Costume Drama Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3

Perhaps luckily, I found that Frank was still not home, so had the time to use a shower as an opportunity to give myself an at least partially satisfying orgasm – so did not go to bed as totally frustrated as I otherwise would have done. And as I had only a relatively few hours between then and the following night’s opening performance, I had little time to consider what, in other circumstances I might have seen as being a foolishly impetuous reaction. But what had happened between us in the car certainly added an extra amount of spiciness to our acting, which, as one or both of us was on stage for most of the first two acts, may well have lifted the cast’s overall performance.

However, although our characters were often the subject of discussion between the others, in the final act we did not actually appear until the third and final scene – when we were caught in that infamous kiss. That meant that we both had twenty or more minutes to wait before we were called for, and given the space that my crinoline took up, I had always made a point of staying well away from the wings during that time. That night I decided I would merely wait in the female changing room.

But no sooner had I heard the sounds of preparation for the curtain to go up on the opening of the third act, than the door opened – it was Greg. He beckoned, and although not knowing why he did that, I followed – following him down the passage-way that I knew led to the wardrobe room. Now as I had brought my own costume it wasn’t somewhere I’d been before, and although he didn’t turn the light on, in the seconds before he shut the door there was just enough time for me to see at least something of it – and it took my breath away.

A long, but relatively narrow room; the entire space almost filled with four or more very long racks of clothes, and although I didn’t have time to take all of it in, it looked as though they included not only male and female outfits, but represented a whole range of both styles and eras. The only other thing I saw was at the end of the space between the nearest two rows, where there was a full length mirror – and beneath it, something also from another era, one of the almost waist-high wicker baskets that had once been used to both store and transport theatrical costumes and equipment.

As he plunged us into total darkness, Greg reached for me, and said. ‘Did you mean what I thought you did in the car last night? Or did I somehow misinterpret you?’

Knowing how short our time was I pulled him to me and kissed him. ‘I’ll repeat what I said – does that answer that question?’ I asked as we broke for air.

‘I’ve never reacted like this with any other woman Margie – you’ve no idea how much I’ve wanted to make love with you. I know this is not how either of us would want it to be, but -‘

I interrupted him before he could find some reason why we shouldn’t do it, right then and there. ‘Ssh! Just help me get this damn skirt off Greg – there won’t be time for the rest of the costume, but let’s at least free the most critical part of me.’

I turned around so he could get at the velcro fastening of the crinoline and both I and my pussy responded to just the sound of it being ripped apart, then I felt the hoop and skirt fall into a neatly tumbled nestling of fabric.

As he lifted my feet so he could move the skirt aside, I regretted that he could not see and appreciate the fancy panties he’d exposed – but when I felt his lips pressing through the thin cotton stockings and against the backs of my knees, I felt myself trembling in anticipation and simply hooked my fingers into the waist-band and started pushing them downwards.

Although we had such limited time, Greg seemed remarkably unhurried, using what seemed like several long minutes to do little more than slide his lips and fingers up and down the backs of my thighs – but slowly and surely moving them higher – then waiting until he heard my soft moans become just a little deeper before easing my legs even further apart.

Then I felt his fingers move up between them, his hand curling as his fingers slipped up to and within the poutingly unfurled lips of my pussy. I gasped, and my whole body shook from the intensity of sensations that merely that simple movement sent rippling through me. By then the need I felt was stronger than any remaining feminine modesty I might have normally felt, and I heard myself grunting hoarsely. ‘I want you Greg, I want you now!’

Just as the rip of the velcro had stirred me, so even the soft purr of his zip seemed to heighten the avcılar rus escort feelings I was experiencing, and suddenly remembering the wicker basket, I moved forward and bent myself down over it – lifting my arse high, so he would have even easier access to me.

He reached forward, his hands cupping my bottom, then as he came closer I felt the satiny smoothness of his cock-head brushing against the insides of my thighs – and for a moment I thought I was going to come from just the feel of it. But then as the blunt hardness of it found and then pushed a short way inside me – not wishing to miss any of what this cock might actually do for me – I somehow managed to restrain the rising surge, but hearing myself give a series of loud and breathless grunts as Greg began moving.

At first he used nothing but short, sharp movements – his cock-head triggering the most electrifying thrills each time it grazed my tenderly sensitive pussy-lips – and of course the concentration of so much spine-tingling stimulation on just that small part of me further magnified the exquisite intensity of it. But even though I wished we had the time for me to take as much of that as he was prepared to give me, in fact it wasn’t that long before I realised I then needed very much more of him.

He obviously felt me thrusting myself hard back at him, then – and hearing my croaking cry. ‘Deeper, harder – please!’ – he finally thrust the entire length deep inside me.

I gasped as he opened me – and although my judgement may well have been clouded by the strength of the thrills immediately coursing through me, it certainly seemed that his was clearly a cock that was decidedly longer, and probably also quite a bit thicker than Frank’s. So much so that for a split-second or two, I wondered if I would be able to take it all. But of course that was a silly thought, and although its mass stretched me wide, I not only took it, I revelled in the size and vigour of it.

Once confident that I wanted him that way, Greg gave up all pretence of cautious restraint – grunting gutturally as he began powering in and out of my wetly clutching pussy. ‘Oh god! Oh Margie – that’s, no you, you are incredible! Shit – I just can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this feels!’ He gasped as his thrusting grew ever faster, his cock seemingly plunging ever deeper.

The combination of his passionate cry and feel of the throbbingly rigid length of his cock powering in and out of me, were too much – and suddenly I lost all control of myself; muffling my own shriller and probably quite deafening cries by biting down on my arm as I was carried into a series of rolling orgasms.

Perhaps it was the extra tightness of my pussy’s convulsing spasms that helped to increase the strength of the thrills Greg experienced, certainly it was only a minute or two before I heard the sound of a sharper, deeper intake of breath, then felt the increasing tension in his cock as that pre-ejaculate reaction pulsed through it – then he was smashing himself hard against me; his body slamming against my thighs and buttocks as I felt him pumping a series of powerful jets of semen inside me..

Our coupling had been so drainingly intense that it probably took us as long to recover and regain our breath as it had to actually fuck – and given that we then had to almost immediately get ourselves ready to go back on stage and into that other passionate embrace, I had no time to fiddle with my soaking wet panties, so spent the last act of the play with a mix of my pussy’s juices, plus much of Greg’s semen, trickling wetly down the insides of my thighs.

But, I have to admit – I did rather like those feelings!

Chapter 4

Of course the tension in the car was completely different from our other times, but Greg was sensible enough to say little until we were some distance away from the theatre, when he said. ‘I don’t know about you Margie, but I feel as though I’ve been hit by something resembling an express train!’

‘Oh, that’s not a very flattering analogy.’ I replied, rather more light-heartedly.

‘Oh shit – I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it to come out like that. What I meant was, well it’s just that I’m sure I’ve never previously responded as powerfully as I did with you. You really do something quite incredible to me.’

‘Ah, that’s much better.’ I said, reaching across to rest my hand on his knee. ‘And I’ll admit that I’m positive I’ve never come as quickly as I did then.’

‘I swear I had no idea we’d actually have sex, I mean when I came round avcılar türbanlı escort to the changing room I just wanted to be with you, be somewhere where I could kiss you – I mean properly. What followed was totally unexpected. But absolutely wonderful!’ he added enthusiastically.

‘For me too Greg.’

‘So, are we going to try for a repeat performance – or was that merely a one-off event?’ he asked uncertainly.

‘I’m really not sure Greg – unlike you, I’m still married.’

‘I understand that Margie – but I don’t think I could bear it if I thought I’d never have a chance to make love with you – I mean properly. What happened back there wasn’t something I think either of us would actually call ‘love-making’ – was it!’

‘No – but it was nonetheless exciting.’ I answered.

He grinned as he turned towards me. ‘Oh it most definitely was that! But I want a chance to see you, touch you, caress you, give you a thousand kisses – everywhere! And we need a time and place in which we can do that. So at least please think about it.’

‘I promise to do that Greg – just give me a little time please.’

He nodded, smiled affectionately, then we both fell into relative silence for most of the rest of the trip. Time in which I thought deeply about his suggestion – which I had to admit I did find extraordinarily tempting.

Just the thought of his lips kissing me – as he’d said, ‘everywhere’ – not to mention the idea of having those ‘pianist’s hands’ caressing me, was enough to start re-stirring the juices that I’d earlier felt trickling down my thighs.

But there were more troubled thoughts too – as I’d said, I was married, and this was the first time I’d ever been unfaithful. In one way I could rationalise my behaviour – after all it was Frank who had not only grown emotionally distant from me, but for more months than I cared to remember, had not even showed any physical interest in me. I was still a relatively young woman, and still had all the desires that are an essential part of being human – feelings and pleasures that needed to be both stirred and fulfilled. And powerful needs – both emotional and physical – both of which Frank had certainly failed to meet.

So was I not more than justified in seeking consolation elsewhere?

I wrestled with those troublesome thoughts – and had still not come to a definite conclusion – until, just as we were approaching the end of my street, Frank interrupted them, saying. ‘The after-party! You are planning on joining us for the after-party, aren’t you Margie?’

‘I thought I would. Why?’

‘It would give us a perfect opportunity – that is if you’d like to. I mean, once the thing is well under way we could just slip away, either go back to my place, or if you’d prefer it, to a motel. Just for an hour or two. Then of course I’d drive you home again. Please say you’ll at least consider it.’

I thought for a moment, then as he pulled up outside my home, I said I would – that is I would think about it. We kissed – briefly but nonetheless, passionately, then he drove away to leave me with the turmoil of the lure of the undoubted pleasurable excitement I’d no doubt experience during even just an hour or two of Greg’s love-making – but thrills that would come with a price-tag of guilt and perhaps self-recrimination.

But I think I actually made a decision when I once again found that Frank was still not home to greet me, and the immediate thought that there was undoubtedly some woman, somewhere, entertaining – and being entertained by – him. So when Greg arrived to collect me for the second night’s performance, and even as he set off for the theatre, I said. ‘If your suggestion is still valid, I’d love the chance of being with you for an hour or two on Saturday – but as I’m sure I’d feel more comfortable meeting on neutral ground I think your idea of a motel would be best.’

Perhaps he had already reconciled himself to me refusing him, certainly the car swerved as he turned excitedly – ‘Oh that’s wonderful Margie! Absolutely wonderful!’ – then, as he hurriedly corrected the car, he added – ‘But I quite understand your preference for, neutral ground, as you called it, and I’ll take care of a suitable motel for us. Somewhere convenient, so we don’t spend too long driving to and fro.’

‘Yes that’s a good idea, I won’t be able to spend that long there Greg, and don’t bother about going too up-market, after all we won’t need them to provide us with anything in the way of service.’ I added meaningfully.

‘No, I’ll avcılar ucuz escort do my very best to provide all the servicing you require.’ he replied, light-heartedly.

‘Promises! Promises!’ I responded.

‘OK, you can tell me later whether or not I kept them. But for now, a slightly more pressing matter.’ he continued. ‘And that’s as to tonight – am I going to you see during the second interval, or are you going to tell me back-off until Saturday?’

I thought for a moment, but having already agreed to meet him it seemed silly not to allow myself the chance of experiencing a repeat of the excitement I’d felt the previous evening, so agreed to head to the wardrobe room the moment I heard the other players making their way to the stage for the third act’s opening..

Then, as the male dressing room was on the opposite side of the stage, I was in the darkness of the wardrobe room before Greg, so had more than enough time to unfasten and step out of the crinoline skirt. And as I could feel my pussy already responding to my state of excited expectancy, I avoided getting my panties too saturated by simply tugging them off too.

So when he arrived, found me, slipped his arms around to kiss me, he found that both hands held nothing but my totally naked bottom. ‘Oh Margie!’ he muttered as his mouth found the curve of my neck. ‘If I didn’t already have a hard-on, that would have certainly have given me one.’ he added as his lips trailed up my neck to find mine.

Knowing he’d become as excited as I had from just the anticipation of us being together again was more than sufficient motivation for me to drop one hand down to his groin, and sure enough, through the satin of his britches I could feel the already hardened length of him. Then as my fingers closed around it and squeezed, I felt it give a powerful surge – a reaction that merely added to the tingling wetness I could feel developing up between my own legs.

But even as we continued kissing, he began slowly walking me backwards down between the rows of costumes – and understanding why, I went more than willingly. Moving until I felt the roughness of the basket’s wickerwork pressing against the backs of my thighs.

Knowing how little time we had, Greg wasted no more of it. He lifted and sat me down on the basket – then even as he dropped to his knees and eased my legs apart I felt his face pressing itself up between them. A moment later shock-like thrills coursed up through me as his tongue began eagerly licking; at first up along the insides of both thighs, then down between my already moistly swollen pussy-lips, delving into the wetness between them, and only a few, thrillingly long minutes later, finally moving up and over the swollen ridge of my clitoris.

Jamming one hand into my mouth to stifle the cry of pleasure that would have otherwise reverberated around us, I lifted and arched myself, offering my pussy up to his almost voraciously busy mouth and tongue – shuddering as continuing and increasingly powerful waves of delighted excitement coursed through me.

Right then I would have willingly sold my soul to have him doing that on, and on, and on – but with such little time available to us, and also wanting to again feel him deep inside me, when I felt the first roiling ripple of pre-climactic tension gathering, I reached down and stopped him.

‘I want to feel you inside me Greg! What you’re doing is fabulous – but right now it’s your cock I need!’

While he was kneeling he must have used his hands to unfasten and free himself, because as he stood I felt the rigid hardness of his naked cock brushing against my lags. Then before I had time to move to take hold of him, he guided it to my by then wetly gaping pussy, and with one smooth thrust, buried every last inch of it deep inside me.

I heard myself give a breathless ‘Whoosh’ as it slid right home, its throbbing mass utterly filling me.

Given our time constraint, and the fact that he had already taken me to the brink of orgasm, I urged him to do what he would with me. ‘Right now there’s no need for the niceties of love-making Greg – just do what you have to!’ I gasped.

And he did just that – exciting me even more with the enthusiastically energetic vigour of his action; driving the full length of his cock into me each time his hips thrust forward – perhaps further encouraged by the feel of my fingers gripping deep into his flesh and pulling him even more tightly up against me.

That time it was feeling the first of the loads of semen spouting into me that finally triggered the onset of my own climax, then we heaved, ground, and jammed ourselves together as we both worked through to a panting and absolutely draining finale.

To be continued …


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