Conventional Lust Ch. 02

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A very enjoyable intro had been experienced, now we were about to start the main action. I suddenly realised my mistake. When I first saw her kneeling on my bed with that inviting look on her face I had thought she was offering herself to me for my pleasure, now realisation dawned. She was using me for her pleasure and it was to be under her direction. To continue or to call a halt, that was the question (apologies to Shakespeare). My decision to surrender to her was made without a second thought and, as it turned out, without any regrets.

She was still wearing her blouse and skirt, I still had my shirt and socks on, a situation that was about to change. She turned to face me.

“Get naked.”

As I undid my shirt she got off the bed and started to strip off. With both of us completely naked she displayed her body to me in all its beauty, my eyes explored every curve. My trance was suddenly broken when she spoke.

“Kneel on the bed as I did.”

What was a man to do but obey, especially as my mind was working overtime wondering what delights would follow.

There I was, kneeling on the bed, knees apart and with my arse in the air, in any other situation it would have been comical. She knelt between my legs, her tits brushing against my thighs, one hand moved to caress my balls as the other passed between my legs to encircle my cock. She gripped tightly but not painfully. A good wanking seemed to be on the cards but no; suddenly she let go and I felt a hand on each arse cheek. The cheeks were pulled apart and I felt my arsehole being pulled open. Yet again she stopped as quickly as she had begun.

She was teasing me and I was enjoying it. What would be next? The answer came immediately as her tongue licked my balls. First the back then each side finally her lips closed over my left ball and she sucked. She did the same to my right ball but this time she took it into her mouth, gently biting as she sucked. Between each bite more of my sac disappeared into her mouth until she had both balls between her teeth. The biting sensation caused just that level of pain designed to be sexually pleasurable but it could come at a price. She was in control, a sudden movement on my part or a desire on her part to inflict damage would have me in agony or even worse, castrated.

The fear coupled with the pain gave a sexual high never before experienced, in fact I was just about to cum. She obviously sensed my cock twitch for the next thing I knew she had clamped one hand around my cock in a vice like grip, spat out my balls only to squeeze them hard with her other hand. The pain this induced was not one of pleasure. Again she broke the silence.

“Not yet.”

My predicament was such that obeying was the only option, the pressure on my cock and balls eased.

“Good, You will cum when I say and not before.”

I was her plaything, enjoying whatever lay ahead was the sensible option. I must admit this was my first experience of a woman being in charge of the action but what the hell, there’s a first time for everything. She sensed my submission and returned to the job in hand (so to speak).

I now knew an expert was at work. The skin on my cock back was pulled back until I thought it would be pulled away from the head, a further sensation of pain. She stopped just at the level of pain which was pleasurable and gently allowed the skin to return to its normal position. I relaxed. Which part of my body would receive her expert attention next?

My arse was the answer. Her hands were placed on my arse cheeks spreading them wide. What pleasure would she inflict upon me? After what seemed an eternity she brushed something across my avcılar üniversiteli escort arse cheeks and my arsehole. Her nipple! As she swayed to and fro caressing my skin with her nipples I heard her purring. She was getting as much pleasure through the stimulation as I was! The swaying stopped but only so that she could flick my arsehole with her tongue, just as I had rimmed and penetrated her arse with my tongue so she returned the favour. The sensation was exquisite but I controlled myself as I remembered her command not to cum.

I felt her move away.

You will realise that very little had been said between us for there was no need. We instinctively knew what each wanted, the pleasures to be given and received but, as with any play, there was the need for a director. She was the director.

“Turn round, sit on the edge of the bed with your legs apart.”

I did as instructed.

She squatted between my legs, placed her hands under her tits and held them out to me. I gazed at them, then at my cock, then at her face. She smiled.

“You’ve wanted these around your cock ever since you saw them.”

Was this a statement or a question, was an answer required?

“Lay back and enjoy.”

Obviously no answer was required, just obedience. I did as I was told, my cock standing to attention. She moved forward and wrapped her tits around my flagpole. Slowly and sensuously she moved her tits up and down the shaft, each time clear fluid oozed from the eye of my cock. Her tits opened as she moved to smear my fluid between her them. Again they closed around my cock but this time her body moved up and down. I was fucking her tits, lubricated with my own juice (to be fair I wasn’t moving, she was wanking me). With each movement her head came closer to my cock and each time she blew on it’s head. Finally her lips touched my cock on each stoke. Then she stopped.

I wanted her to continue but I knew that asking, begging even, would be pointless. I just had to accept that I was being given extreme enjoyment but on her terms. I just had to lie back and enjoy.

Her tits fell away form my cock to be replaced with her hands. More precisely one hand for the other held my balls. She gently wanked me and caressed my balls.

I watched mesmerised, hopeful of what would come next. I was not disappointed.

Her fingers moved to the base of my cock and held it steady, her lips opened as the tip of her tongue delicately ran around the rim of the head of my cock. Very slowly her tongue moved up my cock to the eye, licking my precum as it went. As she reached the eye she flicked it with her tongue, moved her head away and closed her lips to savour the taste. I watched motionless as two fingers gently squeezed the head to open the eye. Her head came forward, her tongue emerged from her lips, the tip gently played with the eye.

I desperately wanted her to suck it like a lolly but I knew that if I spoke the spell would be broken. I just had to hope she knew and wouldn’t disappoint me.

Sure enough her fingers slid back down to my balls, her lips closed around the head and gently sucked. How I did not cum I will never know. Very slowly her lips slid down my cock. I could feel her tongue on the underside of my cock and finally I felt the tip of my cock on the roof of her mouth. She stopped and very slowly reversed the motion. She repeated this several times, getting faster with each stroke. I was near but I did not want her to stop. The agony of not cumming but the ecstasy of the sensations cannot be described. Again her expertise was demonstrated, she paused for a few seconds to allow avrupa yakası escort me to relax then gently gripped my cock with her teeth. She again slowly moved her mouth up and down my cock, this time her teeth gently rasped over the skin. Again that exquisite sensation of pain but not painful.

My cock started twitching and I knew cum would soon be spurting from my cock.

She also knew. Her teeth, which were just behind the rim of my cock head, clamped tight and her hands squeezed my balls hard. All thoughts of cumming left my head as the pain hit.

When she knew I was not going to cum she said

“You will cum when I want, now move further back.”

I moved back and as I did so I could see the teeth marks on my cock. What next I thought, I did not have long to wait.

She sprang onto the bed and astride of me, slowly she leant forward until the nipples of her marvellous full tits were brushing my chest. She gently swayed so that her nipples kept brushing mine. Never before had I realised how sensitive a man’s nipples were and how sexually stimulating the sensations could be.

Raising her body she moved forward, her tits hanging over my face, her erect nipples begging to be sucked.

“Suck like a baby.”

I sucked, licked, and nibbled, again I heard her purring.

What, I hear you asking, was my cock doing. It was andwiched between our bodies, her clit hard against it. As I sucked each nipple in turn so she slid her body up and down my cock. I sucked harder, she moved quicker. I licked her nipple she stopped moving. I nibbled her nipple she moved faster, all the time her purring was getting louder.

Now it was my turn.

I held both of her tits and placed both nipples in my mouth and sucked hard, no difference. I nibbled both nipples, she really started to purr. I bit her nipples quite hard, her reaction was not what I had expected. Instead of yelping with pain and pulling away I could hear moans of pure pleasure. Her knees gripped my chest tightly, her body shook for several seconds, then she fell forward.

This would have been fine except that her large breasts were now smothering my face, I had great difficulty breathing. When she rose again I was unsure who was the most breathless but I knew I was pinned to the bed.

I was still her plaything.

Her body moved up mine until my cock was between her legs, she moved back and stopped. I felt my cock press against her cunt lips. She eased back some more , I felt it just begin to enter her cunt. She paused again. Should I take control by thrusting my hips up to penetrate her? If I did how would she react? She must have read my mind for she moved up and away from my cock. She was teasing me but did I mind – No! .

Our eyes met and we gazed at each other for several seconds. Without a word being said we both knew the finale was about to be played out.

Finally she slid down and the whole length of my shaft slid into her juicy wet cunt. She stayed motionless for what seemed an eternity, her only movement being her tube continually gripping and releasing my shaft. I was entranced but brought back to my senses when my cock plopped onto my body as she slid up my body.

With a sudden movement she was kneeling upright over my cock, her clit exposed and her tits hanging in their full glory. Her hand guided my cock into her cunt and she began riding me, slowly at first then gradually faster and faster. I knew that I would soon cum irrespective of what she did so I moved my finger to her clit and began massaging it in time to her motion. She moved faster, her purrs got louder and more animal like. bağdat caddesi escort Finally she broke the silence.

“Cum up my cunt now.”

It came not a moment too soon for I could not have held back any longer. I felt the glorious release of my cum into her cunt, The initial spurt and intense feeling of pleasure was followed by several others, the intensity diminishing with each spurt.

Normally when I cum my cock goes soft fairly quickly but this time it stayed fairly hard for she was riding me as if I was a bucking bronco. As she rose and fell on my cock I could see my cum being creamed as it mingled with her juices. Each time she impaled herself on my cock so it was spread over my balls and around the base of my cock. Likewise I could see her cunt lips and thighs being smeared with the heady mixture.

I was still wanking her clit as she rode me but my cock was beginning to get sore; I needed her to cum now. To my relief she finally sank down for the last time and let out a wail of pleasure. We stayed motionless for several seconds, my cock, now limp, still in her. She knelt by my side, looked at my cock and balls and her cunt lips and thighs.

“We are a mess, we need to clean up.”

I immediately thought of the bathroom but her movements told me otherwise. She was again astride me but this time her cunt was in my face, her head over my cock. Her fingers gently lifted my cock as she licked it clean, followed by my balls. I got the message. My tongue cleaned her cunt lips, cunt hole, and thighs. The taste of our creamed juices was, surprisingly, quite exquisite, I was pleased we had licked each other clean.

Surprise, surprise. My cock was again hard, a most unusual occurrence so soon after I had cum, what would happen now I wondered. I did not have long to wait. For the second time she knelt over my cock, this time facing my feet, and sank on it with her cunt. Twice she rode up and down before running her fingers over it to test how slippery it was. I knew what was to follow and I swear my cock grew even larger. I took a chance and placed a hand on each buttock and pulled them apart.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. No longer was there any suggestion of control, we were about to enjoy a mutually desired postscript.

As she held my cock I guided her arse down onto it. The tip of my cock was pressed against her arsehole, I raised my buttocks from the bed to push my cock into her arse. There was some resistance then her arsehole muscles relaxed. As soon as the head started to penetrate I withdrew, she looked at me quizzically, I smiled as I slipped the head in again but slightly farther this time. Again I withdrew, then farther in again. This time the head slipped completely past the ring of muscle. I stopped and withdrew, again she looked at me, again I smiled as this time I pushed in fast and hard, pulling her down at the same time. She let out a gasp as she came to rest with her buttocks on my body, my cock deep in her arse.

Now it was her turn to pace the action. She rode me and as she rode me I could feel her fingers playing with her clit and my balls. She was riding faster and faster, panting not purring this time, until finally she sobbed as her body shook, but I was not finished. She understood for she did not resist as I moved her up and down several more times until I came in her arse. We stayed in this position for a few seconds before my limp cock plopped out of her arse as she rose to her knees.

She moved to the side of the bed, stood up, looked at me and smiled. She bent down, picked up her blouse and put it on, this time making sure it was buttoned fully, picked up her skirt and put that on, put on her shoes and finally picked up her thong. She looked at it, looked back at me, screwed it into a ball, turned, walked to the door and left the room.

I got off the bed, went to the bathroom, showered, went to bed and slept like a baby. In fact I slept so long that I missed breakfast and only just made the first convention seminar of the day.

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