Deal or No Deal Ch. 01

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David pleaded with Desmond with no luck as Desmond chugged on his beer and scoffed at David’s pleas for extra time. Two of Desmond’s cronies stood at either side of the sofa Desmond was lounging on and smirked. David had hit hard times. His small business was not doing well and Desmond wanted the $150,000 he had leant to David along with $50,000 in interest within 24 hours or face eviction and lose every single possession of his.

At 46 David looked more like 56. The weight of his debt making him stoop and look much smaller than his 6’5” foot frame. Desmond used to be David’s business partner. They were old army buddies. Desmond cheated David out of a lot of his business and got into politics becoming the richest and most corrupt person in the little California town. David had a string of tragedies over the years starting with his wife passing away and being swindled in his business which had started to dwindle ever since. As things got worse for David he had no where to go but take money from Desmond to keep his business going as he had a daughter ready to go to college, but he had now hit rock bottom.

As David’s desperation mounted the front door opened and his daughter Patty came home from the gym. At 18 Patty had grown into a little heart breaker and was the toast of her small California town. She was a straight A student and star athlete and had just been accepted to Stanford. Patty had grown into a very pretty young woman. The blonde, blue-eyed, 5’6” leggy girl was a young gymnast sensation in her town and was able to use her talent to get herself a small scholarship to attend college but that would not be enough to pay for everything.

David made sure that Patty never felt deprived of anything and never gave her even the slightest inkling that she was his step child…something she found out just a few years back. Patty’s mom was pregnant with her when her Dad died in the first Gulf War saving David and Desmond from a grenade attack. Patty’s mom and David dated briefly in school and when David came back from the war he took care of the family and married her mom, his old High School sweetheart. She died in a car accident when patty was just an infant and David brought her up alone doing the best he could.

As Patty entered she saw Desmond and cringed. She hated Desmond for what he did to her Dad. Ignoring him she looked at David and shouted “Hi Daddy,” from across the room.

“Hi Baby, how was practice?” asked David.

“It was fine Daddy, just very tiring,” responded Patty.

“Well go up to your room and I will call you when Dinner is ready,” said David.

As Patty moved up the stairs she felt a chill run up her spine because she couldn’t miss the leer on Desmond’s face. His eyes moved up and down her body, checking her out in her little lycra shorts and tank, undressing her in his mind making her shudder at the thought. She couldn’t believe that he was her favorite grown-up as a kid and that she even had a crush on him once after all he was a really good looking guy who used to pamper her. At 6’4” with chiseled muscles and designer clothes, Desmond was a very attractive black guy.

As she left, Desmond turned to David and said, “Patty has really grown into a fine young woman, just like her Mom. How old is she? Is she in college yet?”

“She just turned 18 and will be joining Stanford this fall,” replied David as he gritted his teeth.

“Nice,” sneered Desmond as he started to get up chucking the empty beer can to the side. He suddenly turned to David and said, “I tell you what David, I will write of my loan to you but you gotta do one thing for me man.”

David’s eyes lit up. “What? Anything, I will do anything…what do you want from me?”

Desmond started into David’s eyes, grinned and said, “Patty.”

David was taken aback and couldn’t believe what he heard and asked again, “What!?!”

“I said I want Patty, well just for a night…and that is it…all will be forgiven,” replied Desmond

David couldn’t contain his anger anymore and lunged at Desmond but was quickly brought to the ground by Desmond’s henchmen before he could do anything.

Desmond caught him by his hair and pulled up his head from the antalya escort carpet and menacingly whispered, “Listen David, it’s not like she is your real daughter. She is 18 and fair game. This is a small town and sometimes accidents happen. You don’t want anything to happen to you because God knows what would happen to Patty if you were not around. I am just giving you a way out and helping you get your life back. I will wait for your call tomorrow. Its either Patty or you arrange for the $200,000 you owe me by 4 tomorrow afternoon.”

Saying that his cronies kicked him in his stomach and left David crouched in pain weeping silently. He heard Patty calling out for him as she ran to pick him up off of the floor.

“Daddy! Are you all right? What did that bastard do to you?” she screamed.

“It’s okay honey, just a disagreement about something,” David groaned as Patty helped him up and hugged him.

“Bullshit Daddy, I heard everything and I am going to kill him,” she exclaimed.

“Shush baby, don’t worry. Daddy will work something out,” David said.

“How Daddy?” asked Patty as they moved to the dinning table to sit.

“I want you to take the first plane out tomorrow and I will deal with him,” David bravely responded.

“Are you crazy Daddy! We have nothing and that bastard will stop at nothing…you know that. I cannot loose you! Who will take care of me if you are gone” Patty tearfully responded as she looked up into his eyes as they held hands.

“There is no other option!” David screamed.

“There is Daddy,” Patty responded to the surprise of David

“Are you mad?! I am not going to throw my daughter to the wolves,” David screamed back.

“Daddy, calm down and think…if you are gone I have no where to go…what makes you think he won’t come looking for me and then what?” she asked.

David looked at her helplessly and began to sob. Patty sat on his lap and wiped his tears and looked him straight in the eye and said, “Daddy, you have been the best. This is the least I can do for you and you cannot stop me!”

“But baby…” David started to speak but Patty placed her palm on his lips and cut him off.

“Shhh Daddy. I am grown up and we both know that we cannot do anything…we have no options…I just have one request,” she asked.

David mumbled, “What?”

Patty slowly dropped another bombshell on him, “I haven’t been with a guy all the way before and I don’t want my first time to be with that sleazebag. I want it with someone I love and trust. I want you to make love to me first.”

David was very confused and was searching for words to let Patty know how ridiculous this was while she continued, “Daddy you have to do this for me.” And she suddenly kissed him full on the lips. Utterly surprised David tried to move back but sitting is his lap Patty held him tighter and kept kissing him and then looked into his eyes and whispered, “Daddy please…”

She kissed him again and this time David’s lips responded as well. David had been celibate and heartbroken since Patty’s mom passed away. He felt his loins stir into life after many long years. Their soft weeping stopped. He got up from the chair carrying Patty is his arms as they kept kissing and he carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed where he and Patty’s mom made love so many years back.

He looked down at her and suddenly realized what a pretty young lady she had become. He had never seen her like that. He undressed down to his boxers and sat down by the foot of the bed admiring Patty. She looked so much like her mom, even prettier. He slowly undid her sneakers and took her socks off. Her small feet curling in his palms as he kissed each toe and licked her sole sending flutters of delight up her body. Her dainty anklet making a soft tingling sound as he slowly licked his away up her toned ivory legs hearing her purr and gently moan and call out softly, “mmmmmm Daddy yes…that feels good,”……just like her mom.

David took his time licking his way up planting soft kisses on her smooth silky skin, tickling her inner thighs with the stubble on his cheeks as he kissed and licked her soft flesh and intoxicating himself kemer escort as his nose nuzzled her fabric covered pussy. He pulled her tiny lycra shorts down her hips and slid it down her legs as Patty hurriedly removed her tank and sports bra.

The soft glow of the night lamp on one side and the aquarium light on the other made her body glow as the light danced and bounced of her beautiful B cups and her nipples, already erect, stared right back at him. Patty giggled as his strong hands almost ripped off her panties as he struggled to remove them in his excitement. Patty blushed as she saw David marvel at her nubile nakedness.

David climbed on top of her and started kissing every inch of her body from her forehead down to her eyes, nose, chin and then letting his tongue slip into her mouth. All that could be heard her was their heavy breathing and the slurping sounds of their mouths. Patty’s lips sucked on his lower lip, not wanting to let go. He then slowly moved down her neck and made his way to her ripe breasts. Patty moaned as her back arched up as his lips sucked and nibbled on her pert nipples.

David’s tongue moved slowly down her flat little tummy, feeling every little muscle in her body tense and relax at his touch. He slowly made his way down her marble legs once again, stopping only to get another intoxicating whiff of her womanhood. He then gently turned her over and let his tongue explore every nook and cranny of her body. He playfully nipped at her marvelously rounded bums and smiled to see her body squirm is pleasure as he licked and kissed his way up her spine.

He turned Patty on her back again and they kissed deeply while exploring each other’s body with their hands. David’s penis was throbbing hard and pushing against his boxers as his hands massaged her breasts while he licked and nibbled on them. Patty had her legs curled high around the sides of his torso. Her toes grabbed the elastic of his boxers and pushed them down his legs.

David kicked his boxers off and lay on his back as Patty crouched with her mouth over his penis. Her soft hands caressing it, driving him crazy. She looked into David’s eyes, smiled and stuck her tongue out to lick his penis. As David felt her tongue flick over the head of his penis he let out a deep moan. Patty started licking the length of his shaft down to his balls making it glisten with her saliva. She then kissed the head and slowly started to suck on it until more and more of his 7″ manhood started disappearing into her mouth. Patty’s head was now bobbing up and down his ragging hard-on as David kept moving her long blonde tresses to the side so that he could see her face as she sucked on him. David was in a daze as he felt long forgotten sensations while trying not to focus on how did his daughter who had never been with a guy seem to be so good at what she was doing.

David pulled her away and turned her on her back as he plunged his face into her wet and welcoming pussy. She was trimmed with just a little blonde fuzz around her pink lips. He licked the length of her pussy as his fingers gently played with her clitoris. Patty was using her hands to push his face in further as she started moaning loud and uncontrollably. Her thighs kept clamping down on his face, smothering him as he licked and sucked on her clit. Her lithe body moving violently as her arousal started peaking. He let his tongue go down to her anus making her go even wilder.

He suddenly lifted himself up, spread her legs and crouched between them slowly guiding his penis to the opening of her pussy. They looked at each other with love and lust as her eyes implored him to take her. David started at Patty’s deep blue eyes as his penis started moving in. Patty’s eyes were now fixed on David’s penis at her opening as he made a gentle thrust. They both gasped as David felt the tightness of her pussy and she felt the pain of his penis against her hymen. Patty’s right hand moved instinctively to push against his pubic bone as she braced for him to enter her.

They looked at each other again as David made a long, slow and strong thrust deep into her. Patty let out a long shrill groan rising into a crescendo konyaaltı escort as she felt David’s penis tear through her hymen all the way to the hilt. Her hands clenching the quilt, her back arched up as she let out a loud, shrill moan. David paused when he was in her completely and there was no separation between their bodies. Patty had tears streaming down her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. They laid like that for a few minutes, kissing each other as David started moving his hips in a slow circular movement and gently rocking back and forth.

Patty’s body started responding soon. Her vaginal muscles started relaxing and contracting around his penis as her hips started moving to his slow and deliberate rhythm and her pussy muscles started milking his gently thrusting penis. They both felt their sensations slowly mount as his pubis rubbed against her clitoris. Their moans became more animal. Her legs were tightly wrapped around him as David pulled her up so that she was straddling his lap as he kissed her lips and sucked and nibbled on her nipples.

Patty began grinding her pussy on his penis and then slowly moving up and down on it. Each movement adding a new dimension to her pleasure centers with sensations she had never felt before, numbing the pain of the entry that lingered. David laid her down on her back and started thrusting into Patty with much more vigor. He unwrapped her legs, grabbed her feet and stretched her legs out wide to the span of his arms as he started pounding her. He kept varying his rhythm sometimes bringing her legs in close and sucking on her toes or pulling her legs into his chest – giving her the benefit of the many years of experience he had with women.

Before long Patty’s body started squirming violently as she came close to her climax. David struggled to control himself after all these years, determined not to cum before her as he increased his tempo while his fingers played with her clitoris and suddenly every muscle in her body tightened and spasmed as her body reached climax and she screamed with tears flowing down, “Daddy I love you!” It had been way too long for David. He tried his best not to cum before his daughter and he could not hold himself any longer as he moaned loudly and his body jerked into orgasm. Cum came gushing out of his throbbing penis as he filled Patty’s still squirming body and collapsed on top of her passionately kissing her.

They cuddled in the after glow for a long time. Not saying anything just kissing, caressing and smiling. His limp penis falling out of her drenched in their combined juices and stained with her blood. He grabbed some Kleenex to wipe them clean and then reached out for his cigarettes. He lay back and lighted one and started thinking.

“What’s on your mind Daddy?” asked Patty.

“Nothing princess,” replied David as he took a puff.

“Awwww tell me Daddy,” Patty impishly cajoled as she flicked the tip of her tongue on his nipple and stroked his limp penis.

David let out a deep moan, “Ohhh baby,” as his penis stirred a bit. “It’s nothing, just that I never imagined having a relationship like this.”

“Don’t think about it Daddy. We love each other and you made my first time special and that’s what matters,” replied Patty.

“And by the way…you were really good…especially for someone who had never gone all the way.”

Patty smiled, winked and said, “Just because I hadn’t been all the way does not mean I didn’t do absolutely anything Daddy.” She took the cigarette from him and took the last couple of puffs…coughing and putting the cigarette out in the ash tray. “And I have a plan for tomorrow to help us out.”

As Patty told him what was in her mind David’s eyes lit up. He stroked her golden locks and peered into her smiling blue eyes, “You know what Baby…that might actually work.”

“I know it will Daddy,” replied Patty as she kissed him passionately and climbed on top of him. Still a little sore from her first time but wanting more, she nibbled and licked his nipples making him groan as her hands helped him guide his now erect penis to her wet pussy. They both moaned out loud as she gently eased her pussy down on his cock. Feeling her slowly grinding her pussy on his cock David looked up marvel at her beauty and fondle her small soft B cups. She bent forward to kiss him as his hands moved to her small round hips and guide her tempo on his penis…this was going to be a long wonderful night.

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