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Oh how she loved to dance, dancing was the only way she knew how to get rid of the stress from the week. When she danced it was like all her responsibilities vanished and all that was left was the music and her. She could feel the thumping of the base line in her chest; it was like her heart was driving the music. She always went to the same club. Everybody knew her there. As soon as she walked up to the bar cute mike the bar tender would put a drink down in from of her, an apple martini. She was a creature of habit and never drank anything else. Tonight she was late leaving work so when she walked up to the bar one hour later than usual mike asked “why so late tonight shaye?”

“The boss kept me late going over this weeks reports. I don’t know why he insists on calling me into his office 30 minutes before I leave and then keeps he there almost 45 minutes after my finish time. Its like he knows that I want to leave on time so he deliberately calls a meeting at the last minute” She grumbled as she gulped down the drink mike had just passed her. She ordered another drink as gulped it down too. “Hey take it easy with that” he said as she drained the glass. “You shouldn’t drink so fast” Shaye could see the concern in mike’s eyes “Thanks mike, I now, I’m just frustrated” she smiled at him ” maybe I’ll go dance of my anger” she said and walked off towards the dance floor.

She danced hard that night, dancing for an hour or more before going back to see mike at the bar but she didn’t stay long. She drank her cocktails quickly and was back out there her body moving to the music. Mike watched her all night. Shaye had been bayan arkadaş coming here to dance for a long time but mike had never really noticed her, until tonight. Tonight she seemed different, but also the same.

He watched her skin glisten under the dance floor lights. The fabric of her dress flowing and brushing over her skin as she danced and danced. She looked sexier than he had ever seen her before. Tonight she was no longer just another regular customer, she was an object of desire. He became jealous of every man who danced with her. Tonight for the first time he wished he could get out from behind the bar and dance with her. But he couldn’t.

As the night went on he grew more and more excited every time she came to him her another drink but also more and more exasperated when she went back to dance some more. By the end of the night he was feeling as bad as she had when she arrived. Why had she gotten to him tonight? Why was tonight so different from all the other nights she had come in. He had no idea and it was maddening him.

It was now right on closing time and as mike stacked glasses he saw that shaye was leaving. All of a sudden something changed in him and he knew he had to leave too. He untied his apron, threw it at the other barman and said, “I’ve got to go, cover for me,” as he jumped over the bar and walked out the door only a minute or so after shaye.

The cold night air hit her body and she shivered. She realised that her skin was damp from perspiration. ‘Wow, I must have really danced hard tonight’ she thought as she turned the corner and headed bayan partner for the taxi rank. She was just passing a small ally when someone suddenly came up behind her and grabbed her, dragging her into the ally and pressing her body up against the wire fence at the other end. She knew she should scream but as the large hands grabbed her wrists and pushed her arms above her head she realised that she knew these hands. They felt familiar to her somehow but she didn’t know whom they belonged to. It was dark in the ally and she couldn’t turn her head enough to see whom it was who held her arms above her head, both wrists clasped together in one hand while the other roamed her body. Running over her breasts, down across her belly and then down her thighs. Stopping at the hem of her dress and slowly lifting it up.

He only lifted it up enough to edge a finger into her underwear and start to wriggle its way to her clit. She gasped as he found the spot. Circling his index finger around her sensitive nub she relaxed her legs a little and moaned. The length of his body was pressed against hers and she could feel the evidence of his arousal pressed into her buttocks as the evidence of her own arousal began to soak the fingers working their magic on her.

Mike was almost in shock, he hadn’t planned on grabbing her like that but as he turned the corner as saw her something animal in him snapped and he had to have her. She hadn’t made a sound when he grabbed her, which should have surprised him but he wasn’t thinking clearly. But no he realised why she hadn’t screamed, she wanted this, she was bdsm escort just as turned on as he was. She pushed herself back against his body grinding into him as he massaged her clit, he decided to test his theory and release her hands which he war still holding tight. She didn’t move, she didn’t struggle, instead she grabs onto the fence, curling her fingers through the wire.

His other hand now free he slid it down her arms to caress her breasts, her nipples are hard and he pinches then through her dress. They seem to harden even more at his touch. He circles one nipple with his fingers, matching his movements with his other hand, which is still tucked into her underwear. But he doesn’t stay this way for long. The hand on her breast moves to his pants and he quickly releases his throbbing erection before taking both his hands and lifting her dress up over her hips. He nudges his cock between her legs as his hand pushes them apart. Sliding her underwear off he lets them drop and she willingly steps out of them, leaving her legs spread for him as she does so.

With one swift movement he is inside her, thrusting himself into her wet dripping pussy. She moans holding on tight to the fence as he fucks her hard from behind. Each thrust matching her heartbeat, just like the music on the dance floor. Their bodies move together his penetrating hers over and over. He feels her body become tense as she begins to climax, her pussy contracting around his cock triggers his own orgasm. He thrusts deep and hard into her hand moans a low growl into her hair.

It is over, his passion quenched; he withdraws himself slowly, not letting her turn around, he tucks himself back into his pants and steps away from her. As she pulls down her dress and bends to pick up her underwear he turns and walks away. When he reaches the end of the ally he hears her call out…..”See you next weekend mike.” and he smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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