Degenerate Daughter

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(Inspired by B)

* * * * *

Founder’s Day in our small home town had been a great success. The population had really gotten together to make a fine display of pageantry, costumes and floats that were like nothing we had ever seen before. To top it all, we were provided with a beautiful, hot, sunny July day.

Festivities had begun at eleven in the morning. It was now fast approaching midnight, and the whole place seemed as quiet as a grave. My wife, who is heavily involved with the PTA, was helping some other women to clear away garlands and balloons, as a few stragglers made their weary way home from the disco that had been held in the school gymnasium. I had had a lot of beer to drink in the past twelve hours, and told my wife that I was going for a walk to clear my head. When our daughter, Connie, heard me, she asked if she could tag along. I said I would be pleased for the company, provided she didn’t talk too much. She promised to be quiet, took hold of my hand, and led me outside.

Twenty minutes of groggy walking later, we found ourselves on the far side of the sports field, about as far away from the school buildings as was possible to get. The night wasn’t that much cooler than the day had been. The full moon even made it appear as bright as day; at least it did to me in the state I was in. Connie walked silently by my side, still wearing the cheerleader’s outfit that she had danced in at the football game earlier that afternoon.

We came into a thicket of bushes, and I told Connie that I wanted to nip behind one of them for a quick pee. In my drunken condition, it took me some time to get my zip undone, but, at last, I had my cock in my hand and relief was imminent.

I had only just started, when I noticed movement out of the corner of my right eye. I couldn’t be bothered to raise my head, so I ignored it. A couple of seconds later, however, I realised what it was. Standing not two feet from me, I saw the tennis shoes and frilly white ankle socks of my daughter. From the angle at which they were pointed, it was fairly clear that she was looking at me. Now, up until that moment, I had never had a single improper or impure thought about Connie. But at that split second, I don’t know whether it was the alcohol in me or the heat of the night, I had an overwhelming desire to expose myself to her.

I mean it was the perfect opportunity. There was nobody around. I had the excuse of being drunk and, therefore, unaware of my actions, and on top of that, what the hell was my daughter doing standing so close to me whilst I was urinating anyway. As I was holding my dick in my right hand, and Connie was standing to my right, I knew that she couldn’t see much at present. The excitement had given me a semi hardon, which had caused my peeing to slow down. So I knew I had plenty of time to show myself to her. Slowly, I brought my left hand up to my groin, and rested my dick across the palm. Then, nonchalantly as possible, I let my right hand fall away. My white cock stood out proud in the bright moonlight. Keeping my head down, I thought I heard a gasp from Connie, as my manhood came into full view. Man, I was so turned on by the thought of this forbidden exposure, that I had to fight to stop myself from getting fully erect.

My peripheral vision told me that my daughter was still in the same position and, presumably, still staring at my meat. The excitement I was feeling began to grow, and I had to keep feeding it. The only thing that would turn me on even more was to let Connie know that I knew she was looking at me, but that I didn’t mind. This was going to be a big gamble. Up to now, things could be passed off. But if I got the next bit wrong, the shit could really hit the fan.

I decided it was worth the risk. With the last drops of piss still to come out, I raised my head. I had expected to meet my daughter’s gaze straight away. But that wasn’t the case. Connie was still rapt, biting her lower lip, gawking at my cock.

She stood, mesmerised, as I shook out the last drops from my bell end, and fought to put it back inside my trousers. It was only when it had disappeared completely from view that she looked up and blushed.

‘DDDaddy, I’m so sorry’, she began. ‘I was just curious. Do you mind?’

I waited a while before telling her that I wasn’t offended, but that others might not look too easily on such a thing. It was a complete bonus when she begged me not to tell anyone. I gave her my word that it would be our secret.

Then, surprisingly, things got even better. Connie chastised me for not washing my hands. I told her that I may be drunk, but I wasn’t so intoxicated that I could see a bathroom in the middle of the field. She pointed out how silly I was and said I should rub my hands across the dew that had formed on the grass. I then sarcastically asked where I would dry them. With that, my daughter moved her hands to the front hem of her short cheerleader’s skirt, raised it a little, but not too much, and said:

‘You can dry them on my skirt, Daddy. Mom’s got to antalya escort wash it anyway’.

As I showed reluctance, Connie raised the hem a little higher, showing me a bit more of her bare, tanned thighs. I moved up really close to her and began to bend down to wet my hands in the damp grass. As I lowered myself to the ground, I kept eye to eye contact with my daughter. Her slight smile told me that she was playing with me. I was sure of this when, as I got lower, she began to raise her little skirt higher. By the time I was on my knees, she had lifted it fully, and was exposing a pair of flimsy, white panties. I had expected to see the tennis shorts that I knew she always wore under her cheerleader’s outfit, and my expression must have conveyed my surprise.

‘I took them off’, she offered. ‘ They made me too hot.’

As she gave me the hem of her skirt, I lowered my gaze until I was once again staring at her panties. I made no attempt to disguise where I was looking. As I absentmindedly rubbed my hands on her skirt, I thought I could even see the outline of her little pussy as it pressed against the thin, tight cotton.

After a couple of minutes, she said:

‘I think your hands must be dry by now, Daddy.’

I came to my senses and stood up. Connie was flattening her skirt by the time I recovered.

‘I enjoyed watching you pee.’ My daughter said. ‘Could we do it again some time?’

I was silent for a minute, before giving a noncommittal, ‘We’ll see’.

Then we walked back to the school in silence.

Over the next day or so I had a couple of good wanks just thinking about what had happened. I knew that if the opportunity presented itself I would go further with my daughter. Then came Wednesday.

My wife had gone to bed early with a migraine. Connie and I sat silently watching TV. Around nine o’clock, I announced, the way that you do, that I was going to the bathroom.

‘Can I come watch, Daddy?’, she enquired, innocently.

My heart leapt. But I told Connie that her Mom was upstairs and it wouldn’t look too good if she caught her daughter looking at her father taking a leak. Connie countered that her mom had taken a couple of sleeping pills and wouldn’t be awake until morning. Besides, we could use the downstairs bathroom and make no noise at all. I was easily convinced, and bade her follow me.

We entered the bathroom and closed the door behind us. I lifted the toilet seat in readiness. Connie came and stood to my right, as close as she could get. I knew that I was semi erect again and that peeing would be difficult. But I was eager to expose myself to my daughter again, so I started to get my cock out. Connie let out a little gasp when she saw it. I pulled back the foreskin and the pee started to come out slowly. My daughter watched in awe. When she suddenly asked if she could hold it for a while, I nearly lost my balance. I pretended to hold out, but on her third plead, I gave in. I saw her right hand move closer to me. I couldn’t believe it. In three seconds from now my very own flesh and blood daughter would be holding her father’s hardening cock. Two…..One. That was it. It looked so big in her small hand. It twitched as she grasped it gently. Too gently as it happens, and my urine started to shoot all over the inside of the upturned toilet seat. Connie couldn’t control it, so I reluctantly took it out of her hand and continued the job whilst she watched.

Back in the living room, Connie came and sat on my lap. Well, she sat on my hardon, actually. But I wasn’t complaining and neither was she. For about five minutes there was silence. Occasionally, she would squirm on my lap. During this movement, my dick pressed against her ass. She must have known what she was doing to me. Then she spoke.

‘Daddy,’ she began, in a small, inquisitive voice. ‘What’s a golden shower?’

If I’d heard her ask that whilst standing up, then I would have surely fallen down.

I asked Connie where she had heard the expression.

‘From some boys in the football team.’ She replied.

I explained to her that some people got sexually excited either by being abused, or by abusing someone else. And that some women got their kicks from having men mistreat them by pissing over them. After a little thought, she turned her face to mine and said;

‘Would you like to give me a golden shower, Daddy?’

‘Would you like me to give you one?’ I said, answering one question with another.

Connie put a cautious finger in her mouth and gave a little nod.

I asked when. My daughter said that my wife was going out with Auntie Ruth this coming Saturday, and then staying over at her place for the night. There would be only the two of us in the house from about eight o’clock until midday Sunday.

‘What would you wear?’ I enquired. ‘If any of your clothes got ruined, your mom would be sure to ask questions.”

‘I’ll put on my bikini’, she replied immediately. ‘It’ll be easy enough for me to wash and dry before mom gets back.’

I had alanya escort a huge erection by now, and had grabbed Connie gently around her hips and started to move her ass over it, thinking she wouldn’t notice. I should have known better.

‘Not now, Daddy’, she teased. ‘Saturday.’

With that, she got up from my lap, said goodnight, and went to bed. I took my dick out straight away, and gave myself a good pull.

The next few days were full of eager anticipation. Connie and I exchanged secretive glances at each other when my wife wasn’t looking. The implications of it all began to hit home on the Friday night. As I lay in bed, unable to sleep, I realised that by this time tomorrow, I would have fucked my own daughter. I didn’t know if she realised I would be going that far, but if she wanted to be degraded and abused, I had a few tricks up my sleeve.

Weeks ago, I had been told that I would be working that Saturday. I have a fairly solitary job, so it gave me plenty of time to think up ways of how I was going to defile my daughter. I got home a little after six o’clock. My wife was in our room getting ready to go to her sister’s, and my dinner was on the table. Wearing a T-shirt and jeans, Connie came up to me with a huge glass of water held between her dainty hands.

‘Drink this, Daddy,’ she ordered. ‘I want you to be full up before you pee over me tonight.’

No sooner had I finished that glass, than another was brought. Then another, then a fourth. By the time seven forty five arrived, Connie had made me drink over five pints of water, and had left me with a sixth before going up to her room.

At five off eight, I heard both my wife and Connie coming down the stairs. My wife was looking good, and ready to hit the town. Connie had changed into her dressing gown. My wife explained that Connie had told her she wasn’t feeling too well, and that she was going to bed after just as soon as her mom had left. I could feel my palms becoming all sweaty at the thought of what was to come, and I just wanted my wife to get the fuck out. At last, at eight fifteen, late as ever, my wife said goodbye to the two of us. Connie said she’d wave to her out of the window, and in her bare feet, ran over to peel back the curtains a little.

I heard our car start up, and saw Connie waving to her mom as she pulled out of the driveway, and sped up the street. No sooner had the red tail lights disappeared from view, than Connie moved away from the window and into the middle of the room. She pulled the cord of her gown, and took it off in a very matter of fact kind of way.

Underneath she was wearing the tiny yellow bikini that we had bought for her the year before. I thought she might have grown out of it by now, but she was still very petite. She was brown all over. The two knots at the sides of the flimsy bikini bottoms were calling out for me to untie them.

I was so hard, that even with six pints of liquid in my bladder I didn’t yet feel like peeing. When Connie heard this, she immediately went into the kitchen and came back with another two large glasses of water.

As I started to drink the first, I beckoned her over to me. I desperately wanted to touch her. Connie came over to where I was sitting, and I took hold of her arm roughly and pulled her onto my lap. Her skin was soft and warm. I had never felt her this way before, of course. I rubbed her arms sensuously up and down before moving my hands onto her waist.

I lifted her up slightly so that I could plonk her right smack down on the bulge in my pants. One thing was for sure, she wouldn’t be saying ‘no’ to me tonight.

‘Daddy, finish your drink.’ She ordered. ‘I want to feel you peeing on me now.’

I completely ignored my daughter’s commands, and began to tug at the bows that held her bikini panties up.

‘No, Daddy. Not yet.’ She yelled.

I yanked her hair back sharply and told her to be quiet. She had wanted to be abused, and that’s exactly what I was going to do to her. I’m afraid that at this time, all my paternal feelings had been completely replaced by carnal desires.

As I continued trying to untie the knot, Connie handed me the glass and pleaded for me to drink it. I took it off her and swallowed the contents in one gulp. Then I got back to my task.

At last, I managed to get the right side bow free. I was all fingers and thumbs in my rampant desire to get the other side undone. But, after struggling for a minute or so, I was finally pulling away my daughter’s bikini bottoms. I tossed them onto the floor, and turned her around so that I could get a good look at her bare, pink pussy.

‘OOOoooo, let’s see how wet you are for Daddy, baby.’ I whispered to Connie, as I let my fingers trace a path down from her belly button. I had never realised it before, but the tan lines made by the bikini bottoms during her sunbathing, showed just how little material there was between where I had touched her so many times in the past, during innocent play, and the golden honey belek escort pot that was now waiting for me. As my index finger approached her pussy lips, Connie began to squirm. At the entrance to her vagina, she was as wet as a dripping faucet. The little slut was enjoying it. As I pushed my finger into my daughter’s hot little snatch, she began to coo. I could feel she was tight, but I was completely taken aback by the fact that she was definitely no virgin. I wondered just who had deflowered her. The lucky bastard.

Her breathing increased as I pushed in deeper. With my free hand, I undid her bikini top and threw that to the floor as well. Now the little hussy was completely naked.

‘You like that baby?’ I asked, quietly.

Connie just nodded. But after a short pause, she said something that I didn’t catch. I asked her to repeat it. She brought her face up to my ear. I could feel her hot, panting breath on my cheek as she whispered:

‘Piss on me, Daddy. I want all your hot, wet piss all over me.’

I snapped. I picked her up and carried her into the upstairs bathroom and told her to get into the tub. She smiled up at me as she lay down in the bottom of the bath. I couldn’t believe that she was so looking forward to being pissed over. She really was a dirty little slut. And it was with that thought in my head, that I undid my trousers and let my semi hard dick flop out. By now, my bladder was pressing down hard, and I was ready to let it all come out. As I took hold of my cock and pointed it at my daughter’s belly, through gritted teeth I heard myself say:

‘Get ready you little tramp. Daddy’s gonna piss all over you.’

At that point, a jet stream of steaming, yet colourless and odourless, urine shot out of my prick and splashed onto Connie’s midriff. She lay back in the tub, wearing a look of half ecstasy, half shame as she rubbed my piss into her skin with circular hand movements. I moved my aim down to her pussy and managed to get almost a direct hit on her love button. Connie’s hand followed, and she began to rub at her clit furiously as my hot liquid splashed off her skin and drained down the plug hole.

She was panting and urging me not to stop, and I told her that I still had plenty of piss in me. Whilst she brought herself off, I looked down at her lithe, wriggling body, and brought my aim up towards her small breasts. I had never before thought of doing this to anyone, let alone my own daughter, but the feeling of power that pissing on someone else brought was intoxicating. Connie’s left hand worked my pee into her skin whilst the other continued to rub and poke at her minge. As her head lolled back and forth in fits of pleasure, I felt my stream coming to an end. I noticed that her mouth was barely open, and decided to let her have the last of my piss over her face. She sensed that there wasn’t much else left to come, and she begged me not to waste a drop. I told her that I’d wring my dick out over her if necessary. At that point, she was on the verge of coming. Her hand was moving like a blur, and her cries were beginning to get louder. She was, therefore, oblivious to my movement towards her face. Though, I doubt if it would have bothered her anyway. Nevertheless, with my final drops coming out, I directed the steaming urine at her mouth. Connie pursed her lips so that she didn’t actually swallow any, but she moved her head around the way you do in a shower to make sure everything gets wet.

She reached her climax just as I finished shaking out the last drops onto her forehead.

Seeing her lying there in the tub, tanned skin wet with my bodily fluid, I began to get a full erection. I told the little bitch to have a good bath and get all of my piss off of her before I abused her anymore. Then I said she was to go in my room, and put on some make up from her mom’s dressing table. I asked if she had any high heels. She shook her head. I knew she was a couple of sizes smaller than my wife, but that would have to do. My final instruction to my daughter before going downstairs to wait for her, was that she should find a pair of her mom’s stilettos and come down to me wearing just them and the make up.

I had given Connie half an hour to get cleaned up and face painted before coming back down to me. I didn’t mind the wait. Anticipation now would lead to greater gratification later. If I had had any doubts that my daughter was less than happy to be going along with my lust, they were soon to be dispelled. Because, after only fifteen minutes of the thirty I had given her to get ready had passed, I heard the unmistakable sound of high heels on the wooden staircase. Their beautifully sexy sound was, by itself, enough to re-harden my cock.

Suddenly, Connie was standing in the doorway looking at me. I ordered her to come to the seat where I was sitting. She had never before worn four inch heels, and the fact that they were slightly too big didn’t help. But, if anything, her unsteady walk made her look even sexier. As she came and stood in front of me, I remarked how good she looked in make up. She had applied mascara and some light blue powder around her eyes (a little too heavily, but it was her first attempt), and her lips shone with a deep red gloss. She had also fixed her long, thick blonde hair into a kind of eighties’ power look.

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