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Big Tits

He couldn’t believe his good luck. There she was again, and looking like pure sex, just as she had the previous two times he had seen her. This time she was wearing a skimpy black halter-top and skintight hip hugging jeans that not only showed off her toned bare midriff and small waist but also accentuated the spectacular lines of her beautifully shaped ass and long legs.

Fondling a soft ripe grapefruit, he watched transfixed as she slowly made her way through the produce. Green onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, all were carefully perused before being placed in her cart.

I’ve got to have her, he thought, while remembering the promise he had made the last time he had seen her and failed to approach her. I’m not going to let this opportunity go unanswered. After all… the worst that can happen is her telling me she’s not interested and it ain’t like I’ve never been rejected. Quickly he decided his best strategy would be an end run… circling the vegetable area until he was facing opposite the direction that she was moving.

She looked up, saw him approaching and immediately made eye contact, boldly holding it as she nodded and smiled. After all, she had been hoping he would not only be there but would take the initiative to talk to her.

Countering her smile with one of his own and somewhat surprised by the boldness he saw in her eyes, he began a little awkwardly. “Hi.”

Continuing to grasp the lettuce she had been inspecting she matched his stare with her own. “Hello there.”

“This is the third time”… he began clumsily as the protrusion of her nipples through the thin material of her top presented a significant distraction. In an attempt to refocus he locked his brown eyes back onto her brilliant black ones before continuing. “I’ve seen you in here a couple of times before… and I… this time I wanted to do what I should have done the first time I saw you… introduce myself.”

She put the lettuce down, flicking her hair, sending the long black tresses flying over her shoulders. “Yes… I noticed you too. I’m here visiting my grandmother while she’s recovering from surgery so I’m doing the shopping.” She half laughed before continuing. “I’ve only been in here six times and I’ve seen you on three of those.” She paused… slowly running her tongue over her lips. “Fate, you think? Or perhaps you’re following me. Maybe all the way from Baltimore?”

His juices had begun to surge as he followed her tongue’s sensuous journey around her full lips. “Baltimore?” His cock stirred. “This is weird. I used to live there. I haven’t been following you… but to be honest, I was hoping you’d be in here today. Besides, if I’d have run into you in Baltimore… I promise you… there’s no way I’d have ever let you leave.”

Knowing her hardening nipples were becoming increasingly noticeable, she again flicked her hair and once more ran her tongue over her lips. “You lived in Baltimore?”

It was difficult for him to pull his eyes from the attention attracting protrusion of her nipples. The ache in his groin increased… his cock, having assumed it’s own agenda as cocks are prone to do, had accelerated its ascent. “Actually just north… Glen Arm, on Loch Raven.”

She stole a quick glance at the growing bulge. “Loch Raven?” She ventured a longer look. “That’s beautiful.” She paused, once again tonguing her lips. “I’ve been sailing out there a couple of times.”

Visions of her laid out on the bow of a sailboat flashed through his mind. “What area do you live in?”

“Fells Point.” She tried to focus on his eyes but the growing lump in his jeans made it difficult. Once again she licked her lips as she was compelled to take another longer look. “I converted an old warehouse into condos.”

He immediately envisioned her naked… ass in the air… wet pussy glistening… bent over a sawhorse… his tongue spreading her juicy folds. “Nice. Nice… ahhh… area. You a builder or something?”

She thought how she might employ her hands… her tongue… her lips… her mouth. “Kind of a developer. Got into it sort of by accident.”

That’s exactly what I want… ‘into it’. I need to figure out how to get her out of here. He motioned toward the snack bar. “How about some coffee?”

She glanced at her watch… hesitating just long enough for him to fear she might say no. “Okay, but it’ll need to be a quick one.” She paused as she thought about the words… A ‘quick one’ isn’t what I want with this guy. “I need to take my grandmother to a doctor’s appointment in an hour and a half.”

Damn. She’s almost as tall as me. Those long legs and that ass. He licked his lips. Mmmh, what I’ll be able to do with those. “By the way,” he said as they pushed their carts near a table. “I’m Mike. Mike Donati.”

She stopped to extend her hand. “Sarah. Sarah Cardetti.”

Her hand was warm… in fact, almost hot… the heat spread through his body… seeming to settle in his already hot cock. “Cardetti? You’re Italian?” bakırköy escort

The image of his hands and tongue on her body flew through her mind. This one would be long and slow… something to savor. “Yes, Italian. You?”

He felt his cock struggling for more room in the tight confines of his jeans. “Three quarters actually. My mom was half.”

She reluctantly slid her hand from his… while stealing another; much longer look at what was now a seriously large protrusion. She sat down. The heat in her body had intensified… her pussy was now smolderingly wet.

Resisting a compelling urge to attempt an adjustment on his misaligned and throbbing cock, he took the chair opposite her. “How about tonight? Can I take you to dinner?”

She hesitated… the words ‘take you’ hung in her mind. She resisted the urge to shout a positive response… instead she pressed her crotch down into the chair in an unsuccessful effort to alleviate her yearning. “Well… I had planned on cooking for my grandmother.” Pausing, she again ran her tongue over her lips while leaning forward in her chair in an unsuccessful attempt to get a better viewing angle. Wish he was still standing. “Let me talk to her and see what I can work out. If we can’t have dinner… we can have a cocktail… or something. I haven’t done”… she paused in mid sentence to ponder the words ‘done’ and ‘cocktail’… “I haven’t done much since I’ve been here.”

Reaching full hardness his cock continued its struggle for freedom from the cramped quarters. His words came huskily. “Shall I call you later?”

“Yes,” she said… giving him her cell number. “About 6 or so. I’ll know by then what time I can get away.” She pretended to glance at her watch… while stealing a look at his crotch as she got up. “Right now, I better just skip the coffee and get on home.”

As he rose, he recognized the look of lust in her eyes as they focused on his bulge. I’ll bet she likes to be in control. This one will really be fun.

Their parting handshake became a lingering hand hold as the electricity surged through them… desire filled their minds… craving lay heavy in their loins.

Reluctantly she withdrew her hand. “Call me at six.”

“At six.”

He wanted to turn away but couldn’t… his attention was riveted on the rhythmic sensual roll of the cheeks of her beautifully formed ass as she made her way toward the check out stand.

Pausing as she reached the counter, she looked back and was not surprised to find him in the same spot, staring at her… the bulge still prominent, although it did appear he had made a manual adjustment. She gave one last flick of her hair… then a brief smiling wave. Reluctantly turning her attention to the goods in her cart, she licked her lips in anticipation.


It was a couple of minutes after six when he pulled into the driveway of a nice older home only a few blocks from his childhood neighborhood. Within seconds of ringing the bell she greeted him with a wide smile and hard nipples jutting through another thin halter-top.

She looked him up and down. “You’re right on time. I’ll tell my grandmother I’m leaving.”

Damn, he thought, transfixed by the exaggerated swing of her ass as she walked away in her spike heels. I do believe she looks even better than before.

Both of them were buried in thoughts of pleasure as he drove to a nearby neighborhood bar where he knew they would find a dark booth and a quiet corner.

“This is nice,” she said as soon as they were inside and seated. “Good place for us to get acquainted.”

“Yes. Nice and quiet.”

What she didn’t like was the table between them… she couldn’t eye the bulge in his pants. She hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off it on the drive to the bar.

They pondered who would make the first move. “How long are you going to be here?”

“My grandmother is going back to the doctor in a week and if everything is okay… I suppose I’ll leave soon after that.”

He was unable to mask his disappointment. “That soon?”

There was no attempt to hide the lust in her voice. “You should have approached me the first time you saw me in the store. A couple of weeks ago.”

Damn, he thought. She is a bold one. “Yeah, I should have been more aggressive.” Reaching across he took her hand and kissed her palm. Seeing the pleasure in her eyes he began to run his tongue slowly around her palm and then up each finger.

“I’m at a disadvantage, Mike,” she said as he took the tip of a finger in his mouth and began to gently suck it.”

He glanced up as he moved to her thumb. “How’s that?”

Without taking her eyes of his, she nodded toward her extremely prominent nipples. “You can see I’m excited. The table is in my way.”

He laughed. “I promise you I’m excited.”

“It’s still not fair.” Her bare foot made contact with his crotch.

Unable bakırköy eve gelen escort to suppress a moan, he began to suckle two fingers. She is aggressive.

Oh my, she thought as she moved her foot slowly down the length of his cock and slowly back up again. It’s big and hard. “You are excited.”

He sucked in his breath and began to suck her fingers harder as she paused at the head to wiggle her toes.

She continued to slowly stroke him. “I know you’re probably not going to believe this… but I’ve never done anything even remotely like this before.”

“Me either.” He thrust his hips forward in an attempt to get more pressure from her foot. “If you keep that up I’ll get off before we get our first drink.”

She laughed wickedly. “Can’t have that, can we?” One more firm rub up and down his length… a quick wiggle of her toes and she stopped. “We don’t want to waste anything.”

His was unable to disguise the disappointment. “Waste?”

She licked her lips. “Yeah, that would be a waste.”

Deciding there was no point in staying there even though the waitress hadn’t delivered their first drink order… he put a twenty on the table and got up.

Nodding at his protruding pants, she giggled… “Ain’t no hidin’ what you got goin’.”

He glanced down, “Nothing I can do and staying here will only cause a bigger problem.”

“Bigger?” She pondered that possibility before once again running her tongue around her sensuous lips.

He held her door as she took a seat in the car. He immediately bent to kiss her… lips wet and hot… hand plying her nipple… tongue probing her mouth. “I’ve been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you,” he mumbled between kisses.

She pressed her ass down into the soft leather seat in a futile effort to relieve her yearning and responded to his tongue with her own. Unable to get relief she grasped his cock. “Fuck me now,” she ordered… her other hand beginning to massage herself.

Ignoring her, he responded by moving his mouth to her nipple… biting… flicking… through her top. His hand grasp hers… forcing her fingers up inside her. Her hips began to move in an effort to establish a rhythm.

“Wait,” he said. “Not here… my place… I want to look at you naked while I fuck every inch of your body.”

“First here… then there,” she ordered as she went to work on his zipper. “I want that hard cock now.”

He removed her hand. “No.” His voice soft but firm. We’ll wait. I want to look at you naked… play with you… eat you… fuck you… all night long.”

Momentarily pausing as she considered the tone of his words. “Okay. But hurry.”

As soon as the car was moving she was at his zipper… his uncircumcised cock sprung free. “Oh my,” she said, taking it in her hand. “It’s… it’s beautiful.”

He laughed… “Beautiful?”

She switched on the map light… staring for a few seconds as she slid the skin back and forth over the head. “Yes… you definitely have one beautiful cock.”

She leaned down to run her tongue over the head. “Mmmh. And it tastes as good as it looks.”

He laughed again. “You need to stop or you’ll have me cuming.”

She answered by taking him in her mouth. She made three long slow slides down him… then a long sweeping loop around the head with her tongue. “Okay,” she said, lifting her head. “I’ll quit for now. How long to your place?”

“Only a couple more minutes.”

They began to shed clothes as quickly as he shut the door… scattering them as he led the way to the bedroom.

Without a word he roughly pulled her against him… mouths immediately pressed together… cock imbedded in the softness of her belly… hands frantically moving over breasts… asses… tongues probing.

He pushed her backwards onto the bed and dropped to his knees. “Beautiful. You are absolutely fucking beautiful.”

She felt his tongue began a licking ascent up her thigh. “Beautiful,” she giggled. “Fucking beautiful… beautiful fucking.”

His tongue found the folds of her swollen wet pussy.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. “Fuck me NOW. I want that beautiful fucking cock inside me.”

“Not yet.” He countered firmly as he continued his tonguing assault on her body. “We have all night.”

One hand moved to her cheeks lifting her ass toward him… the other hand began a twisting, pinching attack on her nipples… first one then the other as his tongue probed her clit.

Deciding not to press her desire for control and unable to resist the rising desire in her loins… she threw her legs over his shoulders… her thighs locking him in a headlock as she thrust up to meet his tongue.

He plunged deeper into her as he lapped the juices from her shaved pussy. “You taste so good,” he managed to whisper as he worked in and out… around and around her dripping lips.

“Oh! Oh!” She cried, as he began a biting, bakırköy grup yapan escort licking, sucking battering of her sensitive swollen clit. “I’m cuming.”

Her hips bucked… her body quivered and shook. Pressing her thighs tighter around his face she grasp the back of his head with her hands, desperately pulling at him in a futile effort to somehow get more of him inside her. Spasms racked her body… juices flooded over his face as a powerful orgasm swept through her.

She tasted her own sweet nectar as he kissed her. She moaned. “I can’t believe you did that to me.”

He looked at her for just a second or two. “That’s just the beginning.”

“The beginning?”

“Yes.” He bent to nibble at her still eraser hard nipples. “We need to make up for all the time we’ve wasted. You’re in for a long night.”

Still recovering from the aggressive molestation of her clit, she was not certain she was ready for more. In an effort to divert his attention and gain control, she attempted to reach his cock, but was impeded by his body lying across her chest. She resorted to fingering his belly button while he continued to ply her very sensitive nipples with his tongue and teeth.

Leaving her nipples he once more locked onto her lips… his ever-aggressive tongue working all over her mouth. Throwing his leg over her and quickly straddling her chest, she found herself looking straight into the oozing eye of the head.

God… it is beautiful, she thought… as the swollen purplish hued head swayed scant inches from her face. His maneuver had in effect pinned her arms so he watched with amusement as she twisted and turned in a futile attempt to catch the elusively waving cock in her mouth.

“Be patient, Sarah.” he sternly admonished. “You’ll get your chance at it before the night’s over.”

She always wanted to be in control so she wasn’t at all sure why but for some reason his words, and the way he said them, excited her… once again the yearning had returned. In the past, she was the one telling her lovers what, when, and how to do it… but this time it was different. It was obvious to her that he was going to be in charge. Things were going to move at his pace… and they were going to be done the way he wanted them.

Continuing to pin her arms with his knees, he took his cock in his hand and began a soft sensual play of her face. Plying her ears… her cheeks… her hair… her neck… her nose. Despite her attempts to catch him with her tongue and mouth he allowed her only the briefest of contact… a short lick or a brief suckling of the head.

“Do you want to suck my cock, Sarah?” He teased, as he rubbed it briefly around her lips.

Jockeying her head in a vain attempt to get more of him… “Yes,” she whimpered in a voice husky with passion. “Let me suck your cock.”

She moved her head one way… then another… in a frantic effort to catch the swollen purple hued head that he moved in alternating directions around her lips… quickly pulling it from her just as she was about to get her mouth on it. Squirming in an effort to free her arms she found she was still helplessly pinned and at his devious sexual mercy.

“When I’m ready, I’ll give it to you, Sarah. When I’m ready you’ll suck my cock.”

“Fuck me,” she said, as she crossed her legs and begin rubbing them together in an effort to alleviate her yearning pussy. “In the car… you promised you’d fuck me when we got here.”

“I will fuck you, Sarah… but it will be when I’m ready. I’m in control, Sarah. Understand?”

“Yes, but,” She mumbled before he filled her mouth with cock. Quickly he grabbed the back of her head and plunged his cock deep into her throat causing her to gag. Three times he slowly withdrew… three times he slowly slid it deep… each time she gagged as he reached the back of her throat.

“Is that what you want, Sarah?”

She hesitated, unsure of the answer he wanted and worried about a mistake. “I want to lick and suck your cock.”

“Tell me exactly how you want to do that, Sarah.”

She licked her lips in anticipation as she eyed the head that hung just inches from her face. “I want to suck it… lick it… swallow it.”

He lowered it to her… allowing only a brief lick around the head before once more pulling back. He quickly raised up off her arms and chest and flipped her over on her stomach… reached under her and lifted her hips in the air.

She shuddered as his fingers found her hungry wet pussy… spreading it open while his thumb massaged her anus. Oh God. Is he going to fuck me?

Removing his fingers he inserted the head of his cock into her wet cunt and after lubricating it with her juices he began to rub it over her clit, up through the lips of her pussy and over her asshole. Back and forth he slid it as she rocked in rhythm with him… desperate for his cock, her hand found her pussy and began a frantic finger fuck.

He pulled her hand away… she caught her breath as she felt the head part her folds… slowly he began to fill her… first just the head… then inch by inch he pushed deeper and deeper… after each downward stoke he would withdraw until he was almost out… rub her clit with the swollen head… then slide it in a little deeper… stretching her tight as he filled her.

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