Cuban Strip Poker: The Day After

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This is what took place the next day after the night in which you can read in Cuban Strip Poker.

Well, the day after our amazing night of strip poker and wonderful carnal sex slowly began with a beautiful sunrise. The four of us were sprawled in the king size bed and as I opened my eyes I had to wonder if that wild night had really happened. I turned my head to the left and I gazed upon that beautiful 20 year old Martian. I glanced down and although the sheets still covered the most of us, her beautiful hard and full breasts were in plain view. Now I knew this was not a dream.

I had to get up and go to the washroom and I had to crawl over Odalys my beautiful wife. I gave her a kiss and said “buenos dias.” She opened her eyes and smiled broadly. As I came back Oriol, Martian and Odalys were just starting to stir. I suggested we all get ready and head over for breakfast at the main dining room of the resort before breakfast finished. Oriol said that they would go to their cabana and get dressed and meet us back at ours.

Once they got back we went to eat and get the much needed coffee. Oriol was feeling a little rough as I believe he had drank a lot of the vodka last night. In the beginning I think we felt a little awkward as before the strip poker game last night none of us had seen each other naked let alone shared sex with each other. As we ate and downed the coffee I again broke the ice and said

“Last night was unexpected but very good.”

Oriol translated for the girls and both gave a little bit of a blush but both said “Si.”

That seemed to put all of us more at ease. I said to Martian

“Milk for my coffee please.”

As I had found out last night, she was still lactating and after saying this she looked around and then bent over my cup and pretended to squirt some breast milk into my coffee. We all laughed and felt right at ease as to what had taken place the night before. We finished breakfast and a lot of coffee and I mentioned that I would like to go to the beach and just go for a swim and get some sun. Oriol again translated and we all agreed to go before the afternoon sun got to hot and then we could just laze around at the cabanas in the afternoon.

We went to our cabanas to change and met outside their cabana. We headed for the secluded part of the beach and spread out our towels and each of us started to remove our clothes.

Surprisingly, Odalys was the first to shed her attire. She lowered her top and dropped it to the sand and Oriol couldn’t take his eyes of her breasts. Again Odalys is a 36 C and areolas dark and almost 2 to 3 inches in diameter and her hard nipples stood out a good inch under the light breeze. As she removed her Bikini bottom everyone’s eyes went directly to her totally shaved pussy. She is amazing and I am so very lucky to have her as my wife. I know Oriol love to see her this way and I believe he would love to give her another tongue licking like he did last night.

I was getting aroused looking at her and the fact we were on a secluded beach about to be naked once more might have helped. I just lowered my swimming suit in one motion and my cock was now more than at half-mast. I noticed Martian staring at my cock and the shaved area above the shaft and my shaved balls. She really seemed to like the view. Oriol was the next to strip down and I could see that I was not the only one who liked to see Odalys nude. He was close to being fully erect. As I mentioned before he is about 6″ and thicker in girth than myself. Odalys seemed to like what she was looking at and Martian reached over and wrapped her hand around his cock and said something in Spanish and they all laughed.

Martian is a 20 year old black girl married to Oriol who is 45. She had just had a baby 4 months ago. Her body is amazing. She’s almost 5’8″, long black hair, beautiful eyes and lovely long legs, a fantastic round and hard ass but her breasts are perfect. Hard, large and flawless. As she removed her top her breasts came into full view and I guess I was just gazing with my mouth open because Odalys did the same thing as Martian had done to Oriol. She grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze and said “Muy buena?” I just replied “Si, Muy” We all got a little chuckle. Martian gave me a smile and removed the bikini bottoms displaying a trimmed black bush. Breathtaking would be how I would describe her.

We all started towards the ocean and the water was like bath water but refreshing as it cut the high humidity. Odalys and I broke off to the right to be by ourselves and just relax and cool of in the water. After a little while we strolled back to the beach and stretched out on our towels. Martian and Oriol joined us about 10 minutes later. We just laid there and felt the hot sun and it just felt great. I reached into my bag and grabbed some tanning oil as I didn’t want to turn into a lobster. I’m white and Odalys and Oriol are a mixture between Latina and white and Martian is black with Latina mixture. I esenyurt otele gelen escort started to apply the oil and asked if they wanted some. They all said yes, even Martian.

I got to my cock and started to rub the oil onto it. The rubbing felt nice and my cock started to respond to it. Meanwhile they had sat up and were waiting for the oil. I noticed I was being watched as I spread the tanning oil on my cock and I can see why. As I got harder the oil just glistened on it from the sun. Odalys made a point to give the head a light squeeze and I gave a slight moan. At that point Odalys asked me to spread the oil on her. As I started to spread the oil across her shoulders and then her breast slowly working lower. She also gave a low moan.

By the time I finished oiling her up she glistened in the sun light which looked very erotic. I turned to Martian and Oriol to pass on the oil and I was hard as a rock and pointing straight at them. Martian gave my cock a little pat on the underside and smiled with big smile. I watched as Martian oiled herself up and I think I was actually getting harder. I figured while I was a head of them that I would just lay on back and soak up the rays.

I think it might have been 10 minutes or so and I was a little startled by a light hand gently rubbing my cock from the base to the head. I was somewhat deflated by then but I must admit it did not take long before I was hard again. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I sat up and turned to face Odalys with my cock in my hand. We both love to watch each other masturbate. I noticed to my left that Martian was now watching me as I was rubbing my oiled cock with my right hand and gently rubbing my balls with my left. Both girls were watching as I would ever so slowly go from the base to the head and then take a finger and basically swirl it around the head. There were a few moans and not just from me when I also noticed Oriol watch my solo action. I noticed he was now slowly stroking his cock also. I said to Oriol as I stopped stroking, “come on over, I’m sure Odalys would love to see you masturbate for her”.

In a moment he stood up and came over to stand at the bottom of her feet. I don’t play that way, but his cock was definitely impressive and the fact that he was oiled up made it look very inviting. Odalys looked at me and I just smiled. She pulled her knees up and spread her legs allowing Oriol to crawl between her legs and up to her crotch level. At that point I turned towards Martian and she signaled me to come closer. I did and started to slowly stoke myself again. I glanced to my left to see Oriol stroking himself and Odalys transfixed by his movement. Looking at Martian’s body was a turn on for sure. With her right hand she reached up to rub my oiled balls. The feeling was electrifying. I just stared between her breasts and swollen nipples and her eyes. I could feel the cum starting to bubble up inside me. I stopped again for a moment and I raised my right leg and straddled her ribcage just below her breasts. I rubbed my cock slowly across each breast and holding my cock I made little circles around her nipples. She was saying a few things in Spanish but I had no clue what she was saying. I believe it might have been “cum for me” because she was just staring at my swollen head and she knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I again glanced towards my wife and Oriol and saw that she was now massaging his balls and was loving every second. I continued to stroke myself slowly embracing every minute of this moment. The head of my cock was so swollen and my balls tightened up and I let out a very loud “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” and I started to cum. It felt like a damn had burst. My first shot was hard and long and shot into her hair and forehead. The next two or three splashed between her chin and breasts. I continued to ooze cum and started to spread it around her nipples. This was amazing.

I was still straddling her and we both watched as Oriol kneeled straight up and kind of lurched back and started to unload his cum over Odalys. It hit her chin, neck and covered her breasts. It was exhilarating watching him cum like that in person. Oriol and I were both spent and the girls both covered in cum so I signaled to let’s get into the ocean. Odalys and I went out to about waist deep and sat on the sandy bottom. I rinsed the cum from her and we hugged and kissed. It just felt wonderful and loving at the same time. We all agreed to head back to the cabana to get a bite to eat and relax a while. What I didn’t know is that was just the foreplay before a wild afternoon.

It was very hot by the time we walked back to the cabana. It was about 100 to 101 degrees and walking into the cool cabana was wonderful. Odalis and Martian went to the fridge and got out the cold meats, cheese and sure enough the Green Apple Vodka. I said “No Mucho hoy,” “not much today” in English. They just groaned. We ate and had a glass or two of the esenyurt rus escort vodka and the girls started to get a little tipsy. It didn’t take much I guess considering how much they drank last night. Odalys and Martian walked over and flopped onto the king size bed and was going to take an afternoon nap. As they lay on their backs in their bikinis I looked at Oriol and said

“Watch this.”

I walked over to Odalys and kissed her navel and ran my left hand from her knee up to her inner thigh. She sighed and said “Mi Amour,” I smiled down at her and felt her breasts then reached behind her neck to untie the string to her bikini top. She raised her chest allowing me to access the other tie in her mid-back. Away came the top exposing her large beasts with her dark areola’s that are about 2 to 3 inches around. I bent down and sucked on her nipple which immediately hardened. Her nipples harden to almost a complete inch when she’s aroused and she can and will orgasm with nipple play on its own. I leaned over and sucked her right one which is the most sensitive and she let out a low moan. I glanced back to see that Oriol was intently watching and then glanced to Odalys’s right to see that Martian was still laying there but now on her side watching what was going on. I caressed her breasts and pulling her nipples as she gave a little squirm. I proceeded to kiss and lick my way down to the top of her bikini bottom. I placed my fingers into the top of her suite on both sides and she automatically raised her hips so I could lower them completely.

There she was now on display in her full glow. She’s totally shaven and as smooth as the area could be. There was just a glimpse of dampness on her outer lips so I bent forward and gave her upper lips at her clit a kiss and then ran my tongue up and down her now swelling lips. She responded by opening her legs exposing her full pussy which I proceeded to lick and kiss. Odalys has tight and firm pussy lips so I applied tongue pressure and slipped into to her opening inner lips. She moaned and raised her knees giving me better access. Her juices were now starting to flow and the taste of those juices were wonderful. As I continued my licking action I glanced up and noticed she was kneading her own breasts and pulling on and giving her nipples little twists. With my face planted between her thighs I could look up and see that Martian was no longer laying there but sitting up taking in the action. I could not see Oriol but thought he might have his cock in his hand by now.

I guess the 2 glasses of Vodka really worked on her as her juices were now flowing and her hips were now starting to raise up and down a little. I thought to myself, this is show time. I’m going to show the other 2 just what my wife loves to have done. Something that she had never had done until meeting me.

I inserted 2 fingers to about knuckle deep and gave the come here motion to try and get to her G spot. She loved this and was now squeezing her breasts hard and moaning louder. As she got a little wetter I now inserted the 3rd finger and resumed the same action. I bent forward and let saliva cover my knuckles and back part of my hand. I started a side to side motion or rocking motion opening her up even more. I slowly added my fourth finger and let her outer and inner muscles adapt to my movements. I could feel the bed moving and looked to my left to see Martian moving into position at Odalys’s hips to get a full view of what was happening. Oriol wasted no time coming to the right side of the bed and sitting at her left side.

They had obviously never seen this type of action or at least not in person. I had my 4 fingers still sliding left and right as I applied a little inward thrusting also. Odalys was raising her hips and moving left and right as I continued. I again bent forward and dropped more saliva onto the back portion of my hand just above the knuckles. Her lips were well open and relaxed now as I slowly worked my thumb in. I would rock my hand slowly as I started my full insertion. As my hand completely entered her I had to fold my finger into themselves like into a fist to allow for full insertion. I then started to open and close my fingers inside her feeling her juices squish between my fingers. She was now starting to buck on my hand and gasping for air. I held my wrist area and started to thrust in and out with small thrusts.

I looked up at Martian and her mouth was literally open and her eyes were as big as saucers. I continued my thrusting and Odalys was throwing her hips up and down and to the sides. She was grabbing frantically at her breasts and giving loud gasps. All at once she screamed, grabbed towards her crotch and shot an amazing amount of liquid. Yes she ejaculated and neither Martian nor Oriol could believe what had happened. Odalys collapsed back as I slowly removed my hand. She was soaked, I was soaked practically up to my elbow not to mention the sheets. Odalys esenyurt türbanlı escort continued to vibrate from her orgasm and Oriol and Martian were saying things in Spanish that I did not comprehend. Oriol said to me

“amazing, just unbelievable.” I said “perhaps it’s Martian’s turn.”

He agreed, so I said “I’d love to watch,”

Oriole said “no, no, you do it my hand is too big.”

“Really,” I said “I’d love to.”

Odalys still lay back and said “Si mi amour, pleasure Martian.”

I looked at Martian and gave her a little nod. She smiled but looked a little nervous.

I said “No hay problema.”

At this she started to remove her top. God her breasts are marvelous and with her black areolas and hard nipples I was getting harder. She shed her bikini top and was removing her bottom when I noticed a clear but whitish liquid at the tips of her nipples. She was lactating as she had given birth about 4 months prior and was still breast feeding.

I motioned to her to lay down and as she was doing so I crawled up and knelt beside her. I bent forward and placed her right nipple into my mouth and sucked on her nipple while putting pressure down with my lips. I brought my tongue up and started with little circles around the nipple. She moaned and closed her eyes. I started to suckle her breast and she started to squirt milk into my mouth. The first squirt caught me off guard as it was very powerful and shot right back to my throat. This was so awesome. I sucked and squeezed her breast and she continued to feed me her milk. She was moaning from this and completely enjoying what was happening. I raised my mouth from her right breast and leaned forward milking the left breast. This was so erotic to me and my excitement was overwhelming. I finished sucking and started my downward trek, kissing and licking as I went.

Martian does not shave but is well trimmed and as I reached her outer pussy lips her hair glistened from her wetness. Martian’s pussy lips are larger than Odalys’s and I could place my fingers on her outer lips and spread them apart. As I parted her dark outer lips I could see her pink inner lips and they were not wet, they were soaked. I took my tongue and lapped at her pussy and drank her juices. She had a bit stronger taste than my wife’s but fantastic just the same. I moved upwards to her swollen clit just protruding from its hood and lightly licked and then sucked it into my mouth like you would taking in a small penis. She moaned loudly and I knew it was time.

I moved myself into position and did the same procedure.

I inserted 2 fingers just knuckle deep and did the come to me motion. I worked a little to find her G spot but managed to find that puffiness and began to stroke it and give little upward pushes. She was reacting to it as when I glanced up she was grabbing at her breasts and moaning louder now. I raised my head and gave her clit a tongue flick then a hard suck. Her hips bucked into my face. I backed off my face and was now easily able to insert my 3rd finger. I continued the same come to me motions and she started to rock her hips. I spit saliva onto my fourth finger knuckle and placed it at her entrance. I ever so slowly worked it into her and did the little rotations and very small thrusts.

I was surprised, but she was opening very easily. I continued to give the small rotations and then placed my thumb at her entrance. I slowly pushed my thumb forward and her inner lips opened right up to me. As my hand was now fully inside her, I thrust forward. She raised her hips to meet my thrusts and started to thrash her hips from side to side. I was able to slowly rotate my hand until my fingers faced upward in her. I moved my fingers back and forth as I did little thrusts. Her juices were actually flowing down the inside of my arm and her arms were now slapping the bed. My hand was in a cupped position inside her and I could feel her juices pooling in the palm of my hand. Without warning her vagina muscles clamped onto my hand, she half sat up and screamed. Martian gushed fluids down my arm and onto the sheets. She grabbed my arm and held it there as she gasped and gasped trying to get air. I slowly started to remove my hand and she jerked several times. She fell back onto the bed and slapped the bed several times yelling,

“Loco, Loco, Loco.” Or “Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.”

I bent over and gave her a kiss and then looked at Odalys and bent over and also gave her a loving kiss. Both Oriol and Martian could not believe how amazing fisting could be. At this point we all crawled up onto the bed and found spots that weren’t wet and had a great afternoon siesta.

When we woke up it was close to 5pm and had to get ready for dinner. Martian and Oriole went to get changed as did Odalys and I. We had a good dinned and then once again retreated outside to watch the amazing Cuban sunset. We lay by the pool until a few mosquitos came out so headed back to the cabana to spend our last night.

Within minutes of getting inside, Odalys got out the chilled Vodka and poured some glasses. I do have to admit, they do drink a lot down there.

I was nursing my first and they were finishing their second and pouring a third. It didn’t take long before the girls were doing their sexy mating calls. There was no long playing around this time.

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