Denise Moves Back to the Farm Ch. 01

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There’s nothing like being on a farm in the springtime. Things are beginning to turn green again and farmers are preparing the fields for planning.

I had left my husband and two boys, 11 and 10, back in Chicago. I was going to spend three weeks on my father’s farm in Illinois hill country helping my father until his old woman cook returned from her father’s funeral. He had been hundred and one.

As my husband is a drunk and can’t hold a job, I was hoping this visit would make up my mind as to whether to move back to the farm permanently or stay in Chicago.

My name is Denise and I am a 32-year-old black woman. My mother passed away seven years ago, leaving my father devastated. Life had become difficult for him after mom died and he always looked forward to my visits. I had grown up on the farm and loved coming back, if only for a couple of weeks at a time.

This day was sunny and bright with temperatures in the high sixties; just cool enough for a light sweater. Finishing my kitchen chores, I was walking down the two-rut vehicle and tractor path that led towards the back of the farm. I was hoping to see a deer or two.

There were numerous buildings along the path and I was approaching one of the small houses that immigrant workers lived in during the harvest. As I approached I heard noises that I could finally distinguish as I moved closer.

“Give it to me, damn you!” Whheee! Ohhhh!” I heard a female voice exclaiming. “Deeper! (Woofing like a woman having a baby) God damn it’s good! Fuck me with that big black cock!”

Edging closer to the building and peeping through a window, I recognized a white woman as the wife of the farmer adjacent to dad’s farm. By road, a fair distance, but cutting through the back of the farm it was no more than a 15-minute walk.

I recognized the man as my father, who had the white woman on her knees on one of the cots, pounding her ass for all he was worth.

How in the hell could something like this happen, I pondered. Did he know what kind of trouble he could cause should they be caught? 2012 was a new era in interracial sexual matters, but that did not nullify the fact that the woman was married. You could get yourself shot on that count alone.

They apparently had not been at each other for very long, cause soon my father pulled out of her, maneuvered her to her back and dropped down on his knees to eat her pussy. She had her knees pulled back to her chest, spread wide, with her head lifted, watching dad eat her.

I was in a quandary as to what to do; sneak away leaving them to do whatever, storm in on them and ask my father what the hell he thought he was doing, but in the end my hand went down the front of my jeans.

You see I was quite fascinated by it all! My father was a tall, handsome man of 50 years and I had always had a crush on him, having stayed on the, somewhat isolated, farm until I was 23. At 19, it could even be said that I had led dad on a little bit. He had kissed the on the lips and fondled my breasts and backside. But mom had been observant and wise and knew something was amiss. She threatened to be the truth out of me. She told me I was a naïve girl child, to stop wagging my ass about and threatened to shoot dad if he ever put his hands on me again.

Then and now, I understood how important sex was to a man, hell, even a woman.

How my father had managed to snag a white woman was anybody’s guess, but she was a fair looking woman and dad was treating her right. She appeared only slightly younger than dad.

“You like that white pussy?” I heard her ask. “I can never get that dumb ass husband of mine to eat my pussy. But, you don’t mind eating it do you? You scratch my itch and I’ll let you stick that big black cock in me anytime you want.”

Her banter, and her moaning, was having an effect on me. My forefinger and middle finger was scrubbing at my clit, which was difficult with the tightness of my jeans.

“YES! YES! RIGHT THERE!” She bellowed as she came. “Aahhhhhh! FUCKKKKKK!”

As her orgasm abated, dad was on her in an instant, setting her legs on his shoulders, gripping his cock and pushing into her, making her yelp.

I could now see for the first time the length and breadth of dad’s cock. Looking closely, I could see the veins popping out along the lengthy shaft. Dad was a dark, black man as was his cock except for the domed head, which was a light cream color. I could tell this because he repeatedly pulled completely out of her only to insert his cock back into her well lubricated hold.

I could not contain myself any longer and dropped my head against the wooden shack as the orgasm gripped me.

“Give it to me! Don’t you dare pull it out!” I heard her exclaim.

I heard my father moan loudly as he emptied his load into her.

I gather my wits and backed away in the building. When I put sufficient room between us, I turned and took off like a banshee down the trail towards the house. I was exhausted but safe from detection inside the kitchen looking out toward antalya escort the building.

The white woman came out first throwing a kiss back into the building before walking briskly towards the back of the woods. About five minutes later dad came out and walked towards the house.

“Hey, Denise!” He said, coming up behind me and kissing me on the cheek, causing me to tighten my shoulders. “Something wrong, sugar? You don’t like your dad kissing you no more?”

“Of course not, dad!” I replied, ignoring the double negative. “Your breath is a little stale. Smells a little fishy. Maybe you should brush your teeth.”

At dinner, I sat across the table from dad, studying him. He ate like he was half starved.

“I haven’t been here for a while.” I broke the silence. “Do you still have Clara coming around trying to get you to tie the knot?”

“Nope. She wouldn’t give me no poon-tang so I had to cut her loose.” He answered. So, have you made a decision to go get your kids and bring them back here?”

“Not yet, dad.” I answered. “I bet if you put a ring on Clara’s finger she give you all the poon-tang you can handle.” I added with a smile.

“She’s too old for me, girl!” Dad chirped. “I need a woman who can keep up with me!”

I sat there eating, watching dad shoveling the food in.

“What you need is a woman who can help you on the farm.” I suggested.

“I would like very much to be that woman! But if I move back on the farm I won’t be getting any poon-tang either. And, I take after you dad! I need my poon-tang!”

“You got your mouth and your attitude from your mother!” He retorted. “100 years ago, when your mother died, you might have been expected to take her place.”

“Now, you know damn well your blowing smoke through your ass!” I snapped back. “You tried that shit before and mama almost put a hole in your ass!”

“Well, Rachel is not around anymore and I don’t think you can shoot all that well!” He replied with humor in his tone. “If you remember, back yonder I wasn’t completely at fault.”

“You want to bet your ass on it!” I said, shooting him a look that would kill but wondered if I had not jumped out of the skillet into the fire. He was fresh from wetting his cock in a white woman and feeling his oats.

The old man had a large beautiful home with every updated feature a person could want. He had built it for my mother but she had not lived long enough to really enjoy it. The bathroom was huge and I spent a long time in the shower after supper enjoying the steaming water.

I stepped out of the shower, toweling myself off. I studied myself in the mirror.

5’10” tall and 176 pounds made me a big girl. My belly was relatively flat but my hips were wide. My color was more of a cocoa, more like my mother’s, and smooth as silk. I considered my legs my best asset and my bubble butt an eye catcher. I left my mound untouched and it was quite bushy. My breasts were ample and my nipples large.

I was still ashamed that I gave my lovely body and my virginity to the first guy who offered to get me to a big city. It had all been a mistake and I was terribly unhappy and, at the moment, missing my boys.

Two nights later, I was taking my usual shower when I heard the door open and dad told me he had to pee.

“Can’t you wait a few more minutes or go out the back door?” I questioned, in an annoyed tone.

“No! I’ll just be a second!”

I was facing the faucets but I’ve felt that sixth sense telling me I was being watched. I looked back to see dad standing behind me holding the curtain open.

“You remind me of your mother.” He said.

In the blur of the moment, my left arm went across my breasts, and my right hand covered my mound, needlessly, as he would not have seen my pussy or my breasts. But not having more hands, my ass was there for the viewing.


“Okay! Okay.” He replied, moving quickly. “I couldn’t help myself. You are a hellva of a pretty woman.”

I gave him the cold shoulder and the silent treatment for the rest of the evening though he tried to make conversation in a way of an apology, I suppose.

Inwardly, I was smiling, wondering what the old man was thinking after having seen me naked.

I’d been on the farm 2 weeks. I was in my room after my morning shower, standing in front of my mirror with just white panties on. Always vein, I was appraising my body, its attributes and flaws, but, as always, mostly finding it to my liking. I was looking forward to bed later on as I planned on masturbating.

“You haven’t changed a bit!” I heard my father say. “Your mother was always shaking her head at you for studying yourself in every mirror you passed. But, you got every right to! You’ve always had a great body and those long smooth legs of yours are enough to give a man a stroke.”

I had not heard the door open, which meant I had left it partially open and was beating myself up for doing so.

I turned around serik escort covering my breast with my crossed arms. He was standing there stark naked with the beginning of an erection.

He was closing on me and I could have shouted and hollered and ordered him out but instead;

“I thought you would be out in one of those shacks fucking your white bitch!” I spat at him.

If I was hoping to shock him, it didn’t work and he never missed a beat;

“If you know about her, then you know what I’ve got to offer.” He replied. “And do I hear a tone of jealousy? Now, drop them arms and let me look at those pretty tits.”

I didn’t drop my arms but that did not stop him. I resisted but he pulled my arms away and I eventually dropped them to my sides. I got a slight whiff of alcohol. It was unusual that dad would drink this early in the morning.

“I’m not that naïve little girl of 19 anymore.” I informed him. “I’ve learned a bit you know! I don’t need what you have to offer! Don’t touch me!”

Dad did not listen and he cupped each of my breasts in his hands and thumbed my nipples. Try as I might, I could not keep them from becoming hard and erect.

He leaned down, taking one in his mouth and suckling on it softly, sending tremors through my body. Still;

“I want you to leave! ” I protested. “I need to fix your breakfast and I have chores that need doing. That white bitch can take care of anything else you need.”

“You think I haven’t seen that rubber cock you keep in the drawer by the bed.” He informed me, releasing my nipple. “You know as well as anyone that I can’t keep messing around with that bitch. I need you to come back home and take care of me.”

“You’re insane! I can’t do that!” I protested. “I won’t do that!”

“We can talk more about that later,” he replied. “But right now you’re going to give me what I want!”

He was maneuvering me backwards towards the bed and I was fighting, ineffectually, not to be guided to my undoing.

I knew what he had to offer and I needed it badly, just not from him, my father.

A lot can flash through your head in moments like this. As strong as I was, I was no match for his strength. I knew he was going to get me to the bed.

I wondered why he had never forced himself on me before. Now, I knew, in an instant! We had never been alone together in the house before. My mother never left me alone with him! Maybe mom before passing had warned the old cook? Had the old cook or my kids been here, I would not be in this predicament. I pondered why he had not acted before now.

“You’re drunk and…………………” my words were cut short as the back of my knees came in contact with the bed and buckled, dropping me firmly onto the bed with dad on top of me.

“I’m far from drunk, sugar!” He assured me. “Now, why don’t you just stop resisting and let’s have a good time!”

I was jerking my head this way and that preventing him from kissing me. He gave up and returned to my nipples as I tried desperately to push him off of me. I thought of grabbing or kneeing his nuts but was afraid that that would get me smacked or worse!

He reached to grab my legs behind my knees and shoved my legs back against my chest. He pushed his face into my panty-protected crotch, his nose pushing into the crack of my pussy. I managed to push and kick myself onto my belly. He began to attack my ass with his nose, lips and tongue.

“Let me up dammit!” I bellowed. “If you expect to fuck me, you’re going to have to hurt me! Is that what you want?”

“You’re going to have to give me something!” He demanded. “Let me eat your pussy and I’ll leave you alone.”

“You expect me to fall for that shit!” I retorted.

“Let me taste your juices!” He continued. “I’ll go to my room and jerk off!”

I kept trying to get up and he kept pushing me back down. I was tiring quickly.

“I’m not taking off my panties!” I exclaimed. “You do it that way or nothing!”

“All right! All right!” He replied. “Just stop your damn fighting!”

I let my body relax and allowed him to position me long ways on the bed. With no footboard, he maneuvered himself to lie between my legs, his feet hanging off the bed.

He began to nose my pussy again as I lay staring at the ceiling doing my best not to get aroused. But, it was no use! My pussy was in desperate need of attention and I began to focus on the pleasure my father’s nose was creating.

“Pull your crotch to one side.” He directed.

“Fuck you!” I replied angrily. “I know what you’re trying to do and you can forget it!”

My comments only made him chuckle. I felt his finger slide under the crotch of my panties. I became alarmed instantly!

“I’ll do it!” I snapped. “Dammit! I said, I’d do it!”

Dad withdrew his hand and I pulled the crotch of my panties aside with my right hand.

I felt his warm tongue slide up the inside of my pussy lips, gliding over my clit, causing me to jump, my open mouth gulping for air. I side escort knew there was no way I was going to retain a passive attitude. As he centered the tip of his tongue on my clit, I melted.

He placed his hands under my ass and I reluctantly lifted my feet to place on his shoulders. I lost myself in the pleasure for long minutes.

“No! Get your hand away!” I demanded. “Now! Don’t even think about sticking your finger in me! You son-of-a-bitch!”

His attempt to finger me snapped back to reality and it took a number of minutes before I could make my mind surrendered to the pleasure again.

I was not anticipating further intrusion as he lifted my ass and shoved his tongue into my hole. I was too far-gone to resist to the point where my ass began to push against his tongue. I desired it to go deeper and tried to put it there!

The incestuous, eroticism of it all was having its affect and had he tried to fuck me right then I could not have prevented it.

“AAAAhhhhhhhh! Push it deep!” I cried. “Deeper!”

I did not get enough of his tongue fucking before he moved back to my clit. I don’t think that I could ever get enough of that kind of stimulation! But, I was too far-gone to care one way or the other. His tongue was back lapping on my clit and it was intense.

My clit was on fire! My pussy was on fire! My whole body felt like it was going to explode! But it didn’t!

In an instant, dad was between my legs. I just as quickly released the crotch of my panties and his cock was abruptly blocked from penetrating me. The head of this cock only pushed the wet cloth between my pussy lips.

I was huffing and puffing and my mind was trying to focus. I had been denied and now dad was trying to have his way with me…….. To penetrate me………. To fuck me!

“You son-of-a-bitch!!” I bellowed like a wild animal, fighting like one to get him off of me. “You let me get so fuckin’ close and then leave me!!”

I felt his hand wedge between us as he gripped his cock pushing and stroking it over my cloth protected pussy. My mind shifted between madness and desire. I wanted to rip dad’s throat out but I also wanted to keep the sensuous feeling between my legs that the head of his cock was providing.

Again, I released my anger and concentrated on the pleasure of his cock stroking and poking, but knowing my pussy was protected.

I was so close to orgasm but it just wouldn’t come. I knew my pussy needed more direct contact but I just couldn’t bring myself to allow it.

“Harder, dad!” I directed. “Right there! No! Go back!”

I could not take it anymore! I wedged my right hand between us, pulling the crotch of my panties to one side. I didn’t care about anything except reaching climax. Dad was going to win!

Dad did not penetrate me but continued to stroke the domed head of this cock over and through my pussy lips, flicking my clit, causing my ass to jump every time he touched it.

Dad was tormenting me with feather-light strokes of his cock.

To my fury, it finally dawned on me what he wanted! He wanted me to consummate our union and I fought him with every fiber of my body, while still trying to achieve orgasm.

Finally, I did not care anymore! As the head of this cock past over my hole I shoved my ass and half of his shaft penetrated my pussy. With another quick shove of my ass, I felt his balls tap my ass.

We began to fuck passionately!

“(Huffing and puffing) DO IT! FUCK ME!” I demanded. “You got what you wanted! Now fuck me. HARDER DAMN YOU!!”

His cock felt so good in my neglected fuck hole. I felt relieved that I had kept my birth control pills up to date. I had hoped to find someone near the farm to fuck me; a f\arm hand, anyone would do. I surely did not expect to end up on my back, spread eagle, with my father’s cock in me, but here I was and it was good.

“YESSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSS!” I shouted triumphantly as the orgasm gripped me. “FFUUCCCCKKK YESSSSSSS!”

The orgasm melted away but I continued fucking just as aggressively, my ass meeting my father’s thrust with determination to send his cock into me as deep as possible.

Dad was a wise lover he did not lose himself in lustful determination to fill me. He continued to fuck me until I was once again climbing the ladder to orgasm.

“(Huffing and puffing) Don’t stop.” I begged in a labored whisper, my hands gripping my father’s ass, my heels beating rhythm against his buttocks. “I’m close. I’m soooo closeeeeee!”

He was above the now, straight armed, and pounding my ass into the bed. I spread my legs and pulled them as wide and high as I could. He had full access to my incestuous pussy. His huffing and puffing and moaning now mixed with mine.

“You like my pussy?” I asked breathlessly. “Is it tight?”

“Yes, baby!” He replied, just his labored. “You fuck like your mama!”

“Hammer it.” I directed. “Show me you like my pussy as much as mama’s.

My father put a fucking on me. He wore my ass out for many minutes before I reached the top rung on that latter and toppled over in climax. He followed close behind me groaning like a wounded animal as he flooded my pussy.

I lay in his embrace, his exhausted breathing in my ear, my body being cooled by the heavy perspiration as it sleep evaporated.

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