Closed Doors Ep. 04

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———Closed Doors———

Episode FOUR



Jack stepped out into the hallway, pulling his amp and guitar case, and quietly closed the door to Debbie’s bedroom behind him. He didn’t want to wake her up, she looked so peaceful sleeping there, covered only by a rumpled sheet.

The beach house was trashed, the aftermath of the party that had ended only a few hours before. Making his way through a sea of empty plastic cups, crushed potato chips and other discarded party accoutrements, Jack ran into Sully and Stacy Marie in the kitchen drinking orange juice.

“Ah, ladies and gentlemen,” Sully announced to no one in particular, “may I present the ‘Walk of Shame’.” He cracked Jack a sly grin. Jack flipped him off.

Sully started laughing. “Yeah, fuck you, too. Want something to drink?” He held up is glass as if to suggest some orange juice.

“Nah, man,” Jack replied. “I gotta get going.”

“Where are you off to?” Sully asked.

“Home to pack, then off to Key West for a week. Got some gigs.”

“Wow!” Sully exclaimed, impressed. “Playing in the Keys. Lucky bastard.”

Jack pulled a cigarette from the pack in his pocket and lit it.

“Well shit, at least take a cup of coffee with you, man,” Sully suggested. He turned to look at Stacy, who had been silent this whole time a few feet away. “Can you hand me that coffee pot?”

Unenthusiastically, she turned and grabbed the carafe from the coffee maker.

“Hey, Stacy,” Jack greeted with a smile.

Handing Sully the coffee, she replied cooly, “Hey, Jack,” and moved back to her position of non-involvement.

That was weird. He quickly dismissed the thought, though, as the random insanity of the fairer sex.

“Here, man” Sully said, handing Jack a large Styrofoam cup of steaming coffee.

“Thanks, man,” Jack replied, taking it. “I guess I’ll see you all later.” He shook hands with Sully.

“Later, man. Have fun,” Sully replied.

“Bye, Stacy,” Jack called out to her.

No response. She just stared out a window at the beach. Jack shot Sully a questioning look, and all Sully could manage was an ‘I don’t know’ shrug and a shake of the head.

Jack shook his head too, then turned around and left, pushing his equipment out the door.

As soon as he was out of sight, Stacy Marie spun around and pounced on Sully, yanking his shorts down and shoving him back against the counter.

“Damn, girl,” Sully spit out in surprise. She had caught him off guard. “Is this why you gave Jack the cold shoulder, so he would leave quicker?”

Stacy Marie shot a stare into his eyes. She reached up under her skirt and quickly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. As she was standing back up, she grabbed Sully’s cock and tugged on it a few times. “Just fuck me.”


Debbie stirred awake at the sound of a trunk and car door slamming shut, and an engine starting. She opened her eyes as the car pulled away. That must have been Jack. Why couldn’t he have stayed a little longer? Then she smiled. There was a folded note on the nightstand marked ‘Ebb’, Jack’s nickname for her from when they dated.

She crawled out of bed and headed into her bathroom. When she came back out, she slipped an oversize sweatshirt on to cover her naked body, picked up the note, and made her way towards the kitchen for something to drink. She was thirsty after the long night.

Debbie read the note as she walked down the hallway:

“Had fun last night. Sorry

You couldn’t come along

This week. Keep next Sunday

Free, we’ll have dinner.


She smiled real big. Had butterflies in her stomach. So taken by Jack’s encouraging message was she that her mind didn’t register the rhythmic, muted sounds as she approached the kitchen. She looked up from the note and froze in mid-step.

Stacy Marie was on her back on top of the dinner table with her tube top down and bunched around her waist, and her skirt pushed up, leaving her bare ass at the edge of the table. That’s where Sully was standing between her spread legs, hands reached out and locked onto her tits, ramming his cock into her. Neither registered the presence of another person suddenly in the room.

Debbie’s focus stuck on her brother. She was viewing visual evidence to support why all those girls went nuts over him. His body was chiseled from marble. Greek god, that’s what they call him, a Greek god. This was the first time since they were little that she had seen him fully naked, and now she was watching him fuck a girl.

It was a weird sensation watching someone you were so closely connected to in so intimate a situation that normally it would never have offered to present itself to you in the course of a lifetime. Knowing she should be running away, she was rooted to the floor. Long strokes. Long enough to allow long strokes.

Sully started grunting and slamming into Stacy’s cunt harder and faster. Oh, god, he’s gonna cum.

Sure enough, about five strokes later, Sully illegal bahis pulled his cock out quickly and rapidly jacked it, erupting all over Stacy’s tits and abdomen.

Oh my god. Long. Thick. Debbie saw her brother’s entire cock for the first time and she felt a splash of moisture between her legs. Just like every other girl.

On the table, Stacy Marie was rubbing her lover’s cum into her skin as she came down from her own orgasm. She rolled her head to the side and caught sight of Debbie standing there, mouth open in surprise.

Debbie, in a split-second, realized Stacy Marie had seen her and spun around, running back down the hall to her room.

I think she dropped something, Stacy thought to herself.

She looked back at Sully who now was backed up and leaning against the kitchen counter, finishing his orange juice and staring at Stacy’s lithe, uncovered form on the table. She grinned at him. “Your sister saw us.”

That caught Sully’s interest and he glanced toward the hallway with raised eyebrows. In a sly, intrigued tone, he responded, “Oh, really?”


Kara stirred at the sound of a knock at the door, but tried to stay asleep. A few seconds later, the pool house door opened, sending a beam of bright sunlight directly across her face. That woke her up. “Close the door,” she said to whoever it was while trying to shield her eyes with a hand.

“Kara?” came her father’s voice.

“Yeah, daddy,” she answered. “Can you close the door please?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said as he quickly jumped inside and shut the door behind him.

Kara slowly lowered her hand. The curtains filtered the brightness of the sunlight out and it wasn’t painful to open her eyes anymore. “Good morning, daddy,” she flashed him a smile as she whispered.

Dave sat down on the edge of the mattress beside Kara. “What are you doing sleeping in here?”

“Oh,” she began, allowing her head to fall back down to the pillow. “It was pretty late when we got back, and she -,” nodding to Hayley asleep beside her, “was pretty loud and neither of us wanted to wake you and mom up. So, we walked around the side of the house and slept out here.”

“Where’s your brother at?”

“He’s not back yet?”

Dave shook his head.

“He probably spent the night with Debbie. They were pretty cozy last night.” She grinned.

“Oh, did you – ,” he said, beginning to lightly trace his fingertips along the sheet over her thigh, “get cozy with anyone?”

Kara giggled. “No, daddy.” Then, knowing it would turn him on, added, “Not with a boy, anyways.”

Dave’s eyes opened in surprise. “Oh?” he asked teasingly. “Were you a naughty girl with another naughty girl?”

Kara smiled, nodded her head, and giggled. Dave’s fingers started sliding along the inside of her thigh moving up to massage the sheet into her mound.

Kara looked over at Hayley. She was still fast asleep. Kara looked back up at her father, then nodded towards the bathroom. Dave understood the inference and stood up and walked to the bathroom. Kara slipped out of bed and followed him in.

Once they were both inside and the door was locked, Kara stood in front of her father.

“So,” Dave began, “who was this naughty other girl?”

Kara smiled and pressed herself up against her father’s front. “I can’t tell you, daddy,” she answered, kissing him lightly on the lips. Then, she whispered, “It’s a secret.”

Dave swatted her ass lightly. “If you’re not a good girl, then you might have to be punished.”

Kara knew this game. She looked up at him with her ‘innocent’ look. “Well maybe I could be a good girl in another way.”

Dave smiled back. He knew this game too. “You look cute in your tight little t-shirt and panties.”

“Aww, you’re sweet, daddy,” Kara replied in her best little girl tone. “I can be sweet too.” She reached out and unbuttoned his shorts and pushed them down to the floor as she knelt down in front of him.

“That’s my little girl,” he sighed as Kara slid his hardening cock into her mouth.


Stacy Marie smoothed down her skirt and straightened up her top as she sat on one of the stools at the kitchen island. Sully had made a quick escape, after he came of course, to the shower, leaving her alone with a cup of coffee and her thoughts. And her thoughts were on Jack.

As soon as she saw Debbie and Jack last night, she knew. Hayley told her not to worry about it, but Stacy now figured that last night Hayley knew too. Ultimately, her best friend had set her up for a fall. Stacy Marie didn’t think Hayley would do that to her, though. But, at any rate, that’s the way the events of the evening ended up transpiring.

Then she remembered something. The paper that Debbie had dropped when she walked in on the sex a little bit ago. She didn’t see her pick it back up. She had to know what it said. It had to have been from Jack. Stacy got up and walked over. Sure enough, there it was, still on the floor.

Opening the folded page, every word on it entered her head instantly. illegal bahis siteleri Fuck! her mind screamed. What does this mean? What am I going to do? Can I do anything? Should I? Her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. And then, one resounding answer. Yes, I can. Yes, I should. Yes, I will. Step one – don’t let on.

Stacy Marie refolded the note and walked down the hallway to Debbie’s room. She waited a moment before knocking. Then, she did.

“Who is it?” came Debbie’s voice from inside.

“It’s Stacy. You dropped something in the kitchen,” she replied through the closed door.

There was the noise of shuffling, then a few seconds later a latch clicked and Debbie’s door opened, presenting an embarrassed looking blonde trying to look anywhere but directly at Stacy Marie.

“Here you go,” Stacy Marie said with her best ‘sincere’ smile as she held the note out to Debbie.

“Umm…thanks,” Debbie muttered, clearly nervous and still not making eye contact with Stacy Marie.

“Listen,” Stacy began, deciding she should get Debbie past her embarrassment, “about before…”

“I’m so sorry,” Debbie blurted out. “I didn’t mean to walk in…”

“Stop,” Stacy interrupted. “It’s alright. If anyone should be apologizing it should be us, or me. So, stop worrying about it, okay? No biggie.”

Debbie finally looked up at Stacy Marie, her gaze judging the sincerity of the statement. Stacy Marie realized what Debbie was thinking, so she added, “I mean, I’m the one who was naked. If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be me. Oh, and I am by the way.” Though, she really wasn’t, but it was meant to make Debbie feel better.

That made Debbie laugh finally and Stacy Marie joined in with her, the atmosphere finally lightened. A door opening diverted the girls attention to a room further down the hallway and the sight of Sully, glistening with moisture, hair wet, and fully nude, walking out of the bathroom.

“Ladies,” he said as he moved past the pair and into his room.

As Stacy Marie went to turn her head back to make some comment about Sully’s lack of decency, she caught the lingering gaze of the sister on the brother. Too long to just be surprise. Just about long enough to verge on inappropriate. Stacy wondered what Debbie’s mind was telling her.


Jack walked in the front door. The house was pretty quiet. Not that unusual for a Sunday morning. He headed to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee so that it could brew while he was in the shower.

As he rounded the corner into the kitchen, he paused. Fuckin’ hell.

Bent over, getting something out of one of the cabinets under the counter was his mom. In her short robe. Without panties.

Jack pointedly cleared his throat, then said, “Hey, mom.”

Karen jumped and straightened up at the sound of the voice. “Jack!! Jesus, you scared the hell out of me.” She gave a relaxed chuckle.

“Uh, mom?” Jack said, pointing to his chest.

In the jerky motion in which she had straightened back up, her left breast had fallen out of her robe and was on display. Karen looked down, saw it, and quickly covered it back up in her robe.

“Sorry about that,” she replied, embarrassed.

“Hey,” Jack smiled, “I wasn’t complaining.”

“Oh, hush you,” she admonished, grinning, but blushing. “Are you just now getting here from the party?”

Jack nodded. “Yeah. Ended up spending the night with Debbie.”

“Oh, really?” Karen said, surprised. “Guess I don’t have to ask if you had fun last night then, do I?”

Jack looked over at her. In perfect, dry deadpan, he replied, “If you must know, I would call it a highly enjoyable evening.” Karen started laughing, and Jack soon joined her.

“You making coffee?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s brewing now.”

“Okay, I’m gonna get a shower, then. Gotta leave soon.”

Karen nodded. As Jack walked by, he gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. “Love you, mom.”

“Love you, too, sweetheart.” Was my son really checking me out? He was. Karen got a fuzzy feeling as she mulled that over. She knew what the feeling was, she had felt it before in her life. It had just never been caused by Jack before. Wonder what that means?


Kara stuck her head out of the bathroom door to see if anyone was out there. There was just Hayley, and she was still asleep. “Okay, daddy. All clear,” she said, opening the door the rest of the way.

Dave exited the bathroom, giving Kara a playful smack on the ass as he went. She closed the door, smiling. A few seconds later, he heard the shower come on.

As he was moving to leave the pool house, he paused to look at Hayley. Like Kara, she had slept in a t-shirt and panties, but the shirt she had was one of Jacks, so it wasn’t as snug as Kara’s. Hayley’s shirt had slid up and exposed her mid section through the twists and turns of sleep.

Hayley was laying on her front and the thing that caught Dave’s eye, causing him to pause in the first place, were the black panties that hugged her ass snuggly, canlı bahis siteleri and was defined by the smooth curves of her hips and backside.

Dave remembered seeing her fully naked a few days before when he had accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom. Yet, he was more turned on by this look, than he had been then. Those panties. When did she get those? Those are good panties. Though he had just gotten a blowjob, he was quickly stirring back to life, looking at his younger daughter.

Hearing the back door to the house open and close snapped him back to reality and he quickly reached down and covered Hayley with a sheet, then hopped out of the pool house.

Jack was walking alongside the pool towards the pool house.

“Oh, Jack. There you are,” Dave said to his son. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Okay,” Jack replied, stopping to talk. “What about?”

“Well, originally I was going to see if you were sure you had enough money for your trip,” Dave explained, “but now that Kara is going too, I’ll just give you this…” Dave pulled out the American Express card from his wallet and handed it to Jack.

Jack took it. “Kara’s going?”

Dave looked a little confused. “That’s what she said…I just figured you guys had talked about it.”

“No, I don’t think we did,” Jack said, trying to remember. Then he just shrugged his shoulders. “Well, at any rate, if she wants to come, that’s alright by me. It’d be nice to have company.”

Dave looked at Jack for a second, then accepted Jack’s response, nodding his head. He patted his son on the shoulder. “Alright, you guys just use that card for whatever. I know you’re going down there to play, but just save that money for later, when you’re back at school or something.”

Jack was surprised by the generosity. “You sure?”

Dave nodded. “Think of it as a family vacation. Minus the parents, of course. Your mom and I never made you spend your own money when we were on vacation, did we?”

Jack shook his head.

“Alright,” said Dave, satisfied with his argument. “There you go.”

“Thanks, dad.”

Dave gave Jack’s shoulder another pat. “You’re a good son, Jack. Go and have a good time. Take care of your sister. Don’t let her raise too much hell.”

Jack laughed, “Yeah, I’ll try dad.”

Dave laughed too, then went back to the house.

Alright, kickass. Jack put the card in his wallet and went into the pool house. The first thing that caught him off guard was Hayley asleep in his bed. What’s she doing in here? Hayley rolled from her front on to her right side, facing towards Jack, and cuddled herself up in the sheet, still asleep. She can never not be cute. Jack smiled.

The second thing was the sound of the shower running, then shutting off. That has to be Kara. She’ll be out soon enough.

Jack went to the storage closet for his suitcase and started filling it with clothes. If Kara’s going, she’ll want to go out. Better bring some nicer clothes, too.

“Better take your suit, too,” Kara said, walking out of the bathroom, “you never know.”

Jack looked over. He smiled. “That’s my robe.”

Kara was wearing a white, cotton bathrobe Jack had stolen from some hotel or another. Though, in true ‘Kara’ style, she hadn’t bothered with closing it up with the waist cinch. It covered nothing but her shoulders and arms. The rest of it just served to frame the wide open front. She had all her best features on display.

“I hope you don’t mind me borrowing it,” Kara replied, sly grin on her face.

“No, not at all,” Jack played back. “I like what you’ve done with it. Looks good.”

Kara giggled. “I’m not making you uncomfortable, am I?”

Jack grabbed a towel from a cabinet and headed towards the bathroom for a shower. As he passed Kara, he teased, “Only in the best ways.”

Kara laughed.

“If you’re coming to the Keys with me, we leave in an hour and a half!” he called out as he shut the bathroom door.


By the time Stacy Marie had to sit though a second redlight in her Ford Fusion on her way home, she had decided that he had to talk to Hayley about what was going on, or maybe more correctly, what went on. She activated the SYNC system from the button on the steering wheel and commanded to the K.I.T.T. wannabe, “Call Hayley Cell.” A few beeps registered and processed her request. There was no comforting male computer voice with a response like “Okay, Michael” like she remembered from Knight Rider. Sully used to watch it all the time when they were little. I don’t know why I remember that.

It was a little disappointing, though, when instead of the sound of the call ringing through, the sound of Hayley’s voicemail message played over the car’s speakers. Shit.

“End call,” Stacy growled, frustrated.

She debated turning left when the light turned and heading straight for the Bennett house. But when she noticed a bit of dried cum on the back of the hand gripping the steering wheel, the better idea was to continue straight ahead and shower first. Especially after all that she had done last night and this morning. The realization that she would also definitely need fresh clothes, especially panties, only sealed the deal. Fuck, I’m not even wearing my panties. They’re still somewhere at the beach house. Great.

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