City Tavern

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I smiled at the bartender as he set the three drinks on the bar.

“Two fruity pink drinks and a shot of Cuervo.” He flashed a brilliant set of whit teeth as he smiled at me. He was not unattractive, but definitely not my type. I was attracted to tall men; he only stood about 5’5″. I also seemed to be attracted to assholes, and he seemed nice.

“It definitely wouldn’t work,” I thought to myself.

I thanked him with a smile and a nod and turned to head towards the table near the left center of the bar. The three drinks were balancing precariously in my hands as I weaved through the throngs of college aged people that had turned out to see a local musician play classic acoustic covers.

Just as I was nearing my destination, a large figure fell backwards into my path. I made a valiant attempt at saving the drinks by raising them up above my head, but the figure loomed over me and I failed in my attempt. I managed to save the Cuervo, but the two pink drinks crashed to the ground, but not before spilling most of their contents all over the figure which had caused the collision.

Luckily it missed my shirt, which I had just bought that day. Other than a little splatter on my boots and bare legs, I was none the worse for wear.

“I am so sorry! I didn’t realize anyone was coming behind me. I will pay for your drinks, plus buy you another round. I am sorry.” The figure turned around with a genuine, apologetic look on his face, which was near perfection, I noted to myself.

“Its, uh, it’s okay.” I stammered back. I was having a hard time concentrating for looking in his electrifying green eyes. He smiled what could only be the single brightest and genuine smile I had ever seen. I couldn’t help myself but to smile back.

The bartender, and most of the crowd, had noticed the collision and were all staring at them. I snapped back to attention when the Adonis in front of me motioned to the bartender to pour another round.

“Add it to my tab please.” He said.

“What was your name, again?” The short, nice bartender asked with a smile and a wink. That was another reason why I would never be able to go out with him.

“Jeremy Scott.”

His name was Jeremy. How perfect was that. Here he was, this God of a man, a magnificent specimen of how a man should look. His emerald eyes sent currents through my body. His black hair was stylish and up to date. He was every bit of 6′, and didn’t appear to have an ounce of fat on his body. He was wearing a button up shirt and a illegal bahis pair of very trendy jeans that fit just right on his body.

I had been so distracted by his appearance, that I had barely noticed that he had handed me a pink drink. I looked at it, and looked up at him. He smiled and nodded in the direction of the table where my friends waited with amused smiles on their faces.

My face flushed as I realized that my friends, and maybe Jeremy, had seen me staring at him. I led him to the table where my bemused friends sat giggling to themselves.

Jeremy set the drinks in the middle of table and smiled as he introduced himself, “Hi! I’m Jeremy. And this round is on me, as well as the next one! I’m not usually a klutz, but I think I was distracted.” He winked at me.

Amelia and Kris exchanged knowing glances and thanked Jeremy for his kindness in repaying for the drinks, since in all actuality it was only an accident.

“Won’t you join us, Jeremy?” Amelia asked with a sly grin, first looking to Jeremy than to Amy.

“Sure! I’d love to.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth before he had hopped up into the chair between Amy and Kris.

After two more rounds and a very lively and energetic conversation on everything from finances and the free market to whether Santa was real, Jeremy excused himself. He thanked the three ladies for a stimulating conversation on Christmas, saying that he had to return to his friends since by then they probably noticed he was missing.

As he walked away from the table, disappearing into the crowd, the girls all began to giggle.

“Oh my goodness. Have you ever seen anything so perfect in your life?” Kris asked.

“Wow.” was all Amelia said.

I was silent though. I was in pure lust with him. I had a feeling that he felt the same way. The way he kept looking at me while he was talking with all of them made me feel warm inside.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom, working my way back through the crowds of people towards he back of the bar where the female and male bathrooms were denoted by either a pink martini glass or a blue one. I felt a hand grab my wrist as I reached out to open the door to the woman’s room. I turned around, to see who had grabbed me. I was ready to grab my mace out of my pocket and defend myself. A girl out on the night could never be too safe.

I forgot all about my mace as I stared directly into the gorgeous green eyes that were perfectly placed on Jeremy’s flawless face. We locked illegal bahis siteleri gazes for a moment before he leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft as they gently overtook mine. His hand touched the side of my neck sensually and gradually worked its way to the back of my neck where his fingers worked themselves into my hair. His other hand massaged my shoulder meandering over my neck, back down and down around my waste.

Jeremy moved his other hand to my waste as well and gently walked me backwards into the woman’s bathroom. He closed and locked the door behind me.

I was a little shocked to realize we were in the woman’s room all alone. I had expected there to be at least two women in here checking their makeup and brushing their teeth in anticipation of Prince Charming playing tonsil hockey with them.

But there was no one. We were alone. I don’t know why, but this turned me on immensely. I knew what was going to happen. I knew what was going to happen as soon as my eyes made contact with his when he spilled our drinks.

I snaked my hands around his neck and pulled myself up to him for another kiss. He walked me back so that my back was against the tiled wall. Our tongues and mouths finally broke apart and Jeremy began kissing his way down my neck. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt raising it to expose my red lacey bra. He hooked his thumbs under the band of my bra raising it, and letting my breasts fall loose of the restricting material.

He took one hard nipple into his mouth licking and biting it gently, playfully. He followed suit with the other nipple. My fingers were tangled in his hair holding him gently as he worked my sensitive nipples. I was getting very wet. I could feel that my panties were wet. While working on my nipples, his hand gently tugged the bottom of my skirt up so that my all too wet panties were fully exposed.

He rubbed my sensitive mound through my panties and then, he slipped one finger around the side of them and it slipped into my wet pussy easily. I shuddered as I felt him slip a second finger into my tight, wet pussy. He began finger fucking me and biting my nipple simultaneously. I felt like I was going to explode.

I gave a sigh as he pulled his fingers from my wet pussy. He gave my nipples one last nip as he stood back up. Sometime in the exchange his cock had managed to spring free from his trendy jeans. He put his hands under my arms and raised me up, pushing me into the wall. He kissed my mouth eagerly, aggressively; and canlı bahis siteleri I kissed him back with as much eagerness.

I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, in part to have something to hang onto, to be closer to him. I felt his right hand reach down and push my panties to the side. I felt his hard cock tease the entrance to my pussy. I bit and kisses his neck, still holding onto him tightly, as I felt him lower me onto his hard cock. It was so big that I thought it might break me in half; but my pussy took his length. I had never felt so full in my life. As he began raising me up and lowering me back down on his dick I thought I was going to explode.

It was amazing. It was quick. There was no tenderness in this. There was raw sexuality. I hung onto his neck tightly as he carried me, still on his cock, to the vanity area. He set me down on the counter. I laid back as far as I could into the mirror and he put his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs back, giving him full access to my pussy.

He began pumping into me hard now. His cock felt like it was hitting my stomach. He reached down with his thumb and began rubbing my clit as he pounded my pussy as hard as he could.

I felt it begin deep inside my core. My legs began to shake, and I could feel myself explode all over his cock. This only made it more animalistic for him. He grunted as he exploded in me. Still pumping; only going a little slower now. I continued to cum as his hot, wet cum was seeping out of my pussy.

I collapsed against the mirror and concentrated on catching my breath. He slowly pulled out, reached for a paper towel from the dispenser that was on the wall and stepped back from me. He cleaned himself up and zipped his pants up.

I stood up and fixed my thongs, putting them back where they belonged. I could still feel his stickiness in my pussy. As I put my “girls” back in my red bra, and pulled my shirt down, he leaned in and kissed me gently on the forehead, thanking me for a great time.

We exchanged emails and promises to add each other to Facebook. As we walked out the door together we passed two women who were waiting to get in to the bathroom. They gave each other knowing looks as we passed them. I could feel that I was blushing furiously, but Jeremy had a big smile on his face as he winked at the pair.

He walked me back to my table where my friends were. They looked at me inquisitively, curious as to what took me so long, and why Jeremy walked me back to the table. He kissed me quickly on the cheek and disappeared into the crowd

I told them I ran into him near the other end of the bar and lost track of time talking. I’m sure I would tell them after we left what had happened. But for now I would let them wonder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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