Colleen Ch. 03

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(This is a continuation of the story about two work associates who explore the darker side of Amsterdam together. This is a fantasy based on a real person, but it has most definitely not occurred. The names are changed to protect the innocent. If you haven’t read the first two chapters, you should. Enjoy!)

We walked to the Italian restaurant that I had chosen, making small talk about the day, as if our sexual exploits had not been occurring. We had to wait a few minutes to be seated and I ordered some wine from the bar. Eventually, we were seated in a corner table in the rear. If it hadn’t been so crowded, I would have requested a table with as much privacy as possible. The one we got wasn’t the best, but it did provide a considerable amount of privacy. We studied the menu and ordered from George, our quite handsome waiter and the owner of the restaurant. I noticed that while we were ordering, he was doing his best to study all of the holes in Colleen’s dress without being too obvious.

Finally, I let him off the hook. “George, go right ahead and look at my dinner partner all you want. She is meant to be on display, so enjoy. She has no problem with your staring at her body. Do you, Colleen?”

“No, none whatsoever. I find it flattering.”

“See, there!” I said cementing the deal.

Staring directly at Colleen’s prominent breasts, George responded, “Thank you.” He took our order and headed for the kitchen. After he left us, I extracted the remote control egg that I had stashed in my pocket, and handed it to Colleen across the table.

“Here. Go to the bathroom and insert this into your pussy.”

She took the egg, and got up, whispering, “Yes, master.” Before she headed for the restroom, I also told her to keep her panties on. I put the remote control on the booth cushion next to me where I could access it without detection during the meal.

She returned a few minutes later, and I admired the view of her breasts that I got as she maneuvered into the booth across from me. We started chatting again about work, and as she was talking, I turned the egg on at low speed. She had been making eye contact as we were talking, and I watched as she flinched, blinking her eyes; her body reacting to the vibrations emanating from the egg in her pussy. She managed to continue talking as I kept it at low speed. But when she finished her business comment, she added, “Fuck, this feels so decadent and good; sitting here in public at a restaurant as if nothing is happening, while I have a vibrating egg tingling in my pussy. What a fuckin’ turn-on?”

“Good!” I answered. “Now, I want to find your maintenance level. That’s the setting at which you can still function civilly and socially, but if I turn it up beyond that point, it will send you over the top out of control. So, I am going to turn the vibes up slowly, and I want you to count to ten for me telling me the intensity your feeling, such that when you get to about 7, you won’t be able to maintain control. Understand?”

“Yow, At 6, I can be in public all day long and not have it take me out of control, but at 7 I can’t.”

“Exactly.” I turned the control up a notch.

“One.” I turned it up some more.

“Two.” I turned it up some more. As she approached 6, I slowed down my adjustment rate to ensure that she could truly handle it. She never said six, so I left it there for awhile. Soon, the waiter returned with our salads and antipasto. His eyes never left Colleen’s body as he served us. After he left, I finally asked about her visit to Odette’s boutique.

“Ohmigod, it was awesome,” she responded. Odette and Lisette’ took very good care of me. With everything they fitted for me, it must be costing you a fortune.”

I waved it off, hoping she’d continue without prodding. She did.

“Anyway, after you left, Odette’ took me into the back room, which she uses for fitting clothes. There, I met Lisette’, her assistant. God, was she cute. And hot! After introducing us, Odette’ returned to the front of the store, and Lisette’ gave me a massage to relax me.”


“Yeah, that was the intent, she said. But, I’ve got to tell you, I wasn’t exactly relaxed at the end of it. It didn’t help that before she even started the massage, she took me into the restroom and shaved my pubes completely. The shaving part was embarrassing but quite non-sexual. But when she applied the lotion after the shave to my naked pussy she sent tremors through my body just from applying the balm. I don’t know whether or not she noticed, but my pussy was creaming by the time she finished applying the after-shave balm. Then came the massage. It was a fantastic massage, but it was not what one might call platonic bahis firmaları or therapeutic. It was most definitely sexual. By the time she finished my massage, I must have come a half dozen times from her caresses and kisses. It was heavenly when she was going down on me, with her tongue caressing me just the way I like it. She had me creaming in minutes. She got into a 69 straddling me, and I had my first real taste of pussy. And I loved it, but she didn’t let me bring her off.”

“Really, why was that?” I maintained the appearance of hearing the story for the first time.

“She said she liked to be hot and horny when she outfitted a customer for a sexual evening or weekend. She said it keeps her focused on making sure the outfit is always erotic. I guess if this outfit is any indication of her skill, she did pretty well.”

“I’ll say!”

Colleen smiled at the compliment and continued, “Anyway, after the massage, Lisette’ had me stand on this platform and she started to measure my body. Odette’ came in to help, and I’ll swear they measured every inch of my body at least twice. I’m sure it was an excuse for them to touch me. Not that I’m complaining, but whenever their hands got close to my breasts, they would slide their fingers or the back of their hand across my nipples, keeping them quite hard. And both of them slid their fingers through my pussy lips while measuring my legs and thighs. And they weren’t secretive about it at all. In fact, one time after Odette’ had slipped her fingers through my very wet twat, she looked me in the eye, and licked my juices off of her fingers before continuing with the measurements.

“After they finished taking my measurements, Odette’ proceeded to pull several fashions off of the racks for me. They would put an item on, talk about it and then take it off for another one. This continued for quite awhile and included everything from coats to underwear. Through the entire fitting, they each continued to touch my tits and my pussy. Juices were running down my thighs by the time they declared the fitting as complete. I just needed to wait while they did a few minor adjustments to the outfits they had selected for me. I relaxed back onto the couch in a robe that Lisette’ gave me. Odette’ then asked me if I was horny.”

“And were you? How did you answer?”

“Oh, yeah. I told her that I was soaking wet and quite horny. She asked me to show her how wet I was. Actually, it was more like she ordered me to show her. I was clearly under her spell. So I spread my legs, and used my fingers to spread my pussy lips wide apart showing her how wet I was.” As she continued to describe the scene, I turned the egg up a bit more, causing her to gasp. “Oh, shit. I’m so fucking wet right now. Remembering what happened next combined with this egg; oh gawd!”

“What do you mean, ‘what happened next.’?”

“Well, Odette; called out for another girl to come in. Ilse was her name. And then, as if I was a piece of furniture, she told Ilse that she was to tease me sexually while she and Lisette’ finished my wardrobe. Odette was very specific, saying, “Ilse, I want you to keep her pussy soaking wet, but don’t let her cum more than once or twice. We want her horny when she leaves us.”

Anyway, Ilse was about eighteen and was just a cutie. She walked over to me, told me her name, and proceeded to do a strip tease in front of me. She was only wearing a pair of shorts and a loose sleeveless top. Standing between my legs and looking me straight in the eyes, she started playing with her nipples through the cloth of the top. Instantly they hardened and I could tell that they were quite large. She continued to stroke the nipples through the cloth with her left hand as her right hand slid under the waistband of her loose shorts, clearly slipping between her legs. She danced to the light background music quite seductively, and told me to play with myself. I didn’t need to be told twice. I slid my fingers inside my cunt, causing more juices to ooze out around them. My fingers found my g-spot and I moaned.

“Ilse pulled her hand back out of her shorts and licked her fingers. She then grabbed her top by the hem with both hands and slowly raised it, showing me her tight belly with a pierced belly button, and then a butterfly tattoo just above the navel. Swaying with the music, she continued to tease me by slowly raising the top more and more. I wanted to see her tits so bad. It didn’t take much longer before she exposed her boobs. They were smallish, but god, her tits were huge and hard. She started playing with them, squeezing them, and as I watched she started moaning. And that got to me. With the combination of her brazen teasing, the continuous kaçak iddaa stroking of my tits and pussy previously by Odette’ and Lissette’, and my own fingers in my twat, I was on the verge of a massive orgasm. Ilse could tell and when she saw how close I was, she told me to stop. As much as I wanted to cum, I did as I was told.”

I surreptitiously turned the dial up another notch on Colleen.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned. “Oh, god, you’re at level 7 now or even an 8. I’m creaming now. My panties are so fuckin’ wet. I’m so close to another orgasm. Jesus!”

I saw the waiter approaching with our entrées, so I turned the egg down just a hair.

Colleen recovered but was breathing hard, and truth be told, my cock was rock hard in my slacks. The waiter’s eyes never left Colleen’s body as he served our meal. He took extra time to pour some more wine for us. Just before he left I asked him what his preference was for a tip, the normal gratuity, or a blow job from my babe. Colleen gasped at my offer, but said nothing. I half-figured he’d take the normal gratuity, as I suspected he might be gay. Whether he was gay or not, he didn’t turn down the offer. I asked him if there was a place he could take her for his blow job. He nodded, and I told him to return when we were finished with our entrées.

After he left, I turned to Colleen and asked her if she was okay with delivering on my offer to the waiter. She nodded in acquiescence, and in true submissive style asked permission to ask a question. I granted her request.

“How do you know he is safe?”

“Good question. He will not harm you. He is the owner of the restaurant, and has been for about ten years since he inherited it from his parents. You can trust him.”

She nodded, and started on her alfredo with mussels dish. I noticed she was eating with gust. I wanted to hear more about the afternoon, but was also hungry so we were quiet as we ate our pasta. I kept the egg vibrating at a very low level, wanting Colleen’s pussy to be soaking wet all night.

When we finished our main course, the waiter returned and collected the dishes, and asked if there was anything else. Colleen spoke up, to my surprise, “I’m ready for my dessert. Do you have a private place for us?”

“Follow me,” he answered, turning to leave. Looking at me once last time, he asked, Would you like me to send over a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, please.”

Shortly, a waitress brought me my coffee. I wasn’t sure whether or not the smile on her face was just natural, or how much she knew about what was going on. Either way, she just gave me my coffee and left. I sipped the coffee slowly, enjoying the view of the other diners, while my mind envisioned Colleen giving the owner a blow job.

Colleen returned to my table about ten minutes later. The grin on her face told me that she had enjoyed the debauchery I had inflicted upon her. Me, I enjoyed the view of a wanton slut in an absolutely sinful dress sit down next to me. I finished my coffee as she told me about sucking his cock. She admitted to never just taking a man’s cock and just sucking it. She told me that her pussy was creaming the entire time he had his cock rammed deep into her mouth. I slid my hand under the table and reached between her legs. She let her legs fall apart, allowing me to slide my fingers between her thighs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she still had her panties on, although they were drenched in her pussy juices.

I pressed on her clit through the panties, eliciting a moan from deep within her throat. I continued to play with her through her panties when the waiter brought our check. He left me the bill, expressing his hope that we would cum back again soon. Colleen looked up at him and smiled, licking her lips. She answered for us, “I hope so. The meal was very delightful, and the dessert was fantastic. It tasted so good.”

After dinner, we stopped at a coffeehouse and restored our highs to the before dinner level. We sat in a dark corner of the coffeehouse, and I took advantage of the darkness to subtly caress Colleen’s body. All this time the egg was still going at a low level. With her dress I was able to caress her tits whenever I wanted, and I had her sit such that I could also reach her pussy. I’m not sure who I was teasing more; her or me. We finished our joint and headed out for the dance.

I was so horny. We were on our way to the place where the dance party was being held when we passed by a porno parlor. I knew that with the Viagra I had taken, that I’d be hard for at least the next four hours and I was very, very hard. I stopped us and pulled her into the video emporium. With her standing next to me, I purchased enough tokens kaçak bahis for 15 minutes in the booth. I studied the selection of videos, choosing one that had two girls and a guy. I pulled Colleen into the booth and sat her on my lap as I inserted the tokens. She started gyrating against my hard cock as soon as she felt it pressing into her inner thighs. She was most definitely in the same mood that I was. I turned the egg back up to a moderate setting and she was moaning even as the video was beginning. We were visually overwhelmed by two well endowed German beauties doing a 69, and well along in their pleasure.

“Oh, god!” Colleen moaned. “I’m so close to cumming! May I cum? Please.” She continued to grind her pussy onto my cock.

“Yes,” I answered. “But, not until you’ve sucked me off.”

She looked back at me and smiled, “Yes, master.”

As tight as the booth was, she managed to turn herself around and kneel between my legs. She wasted no time in freeing my cock from my trousers. I groaned as her lips surrounded my cock head, and her tongue tickled the eye of my dick. Slowly she slid her lips down by cock. I watched the video while my mind reminded me that she had just finished sucking the waiter off only a few minutes before and here she was sucking my cock with definite gusto. Colleen had certainly embraced the slut lifestyle. And I was going to take advantage of it. I continued watching the girls on the video, as I enjoyed the blow job she was delivering. After nearly engulfing my nine inch cock, she slowly brought her lips back up the length of my shaft, nearly sucking my juices up from my balls. I turned her egg up another notch. She responded by accelerating her action. I was breathing hard by her fourth stroke. That was when the guy entered the video. He was already hard, and walked up to one of the girls, and pulling her head back from the other girl’s pussy, he rammed his cock into her mouth.

I groaned as Colleen’s lips echoed the actions on the screen. Even though she couldn’t see the screen, it was as if she had eyes in the back of her head. As the guy fucked the woman’s mouth on the video, she took my entire cock deep down her throat. She gripped my balls and lightly squeezed them. I could feel the jism building in my balls as I watched video. I turned the egg up another notch, and Colleen redoubled her attention to my hard shaft. I tightened my sphincter, trying to hold back from my impending eruption. She could obviously feel my heightened arousal as she slowly slid her lips all the way back up my shaft, finally teasing the tip of it with her tongue. Her hand followed her mouth up my shaft, and she started stroking me as her tongue massaged my dick head.

“Oh, fuck,” I muttered, as her ministrations finally overcame my will and I erupted all over her face. She immediately surrounded my cock with her mouth sucking the rest of my love juices down her throat. After several mores strokes, she slowed down and released my cock from her mouth. She rose up in the cube without letting go of it, as her hand continued to stroke my still hard cock.

“Can I fuck you now? I want to cum.”

My original plans did not include her being fucked until we got back to the room later, but I gave in as she had been a very good slut so far. She instantly turned around, and pulled down her panties. As soon as her pussy was bare, she slid down onto my fuck-pole, her juices lubricating my instant penetration. I felt the egg vibrating deep inside of her pussy, and was surprised with her ability to take in my entire length even with the egg buried deep in her cunt. Without me doing anything, she started sliding up and down my cock, clearly just using me as a sex object for her urgent needs. She was an animal in heat, desperate to be fucked, to be taken, and to be used. I reached around her and grasped her tits under her dress. I squeezed her hard nipples causing her to moan in pain and pleasure.

“Oh, god, fuck me. I’m so fucking hot!” she moaned. Here eyes were glued to the screen as the guy was now fucking one of the girls while she was eating the pussy of the second girl.

“Oh, yeah!” I answered. “Ride my cock. Feel my hard dick inside of you. Ride it baby! Take it! Make it yours! Fuck me! Come on baby!” I continued to whisper in her ear, but I don’t think she needed my help, as horny as she already was.

A few strokes later, she was muttering back to me, “Oh gawd, yes! Of, fucck. Fucccckkkkk. I’m cummmmmmmming. Jeeez!” I held her boobs as she writhed on my organ, continuing to use me as her fuck toy. She didn’t stop. She kept on sliding up and down my cock, grinding out another several orgasms before the video ended.

She handed me her panties and told me she was now ready to go dancing. She opened the door of the booth and walked back out into the store, without worrying about the obviously messed up look that she presented to the other customers in the store.

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