Daughter’s Cookie

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This is a story about a girl named Kim. She is 21 years old and lives at home with Her Daddy. Her mother took off a few years ago and never kept in touch.

After finishing High School, Kim worked at a little pet shop in the mall for a while. She needed more hours, so she got a job working in a coffee shop near her home.

She gets to meet a lot of people there. Guys like to come in there for coffee, just to watch Kim walk around and wait on the customers.

She wears a white polo shirt with the company logo, and a pair of tight jeans. She keeps her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, since it’s required by the coffee shop.

All kinds of people stop in for coffee and doughnuts, but mostly truckers and bikers hang out there. Kim loves that because they are big tippers, plus she doesn’t feel the need to worry about being robbed. Every so often, when the manager isn’t there, she gives them a free refill.

Kim’s Daddy works in factory as an Iron Worker. He has a muscular build to him, mostly from the kind of work that he does. He stands 6″2″ tall, dark brown hair and goatee. He has a few tattoos and scares, and a past that he doesn’t like to talk about.

Later that night, Kim and her Daddy ate supper and talked a little about their day. When finished, Kim washed the dishes and her Daddy sat in the living room to watch the news.

After finishing the dishes, Kim came in and sat on her Daddy’s lap. She pulled her polo shirt up over her head and tossed it onto the chair.

Her Daddy loved the way she would walk around the house topless, and sometimes completely nude. No, their relationship wasn’t what you would call normal, they also took care of each others sexual needs.

“Daddy loves your tits, baby. What size cup are they?”

“They’re a c-cup, Daddy,” She proudly said, as she stuck her chest out and bounced them.

“I like watching your tits bounce, baby. It makes my cock hard.”

“Hey Daddy, remember when I was a little girl, and I would sit on your lap to bounce up and down while we played horsy?”

“Yes baby, I still remember.”

Kim just antalya escort smiled back at him.

After the news was over, her Daddy asked what her plans were for tonight.

“Daddy, I’m going to a Halloween party tonight. I have to go upstairs and start getting ready. I have a feeling that you’re going to like my costume.”

Kim got up from her Daddy’s lap and went upstairs to her room. She set everything out on her bed, and went to hop into the shower. Kim lathered up her body and shampooed her hair. Afterwards, she shaved her long legs and pussy smooth.She wrapped a towel around her naked body, and walked back to her bedroom.

Kim blow dried her her hair, and put some pink lipstick and eye shadow on. She did her lashes then painter her nails. She left the towel drop from her body, as she walked over to her bed.

She sat on the edge of her bed, and started to put on her Halloween costume. Kim pulled up her knee socks, and then the little green skirt. She then put on the green short sleeve shirt, and buttoned it up the front. Kim made sure to leave a few at the top, undone.

Next came the red cloth tie that she put around her neck, followed by the green cap. The little back shoes with the buckle, were the last thing to put on.

When Kim stood up, she walked over to the mirror, admiring how sexy the little uniform costume looked on her. She sprayed a mist of perfume, before grabbing the box of cookies. She trotted downstairs to show her Daddy.

He heard Kim coming down the stairs. When he looked over at her, he was surprised.

“Well Daddy, what do you think? Do I look like a sexy little girlscout?”

“Oh my God, baby! You looking so fucking hot!”

Kim giggled, as she skipped over to stand in front of her Daddy, and tease him.

“Um, excuse me Sir. Would you like to buy some cookies?”

“Just what kind of cookies do you have, little girl?”

Kim turned, so that her Daddy was sitting behind her. She bent over at the waist, to set the box of cookies onto the coffee table. When doing so, her little green skirt rode up. That’s when her Daddy alanya escort noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties. Besides seeing the bottom half of her cute ass, he could see the two pink lips of her pussy.

“I don’t think you’ll like these cookies, Daddy.”

Kim turned around and kneeled down. She bit her bottom lip, and looked up at her Daddy with her sad puppy dog eyes.

“Trick or treat! Daddy, give me something good to eat.”

Her Daddy stood up from his chair and opened his pants, and pulled the zipper down. He reached in and pulled his hard cock out.

“Mmmm, Daddy. It looks like I’m getting a treat.”

Kim took hold of his cock and began to lick it. She loved how it felt on her tongue, as she glided it up and down the length. She would suck the head of her Daddy’s cock, just to tease him a little before going back to licking it.

Finally Kim put her mouth over it and sucked. Her head slid up and down, giving her Daddy a blowjob. He was so turned on, as he looked down at his sexy little girlscout sucking his cock.

Kim started to stroke him as she sucked. She knew that she was doing a good job, from what he moaned out.

“Oh baby, suck it. Suck Daddy’s cock, little girl. Oh babygirl, don’t stop. Daddy loves having you suck his cock. You’re such a good girl.”

Kim’s pussy got so wet hearing him say that. She needed to feel something on her pussy. She left her mouth slide from her Daddy’s cock. Kim sat back on the floor and pulled up her little green skirt. She spread her legs and reached down, spreading her pussy lips with two fingers.

“Come on, Daddy. Don’t keep your little girlscout waiting. Come down here and taste my cookie.”

He just about dove into her, as got between his daughter’s legs. His tongue moved all along the outside of her pussy, and up the center of her young slit. He wanted to get even with her for teasing him.

After a few minutes of teasing, he slid his tongue inside Kim’s pussy. He wiggled it up and down, tasting her. He would suck her clit and then go back to fucking her with his alanya rus escort tongue.

“Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy eat me! Eat me, Daddy! Eat my pussy! Oh yes, oh yes, oh, oh, oh,” Kim moaned out, as she came!

Her Daddy crawled up between her legs, as she lie there panting. He slid his cock into his daughter. Her pussy was so wet from her orgasm. He kissed her passionately, on her pink lipstick covered lips. Sliding in and out with slow thrusts, Kim moaned out.

“Oh Daddy, you cock feels so good inside of me. Please Daddy, fuck me? Fuck your babygirl, your little girlscout. Do it Daddy! Fuck my girlscout pussy!”

Her Daddy increased the tempo, as he started fucking her harder. If it weren’t for her wanting to go out, he would have ripped her top open so he could suck on her nipples. He started to tease her.

“Does my baby like her Daddy’s cock? Do you like having Daddy’s cock deep inside of you? Oh, Daddy loves your pussy. Do you want Daddy to fuck you, princess? Tell Daddy what you want.”

Kim was breathing heavy, as she answered him.

“Yes! Yes Daddy, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck your daughter’s pussy! I love my Daddy’s cock!”

“Good girl. Now I want you to scream out loud, that you love my cock. Okay baby?”

He fucked her as hard as he could, while his daughter screamed out.

“Yes! I love my Daddy’s cock! I fucking love my Daddy’s hard fucking cock! I love it deep inside of my pussy! Fuck me Daddy! Yes! Yes, my Daddy is fucking me! Fucking me! I love you Daddy! I love you cock!”

He pulled Kim up and shoved his cock into her mouth.

“Suck it baby! Daddy is going to cum! I’m going to cum in your hot little mouth!”

Kim sucked so hard, she loved tasting his cum. After a few seconds, she felt it squirting, hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop, as her Daddy’s cock softened in her mouth.

“Oh, thank you baby. That felt fucking great.”

“Mmmm, thank you Daddy for giving me something good to eat!”

Her Daddy sat back down in his chair to catch his breath. Kim stood up and walked out of the house, on her way to the Halloween party.

“Bye Daddy! Don’t wait up, I’ll be home late!”

He picked up her box of cookies that she left, and started munching on them.

“Huh, not bad. But I’d rather be eating my daughter’s pink, mmm, pussy cookie instead,” He thought to himself.

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