if he caught her but she was so shocked she couldn’t move. She watched silently as her boss slowly removed first his tie, then his white button up shirt, his belt, socks, shoes, and finally his pants. Rebecca ucuz escort could clearly see his hard erection straining his boxers from the cracked door way. The woman moved from the desk to Mr. Davidson, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him. He quickly removed her bra, skirt and panties. After a long kiss she turned away from him, slightly bending over the desk. Rebecca could tell he was looking the woman over, examining her beautiful body. H

e slid off his boxers, lightly taking her hips and pressing his hard dick into her. He moved in long, slow strokes. As Rebecca continued to watch she got hotter. She slowly slid her hand into her panties. She was soaking wet. She lightly rubbed her clit as her boss and that beautiful woman fucked in front of her. She kept watching until they had finished. Hastily she straightened herself up and sat behind her desk, trying to look innocent. The woman left without looking at Rebecca and Mr. Davidson came out after her.

“Rebecca you can go home if you like, there’s really nothing for you to do here.”

Noticing something on her desk he leaned over. He picked up a card. He read it then looked up at her.

“‘Becca, I’m so sorry I had no idea it was your birthday.”

“It’s alright Mr. Davidson. No problem.”

“No, it is a problem. Here let me make it up to you.”

He walked into his office and quickly returned. He handed her $350.

“Here take yourself and a friend out to dinner. You should try that new Italian place on Main. I hear it’s good.”

“No, Mr. Davidson I really couldn’t. Besides I have no one to bring.”

“Sure you do. Here take it.”

After Rebecca reluctantly took the money Mr. Davidson went back in his office. He returned once again with his jacket.

“Com’on, let’s get out of this office. I’ll walk you to your car.”

They walked to the elevator and rode it to the parking garage together. Rebecca led the way to her small car. After she unlocked it and opened the driver’s door she turned back to her boss. He kissed her softly on the cheek.

“Goodnight, Rebecca.”

He turned and started towards his car before she had time to say anything. She climbed into her car and started the engine. She drove out of the garage and stopped at the red light. Her rumbling stomach convinced her to take Mr. Davidson’s advice so when the light turned green she headed home to clean up. She put on her low cut ümraniye escort red dress, pinned up her long brown hair, put on a little make up, stuck the $350 in her purse and started for the restaurant. It was tucked between some taller buildings and looked very homey. She sat at a small table towards the door and waited for the waiter to come over. Much to her surprise soon after she ate Mr. Davidson walked into the restaurant and took a seat at the bar. She watched him talk to a few men and order a drink. He turned and looked at the customers sitting at the tables. Finally his gaze drifted her way. He motioned the bartender over and ordered another drink. The bartender poured some wine and brought it to Rebecca’s table.

“From the gentleman in the blue jacket miss.”

Rebecca slowly sipped at the wine. Finally when the man beside Mr. Davidson left she walked up and put her hand on his arm.


“Hello Mr. Davidson.”

First he looked confused. Then some recognition crossed his face.



“Wow! I didn’t even recognize you. You look extraordinarily beautiful tonight.”

“I do every night silly”

He laughed.

“Come join me in the backroom, we can talk with more privacy there.”

They made their way through the restaurant to the very back. Mr. Davidson parted some curtains, revealing a small room with a table and a big couch. They sat down and Mr. Davidson continued his compliments. A waiter came in and asked if they needed anything.

“No, we just wanted some privacy, thanks.”

The waiter gave a knowing wink at Mr. Davidson and left, drawing the heavy curtains tightly shut. Mr. Davidson turned towards Rebecca and they started a conversation. The longer they talked the closer they got. First his arm was on the back of the seat, and then around her shoulder, finally they were touching knee-to-knee, leg-to-leg. As they kept talking Mr. Davidson’s other hand moved onto her knee, then farther up to her thigh. Rebecca quickly glanced down at his hand. But not fast enough because he quickly removed it.

“I’m sorry Rebecca. Am I making you uncomfortable? I can’t seem to resist you tonight.”

“It’s fine Mr. Davidson…Actually I was enjoying it.”

He laughed and placed his hand back moving it farther up and slowly let his finger tips stroke her inner thigh. He leaned in and kissed her softly.

“I really üniversiteli öğrenci escort can’t keep my eyes off of you, Rebecca.”

She just grinned back at him and returned the kiss. Placing her hand softly at the side of his face. Drawing him closer. She felt his hand slide under her dress, running his fingers up and down her damp panties. She flickered her tongue lightly over his as he pushed aside the wet fabric, sliding his fingers over her pussy lips. She moaned softly in his mouth as he gently rubbed her swollen clit. His finger slowly slid into her pussy, making her wetter. She pushed him back and removed her panties, his hands quickly returned. As he continued rubbing her clit she softly nibbled at his neck until she reached his earlobe. She sucked softly before whispering to him.

“Lay down.”

Mr. Davidson removed his jacket, and shirt. The soft lighting made his bare, muscled, tan torso look flawless. He took off his belt, pants, and boxers. This time Rebecca could fully see his erect dick. He was maybe eight inches and very wide across. He never took his eyes off her as he lay back against the couch. Rebecca slowly removed her dress and bra. Giving him a little strip tease. He got harder, precum already oozing from the head of his dick. Rebecca slowly straddled her boss, his strong hands holding her waist. She slowly slid his dick into her wet pussy. Taking her time and feeling every inch of him. Finally Rebecca had his dick completely buried in her pussy. She slowly moved her hips in long, slow thrusts, letting out quiet moans. His hands roamed up her body, finding her erect nipples and lightly pulling and pinching them. They continued their slow pace for a while but then Rebecca heard him moaning louder and breathing heavier.

She quickly changed positions, her knees by his shoulders with her wet pussy above his face and her mouth above his hard dick. She licked from the base of his dick in long laps to the swollen head. She licked his entire dick clean of her juices before engulfing him in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the head and sucking with slow bobs of her head. Meanwhile her boss was busy tonguing at her cunt. Sucking her little clit and lapping up her juices. Finally she came, spurring his own orgasm, filling Rebecca’s with his cum. The lay exhausted in each other’s arms on the couch for hours.

The next day Rebecca rode the elevator up to the office. Smiling as she remembered last night. She got off the elevator and unlocked the office door. She gasped at what she saw: six vases full of a dozen roses in a variety of colors. She pulled the card off of one vase.

“I had a great time last night. You’re a very beautiful woman and I hope we can get together again VERY soon. Love, Jack.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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