Coworker Fantasy

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It was my first day at my new job at a company I had never heard of, I was nervous of course! But I was determined to meet new people and take this job seriously. Our training group was a decent size and the first week was really informative and fun. We were introduced to our co-workers, and for some reason when one of them looked up to say hello and I felt some attraction that I quickly felt the need to dismiss.

The next week we found out that the supervisor was leaving, and the position wasn’t filled yet. I realized that the man I had that little moment to myself with was going to be one of the ones to train us, forgetting the distraction he caused the first day I met him, I attempted to focus on anything but him, and pay attention in training.

The first day him and another guy lead the training, as much as I tried to fight it, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His attitude was a turn on to me, I enjoyed just watching his reactions to things and everything just seemingly was met with a shoulder shrug. I wondered briefly during my gazes what would make him go crazy, if I could, and what it would take to get a different reaction from him. He would look up from time to time and I would think he caught me, but for some reason I didn’t care if he knew every dirty thought that crossed my mind.

Again, I was fighting the inevitable and tried to distract myself with anything else. One day, we were all in the conference room one last time to finish up training and I must mention a long time fantasy of mine has been to fuck at work, and this conference room had the perfect table for that, but I was called up to the computer, he was sitting next to me but a little behind as well, I looked back and saw his eyes dash up from me as I had been doing to him and he didn’t want to get caught. I knew at that moment he was looking at my lace thong peeking out of my pants, a naughty half smile involuntarily appeared on my face and a little wiggle on the seam of my pants rubbing my clit revealed just how much I wanted him. When I stood up, I wondered if the wetness showed through my pants, and went during the next break to wipe my leaking pussy in hopes of no one seeing…

I stood there during break rubbing my pussy, contemplating if I could get off in the bathroom and kurtköy escort be back in time, but others came in, I know how uncontrollably loud I can be when I cum, and I knew how hard I would cum thinking about him so I decided to hold off as difficult as that task was.

During the ride home, all I could think about was his eyes on me, thinking he was caught, and what would’ve happened if him and I were the only ones in that conference room that day, my hands unconsciously rubbing my pussy, and pulling on my hard nipples, mouth dry from moaning, I envisioned my hands being his and slid a finger in my soaking pussy, I already knew how wet I was, as I had been all day. I briefly wondered if he would be willing to do all of the dirty things I wanted from him, if he would fuck me as rough as I needed. I couldn’t help but slide another finger into my pussy as hard as I could fantasizing that it was his cock and he had sat my bare ass on that conference room table, wrapping my legs around him and he was slamming his dick in and out, in and out, hard, just how I like it. I matched the rhythm of my fantasy with my fingers, going back and forth between rubbing my swollen clit and sliding my fingers in my throbbing pussy. I was stopped at a red light, and felt my pussy start to tighten around my fingers, my thoughts shifted to him bending me over, holding my hands behind my back and moaning my name, I threw my head back, and let those thoughts take me over the edge, my body was convulsing, my panties soaked and I was suddenly aware of how loud I was moaning, and that I was yelling his name begging him to let me cum. I collapsed in my chair, eyes still closed, lost in my thoughts, but was brought back to reality by a honking horn behind me letting me know the light was green.

The next few weeks were similar, trying my hardest to stay focused, ignoring my uncontrollable lust for this man, but me, being me, I picked a desk right in front of him then later moved so I was sitting next to him. I couldn’t help it, something was drawing me to him and I didn’t care. I noticed more and more how much his eyes were on me, I began asking him questions that I already knew the answer to just to talk to him and see his eyes moving up and down on me. He would often respond with “yes ma’am” aydıntepe escort and that drove me crazy. I thought to myself, you have no idea how much I would love to hear that while I’m in control, on top, riding the fuck out of you.

I tried to be as obvious, looking him up and down, I could often see his dick through his pants and I couldn’t help but to think of myself on my knees, unzipping his pants and him holding my mouth open and shoving his cock in my mouth making me gag. My thoughts ran rampant every day for him…

One day, much like the first was, I couldn’t wait til I got home to toy my pussy thinking about him…

Although I enjoy the car play, that wasn’t going to be enough that day. I went home and went straight up to my room, stripped and got out my favorite toy and immediately started thinking about him being there with me. I imagined him walking in on me and catching me moaning his name, and standing there quietly watching me before I realize he’s there. I love being watched.

And my fantasy takes over.

I finally look up and see him standing there and staring at his dick showing through his pants, I immediately want to rip his clothes off and taste him, but I just sit there staring for a moment. I like being controlled, so I was seeing where this would go, and hey, it’s my fantasy so I can make him do any dirty thing I want.

He looks up at me and breaks the silence, tells me to get on my knees, I couldn’t have gotten there faster, I’m inches away from his dick, he pulls my hair to tilt my head up to look at him and tells me I’m his now, and I’ll do as he says… which I’m more than happy to give into.

He softly traces is fingers from the back of my neck around to the front, and down my collar bone, this sends chills up and down me and I feel my pussy tingle and get wetter, he traces back up to my throat, grabs it hard and tells me to take all of him in my mouth, i spring his hard cock free and he pushes my head and his dick slams the back of my throat making me gag, he does it again, and again, my eyes are watering and my mouth is soaked from all of the spit, his hands still around my throat pushing himself in and out of my mouth, deeper every time, moaning louder and saying my name. He picks me up and throws tuzla içmeler escort me on the bed, I’m laying on the edge of it so he can fuck my face even deeper, he reaches down to my pussy and tells me how soaking wet I am and jams a finger in my pussy making me squirt, I hear home moan how much he loves that.

I’m begging him to fuck me, I want his big throbbing cock in my pussy and can’t take waiting any longer, his fingers are so skilled, I want to cum, but resist the urge so I can cum with his dick inside me.

I stand up and whisper “my turn”, I push him down on the bed, climb onto him and straddle him. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, you’re going to have to wait to cum, or deal with cumming more than once, understand?” I told him, he responds “yes ma’am” and I unleash every frustration I’ve had of not being able to have him from the first day I met him.

At first, I tease the head of his cock with my dripping wet pussy, not letting it in past his throbbing head. I then can’t take it anymore, I slam my pussy onto his dick feeling every inch of him enter me, he moans and tells me how good my pussy feels which makes me ride him harder. I feel his hands and mouth on my nipples, and I have never felt the jolt of desire I felt at that moment. I felt wetness gushing out of me. He was so good with his mouth. I wanted to know what his mouth felt like, so I quickly pulled him out of me and straddled his face and told him to lick my pussy, again, he replied “yes ma’am” and i could feel my body convulsing from the pleasure. I didn’t want to cum like that, I needed to cum with his cock, so I pulled him on top of me and told me to take me anyway he wants. He raises my legs to his shoulders and i suddenly am filled with his dick, he was so deep inside me I could feel my pussy start to tighten around his dick, he grabs my tits as leverage and fucks me harder and harder, I tell him “I can’t wait any longer, please make me cum baby”, I feel him start to get a rhythm, god it feels so good, he grabs me, his hands are everywhere, I look up and see his face, he’s cumming, moaning, and I have never seen someone cum so sexy, it pushes me over the edge and we cum at the same time.

He collapses on top of me, after a couple minutes of laying there in silence, I feel his dick start to grow again, I whisper “fuck me again?”

And he replies, “yes ma’am.”

I am lying there on my bed alone, the juices from my pussy staining the bed, I open my eyes and smile…I’m going to fuck that man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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