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Sometimes it’s right under your nose…

Anne was one of those women who oozed sex from every pore. She certainly made enough references to it, but it was more than that – it was evident in the way she talked, the way she dressed, and the way she carried herself that she liked men and everything that went with that. There were the little touches, the shaded references, the not so subtle come-ons. She was quite striking and much taller than the average woman, with long, dark red hair, dangerous curves, and a sultry voice. She had managed to hang onto much of her youth, but proudly wore the label of MILF. She reveled in being adored, and was adored by many.

Jack was a few years older than her, in his mid-fifties. Although he had passed the half-century mark, he was in decent shape and maintained his condition through regular exercise and an active lifestyle. He was one of those men blessed with a good head of hair just tinged with silver, and hadn’t started losing it yet.

After her marriage ended he had taken on the role of helper when she needed it, fixing little things around her house and feeding her pets when she made her frequent out of town trips to visit family. She watched out for his place too, as his job had him on the road a lot. There was mutual affection and caring between them and they occasionally exchanged small gifts as tokens of their appreciation for each other.

They had recently been spending time in the evening sitting on her deck, just talking and drinking wine, sharing their thoughts and opinions. They just enjoyed each other’s company and were both dating other people – she often asked him to judge how she looked before she went on a date, and was comfortable enough with him that he could touch pretty much any part of her to help “adjust” things.

They were well beyond tipsy this evening, and as was usually the case, inhibitions were fading away. “Do you think you’ll ever marry again?” she asked.

“Ever?” he answered. “That’s a long time. I’m enjoying life as it is right now, and three divorces don’t exactly make me a good candidate for another marriage.”

“Oh, stop,” she replied. “You’re a nice guy with a good job, and fine looking too. Eminently fuckable.” The last statement almost caused him to choke on his wine, and he looked straight at her. Did she really just say that, or is that the wine talking? he thought.

“Mmmm?” he said through his glass.

“You heard me. You’re a catch.”

“Well, thanks for that. I don’t think of myself in those terms.”

“I do, and you are.” She drank the last of her wine, and reaching for more found that the bottle was empty. She excused herself and went in for more. She came back and said, “I’m out of the cabernet. Unless you have some at home, we’ll have to switch to the Pinot Grigio someone left here after a party.” At that point he wouldn’t have known the difference between a ’59 Chateau Lafitte and MD 20/20, so he drunkenly nodded his assent.

She was standing behind his shoulder and holding the bottle in front of him, and was close enough for him to take in all of her intoxicating fragrance. Her breasts were right at his head level. Without a word or nary a thought, he simultaneously turned his head toward her, looped his arm around her waist, and pulled her close enough to bury his face between them. Nothing more than that, no groping or grunting, just his face between her surprisingly firm boobs.

He immediately sensed through his stupor that he had probably gone too far, and had in fact risked their entire friendship. Her own actions belied that, though, as she set the bottle on the table and put both of her arms around his head, drawing him tighter to her chest. For a moment they lingered like that, both aware that something was happening, something very different. He tilted his head back to look up at her at the same instant she looked down. Their lips met.

Neither one of them was a stranger to lovemaking, but that first kiss was as passionate as any they had experienced. Lips pressing, tongues exploring, years of pent up passions struggling to break those final limiting bonds. Her mouth tasted of wine and tobacco – she was a smoker – and that enhanced the sensation. She finally drew her head back.

“Well, well,” she said with a smile. You can bahis firmaları kiss, too. I had wondered about that.” With that, she took his hands, drew him to his feet, and guided him inside without a word. It was such a natural act that no further words were necessary.

They made it as far as the couch, falling onto the cushions in an intertwined mass of arms and legs. Their mouths sought the other, their hands stroked and slid and felt every inch as they rolled and kissed and tongued and their breathing grew heavy. His hands ran over her breasts, felt her neck, slid under her shirt, grabbed the cheeks of her quite amazing ass. Her hands were under his shirt, her fingernails scraping lightly over the skin of his chest and abdomen. His knee parted her legs and pressed against her crotch; she responded with a moan and a slight thrust of her hips, then pushed him backwards into a seated position.

Swinging her leg over him, she straddled his lap facing him. More kissing, more groping, their bodies as close as two clothed bodies could be. She wanted more.

Sitting back momentarily, she smiled and pulled her shirt over her head in one fluid movement. She expertly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, casting it across the room. Her boobs were lovely, well shaped and sized, with small pink nipples graced with metal studs.

“Pierced?” he questioned. “Interesting.”

“Yeah, I did it years ago because Dan wanted me to, and I’ve gotten used to it. And that’s not all I had done,” she said with a naughty leer. She pulled his head to her chest and he tongued and sucked each one in turn as she moaned with pleasure. He fingered each one to erectness and he added a light scrape of his teeth. He cupped her ass in his hands through the tight yoga pants she always wore at home.

She fell upon him again and they continued where they had left off, now laying out together the length of the couch. His hands slid easily under the elastic waistband of her yoga pants to hold the cool cheeks of her ass. Her left leg was hooked over his right, and she pulled tighter against him.

All of the rolling around had brought her to a position on her back, so he shifted his weight off to one side and began running his hands the length of her body. He kissed the hollow of her throat as his hand stroked her breast and pinched her nipple before sliding down her toned belly and under the waistband of the pants. Down it went, through her shaved pubic hairs, parting her pussy lips. He found that she had also had her labia pierced, and felt yet another stud there. His thumb found her clitoris while his fingers went to her hot, wet canal and entered there. His hand moved farther down as his middle finger explored further into her pussy, and she responded by pressing against it. “More, More!” she cried out, so he inserted a second and third finger, moving in and out as she thrashed on the couch. Their movements increased in tempo as her orgasm became inevitable, and she finally allowed that final release as her body quaked and she pulled him to her chest tightly. He hadn’t expected her to cum that quickly.

Omigawd this guy is good, she thought. No one can ever find my spot like he just did. What have I been missing all this time?

She knew her body and knew she wasn’t done. With barely a pause to catch her breath, she moved from under him and stood, sliding her yoga pants over her hips and down her legs along with her black thong panties, and stepped out of both. He noticed that she shaved her public hairs into a narrow strip, and that she was a true redhead. Kneeling, she quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pushed them down his legs. They giggled as they realized his shoes were still on, but those and the socks slipped off easily and he joined her on the floor, both of them completely unclothed.

Pushing him onto his back and kneeling next to him, she immediately grabbed his erection and took it fully between her lips, moaning as she hungrily moved it in and out of her warm, wet mouth. She would occasionally run her tongue the length of the shaft and run her tongue over his balls while stroking him with her hand, then return to swallowing as much of him as she could. She had oriented herself in such a way that her ass was right next to his head, so with gentle pressure kaçak iddaa on her leg with his hand he encouraged her to straddle his face. She placed her knees on both sides of his head and slid them back, bringing her delightful pussy down onto his mouth. With his hands hooked around her thighs, he grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pushed his face squarely into her pussy.

His cunnilingus skills had been honed with years of practice, and he put them to good use. Running his tongue the length of her pussy, he would briefly stop to tickle her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, then back again to push it into her swollen vagina. She lifted her head from his cock to speak.

“That’s delightful. Where did you learn to do that?”

He took a break from his own ministrations. “Just something I picked up over the years. I love to do it for you.” His tongue and lips returned to her dipping pussy.

She was as wet as he had ever experienced, and the taste of her pussy heightened his excitement and strengthened his erection. She responded by taking it entirely into her mouth, sucking and licking the precum at the head. For several minutes they remained in that position, his finger occasionally pressing on the brown bud of her anus. They were both near to cumming.

Suddenly lifting her head, she moved off of him. “I want to feel all of you deep inside me,” she whispered huskily, and taking him by the hands, stood them both up. She lowered herself onto the couch lengthwise with her head on the arm and reached her arms out for him.

“Come here, stud. Fuck me silly.”

He slid between her legs, hooking his arms under them so her ankles rested on both his shoulders. Her eyes glinted and widened in excited anticipation as he reached down and guided his cock into her dripping pussy, slowly pushing it in its entire length until he could feel her cervix against the tip. Holding that position, he slowly rotated his hips in such a way that his cock moved in circles inside her, drawing a gasp of pleasure from her as she closed her eyes.

“That feels so fucking good,” she gasped. “I want all of you.”

In that position he was able to bury his shaft to its base, and he ever so slowly began to move in and out of her. Pausing at the end of each thrust, his pace slowly began to quicken. In and out, her ass against him and her movements mirroring his, they fell into a common rhythm. Their tempo quickened in their excitement until he was literally pounding against her with each thrust, driving himself harder and harder into her.

“Omigodyesjustlikethat,” she cried. “Dontstopdontstopdontstopomigodyesfuckme.” Her words poured out in a torrent.

With one final thrust, he mashed himself against her pussy as they erupted in simultaneous orgasms, shooting his load deep into her as she felt his balls against her ass pulsing with each spasm. He came so hard it actually hurt with each one, but maintained himself as he drained into her. She shook with delighted release.

The rest of the night flowed together seamlessly. This was right, this was real, this was natural. They lay intertwined on the couch for a while, then rose together. She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She stretched out on red sheets and reached for him with a contented smile.

He took a few moments to drink her beauty. He had always considered her strikingly beautiful, but he realized that she was so much more than that. Her long, toned legs joined at slim hips; her flat stomach was edged by a beautifully curved waist; her breasts, so perfectly shaped and sized, still retained their youthful firmness; her long hair sprayed across her pillow and framed her amazingly unlined face with its luscious mouth. She was breathtaking. He fell into her arms and their lips met again.

Feeling the entire length of her naked body against him was another revelation, almost like the first time he experienced it as a teenager all those years before. Kissing, stroking, lying with limbs enlaced and lips locked together, they spent some time just enjoying each other. At some point she rolled to face away from him but backed tightly against him in the ever-popular spooning position, with his arm over her waist and between her delightful breasts. She held his hand in hers as they both fell into a light kaçak bahis sleep.

Opening his eyes a couple of hours later, he smiled at all that had transpired. She is amazing, he thought, so unlike anyone I’ve ever known, and right under my nose. Her ear was slightly exposed through her hair and he lightly ran his teeth across it. She stirred and purred gently, a smile coming to her face. He began gently kissing her neck and shoulder. She turned back toward him and they shared another long, deep kiss as his hands stroked every delightful inch of her.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Yes you did, and I’m glad,” she smiled. “I can’t believe someone like you was living right next door.” She kissed him deeply.

Between the kissing, the stroking, and the very nearness, she felt those deep stirrings again. Gently pushing his shoulder, she rolled him onto his back. Moving herself near his feet, she began using her mouth and hands on every inch of him. Up his thighs, flicking her tongue around his cock and licking the edges of his balls, running her mouth across his stomach. He reveled at the sight of her bare back, ass elevated, as she used her superior skills to bring his member back to life. Looking up at him with a sly smile, she straddled his body, and lowering hers, lightly scraped her studded breasts across various parts of him. As her face reached his, they kissed again as his hand sought her delicious wetness. He was fully hard again.

She loved the way he used his hands in her, with just the right amount of pressure and the ability to immediately find her G spot. Her kiss intensified as he fingered her, his hand moving in and out, one finger pressing against the brown bud of her ass. Using his thumb in her pussy, he gently pressed his finger ever so slightly into her anus. She thought she would explode and a guttural moan escaped her throat. He felt her reach down to grab his shaft and moved both his hands to her hips.

“Enough of that. I want you in me again.” She expertly guided him into her dripping pussy, and with a sigh settled herself onto him.

Sitting up, she leaned forward slightly and rested her hands on his chest. Locking her eyes on his, she began a slow, rhythmic movement up and down, bringing herself to the very end of his penis then taking it completely into her. She continued for several minutes like that.

Suddenly moving herself off of him, she huskily told him, “Stand up.” He obeyed immediately as she moved to her hands and knees facing away from him and backed her ass toward him. So she also likes it from behind, he thought, and I certainly want to give her what she wants. Using his left hand to gently part the cheeks of her ass, he used his right to guide his shaft into her pussy. Grasping her hips, he began to thrust into her repeatedly.

As he continued to fuck her, he marveled at the sights and sensations. Her long body, with her sweetly curved hips and her ass and back before him, was truly a sight to behold. Her narrow hips were so exciting to hold; he thought she was about as perfect a woman as he had ever been with. With each thrust she shoved herself harder and hard back against him, her ass cheeks so cool and soft. There was a large mirror next to the bed, and they were reflected in all their glory in it. She apparently liked to watch herself fucking too, as he caught her gaze in the mirror and she smiled.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “I like to watch too.” He could see her long hair and sweet tits swinging slightly with each thrust. Their pace quickened.

Having cum once already, he was able to last a long time this go-around. Again and again he pumped, thrusting now gently, then harder, listening to her contented sounds and watching her face in the mirror. She came once more, pushing back against him and holding that as it washed over her. Soon after he started thrusting again, she could tell he was getting close by is rapid breathing/ Pulling forward off his cock, she spun around and sat before him, holding and rapidly stroking his shaft in front of her face. As he threw his head back and grabbed her hear between his hands, she took him into her mouth just as he shot his man juice into it. Holding him with her mouth and hand until his spasms subsided, she finally swallowed his goo and pulled him down onto her for another long, deep, meaningful kiss.

She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. “Stay the night?” she asked.

“Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from you,” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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