Consultant Perks Ch. 03

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I had no idea what time it was when I woke up. The room was completely dark, lit only by the bluish glow of the full moon rising above the silhouetted trees beyond the open windows. The room was still, but for the lacy drapes swaying in the cool autumn breeze and the bedspread moving slowly up and down.

I crossed my arms behind my head and closed my eyes again, thoroughly enjoying the feel of my manhood being drawn to full hardness as Rhonda, hidden beneath the covers, gently tended to her task. She must have awoken before me and slipped down to nestle quietly between my legs. She nuzzled and blew softly on my flaccid cock, then licked it and gently drew it into her mouth as I lay in blissful contentment. Seemingly on its own, my tool grew to half hardness before I even woke up. Now it grew inside her warm mouth to full erection.

The still of the night was dissolved by her murmurs of approval and encouragement. “That’s right,” she whispered to it. “You’re getting big again and so hard. I’m going to make you nearly burst with pleasure and then put you deep into my waiting pussy. Oooh, I’m so hot for you. Sooo wet. I can hardly wait to feel you fill me up.”

I thrust my pelvis forward a little as she drew her head up, letting her know that I was awake now.

“Mmmm, you like this don’t you Sam?” she asked.

“You know I do. What a way to wake up!”

As my cock strained to its full length, she wrapped a hand around the base and began to move her head up and down more fervently. Her murmurs of pleasure sent wonderful vibrations through my throbbing meat. I couldn’t believe it, but I twitched and bucked involuntarily, signaling the beginnings of release. She lifted her mouth off of my cock long enough to utter, “Mmmm, there’s your pre-cum, baby. Mmmm, it tastes so good.” Then she lowered her mouth over my stiffness and returned to her feverish slurping on my pole.

She squirmed her other hand beneath my ass and worked her way up my crack. I lifted my ass slightly to accommodate her. She squeezed and caressed my ass cheeks before twisting a finger into my ass hole. I’m not sure I liked that. But she was enjoying it so I let her go. She bent her finger inside me and stroked something in there that immediately subsided my urge to come. I felt my muscles relax and felt as if I was sinking further into the soft mattress, thoroughly enjoying the sensations she was giving me.

I slowly peeled back the covers so I could watch my lover work her magic. As I uncovered her, I took in the beautiful sight of Rhonda curled up between my legs, earnestly sucking on my stiff rod. Her eyes, framed by her disheveled blond locks, looked into mine. A mischievous smile lit up her eyes as she dragged her tongue up the length of my manhood.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and, gripping it by the thick base, she absently passed the swollen head back and forth against her bottom lip as she avcılar elit escort said in a husky voice, “My my, Sam, your cock has grown so big. Do you like it when Rhonda sucks on it like this?”

I just nodded and breathed, “Mmmm hmmm,” and felt her mouth quickly dart over the head, ringing it with her expressive tongue, making the head pulse with pleasure.

She pulled it out again and caressed her cheek with it as she uttered, “Mmmm, it’s so hot against my cheek. I could suck this big, beautiful thing all night, but do you know what I want even more?”

“I think so. What do you want, baby?”

“I want to feel your hot throbbing cock deep in my pussy. Yeah, that’s want I want right now.”

“Then get up here you hot little slut and I’m gonna give you everything I’ve got.”

With a mischievous grin, she kissed and licked my cock from the base to the tip, whispering to it as she went, “Yes, my beautiful prick, you’re going to fill my wet pussy completely aren’t you?”

She gave it a last kiss and crawled slowly toward my face, her eyes boring into my own the entire time, glazed with passion and desire. I reached between my legs and gripped my firm manhood, moving the head along the length of her slit as she moved her pussy into position.

My cock head slid easily along her moist pussy lips and I teased, “Is this want you want?”

She lunged backward, onto my pole and gasped, “Yes!”

With a powerful thrust of my hips I slammed it deep into her hot hole, causing her to throw her head back and scream, “Yes! That’s it! Oh Sam, give me every inch of that hard cock of yours!”

As she straddled my cock and supported herself by placing her hands on my chest, she rocked back and forth along its length. I gripped her by her small waist and raised her until the ridge at the base of my head was exposed. Then I rammed my pelvis up into her steaming cunt with a loud squish and a slap when our pubic bones collided. I lowered my ass with her impaled deeply on my pole before raising her up and repeating the movement. She gyrated her luscious ass from side to side adding to the friction our movements were causing.

As I fucked her with the force of a raging bull, I watched her chest heave in heavy gasps. Her head was thrown back and she thrashed her head from side to side. Her full hair whipped back and forth. I tightened my grip on her waist, taking full control over her petite frame, slamming my rock-hard meat deep into her tight, wet pussy.

“Oh my God, Sam” she screamed. “I love it! Oh yes! You’re fucking me sooo good! Yes, lover, give it to me! Yes!”

I was thoroughly enjoying her screams of ecstasy as they pierced the still night. I knew that there were no other houses with a half-mile and that made me want to make her scream all the more. I pounded her furiously and yelled, “Is this what you want, baby? Huh? I love avcılar escort fucking you so much! Oh Rhonda, your pussy is so tight and hot and wet.”

“Yes, Sam! You made it that way. Oh fuck me baby, fuck me. Yeah.”

The time came when I was about to blow my load deep into her. I watched with fascination as, once again, she froze in mid-scream, closed her eyes tightly, clenched fistfuls of my chest hair, and trembled through a powerful orgasm. I could have let my cum erupt into her right then but I was mesmerized by her sexiness as I watched her transform from an insatiable, raving vixen to a spent, vulnerable and sweet woman. My woman.

Her abundant juices made beautiful squishing as I slowed my strokes and came to a rest with my cock buried in her to the hilt. She opened her eyes and looked down at me.

“Oh Sam, it’s so deep in there and still so hard. You have more in store for me, don’t you.”

“That’s right, Rhonda. Come here.”

I pulled her down and onto my chest. Her head fit perfectly in the crook of my shoulder and I enveloped her in my arms. I coaxed her legs to close bwtween my own while my cock was still deep inside her. As I squeezed her legs tightly together, she contracted her strong pussy muscles causing a tortuous, but glorious feeling to course through my cock.

“Yeah, baby,” I encouraged. “Squeeze those pussy muscles. Feel my head deep inside you. Mmmm, you’re squeezing it so nice.”

She responded, “Mmmm, Sam. Your cock is so hot inside me. It almost burns. Oh baby, that orgasm was fantastic. Can I have some more?”

“Sure,” I reassured.

With my arms and leg wrapped tightly around her, I rolled her onto her back. I kept her legs squeezed tightly closed between mine causing a glorious pressure on my engorged cock.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

“Soon,” I said.

She smiled devilishly and began trying to squirm her legs free. I shifted my weight to my elbows and raised my chest off hers just enough so that I could still feel her erect nipples brushing against mine. Her squirming sent off electric shocks from my nipples to my ass cheeks as her taut nipples grazed mine. I lowered my face to hers and sunk into her full waiting mouth. Our hot tongues probed deeply in our lust for each other. Gradually the fire subsided to a warm glow and our tongues massaged each other’s softly. Having calmed down this she-lion, I released the pressure on her legs and moved my knees between hers. I slowly nudged her soft thighs apart and before moving my cock a little, I contacted my abdominal muscles causing it to bob within her and the head to swell.

I felt her smile beneath my mouth. She moved her face to the side long enough to whisper into my ear, “Mmmm, you’re going to give it to me again aren’t you.”

“Yes. Are you ready for me.”

“Oooh yes, Sam. I’m dripping wet for you.”

I pulled out avcılar eve gelen escort slightly and then pushed it back, moving it no more than a centimeter each time. She began to squirm beneath me. Little by little, I drew more out each time before slowly thrusting back to full depth. She gradually spread her legs farther and farther apart for me until I was sliding the full length in and out of her once again. I had to keep it a slow pace to keep from coming. I didn’t want it to end.

“Baby, you are so tight. You know you’re going to make me come again, don’t you?”

“You can come anytime you want, lover. And when you do, I want you to shoot it deep inside my pussy.”

“Are you sure, baby?”

“I’m sure, Sam.”

I decided to prolong our session by switching to a position that I knew I could hold for quite a while and said, “Turn over onto your hands and knees for me.” I pulled out and she quickly flipped over and eased her ass toward me. I moved to a kneeling position behind her and firmly gripped her waist as I slowly slid it in from behind.

She leaned further into me, hung her head and moaned, “Oh God, Sam. Fill me so deep. God, that feels so good. C’mon baby fuck me hard from behind.”

I set up an ever increasing rhythm, enjoying the feel of her warm slick pussy, the sound of slapping against her ass and watching my cock slide in and out between her ass cheeks into her steaming cunt.

“Yes, Sam! Yes, Sam!” she cried. “You’re gonna make me come again like this.” She thrashed her hair from side to side and wailed as I reached around and massaged her dangling globes. “Mmmm, mmmm,” she grunted. “Squeeze those titties. Yeah. Fuck me, baby! Harder! Deeper! Oh yesss!” Her scream trailed off as I felt my cock head swell inside her, increasing the pleasure. I thought I could last like this, but I was wrong.

“Here I come, baby,” I cried.

“Yes, Sam! Shoot your big wad deep into me. All the way into me! Yes!”

I grunted and spasmed and released, holding her ass tightly against the base of my cock. I felt the warm rivulets of jiz shoot deep into her moist cunt. A few more spasms and I was spent. I left it in her as I felt my cock began to shrink within her. A few last contraction from strong pussy muscles her said goodbye to my drained as it deflated.

Her head hung between her shoulders. Through heavy breaths, she panted, “Oh my God, Sam. No one has ever fucked me like that before. You are amazing!”

“You completely inspire me and turn me on, Rhonda. Thank you.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “Lay down baby.”

She guided me into a laying position where I took deep sighing breaths. “Here,” she cooed to me, “Let me clean you off.” She moved between my legs again and licked my cock clean. “Mmmm, your cum and my juices go well together, don’t they?”

“They sure do,” I managed to whisper.”

“Shhh,” she soothed, “Let me just get this all cleaned off and I’ll make you a snack.” I must be in heaven, I thought. She continued, “Mmmm, your cum is so deep inside me. I can feel it in there. It’s so warm.Maybe we just made a baby!”

I turned to her and whispered, “Marry me, Rhonda.”

“I will,” she replied, and crawled into my waiting embrace.

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