Coffee Break

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The lightning was constant. Long streaks of white electricity streaking sideways, splitting the night sky in two. It was both mesmerizing and frightening at the same time. The crackle of the thunder, muted by the thick office windows.

Not my usual shift, but I was doing a favour for a co-worker, and my midnight coffee break was looming. I kept one eye on the clock as my fingers flew over the keyboard, finishing up my work early, I eyed the novel laying on my desk.

The picture on the cover was more than a little provocative, and I found myself hoping that the words would be as stimulating as the cover. The title, “Whatever He Desires” was making my head spin with erotic thoughts. I hit the save key and leaned back in my chair, closing my eyes for just a moment and imagining what ‘his desires’ might be. A fleeting glimpse on my closed lids of a naked torso, strong shoulders and dark unruly hair…sigh!

Pulling in a breath I leaned forward in my chair and opened my eyes. To darkness, utter and complete inky blackness. Blinking several times and wondering if maybe I had fallen asleep at my desk, I gasped out loud as the lightning lit the interior of the office, just briefly and as it winked to darkness again, I realized that there had been an image imprinted on my eyes. Shaking my head and giving a nervous giggle out loud, I realized that the storm must have knocked out the power. My brain playing tricks on me, imagining a tall dark stranger, leaving its traces on my memory.

Fumbling on the desk, trying to find my cell phone, which would at least give me a little light to see by, and maybe even to read by. The flare of the storm, once again lighting the room, and ohhhhhhhhh. There was someone here with me, and he seemed closer than the last flash.

“Hello, who is that?” my voice quivering with a tinge of fear.

Just the snap of thunder answered my question.

I held my breath, waiting, listening and then … flash! Closer still, his body illuminated, features obscured by shadow. As my trembling fingers finally found the phone, and fumbled to light up the screen, another flash. No one there. illegal bahis I must be a bundle of nerves, sighing aloud, I finally found the right button, lighting a small square on my desk. Just the presence of that 6 inch square making me more comfortable, I reached for the book, intent on reading at least a few sentences.

A soft whisper of breath, hot on my neck, an inhaled scent of not just the sharp smell of the electricity in the air, but of something baser, more primitive even than the crisp ozone. My hand stopped, no longer worried about the book, no longer even hearing the raging storm outside. My entire being attuned to the scent of the stranger, the even sound of his breath, and the tingle on my neck where his warm exhalations caressed.

I was rigid, not daring to breathe as I felt him lean on the back of my chair, pushing me gently but firmly forward until I was trapped between the chair and the desk. Lips brushed my neck, right at the junction of neck and shoulder, soft, wet and hot. My held breath burst forth with an audible hiss, over clenched teeth. Firm hands reached forward and held my wrists, pinioned to the arms of the chair, and his lips traced fiery paths up and over to the nape of my neck.

My breathing became ragged, my thighs parting as I realized that my body was becoming aroused, responding to the touch of this stranger in the night. An anguished moan spilled over my quivering lips, dropped into the darkness of the room, punctuated with a fresh flash of lightning. A soft growl in my ear, as teeth gently nibbled, his fingers reaching for my hands and curling my fingers over the arms of the chair, a whispered, “Don’t move.” shocked me, made me tighten my grip on the arms.

His hands, now free to travel my body, caressing my shoulders, slipping beneath my shirt, sliding down over my heaving breasts, almost to my nipples. My aching and tingling, throbbing with desire nipples. My back arched forward, pushing the soft swell of my fevered flesh into his hands. His teeth teasing at my ear lobe, tongue tracing small circles, before lowering to my neck, nibbling as the tingling intensified. illegal bahis siteleri

Lightning flashed again, as his teeth sunk into my neck, his fingers finally finding my nipples, pinching between his thumb and fingers, rolling the hard buttons. My hands gripping the arms of the chair, the moistness of my pussy, the scent rising on the heat of my arousal, mingling with his earthy maleness, the tang of electricity and as the thunder crashed, my scream tore through the office.

My body was riddled with sensation, as streak after streak of chain lightning coloured the room in brilliant white. The crashing of the thunder, no match for the pounding of my heart. His teeth finally loosening from the flesh of my neck, his hands pulling back, away from my breasts, my anguished groan as my body was denied his touch.

My chair was pulled backwards, leaving me limp and panting, needing more, pouty lips suddenly covered by his, strong and demanding, his tongue forcing its way inside my mouth, to probe and seek mine. A dance of desire, molten heat rising, bringing the distinct smell of my need. His lips tearing themselves from mine as the lightning flashes, illuminating him in silhouette, his features still a mystery. He propels me to the window, the darkness so complete that it is with a shocked gasp, I feel the coolness of the pane in front of me. His hands guide mine, so that I am braced against the coolness of the glass, the flashing of the storm, the streaking of electricity, almost illuminating him, almost revealing his features in the mirrored effect of the window.

His hands travelled over my back, and I arched forward, nipples scraping the window, hard pebbles delighting in the coolness, swelling as I was pressed tight to the glass. His hands catching at the waistband of my skirt, pushing it down over my hips. Panties soon followed my skirt, leaving me utterly exposed, spread, feeling the weight of the juices pushing my swollen lips apart. My hips gyrating, little circles as I whimpered too afraid to speak, not wanting this to stop.

The racing of my heart, as his hand snaked between my legs, teasing canlı bahis siteleri the edges of my pussy lips, I felt them draping open, wider, the molten liquid searing as it oozed from my convulsing slit. Just the thought of this man touching me, exploring my body, having his way, made me bite my bottom lip, almost inducing an orgasm on the spot.

His hand tangles in my hair, he pulls my head back and covers my mouth with his, kissing me, bruising my lips, tongue deep in my mouth. His hand finally pushing past the outer petals, delving into the heated pink interior, opening my pussy, pressing inside me. My vaginal muscles clamping down, releasing then clamping tight, trying to pull his fingers inside. My hips rocking as my clit swells, throbs, pulses with a life and desire of its own.

My hands on the smooth glass, braced as the sound of a zipper penetrates my brain, causing me to shiver, a shudder of desire making my body seem to writhe on his hand, his mouth still crushed to mine.

He sucked my lower lip into his mouth, his hard, hot cock teasingly rub up and down my ass crack. My whimpers muffled by his mouth, my fingers curling on the glass, nipples pressing, rubbing as I try to beg, “Please…” my words just a mumble as those kisses consume me.

An arm wrapped around my waist, almost lifting me off the floor, toes barely touching as he eased his cock into place. It nudged at the opening to the centre of my desires. And with a smooth forward motion of his hips, coupled with the pulling back of his hand around my waist, I was filled with throbbing manhood.

The motion of his cock, slowly fucking my tight sheath, the rain sheeting on the glass, briefly illuminated time and again, and the thunderous pounding of my heart, louder than the forceful crashing of each clap of thunder, culminating in the strongest orgasm. The sound of my scream, my head tossed back, the howl of ecstasy echoing in the room. As the lightning flashes, his seed shoots from his head as it tunnels deeper into my convulsing pussy, hot and thick, painting my pink walls with white ropy streamers.

Collapsed against the glass, thankful for the coolness of the smooth window, gasping in shallow breaths, willing my lungs to fill, his teeth descend once more, tearing into my shoulder, marking me, a reminder of the force of man and the wonder of the raging storm outside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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