Danger Ch. 23

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Double Penetration

Chapter 23: The Escapee

The music blared from the stereo as Danger sped down Highway 33 through the heart of Oklahoma. It was Friday afternoon and he was on his for a workout with a minor league baseball team near Oklahoma City. He had rented a black Ford Mustang convertible and was loving every second of stretching its legs on the open road.

Just past the town of Cushing he noticed someone hitch-hiking on the shoulder of the road. As he approached he could make out the slender figure of a female; she was tall and very trim. Intrigued, he began slowing down to pick her up. As he approached he was able to make her out more clearly. The first thing he noticed was her clothes. She looked like she went to a private school since she was wearing the typical schoolgirl outfit. She wore a navy blue sleeveless sweater over a crisp white blouse, a blue and gray plaid pleated skirt that showed most of her slender, white thighs, and navy blue socks that stretched from her black, polished shoes to her knees. She had very short brown hair, a small face with a cute nose and pouty lips. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of small, round sunglasses. Danger stopped in front of her and her blue eyes gazed over the top of her sunglasses as she looked at the car before turning to him.

“Nice wheels,” she began, “Where ya headed?”

“OK City,” came Danger’s response, “Where are you trying to get?”

“That sounds good to me. I’m just trying to escape from my prison of a private school for the weekend,” the girl replied.

“Hop in,” Danger said as he cleared some stuff of the passenger seat and tossed it into the cramped back seat. The girl dropped her knapsack in the back, opened the passenger door, and plopped into the seat. “My name’s Danger, by the way.”

“Hi, I’m Kirsten,” the brunette replied seconds before Danger pulled away and accelerated down the highway. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the head rest as she felt the wind blow through her short hair. “God it feels good to be out of that place for a while,” she said happily. “They are so fuckin’ strict there that it’s almost impossible to sneak a guy in or sneak out to find a guy to get some. Just to get out this morning I had to get two girls to pretend to fight just so I could sneak away to the bathroom and climb out of the window. The head mistress is probably in a panic now, although I think she’s just looking for an excuse to expel me.”

“It sounds like those two girls are going to be in some hot water. They’ll probably be looking for some payment when you get back,” Danger replied.

“Yeah,” Kirsten said, tilting her head to think for a moment. “They’re both horny lesbians so they’ll probably want me to munch their fuckin’ cunts and I’ve seen them look at my body in the shower. They probably want to fuck me with a huge dildo or something.” Danger’s cock started to stir at the thought of this hot, slender girl on her hands and knees with a thick, black dildo pounding her cunt. Although it’s hard enough to find enough time alone to get yourself off, let alone trying to hide two or three people. I haven’t had an orgasm in months. Although…” her sentence trailed off as she starting looking around. Kirsten then lifted her ass off the seat and pushed her skirt behind her back so that she was longer sitting on it. She then reached up under her skirt and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and shimmied them off her hips and down her thighs to her knees before sitting back down. Danger looked over to see her gray, cotton panties around her knees before she slid them down her calves and off her feet. She then picked them off the floor and tossed them in the air behind her; the wind caught them and blew them into a large, open field beside the highway. Kirsten then slid forward in her seat and pulled the front of her skirt up revealing her furry, black bush and creamy, white hips. She spread her thighs and began rubbing her slit with her right hand.

“Oh, that feels good,” she purred as her fingers began to separate her swelling pussy lips. “Hmmm, I haven’t done this in a long time.” As her labia separated her sweet juices began to seep out onto her fingers. Periodically she would stop rubbing herself and bring her fingers to her mouth to lick her juices off. Eventually Kirsten found her clit which caused a load moan to escape her lips and her hips to buck. Danger’s attention was divided between the road in front of him and his passenger’s cunt. As he began a long straight stretch of highway he looked down between her legs just in time to see the tip of her middle finger penetrate her glistening lips and slip into her moist pussy. Kirsten then slipped off her shoes, put her feet up on the dash of the car, and let her knees fall apart. While her right hand continued on with her pussy she brought her left hand up to rub her clit. Danger could now smell the aroma of her excited pussy as she managed to slip two more fingers into her snatch. Kirsten’s head was back, her eyes were shut, and her mouth was open as she moaned and gasped with each thrust of her long, slender fingers into her body.

Suddenly her back arched and she screamed out as he cunt started spasming in orgasm. Danger couldn’t decide whether beylikdüzü anal yapan escort to look at the road or at the half naked girl getting herself off just inches away. Her body trembled for a few moments before relaxing, she brought her hands from between her legs to her lips and began cleaning her fingers off again. When she was satisfied that they were clean, she pushed her skirt back down over her pussy and slipped her feet back into her shoes.

“Are you from Oklahoma City or just visiting?” Kirsten the asked with in an amazingly casual attitude after what had just happened.

“Uh, I’m going to a workout for a minor league ball team,” he managed to stammer. “Do you have anywhere to stay when you get to the city?” he asked.

“Not yet,” she replied, “but my father gave me his credit card when I left home before this term, so I can probably get a room somewhere. That’ll get him angry too. I’ll have to make sure to order a lot of room service. Hey, since you were kind enough to pick me up why don’t we share a room and I’ll put it on Daddy’s card.” After seeing what she did in the car Danger couldn’t wait to see what she would do in the privacy of a hotel room so there was no way he was turning that offer down.

“Sounds good to me,” he said with a smile as he subconsciously pushed a little harder on the accelerator trying to get to their destination that much faster. Kirsten dozed off after another half hour or so sand slept the rest of the way into the city. Once into the city, the noise of the traffic woke her up. Groggily she asked where they were and Danger replied that they had made it to Oklahoma City and he was heading for the Holiday Inn that he could see just down the street. Danger pulled into the parking lot and immediately got out to stretch his legs; he and Kirsten then went inside to get a room. Kirsten strode up to the reception desk and asked for a room with a double bed for two nights. As the girl behind the desk found the key to the room, Kirsten turned to Danger and winked. At that point Danger suddenly knew that he was going to enjoy this weekend whether he had a good workout tomorrow or not.

As they made their way to their room they decided to go out and get something to eat and then hit the nearest bar for some drinking and dancing. Kirsten said that she wanted to have a shower first and maybe replace her underwear. When they got to the room Danger sat down on the bed and started watching television as Kirsten dug her toiletries out of her bag and headed off to the bathroom. He heard the water in the shower turn on as he laid back to watch the baseball game that found on TV. He saw some movement come from the bathroom and when he looked toward the door he found that he could see part of Kirsten’ reflection in the mirror. The movement he had seen was her taking off her sweater. Since he couldn’t see the front half of her body, she didn’t seem to be doing anything while she was undoing the buttons of her blouse, but then he saw it fall from her shoulders and down her arms to reveal the back of her small, white bra. The bra followed next and then her skirt. Since she had thrown her panties out of the car, Danger could now see her round ass cheeks as she bent over to roll her knee-high socks down her legs before pulling them off her feet. She then disappeared into the shower.

About ten minutes later, Danger heard the water turn off and he immediately looked towards the bathroom for a glimpse of Kirsten naked. However she dried herself off in the shower where Danger couldn’t see her. She then strolled out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around her body that was just long enough to cover her wet pubic hair. She had apparently forgotten her deodorant as she dug it out of her bag.

“That feels so much better,” she said to no one in particular as she applied the clear gel under arms as sauntered back into the bathroom. She appeared seconds later with another towel with which she was rubbing her short, black hair. “Have you decided where you wanna eat?” she asked. Danger replied that whatever she wanted would suit him fine. “You may want to reconsider that statement,” she said as she kneeled on the bed and crawled toward to him. “Because I want some cock!” she said excitedly as she pulled off the towel covering her naked body. Danger got his first glimpse of her small, but perfectly round and firm tits with their long, hard, pink nipples. her stomach was flat and still glistened with moisture. Her black bush was still wet and tangled from the shower. She had the button and zipper of his jeans undone in a flash and was pulling them down along with his boxers. Once his hardening cock was free, her hands left his pants and went to that. One went around the base while the other began stroking the shaft. Kirsten was licking her lips as she watched his prick grow past seven inches, and then past eight inches until it finally reached its full nine inches.

Slowly she lowered her head and kissed the purple head of Danger’s cock and then licked it a few times before parting her lips and taking him into her warm mouth. Her tongue moved form the head to shaft as, inch by inch, his rod disappeared into beylikdüzü balıketli escort her mouth. Once she had as much in her mouth as she could take, she closed her lips around his rock-hard shaft and began slowly bobbing her head up and down. She began stroking the bottom of his shaft with her tongue as she picked up her pace. Kirsten still had one hand on the base of Danger’s prick, but the other hand was now free and found its way between his legs. She took his balls in the palm of her hand and began gently massaging them.

“Oh fuck, that’s feel awesome,” Danger said as he put one hand on the back of her neck and started clutching the bed sheets with the other. He could feel a load of cum bubbling up from his balls getting ready to burst out in Kirsten’s hungry mouth. Kirsten was now stroking and sucking his cock at the same time trying to get Danger’s cock to surrender its load. Once it did she swallowed every drop of hot, sticky cum that it deposited in her mouth.

“Mmmm, tasty,” she said as she licked her lips clean of any cum that may have seeped out of her mouth. Danger sat up and went to grab her hips to throw her down on the bed, but she stood up too quickly for him to get her. “You’ll have to wait until later to get any more,” Kirsten said as she sauntered back towards the bathroom, her round ass cheeks wiggling as she moved. Danger tucked his cock back into his pants and got up off the bed and walked to the bathroom door where she found Kirsten dressed again and rolling her knee high socks back up her legs.

“It’s getting late, we should grab a bite to eat and then go do something,” she said as she saw him appear in the doorway. Once Kirsten was fully dressed again, including another pair of gray, cotton panties, they left the hotel and started wandering down the street. They stopped at the first fast food restaurant they came across and grabbed something to eat. They asked the guy behind the counter where the closest bat was and he gave them directions. They arrived at the bar and quickly began drinking and before long both of them were starting to feel it pretty good. Kirsten then wanted to dance and the two of them made their way through the crowd to the dance floor. Due to the crows they had to dance close together; Danger’s hands were all over Kirsten’s body. He ran his fingers up the back of her smooth thighs and tucked them under the hem of her skirt and ran along the edge of her panties before pulling them out and cupping her firm ass cheeks. Kirsten responded by grinding her body against Danger’s. She could feel his cock hardening through his pants so she rubbed her crotch against it as her hardening nipples poked into his chest.

They continued dancing this way for the next few hours until the bar closed and they set off back for their hotel. During the ride up on the elevator Kirsten flung her arms around Danger and plunged her tongue into his mouth. They groped each other during the entire trip and Danger got his hands under her skirt again and had just began rubbing her crotch through the thin material when the doors opened. They broke their embrace and jogged down the hall to their room. Kirsten fumbled with the keys in her drunken state, but finally got the door open. Danger shut the door and picked Kirsten up in the fireman’s lift and carried her over to the bed. She was laughing as he dropped her on the bed and flipped off her shoes before kneeling down and sliding his hands up the insides of her thighs. Kirsten trembled lightly as Danger’s fingers reached the crotch of her panties and slipped inside. He quickly found her moist slit causing her to arch her back and moan. Danger could already feel her excited clit protruding before he pulled his hands out of her underwear and pulled them down her long, slender legs. He inhaled the scent of her musky snatch from the damp crotch before tossing them aside and draping her legs over his arms. Slowly Danger’s head moved between Kirsten’s thighs until he was just millimeters from her glistening snatch.

His tongue jutted out and penetrated her wet lips causing Kirsten moan even louder. Danger slid his tongue up and down the insides of her rubbery labia making Kirsten wetter and wetter with each stroke. Kirsten used one hand to pull her skirt up out of Danger way while her other other hand pulled her blouse out of her skirt and slid along her smooth stomach to grab one of her heaving tits through the thin material of her bra. As Danger began rubbing her magic button, Kirsten started to shimmy out of her sweater before pulling her blouse open and squeezing both tits. The flimsy cups of her bra were quickly pushed up allowing to her squeeze and pinch her long, hard nipples.

“Oh God, eat my pussy,” Kirsten barked as Danger pushed closer and closer to orgasm. She had finished disposing of her blouse and bra leaving her only in her skirt and stockings. Danger quickly relieved her of the skirt and flung it across the room. While he was munching her pussy he had been getting out of his own clothes in preparation of sinking his long, hard cock into Kirsten’s soft cunt. She was now begging to be fucked so he grabbed her hips and roller her over onto her stomach and beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş then dragged her off the bed so that she was kneeling on the floor in front of him, her wet cunt ass jutting out at him lewdly. He quickly placed the head of his long shaft between her labia and began pushing into her. Kirsten spread her legs as he did so and Danger’s rod sank in about five inches before he pulled out and pushed back into her again.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she was ordering as Danger’s thrust increased in pace and force until he was humping her hard enough for his thighs to make an audible smack against her ass. Kirsten could feel her orgasm building between her legs preparing to explode all over her body. The soft, smooth walls of her cunt were making Danger’s prick ache to release a load of hot cum deep within Kirsten’s slender body. He was now slamming into her cunt making up for how she had teased him before by walking away after going down on him. He was completely lost in the moment as he humped her cunt until he felt his cum shooting through his cock. Grabbing her hips, Danger thrust in one last time and stayed buried inside her as stream after stream of his cum shot from his prick and coated Kirsten’s insides. The hot cum splattering over her insides triggered Kirsten’s own intense orgasm causing every muscle in her body to spasm as he grabbed the bed sheets in her hands and screamed and moaned in ecstasy. Her trembled with excitement as the orgasm rippled through her body. It took almost a minute for her climax to subside at which point her cunt released its grip on Danger’s cock and he pulled his slick rod out of her.

Kirsten quickly turned and pushed Danger down on the floor and immediately took his flaccid cock into her mouth. Her tongue worked quickly to clean away the mixture of cum and pussy juice that coated the long shaft. Kirsten also succeeded in coaxing it back to its full nine inch length so that she could taste his salty cream again. She lifted her head off his prick and positioned herself between his legs. Then she ran her tongue down the bottom of his shaft and down to his balls which she took in her mouth and sucked gently while jacking him off. When he said he was going to cum she quickly took his prick back into her mouth so that she could catch the explosion of cum. She didn’t have to wait long; no sooner did she close her lips around his shaft than the head of his cock erupted filling her mouth with his stick jizm. After swallowing the whole load she promptly stood up, pulled off her knee high stockings and jumped into bed.

“Turn out the lights when you come to bed,” she said casually as she rolled over onto her stomach and began dozing off. Danger used the bathroom, turned off the lights, and joined her under the sheets. he tickled her ribs but got no response. She was already fast asleep from the night’s activities.

Danger woke up the next morning to find the rain pouring down outside the hotel room window. He grabbed the phone and called one of the coaches of the ball team he was trying out for and found out that the workout was cancelled due to the rain and the fact that the field had been struck by lightning overnight. As he put the phone down, Danger thought the weekend was wasted by driving all the way to Oklahoma City for nothing. but then he turned around and saw the gorgeous, naked girl in bed with him and quickly reversed that decision.

When Kirsten woke up she found Danger had ordered room service and was eating breakfast. She came out of the bedroom with one of the bed sheets wrapped loosely around her naked body. She sat down and started into an apple.

“Man it’s pissing out there,” she said after swallowing. “What’s up for today?”

“My workout’s been cancelled so whatever you wanna do I guess,” Danger responded. Kirsten nodded and continued with her apple. After finishing her breakfast, she announced she was going for a shower and stood up. She unwrapped the sheet from her body and rolled it up in a ball before tossing it playfully at Danger. He pretended that he was going to chase after her which made her dart off to the bathroom. Danger continued with his breakfast until he heard Kirsten start the shower and get in. A few minutes later he got up from the table and went into the bathroom where he found her standing under the shower rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. Her naked skin glistened as the water poured down her body. Danger quickly shed his boxers and climbed in with her and they entered into a long kiss with their tongues wrestling with each other. One of his hand quickly found its way between her thighs and began rubbing back and forth over wet swelling labia. Kirsten ground her cunt against Danger’s hand as she slid one of hers down to grip his hardening cock and slowly began stoking him. When Danger’s fingers slipped between her lips, Kirsten let go of his cock and put her hands on the walls of the shower to steady herself as her excitement grew between her legs. Danger broke the kiss and knelt in front of her pausing to suck and kiss each of her hard nipples as he went. She gently pushed her thighs apart and moved his head up against her crotch before flicking his tongue out against her rubbery lips. Kirsten moaned as she felt her juices starting to churn deep within her box. back and forth over her lips went Danger’s tongue before they parted and he was able to taste her sweet nectar and slip his tongue into her pussy. He circled the opening to her love canal before bringing his tongue forward over her growing clit. Her knees buckled slightly and gasped as her magic button folded under his tongue.

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