Chrissy: Winning the Lottery

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( Again I want to thank Hissub1111 for her help with this story line. It was requested that I put in which order these stories go in. It starts with Good Friends Make Better Lovers followed by Chrissy: Challenge Accepted, Chrissy: Spending the Night and Chrissy: Breakfast and a Phone Call. Thank you to the readers who leave me constructive criticism to help me get better as a writer and to the readers who vote and encourage me to continue.)


Our shower was a little longer than expected. Besides helping to wash off the sticky residue from the syrup and my seed off her face, it also gave me the chance to caress Chrissy’s curves. I enjoyed being able to caress her breasts as the water splashed them and pressing myself against her back. The resulting shower play brought me back to life and Chrissy felt it.

She turned towards me and started warmly kissing me in the mouth as the water kept spraying. As my hands slid down her arms and along her waist, I heard her moan softly. Our kisses started taking longer as we started to feel the temperature of the water cool down. I abruptly ended our kiss before pushing the shower knob back in to save us from the chilling mood breaker. I started to move the shower door before Chrissy wrapped her arms around my waist.

“You’re not leaving yet, are you Nick?” she asked seductively. I turned towards her as she slid to her knees to the shower floor and looked up at me, the view slightly blocked by my cock sticking out. The sight of her wet hair and her eyes looking up at me did little to abate the stimulating thoughts running through my head as her mouth opened slowly. As my cock started its massage via Chrissy’s mouth, I looked toward the ceiling in gratitude for the weekend thus far and the luck I had been experiencing. Her mouth began to open more izmir escort bayan towards her throat as my cock went deeper. As much as I wanted to shoot down her throat, there was an aching desire I wanted more.

“Baby,” I whispered. “I need to take you again.”


Reader: WTF???? Who da hell says shit like that?

Me: Dude, women don’t want to always be told that you want to fuck them. Besides, in this scene, it’s about tender and slow. Now shut up before you screw up my mood.

Press Play.

She looked up at me and smiled before she slid up and kissed me tenderly, her lips opening as our tongues began to caress each other. It was a sensual kiss, probably in the top three considering she is the owner of the other nine on the list. As we slowly stepped out of the shower, I quickly grabbed one of the fluffy towels and began to caress her skin in an effort to warm her and tease her at the same time. I saw the goose bumps developing along her legs as I caressed them upwards towards her perfect rear. As I slowly started to rub her back, I took a brief second to playfully kiss her left cheek. I could hear the giggle as I finished with her back and started rubbing the towel along her breasts, taking a moment to avoid her nipple rings. After rubbing her down, I dropped the towel and led her into her bedroom where the bed was waiting.

I leaned in for another kiss again and started to caress her hips and lower back with my hands. She started to sit on the bed as I kept kissing until I pulled back. My mind paused as I saw the picture before me of her lovely face looking at me expectantly. If the thought of her husband wasn’t in my mind at that exact moment…well let’s say James is still one lucky bastard. I pushed forward until my hips were between her legs and escort izmir our kisses became more aggressive. My hands planted themselves on the bed as I rubbed my cock against her inner thigh. As my lips left hers and began to kiss her cheek, I heard her moan again.

“Nick…please…now,” she whispered. I slowly let my right hand move down and before touching my cock, I slowly pressed against her pussy. Her resulting moan was as ambrosia before I repeated the movement. Her pussy was groveling in my hand, wanting to be touched and played with so much. I started to slide two fingers inside her as I looked her in the eye. Her eyes closed almost instantaneously as I started sliding back and forth.

“You’re teasing me, Nick….I want your cock…please,” she begged.

I wanted to feel her cum one more time knowing full well that I would possibly not get the chance again if my cock slid inside her. I started pushing a little more aggressively as she moaned, my name dancing off her lips musically until she started to moan one last time and she collapsed underneath me. It was a few moments of silence before she opened her eyes again.

“That was so unfair,” she purred.

My response was swift as I slid my cock inside her. Her legs splayed opened almost as a reflex as I started stroking my cock with her vaginal walls. I was focused now. In my mind was the purpose unlike before. I wanted to fill her with me. I wanted her to accept my seed within her womb. I knew in the back of my mind that I couldn’t get her pregnant due to my chosen sterility years prior, but my mind wanted to make Chrissy’s treasure my own.

She egged me on as I fucked her, whispering how naughty it was that I was going to cum inside my best friend’s wife. She whispered how much she wanted her husband to see my izmir escort cum dripping out of her pussy. The dirty talk was driving me mad with passion. I wanted to fill her. I wanted to completely project my essence within her vaginal prison. I could feel my climax start to build as Chrissy started moaning again.

“Make my pussy yours, Nick,” she moaned. I started having the fantasy of having Chrissy’s pussy every day…the thought of her as my little sex slave before I remembered that Chrissy was more than that. Chrissy was a sweet friend, a wonderful wife to James, a wonderful mother to her children. I thought about how lucky I was to get the chance to share her with her husband in the way I did. As I felt myself almost ready to climax, I looked down.

I saw Chrissy tear up. It wasn’t like I hurt her, but more like she was blissfully happy. It was at that moment I slid in one more time and felt my life force flow out of my body and into her. I then closed my eyes for a brief second before I opened them slowly and watched as she pressed her lips together. I pressed my lips against hers before I shuffled off of her and lay next to her on the bed. I wrapped my arms around her and held her as she looked at me, exchanging small kisses for a bit before she spoke again.

“What happened there? I saw you almost tear up while you were there.”

I smiled at her before responding. “I realized what it felt like to win the lottery.”

I kissed her gently one time before the phone rang. We both looked at each other for a brief moment before Chrissy rose up to get it. As I watched her cute ass sashay towards the sound of the ringing, I started wondering about life in general and about if I’d ever find a woman close enough like Chrissy.

Chrissy came back a few moments later smiling. “False alarm,” she said. “It was Mom telling me how the kids are doing.”

She then pounced on the bed next to me. “So tell me about winning the lottery.”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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